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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's thursday, march 3rd, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." the campaign to stop donald trump. leading republicans try to derail the gop front-runner's path to the party's nomination. scott kelly, space odyssey, and the astronaut is back home in the united states this morning after spending a year in space. and a chilling crime is caught on camera. thieves are seen breaking into a gun store and taking off with dozens of weapons. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. ben carson won't be participating in tonight's republican presidential debate. carson has not officially quit
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see a political path forward. meanwhile, some republicans are working on a last-ditch effort to deny donald trump the nomination. there are new attack ads and, today, a former gop nominee is expected to weigh in against trump. don champion has the story. >> reporter: republican presidential front-runner donald trump is locked in another battle. this time, against mitt romney, who is expected to blast the billionaire during a speech on the state of the gop race today. >> i want universal coverage. >> reporter: trump posted this video to his facebook page wednesday night, questioning romney's conservative credentials. so far, romney has attacked trump over his refusal to release tax returns and failure to immediately disavow kkk leader david duke. in an open letter, more than 50 prominent republicans also challenged trump, but it could backfire. >> there is no guarantee. attacks from the establishment could very well make trump stronger. >> that is the only part of the plan?
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>> reporter: in tonight's debate, marco rubio is expected to step up attacks on trump, especially over his newly released health care plan that includes repealing obamacare. >> if we choose donald trump as our nominee, we will lose in november. >> reporter: coming off two wins on super tuesday, ted cruz urged other candidates to drop out of the race. >> if you've been supporting ben carson, or john kasich, or marco rubio, all good, honorable men, we welcome you on our team. >> reporter: carson withdrew from tonight's debate, following the results of super tuesday. the retired neurosurgeon says he sees no path forward to the nomination. now, it's not clear what kind of impact romney's speech today will have on the race, but strategists say march 15th, when states like florida vote, could be the last opportunity to stop trump on his path to the republican nomination. >> don champion here in new york, thank you, don.
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reunion of sorts between trump and his sometimes nemesis megyn kelly of fox news. coming up on "cbs this morning," julianna goldman will have more on their war of words. hillary clinton is already speaking like the democratic nominee. during a rally for the labor movement yesterday in new york city, clinton said she will wage a campaign to bring people together. >> i know that if we do what we must in this election, to bring out a message, a positive message of what we can do together, who we stand for, what we stand for, we will go in to the november election with the wind at our back. >> clinton never mentioned bernie sanders, but talked about what the republicans are saying and how they are saying it. ballerina elton john, along with katy perry, headlined a
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fund-raiser at new york's radio city music hall. the campaign didn't say how much money was raised. astronaut scott kelly is back in the united states after spending nearly a year in space. kelly arrived in houston early this morning. he landed in kazakhstan yesterday after setting an american endurance record for space flight, a 340-day mission on board the international space station. >> it was a very long trip. when i left here in february, i don't even know what day it was in february. i was 50. and now i'm 52. >> kelly said he missed his family and friends, but that he'll also miss living on the space station. this morning, south korea says north korea fired six projectiles into the sea off the east coast. it's not clear if the projectiles were missiles or artillery. yesterday, the u.n. approved tough sanctions on the north for its recent nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. the supreme court is considering its ost significant
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the case involves the types of limits states can place on abortion clinics. paula reid reports on yesterday's arguments. >> reporter: emotions ran high outside the supreme court as demonstrators on both sides of the abortion issue shouted their viewpoints. justices heard arguments on wednesday about a texas law which requires texas doctors to have same privileges at clinics and surgical standards. >> it was a hot day today. >> stephanie tody, the lead attorney said the law intended to shut down clinics in the state. >> we remain optimistic that the court is going to see these requirements for what they are, a sham designed to women's abortion access. >> reporter: the state says that is not true. >> this is all about women's health and quality of care for whatever kind of decision they choose to make. >> reporter: the decision in this case will likely come down
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could ab swing vote between a 5-3 decision or a 4-4 deadlocked court. >> justice kennedy, as in every case, asks questions of both sides and will be considering these issues of national importance as the court deliberates. >> reporter: noah ellington from houston says she knows firsthand that problems can arise in abortion clinics. >> i was never able to have children because of abortion at age 15. >> reporter: but candice russell said she had to travel from dallas to san diego for her procedure. >> but i was lucky because i was able to do that and not everybody could. >> reporter: a decision is expected in june. paula reid, cbs news, the supreme court. >> in the event after 4-4 tie, the texas regulations would stay in place. a virginia man has been given four life sentences after pleading guilty to kidnapping and killing two college students. in exchange for pleading guilty, jesse matthew will be spared the death penalty. he admitted killing hanna graham in 2014 and morgan carrington five years earlier.
