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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 10, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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are you looking for me? 'cause i've been looking for you (drum solo) giving everything i got attention kmart shoppers, love rocks
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hey, boss, that security guard shooting three months ago? we've got some intel from a detective in new haven. apparently jamie dee got away, but he took a bad fall out a window. sam: last week, a local cab drive named armand kohl all right... went to the police. ed's got him on the line now. all right, what can you tell us, mr. kohl? kohl: three months ago, i picked up a fare. it was late, after midnight. i could see he's been hurt - he's in some kind of trouble. ed and you didn't report this? kohl: no. i thought he's just a boy. he was running away from somewhere, so i took him home. to your hous when someone is in trouble, what do you do? you help them.
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couch folds out. i can bring you a blanket. jamie: why... so you can phone the police? why would i do that, huh? (emotional)i can't do this anymore. i can't... i can't do this. kohl: then maybe it's time for you to go home. nope. i don't got one of those. to a friend then? 460,000 followers, no friends. you must have a friend. one friend. sage. two friends. my name's armand. darcy. next morning, he was gone. but then last week, he turns up again, out of the blue, and he gives me an envelope. it's full of money. five thousand dollars. i say to him, "what's this?"
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that's when i call the police. because this money, it's too much, and it isn't mine. ed: 'kay, he say anything else? kohl: he said: "you're not going to see me again." all right, thanks, mr. kohl. parker: thks, eddie. so, years of being not wanted, he stumbles on kindness. repays all those people who helped him in the past. maria alvarez, ta driver. do you think that this is a suicide scenario? he's definitely clearing the slate. (exhales) classic pattern. parker: but this last meage was a threat. there's someone else who deserves to die. spike: boss, we've foundage's ip address. registered to the house of a stephen cunningham. parker: a stephen cunningham or the stephen cunningham? uh... lost me, boss. parker: spike, the milliaire who just bailed out the symphony. oh, right, that thing with the wooden instruments, plays songs from a thousand years ago. i keep up with the arts. i read that article. he's buying the naming rights to the philharmonic. spike: and there it is.
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at koerner hall. starts in 15 minutes. jules: over-privileged guy putting a spotlight on his own generosity? sounds like a jamie dee target. jamie's going after sage's father. team one, all hands. we're going to koerner hall. sage: (recording) anyway. uh... hope it doesn't suck. (computer beeps) sage: hello? sage, it's me. jamie: hey you. hope you're packe show starts in ten. sage: so awesome. jamie: media's here, livecast is standing by, the whole world is gonna see the look on his face. sage: you sure you're okay withhe bank account being mine? can you picture me walking into a bank, handing over id? sage: (laughs) got a point there, pardner. sage... the man will never touch you again, for as long as i le. (sirens wail)
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winnie: aside from his career as a massively successful international banker? something on the more personal side. winnie: he's very protective of his personal life. i had to get clearance to find out he lives with his second wife, beth. two kids - 17-year-old stepson, kyle, and his daughter. sage. winnie: sage, six years old. six years old? six years old? winnie, are you sure? winnie: yeah. sage: (recording) anyway, uh... hope it doesn't suck. tell me what you... (distorted audio playback) anyway... uh... hope idoesn't suck. (voice gets lower) tell me what you thi... hope it doest suck. tell me... suck.. hope it doesn't suck. (male voice) ...doesn'suck. doesn't suck. tell me what you... spike: we missed it. ed: what'd we miss? spike: it was caught on mic at the end of sage's song. it was the sound of a car horn. the pitch was too high. spike: the's a reason that the voice was husky. and? it's voice transposition software. you can adjust a pitch, you can mess with the age and gender. does it work on the phone in real-time? yeah, i've even seen portable models
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jules: but those direct messages definitely originated in the cunningham house. well, there's only one kid in that house who'd know how to do this. spike: i'm already on it, boss. i'm on kyle's website now. seems to be a lot of hate messages directed towards his stepfather cunningham. this kid's got some problems. sage: the car'll be pulling up out back by the stage door. i packed my guitar. which you'll be teaching me, by the way, like you promised. all i know is like g, c, and d. kyle: i'll teach you everything i know. we'll have althe time in the world. jamie: sage... yeah, pardner? um... nothing. i, uh... i love you, i guess. cunningham: hey, kyle. right back at you. see you very soon. ed: i don't get it. a guy that smart...
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jules: growing up, nobody wanted him... nowhere he belonged. maybe when you finally let sobody get close... to trust someone... jules: maybe you see what you wanna see. and he's just seventeen. thanks for comin always a pleasure. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you so much for coming. i wanna thank my team for making my dream of sponsoring this city' philharmonic a reality. i am here today to fulfill my promise. i don't get to cut a ribbon, but i do get to press a button... (monitor beeps, attendees applaud) the tune of $7,000,000 dollars. (attendees applaud) mr. cunningham! yes?
