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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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okay. uh, sonja, go see if the waitress has a key to this thing, okay? okay. the equient inside could be tamponading a bleeder. tamponading a what?! we need to dismantle this in the e.r. let's... let's take this off the wall, okay? (continues grunting) uhh, it hurts really bad! okay, buddy. try not to move your hand, seth, while we pull, okay? (whispers) okay. okay? on three? one, two... -- captions by vitac -- (seth grunting and panting) joel. alex. zach, this is seth rollins. he got his hand stuck in-- i see that. in a condom machine. (strained voice) and i'm in agony. trto be calm. weren't you two off work tonight? yeah. aah! okay, hang in there, set okay, we're gonna get you some painkillers, seth. (groans) seth, i'm dr. miller. yeah, nice to meet you. you, too. okay. you got that machine? on three... yes, i have. (joel and zach) one, two, three! (grunts) ma'am, if you can wait in the waiting room,please? that'd be great. thanks. zach, you remember sonja, right? seth, he's-- she's with me. hi... again. all right, well, let's get him on i.v.
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when was your last tetanus shot? i don't know. okay, let's give him .5 ccs i.m. and let's page ortho. there's no need. i'm right here. seth, just hang in there, okay? (panting) all right, who's on call tonight? maggie. not charlie? nope. maggie. all right, seth, why don't you explain to me step-by-step what exactly happened here? well, i reached my hand inside. i paid, by the way. when i tried to pull it out, it got stuck. i get it. you gotta put in a sng if you want some bling, right? (grunts) (chuckles) what? come on, i got so many more of those. okay, let's open up this contraption, see what's going on inside. you're gonna need a-- screwdriver, please! (groans) covering call again, charlie? yeah, you, too? student loans. i remember those days. north american reptile convention is down at metro hall. tonight's the big party and i'll be missing it. you a snake man? snakes and ladies. you surprise me, jackson. thanks... i think. (pen clicks) corporal fran seymour, i am dr. harris. doc. i hear you were skydiving, made a pretty dramatic landing.
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i cut away and deployed the second, but it was already too close to the ground. but you landed on your feet. i'm like a cat. tried to walk it off, but, uh, no dice. how does it look? uh, bones in both of your heels are pretty badly shattered. how long am i on the shelf? well, the bohler's angle's okay, so you won't need surgery, but i'm gonna need to put casts on both feet so you'll be out for a while. what's "a while"? eight weeks. uh, that--too slow. six weeks before i redeploy. (scissors snipping) to? afghanistan. wait a minute. i thought everyone was coming home. this is our final... (strains) mission, and i ain't missin' it. (groans) you ever jump out of a plane? i'm more into zumba. (chuckles) now, corporal, anything else bothering you besides your heels? no, all good. doesn't pay to be a hero around here, trust me. some, uh, pins and needles in my legs. no big deal. sure it'll go away. (chuckles)
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a little. it's a bit numb. okay. flex your feet for me, please. toes to the ceiling. (exhales sharply) (siren wails in distance) okay. (grunts) i'm gonna have jkson take you up for a c.t. i want to make sure you don't have any spil fractures. (pen clicks) don't worry, it's strictly precautionary. (chuckles) i'm not worried. i got nine lives. and you can, uh, you can tell your buddy to come in, if you'd like. what buddy? uh... my mistake. you're almost there, pal. the good news is you'll have more condoms than you know what to do with. (chuckles) just trying to see the silver lining, but i'm genuinely embarrassed here. and we got it. all right. (clattering) ready? you okay, whoa!
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but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. so i will be doing your finger replant, seth. fingers, plural. yeah, look, it's a long surgery, too. so we don't want to wait around in case ischemia sets in and then you lose your fingers. okay. i appreciate your haste. absolutely. look, the nurse will be by to prep you soon. and, uh, in the meantime, just... sit tight. sit tight, okay? alex. yes. i'd like to explain-- don't worry. joel is an amazing surgeon.
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(indistinct conversations) sonja. hey. hi. seth is fine. we're managing his pain, and joel is prepping to do his finger replantation. wait, so you--you can sew the fingers back on? yes, we should be able to. okay. god, i just-- i feel like this is all my fault. it's not. i know, but still. and--and-- and i really have to go and relieve my babysitter. it's nobody's fault. and he's got joel. right. yeah. and, i mean, joel, he-- he saved my life once. he that good. yeah. and... (chuckles) seth, he really is--i mean, he's just--he's genuinely a really sweet guy. i'm sure he is. i'm just... i'm not dating right now. yeah, totally. okay. no more cupid. joel and i are just friends. thanks, alex.