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is relief. this has been finding justice for morgan, it has been a burden on our family for six and a half years. >> matthew was already serving three life sentences for previous rape. the malaysian transportation minister says debris that washed ashore in mozambique is probably from missing malaysian airlines flight 370. flight 370, a boeing 777 disappeared two years ago while beijing. 239 people were on board. it's believed the jet's debris africa's east coast. the debris has been tentatively tail section. news." an accused fake doctor arrested again. we will tell you why a florida teenager was put behind bars. and leaving his mark. a tattooed james corden is featured on the cover of a high
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thieves in texas take smash and grab to a whole new level. the bandits used a pickup truck to break into a houston gun store early tuesday morning. police say ten robbers grabbed at least 50 weapons in just two minutes. the detectives hope surveillance video will help solve the case. new troubles for a teenager accused of posing as a doctor. and the sudden death of an energy executive. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports the death of aubrey mcclendon one day after he was indicted on bid rigging charges. oklahoma city police say the 56-year-old drove his suv straight into a wall yesterday. the former ceo of chesapeake energy was a pioneer in america's natural gas boom and part-owner of the oklahoma city thunder.
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erin andrews people video was viewed this week by a rep for the hotel she is suing. the executive says a friend showed it while they were dining at a restaurant. andrews says she was traumatized when the video went viral. a psychologist testified that andrews had a mild case of ptsd. >> she is a resilient, stable person who functions fairly well psychologically, despite the horrible experiences she has been through. >> andrews 75 million dollar suit claims the nashville hotel helped the stalker who shot the video. the palm beach post reports on an upcoming mental exam for a teen accused of pretending to be a doctor. a florida judge ordered the test after malachi love-robinson was rearrested on new charges tuesday. he is suspected of stealing more than $34,000 from an elderly patient. "in touch weekly" reports that jared fogle has gained 30
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his 16-year prison term. the former subway spokesman claimed he lost over 200 pounds eating the chain's sandwiches. he was convicted for child pornography and sex acts with minors. a prison insider says fogle eats honey buns by the box. look who is on the cover of "wall street journal's" magazine. late late show host james corden covered himself in fake tattoos for the magazine's photo shoot. he was also asked to compare some things in his new gnome in the united states to his native england. >> prince charles or prince? >> prince. >> have you met both? >> yes. >> mary poppins or proud mary? >> marry poppins. >> testco or chocco? >> testco. >> english breakfast or breakfast of champions? >> breakfast of champions. >> corden will host the tony award in june. i thought he would say english breakfast. still to come, a chick-fil-a challenge. the chicken chain restaurant
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world's first 727. after a brief flight yesterday, the airliner will go into a museum at boeing's washington state base. united bought the plane in 1964 and flew it for 27 years. electronic cigarettes now have something else in common with their conventional cousins. they are banned on airliners in the u.s. the government rule includes foreign or domestic flights into or out of or within the country. on the cbs "moneywatch" now. competition heats up as airlines fight a flight to cuba and free ice cream at chick-fil-a, but there is a catch. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. oil prices continue to recover. that sent stocks on wall street a bit higher yesterday. the dow gained 34 points. the s&p added eight. the nasdaq finished 13 points higher. at least eight u.s. airlines submitted applications to the u.s. government to fly scheduled flights to cuba. american and delta and jetblue and others are competing for about 110 slots.
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apply to the cuban government. nearly 160,000 leisure travelers flew to cuba on charter flights last year. hundreds of thousands of cuban americans visited their families. sports retailer sports authority filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and plans to close or sell about 140 stores and two distribution centers. sports authority stores will remain open during the chapter 11 process. the company says it needs fewer stores as customers increasingly shop online. retail giant target is also making changes to adjust to the boom in online shopping. it plans to spend nearly $2 billion this year to upgrade its supply network and technology. target is also shifting more of its spending from its physical stores to online investments. during the last quarter, target's online sales jumped 34%. some chick-fil-a restaurants are offering free ice cream if you put away your cell phone while eating.