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rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one ndred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for ta, call speed, and reliability. a t and t got, text. stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. ah, a classic case of who dunnit? luckily, jay chews trident to help clean and protect his teeth, so he can claim his innocence with a convincing grin. that's it jay, they'll never know. trident. cherish your teeth. he's doing it again. he's livecasting. jamie: cameras face the floor, now. come on. i'm running this show. and i'm real shy about my face. i said, now! let's go!
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spike: he's onstage right now. you can see everything but his face. parker: jules, you talk; wordy, cover. ed: sam, sierra, take the catwalk. we gotta wrap this up before the truth hits. jamie: hey, hey, hey. it's your big day. don't move. your captain of industry, your community leader, mr. do good does bad. he does really bad. sierra in position. jules: kyle sees jamie an opportunity. parker: so he pretends to be a young woman, playing on jamie's abusive past and lures him here to do what? rescue t girl by killing the stepfather? wordy: or is he just after his money?
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folks, allowe to reintroduce u all to... mr. cunningham! philanthropist, multi-millionaire, music lover... (button beeps) child abuser. you listen to me. mr. cunningham? never miss a good chance to shut up. partners, do i want the money of a violent man? a cruel, sick monster, who beats his daughter and threatens worse if she speaks? parker: child abuse. that's how kyle gained jamie's sympathies. jamie: my heart's not in this, but i got a job to do. cunningham: i don't know who you are or why you wanna do this,
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this is a stick-up. except i'm not taking wallets this time. i'm gonna drain this man dry. so this is how it's gonna work. (button beeps) it's coming outta this account and it's gonna go into this account, and you, you are gonna enter your password... now! then sage and i are gonna ride into the sunset. sage? lay one finger on my daughter...! beth, get sage out of here! get out of here now! get sage out of here now! go! sage?! parker: mrs. cunningham? that's not sage. parker: just go, go. jules: darcy dunleavy! i'm jules callaghan with the police strategic response unit. kyle: jamie. don't stop now, you're sclose. who the hell are you?
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darcy, just lower your weapon, okay? and there'll be time to explain everything that's happeng. kyle: just do it, just press the button. then you can do whatever you want - learn how to play the guitar, anything. you're so close. you... you're sage. you... nothing's changed. you son of a bitch! kyle: he's still a bastard! sierra, standby. copy. jamie: turn those cameras off right now! parker: shut 'em down. jamie: turn 'em off! jules: darcy, look at me. you're gonna let me go outta here. nice and slow. jules: we could do that, but think about it. how long do you really wanna live on the run? as long as it takes! and when i go it's t gonna be like this. so stand back and let me out of here or i swear to god i'll shoot this bastard! i swear i'll do it! jules: okay, darcy, you know that we will not let you do that.
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i got no one. no one and nothing, and i'm not going to jail! you have half a milliopeople looking to you to be something amazing for them. jamie: they're not people, they're followers. jules: they're people. and they're young, and they're just like you and looking for something to hold onto they don't know me. they don't know me. jules: not yet. not unless you let them know who you really are. i'm nothing. (whimpers) m nothing. jules: darcy, you're wrong. i think that you're just- darcy, look at me. i think you're just discovering who you really are, and that is real. and you have the power to inspire a lot of people - and that's real. you made that happen and now it's you're responsibility. 497,000 people see a guy
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and you are not a killer. darcy, you're not. prove it, please. (whimpers quietly) jules: you're seventeen. you're just a young offender. okay? you've got plenty of time. i promise, it's okay. its okay, darcy. jamie: (cries quietly) i thk it'time you hang up your hat.
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come on, let's sit down. turn around. you're piling up the lies and you're running down the stairs you're going to be all right, okay? i caught you by surprise i caught you in a lie yeah i'm climbing up the walls and i'm running downhe hall you caught me by surprise i caught you in a lie, yeah nat?
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and you can have your life back. you're already in my life, okay? i've been an idiot. i want you to stay with me. is this the part where i'm supposed to give you a hug? you can ab us a couple of beers. two weeks. a month, tops. okay, but any longer, one of us is gonna need to learn how to cook. probably should anyway. never really had anyone to cook for. so... jules. yeah. natalie: okay, look. this is probably not my place - mean, who am i to say this - but... the way i see it, sammy, you've got this woman and you've got this job and the sneaking around...? it's not much of aive-year plan. do you hear what i'm saying? you...