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oh, alex. tell me all. has word already sead? we live in a viral age. once a secret gets out, it's uncontainable. (sighs) you're the one who made me come up with the breakup plan. oh, don't blame the plan. the plan is solid. you said, "get out of the house." i did that, and look what happened. did he really lose three fingers in a condom machine? yes. so you two were gonna get busy? no, we were not going to "get busy." he was sprung on me-- a surprise double date. just really, really don't want charlie to hear about it. (chuckles) honey, welcome to the weird and awkward world... (cell phone buzzing) of post-breakup. not lovin' it. dr. reid. so i was doing some figuring, and your board exams are this march. yeah, and i'll be dr. margaret lin. m.d. f.r.c.s.c, and i'll expect a little respect, mister. and the baby will already be born. yeah...
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how's that gonna work? that exam takes a full day. the baby will stay in a sling, and i'll breast feed on demand. not even gonna respond to that. that's crazy. well, we'll figure something out. (sighs) is that decaf? no, it's coffee. (slurps) you could at least try it. or at least half-caf. it tastes the same. no, it doesn't. the baby shouldn't be all hopped up on caffeine. i'm not suddenly a different person, gavin. (tone sounds) sorry. no, i know you're not. i'm just pregnant. yeah, she's pregnant. okay, i, uh... (chuckles) i heard that. well... we're not telling people, though. it's just... really, we're just early on. okay. that's good. well... big ups, bro. well... (chuckles) (chuckles) that's good. your boys can swim. (whispers) yeah. (baby crying in distance) (curtain rings swoosh) seth.
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yeah, and in my back. okay. (grunts) i'm happy i get a chance to explain. you don't have to, really. i do. the whole condom thing-- i'm just gonna palpate your abdomen okay. okay. (machinery beeps) (grunts) ow. i did not assume that i needed a condom. i justi thought you were amazing. you are amazing. (strained voice) and you're a doctor. and i just thought if we... you know, i'd feel irresponsible if i wasn't prepared. 'cause you're a doctor. (exhales deeply) and the whole safe sex thing... if that's even something that people talk about still. i understand, seth. just try to relax, if you can, okay? (grunts) okay. i don't get out there much-- you know, dating? i think i just got ahead of myself. mm-hmm. you know... ow! okay, the pain is the most intense there, right? (sobbing) yeah...
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or where they used to be. seth? i'm feeling a pulsating mass. i'm guessing that's not the good kind. can i get some help in here? uhh. i'm going to get you a c.t. (continues sobbi) give him bolus. fran, you do have a small spinal fracture from your skydiving accident. no. really? yeah. i can fix it, but we need to do it right away. what's the recovery time on that? three months. i got six weeks. so let's get this done. uh, there's something else i need to discuss with you. this showed up on your c.t. what am i looking at? uh, it would appear to be shrapnel. shrapnel? reporting for duty, sir. um... i'd like to have a look at your back, if i could. yeah. these scars-- looks like you were in
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okay. well, i'll have a look at it when io in to repair the fracture. if it's impinging on the spine, i will remove it. if it's not causing any trouble, generally, we just leave shrapnel where it is. do what you gotta do. okay. (blinds clattering) okay, what do yowant? reporting for duty, sir. yeah, i got that. um, what's your name? i don't know, sir. it says there, "mccreary." so it does, sir. (sighs) your body's in the morgue? sir? what are you doing here, private? just sticking with my unit. okay. um, here's what we're gonna do. you're gonna figure out what it is you need from me,
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yes, sir. okay. at ease. (door opens) (coughs and sniffles) ugh! (sighs) does sleeping in the nude give you a cold? mm, not that alone, no. i'm seeing this guy, and he's really into sleeping all night with nothing on. enjoy your nudity, fella. i'm just gonna freeze over here. i guess i just like him, though. yeah, that's how it all starts. yeah... but i do like him. mm-hmm. of course you do. we all do. until finally one day we're like, "you know what? you're not the boss of me." maybe you're right. i don't know, though. (chuckles) (instrument clatters) i came in a couple weeks ago, and you sent me home and told me to get cold and flu medicine. i saw you a couple weeks ago? yeah, i thought i had meningitis or something, but you couldn't see anything. i remember you now. dr. lin? yeah? can i talk to you for a moment?