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the country. it's natural law owning a pool makes it more likely neighbors will drop by. well, a lakeland, florida, family found that out. a nine-foot alligator left his pond 70 yards away to take a bit of a dip on tuesday. the critter was hauled out without incident. a south carolina teacher was forced to resign after a student lifted nude photos from her phone and spread them to his classmates. leann arthur says the student took her phone from her desk when she stepped out of the classroom. she says the district pressured her to resign and that the student has not been expelled per school policy. >> the whole premise of my privacy being invaded is being ignored. >> hundreds of students have signed a petition to get arthur re-hired. the reigning national college football champions made a customary visit to the white house on wednesday. alabama's crimson tide packed the east room for the celebration with president obama.
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the tide should be thanking him for their string of possesses. >> this is the fourth time i have hosted alabama here at the white house. so, clearly, i've brought you some good luck. in fact, you could call me o-bama! >> for some lucky players, this was their second trip to meet the president after winning it all. their last national title came in 2012. keeping it on the edge. president obama will be making a historic stop at south by southwest. the president and first lady will take part in separate events at the annual austin festival. next friday, president obama sits down for a chat on civic engagement in the 21st century. he'll be the first sitting president to speak at south by southwest. an l.a. family is celebrating the small fortune they found buried in the backyard of their late, great
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they found a crumpled brown paper bag with some of the most coveted baseball cards inside! there were seven ty cobb cards from the early 1900s and that is estimated value at $1 million. the university of tulsa, along with an oil tycoon family foundation, shelled out at least $15 million for bob dylan's personal archives. among the 6,000 mementos and his handwriting lyrics to "tangled up in blue. first recording contract with a wallet with a piece of paper with johnny cash's name and address. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the effort to use video games to help kids lose weight. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us
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he looked like he had amnesia for a week and just remembered who donald trump was! but i haven't seen a person on television look that uncomfortable, standing next to someone since this. >> the distraction of the spirit of the people of southern louisiana and mississippi may not be the most tragic loss of all. >> george bush doesn't care about black people. >> who could forget that? donald trump's rise in the race for the white house has gotten a lot of attention for people in europe. mark phillips gets their reaction. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: they are trying to figure out the name. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: and they are trying to figure out the man. >> donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump was once seen as a peculiar aberration of american politics. even as vaguely amusing, but nobody is laughing now. instead, they are scrambling to learn how to deal with him,
4:56 am
who know. >> well, what -- his behavior was extraordinary childish. >> reporter: alex salmon was head of the scottish government when trump was promising to build a glittering new golf resort there. a promise he never kept. >> this was, you said -- the donald. then things soured very, very quickly. >> reporter: the european press has been full of apocalyptic for boating. madness screamed the cover of this magazine. really? ask the economists. ann mcelvay, a senior editor. >> i think there is the unreckon ability of donald trump is really what is spooking people and that is what is he running on. being changeable and pulling the rug out and being an event. >> reporter: but if you want to know what people really think about donald trump, try the bookies, where trump's odds are
4:57 am
alex donahue sets the odds. >> it has shortened up overnight. he was about 3-1 and now 2-1. what -- >> reporter: making it more likely? >> yes, much more likely. >> reporter: 2-1 is a pretty good bet. hillary clinton's odds, by the way, are even better. and here is the sobering thought -- in recent elections here and in the u.s., the book makers have been better predictors of the results than the political pollsters. mark phillips, cbs news, london. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," jamie wax shows us how video games can help kids fight obesity. >> jerry walker is a dancing machine, but it's not all fun and games. there is a mission behind this 12-year-old's moves. what has all of this taught you about your health? >> that i should really get in shape. i'm like, oh, yes, i am so ready- to get in shape. i will get in shape! >> reporter: jerry is collecting points for accurate steps, but researchers are collecting more
4:58 am
it's part of a study to see whether video games can actually help him lose weight. >> and today's unveiling of a major transportation hub at the world trade center. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday.
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big political news in portsmouth today--- a former city manager could go from being fired-- to back in power.a the guilty plea two families have been waiting for. the man charged with killing two virginia college students will now spend life behind bars. let s get a quick check of your-p&-p&- first warning traffic and weather. now here )s kristen crowley with-p&-p&-


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