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what do you want? they're all gone ooh
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sam: stay tuned for scene you're clear but exposed, go carefully. the house is empty. spike: no sign of the vehicle. sam: they gotta be in the barn. kidnapper 1: we'll take your truck, gimme the keys. kidnapper 2: we should stay off the main roads 'til we get to the 427. we were only been exposed for five minutes we should be fine. (door rumbles along track) young girl: (stifled whimpers) (muffled cries grow more frantic) radio weatherman: temperature's are still below seasonal... so okay, i know. all you have to do... i'm not talking about dusting, here's a solution. or washing windows. i'm talking about reasonably neat. all you have to do is leave the door to my room closed. a) a little privacy might be nice.
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take this for your break. raisin granola bars? you want to start making your own? would a chocolate chip kill you? jess. i'm going to kathy's after, so, don't wait up for dinner. uh, no. you will be here for dinner. (annoyed exhale) phone? have a nice day! yeah, i will. there she is. winnie, what's the word? spike says you've moved your workout gear into the nursery. yeah, a couple extraours with izzie as opposed to watching the boss sweat? oh, let me guess, she had oatmeal? parker, sam and spike: (stifled laughs)
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i liked the patterning. yeah, it gives impact patterns on virtually any kind of cartridge. parker, sam and spike: (snickering) did you guys tell him yet? parker: buddy, you got baby spit-up all over your back. what? spike: you nt me to impact-pattern that for you? well, it looks like it came from an 80 degree angle. high velocity. yeah, that's my girl. where's wordy? parker: calledis house, but shel said he, uh, left a couple hours ago. jesshang on! jess: (terrified shrieks) jess! jess! jess: help me! help me! stop! (struggling grunts) mom! help! help! call the police! jess! (pants) let her go! (screaming) kidnapper 2: get in here! sue: get off! (grunts) get off of her! get off of her! (grunts) quit it!
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kidnapper 2: get in. get in! sue and jess: (squeals and cries) (engine rumbles, tires screech) what's going on? where you been? i was, ah, working on the basement, lost track of time. basement, huh? heard you forgot burp cloth this morning. (chuckles) never really bonded until you've been puked on. (hot call siren beeps) better move. (siren beeps) winnie: eye-witness, 911, a woman in her forties, and a teen-aged girl were dragged io a late model blue van at gunpoint at bathurst and harbord. we got a tag? yeah, partial: starts alpha-zulu. ends in zero, metro's on the look-out. okay, let's put out an amber alert. have metro use unmarked cars. follow but do not approach. guys you're with me. let's move it.
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sue: (hyperventilates) kidnapper 1: get them taped up. now her mouth. oh, please! no, please! do it! okay, okay. you don't have to dohis. you know, i can get you money- kidnapper 2: quiet! kidnapper 1: shut her up! okay, okay. she's just a kid! let her go! jess and kidnapper 2: (stumbling grunts) what is going on? (tires screech) don't you move! okay, okay, okay. (cacophony of shouts and cries) get themnder control! kidnapper 2: get down! (tires screech) we've been made. no please, please! officer: unit 4-9 to sru, possible amber alert vehicle, going southbound simcoe. they turned east on pearl, we lost visual. 4-9, this is sru, we're on our way. t's surround the area, try to box them in. officer: copy that. shtcut here avoids the traffic. sam, spike, what's your 20? spike: we'll head south on duncan. let's cut this short.
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officer: two male assailants, at least one handgun observed. the girl dropped this in the assault. jess fuller. it's a half a block away. 112 green street. did you get that, winnie? adding it the profile and sending it to all units. all right, track down the dad, he's gotta come home. ed, we're in sition. we should be right behind them. parker: you said the van was there for a while? people park in the alley all the time. you know, it blocks my property. so, you know, i keep an eye out. so when thgirl came by and, uh... it all, all happened fast. like they were expecting her. neighbor: yeah, maybe. do you know the fullers? not really. the girl uses that alley most days after school. okay, thank you very much, sir. ry helpful. i'm gonna get a canvas started, all right? all right. meet you at the house. parker: okey-doke. there's a patrol car sitting in that intersection. they're trying to box us in. (tires rasp)
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ed: this is the sru. does anybody have a visual? officer 1: negative. officer 2: no sighting. sam, spike? sam: nothing. between us and the unis, we have all routes covered. no blue van. it's only four square blocks. where the hell are they? (camera clicks) (indistinct chatter from police radio) jules: three bathrobes, three toothbrushes. three names on the calendar: sue, jess, and john. i don't see any signs of estrangement. those men knew the girl's routine. john: somebody tell me what's going on?! must be the faer. john fuller? where are they? what's going on? the officers said there was an amber alert, no one's telling me anything. we're gonna tell ya everything we know. my god.
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these guys aren't amateurs.


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