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what's up? i've got jenny's blood work. it came... back positive for c.m.v. okay, i'll tell her. okay, but wait. it says on her chart that you saw her a couple weeks ago and she was asymptomatic. yeah, but she'll be fine. it's a flu virus. i mean, unless she's pregnant. there's a risk that it could cross the placental barrier. yeah. yeah. you better get tested. mm-hmm. hi. hi. um, something's come up-- did you forget to take your prenatal iron? no, i didn't-- 'cause i could write a scrip for you if you need some. that won't be necessary. and just so you know, i, uh, also took my folic acid,
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so... don't worry. maggie. mm-hmm. seth, the results of the c.t. angiogram are back. you have a leaking aortic aneurysm. is that bad? that sounds bad. it's worse than losing three fingers. your aorta is a big, very important blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to your organs. so the fingers are gonna have to wait. no, they can't wait. life over limb, joel. we have to go in now and together. both surgeries at the same time? yes, sir. (sighs) (wheels clacking) look, i can't risk those fingers becoming garbage waiting for you to be done. fine. stay out of my way. triple a is a time bomb. (wheels clacking) i bet this isn't what you had in mind when sonja said, "come meet this guy." she didn't say that. oh. sorry. that's the worst. but i think we can turn this around.
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(sighs) (machinery beeps) (turns faucet on, both scrubbing hands) hey, i apologize, by the way. honestly, i had no idea that sonja was gonna be bringi a friend. so you and sonja are back together again then? well, we're trying. you know, it's complicated. (sighs) we have a problem. (turns faucet off, water gurgles) another problem? i-i can't put him under. he's too high-risk. what more can happen to this guy? his mallampati score is 4. he has a malformed airway. it's like a fusilli in there. and he has a heart murmur. i won't be able to intubate. okay, well, i have to get at the aneurysm. it's not an option. can we try a high thoracic spinal? i've done it before. it means he'll be awake and aware of everything we're doing during surgery.
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i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100% you're doing it! whole grain quaker oats. and off you go. i want my couch back. i love that couch. the other thing. an awake surgery. it's experimenl. dr. baumann's done it before. once. epidurals on pregnant women don't count. how am i supposed to make an 8-inch incision in his abdomen, suck out the aneurysm, and then sew a gore-tex tube in without anesthetic? i would have said "yes" when i was chief. just saying. joel, i have been interim chief of surgery for exactly two days. why don't you lob me a pitch that i can hit? you're chief because you can hit any pitch, dawn. (siren wailing in distance) you were never here. (sighs) so?
11:22 pm
corporal seymour hi, i'm dr. murphy. hi. uh, are you taking me to the operating room? where's dr. harris? dr. harris has asked me to come and have a quick chat with you before your operation. can i sit down? you're a psychiatrist. i am. you got a form there? i do, yes. do you want me to put it away? it doesn't matter. you're still gonna fill it out and file it with my commanding officer. dr. harris tells me that you're worried about the length of the recovery time with your spinal surgery? i'm military. i want to go back to my job. is there something wrong with that? might be useful to wt a lilett, get well and then go back. i'm way more useful there than here. it says in your chart that you have a lot of scars consistent with penetrating wounds-- shrapnel? lien... if i tell you about the crap i've seen in combat,
11:23 pm
on that form you got, and i won't redeploy ever. do you think you have unresolved issues? you can't trick me into talking. um... (clears throat) you've been home for almost a year? yeah, not my choice. and you find yourself drawn to dangerous activities? extremes--like skydiving? gotta stay alert. stay strong. gotta stay combat ready. okay. well, the key to resolving traumatizing events is remembering them and telling your story over and over. they're better out than in. if you knew what my "unresolved issue" was, you wouldn't ask me to relive it. you can see yourself out now. (sighs)
11:24 pm
hey. hey. just spoke with your patient fran. and? p.t.s.d.? eh, i think she's having trouble with one specific event, something she says is too painful to talk about. yeah, she's a tough cookie. until she starts to externalize the event that has traumatized her, it's gonna remain internal, and she's gonna keep jumping out of planes, nearly killing herself. okay, well, i can patch her up. but what do we do about her mental state? hard to say. i mean, there's almost always a key to unlocking a trauma. just have to keep listening. thanks. sorry to bother you so late at night. oh, i'm fine. i'll be doing rounds all night. the nursing staff tends to thin out after midnight. can we get the results tonight? well, i am the new guy, but i'll do my best to sweet talk to the lab into putting a rush on it. right. great. you got it? yeah. (instrument clatrs)
11:25 pm
that you contracted a virus from your patient. whoo-hoo. but if you do test positive for c.m.v., there's a chance that your baby will have-- hearing and vision loss, heart failure, seizures, brain damage. yeah, i know. all right, let's not get ahead of ourselves. but if you do test positive and we see any of the things on the ultrasound, then we can discuss the next steps. terminating the pregnancy? that would be part of the conversation at that time. but t now, of course. of course. cool. cool (monitor beeping steadily) (alex) you feel this? (seth) don't feel a thing. how about this? nothing. this? ooh, a little to the left. i just might rub a little ice on his feet. hey. not really into that. that's not what i've heard, mate. you don't want to know what i've heard out you... which is nothing, 'cause you're about to reattach my fingers and i don't want to alienate you. smart man. wow.
11:26 pm
no. but it's really tough to find hockey gloves that fit. have suction ready. hey. am i rlly not gonna feel anything? if you do, let me know. okay? okay. awake surgery, here we go. here we go. (sighs deeply) just let me know when you start.
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i am getting ready to slice into your aneurysm, seth. cool. i guess this is what it's like to have your hands inside some guy's guts, huh? yep. suction. (suction gurgling) sing it again, victor. (sighs) rink man, rink man all you need's a... (falsetto) hose (laughs) he's famous. stop. please. it's so embarrassing. it's literally the most embarrassing thing i've ever done, and i just got my fingers caught in a condom machine. what do you mean it's embarrassing? (drill whirring) i love that jingle. i sing it in the car every day. (victor) who actually buys an ice rink kit? parents with kids, mostly. yeah. i played a lot of junior b when i was young. so... you know. gotta do what you love. amen, rink man. yeah, i've had a lot of offers to sell, but i just can't bring myself to do it.
11:31 pm
free agency's not for me, just so you know. i'm more of a one-team kind of guy okay, let's bring the c-arm in here, please. (machinery beeps) oop. stick shot. (whirs and beeps) okay, i'm done with the k-wire. let's get the c-arm out of here, and i will start the a.v.n. can we get the microscope in here? and some 8.0, please. thank you. hey, watch your step. give me some room. l right, sorry. victor, p.t.f.e. graft, 3.0 prolene. i am going to suture distally first. okay, i am getting ready to put the graft in. are you comfortable? oh, yeah. is that thing going inside of me? seth, i'm suturing with thread that's finer than human hair. i can't have any movement, okay? sorry. it's just that... crazy tube thing.
11:32 pm
i think seth could use a little more sedation. it's--it's all just starting to... to hit me. the whole thing, you know? seth, you are doing great. i-i don't really think i am dng great, guys. (joel) just stay with us, rink man. (inhales deeply) okay, i'll do my best. you know, alex reid was once a cheerleader. (lghs) i was not a cheerleader. you still have your costume? it's under my scrubs. hey. maggie go home? no, i don't think so. she's on call in the e.r. tonight. is she still up in obstetrics? she was in obstetrics? yeah, for the blood test. can you get her to text me when you see her? okay-- or better yet, just tell her i need her in the e.r. stat. thank you. wait. what blood test? (suction gurgling) okay. before we put the rod in, i wanna get a closer look... at this. shahir, what does that look like to you?
11:33 pm
with the rest of the spine. right, which rules out an osteosarcoma. give it a feel. (machinery beeps) (squishing) well, it's not only soft tissue. it's ossified, charlie. it feels a lot like-- like bone? yes, very much, but it's not part of the spine. so who does it belong to? well, that's my question exactly. scalpel, please. it's a real mystery. reporting for duty, sir. (woman) dr. harris? thank you. pickups, please. let's give it a little wash.
11:34 pm
charlie. (clink, water splashing) it's definitelnot her bone. how can you tell just by looking at it? head hurts. i bet your career on it. sir, i don't want to be discharged, sir. i don't bet. oh, although i do enjoy a bit of game theory. uh, loupes, please. (instrument clatters) thank you. yeah, it looks like a small wormian fissure. let me see that. loupes, please. thank you. it has four bones, like tectonic plates that have shifted together when the fontanel fuses. you're right, charlie. this is a piece of someone else's skull. then it's a good thing you don't bet. oh, please, sir. let me stay with my unit.
11:35 pm
shahir, how's your latin? excellent. wanna bet on it? mm... no. um... (machinery beeps) fidus ultra finem. "fyohel bend t end." why? oh, no--no reason. just curious. mm. latin was an easy "a" for me in high school. i can't leave her. she needs help. shahir, i want to put the bone back. charlie, we just took it out. no, no. i-i wanna do an allograft. we'll mulch the bone and use it to stabilize the rod instead of using bone cement. i'd much rather graft a piece of her own bone. w-why cut her up more than we have to? her own body didn't reject the skull. so why should we? it's highly unorthodox. it is, but it'll work. just trust me. start mulching.


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