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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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2016. this is the "cbs morning news." the republican race gets down and dirty. donald trump fends off a day of attack by slinging more insults at the latest gop debate. a nuclear threat from north korea. in the face of stiffer sanctions, kim jong-un tells his military to have its nuclear arsenal ready at any time. and head-on. a thief thinks he is making a get away, until he runs moo aves into a moving suv. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm meg oliver in for anne-marie green. he might be running away from the pack but donald trump can't hide from attacks from his fellow republicans from taking blistering criticism from the two past gop nominees, trump was battered from all sides,
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the first debate super tuesday. but the billionaire isn't shying away from the trash talk that has put him on the inside track from winning the nomination. between now and tuesday, eight states and puerto rico, hold their contests for the gop. michigan and its 59 delegates is the biggest prize. weijia jiang is at the site of last night's debate in detroit. >> reporter: only four candidates took the stage, but front-runner donald trump was clearly at the center and on defense. his opponents and the moderators dug at him for details about policies in between the flying insults that quickly turned dirty. >> does anyone whoever deserves to be attacked that way, it's donald trump. >> he referred to my hands. something else may be small. i guarantee yu, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> reporter: the gop debate on the fox news channel quickly turned into a shouting match. >> don't worry about it, little marco, i will. >> well, let's hear, big don, big donald. >> don't worry about it, little
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>> breathe, breathe, breathe! you can do it! you can breathe! i know it's hard. >> reporter: ted cruz accused trump of bankrolling liberal politicians. >> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton, not once, not twice, not three times, ten times. >> the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. >> reporter: marco rubio and cruz teamed up to bash trump on a lawsuit claiming his trump university seminars amount to fraud. >> because he is trying to do to the american voter what he did to the people that signed up for this course. he is making promises he has no intention of keeping. >> we are going to spend the spring -- the fall and the summer with the republican nominee facing a fraud trial. >> oh, stop. >> reporter: trump also faced some tough questions from the fox news moderators. >> you change your tune on so many things and that has some people saying, what is his core? >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core. >> reporter: not only did
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but outside the fox theater, a huge group of protesters chanted dump trump. >> dump trump. >> we know that donald trump is in there. and he's no good. >> this is cleaner than trump. it's not vulgar like mr. trump is. >> reporter: john kasich chose to emphasize his own record. >> people say wherever i go, you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> reporter: kasich, cruz, and rubio all said they would support trump if he wins the nomination but planned to challenge him to th finish line. >> if i win ohio, we are probably going to end up in a convention, a brokered convention and then we are going to find out -- >> who is that? >> i can't do the math. all i know my folks tell me that nobody will go to the convention with enough delegates and then, you know, it's a whole new -- a whole new situation. >> reporter: cruz and rubio hammered trump about an off-the-record interview with "the new york times" in which trump reportedly dialed back his firm stance on illegal immigration. they asked him to authorize the release of that recorded conversation, but trump refused. they will all face off again
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next week. in detroit, michigan, weijia jiang, cbs news. the attacks on trump started thursday morning. 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney blasted trump, saying he is unfit for the presidency. >> the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics. >> romney's criticism was echoed by the gop's 2008 nominee john in the spin room after the debate, trump gave his response to cbs news chief white house correspondent major garrett. >> i didn't know that mccain came after me. he better, you know, i'm sure that -- >> reporter: he said he agreed with what romney said? >> oh, he did? that is not nice and he has to be careful. >> reporter: why? >> i will -- i will -- you'll but romney is a failed candidate. he made a fool out of himself. he should have beaten barack obama. a blizzard of criticism, is
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momentum? cbs news political editor steve chaggaris gives his opinion. trump found himself on defense all night with new questions raised about his abilities but today the debates haven't dinged him at all. as expected, cruz and rubio went after trump all night and landed questions but the question continues to be is it too little, too late. for his part, john kasich, by all accounts, had a solid debate by traditional standards. his problem? it's an untraditional year and despite all but anybody trump ranker, all three of his opponents decided to support him if he is the nominee. coming up on "cbs this morning," "face the nation" moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson will have more on last night's debate. there were several protesters outside the gop debate, including one calling for charges against governor rick snyder because of the flint water crisis that has resulted
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inside, marco rubio said everyone is outraged, but the way the problem is being painted by democrats is not fair. >> this should not be part of an issue. the way the democrats have tried to turn this into a partisan issue and somehow republicans woke up in the morning and it's a good idea to poison some kids with lead. it's absurd. it's outrageous and isn't true at all. >> the democratic candidates are scheduled to debate in flint this sunday. hillary clinton's e-mails is a hot topic among republican presidential candidates. "the new york times" reports there is no indication of foreign hacking or tracking on her private server. the aide who set up the private e-mails, bryan pagliano, has been cooperating with the fbi. now 200 e-mails are now considered classified. the justice department is expected to wrap up its investigation soon. >> what i know some of the officials over there have said is she is not a target of the investigation.
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e-mails were released this week. a dire order from north korean leader kim jong-un. their military should be able to launch a preemptive strike. they say it's unlikely the north has the capability of launching a nuclear strike against the united states. apple is getting tech support in its encryption battle with the federal government. more than two dozen technology firms, including facebook and amazon and google are filing legal briefs yesterday asking a judge to support apple. apple is appealing a court order requiring it to help the fbi break into an iphone involved in the san bernardino shootings. apple maintains that would set a dangerous precedent, threatening customer security. three men are under arrest following the brazen break-in at a texas gun store.
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off the doors of a houston gun shop on tuesday. ten thieves rushed in and grabbed guns by the sack full and they were gone in two minutes and got away with 85 weapons. coming up on the "morning news." closing arguments. the erin andrews nude video case could go to the jury as early as today. and caitlyn jenner gets political.
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new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. police in south carolina are looking for a thief who might still have a headache. take a look at that. surveillance video shows him stumbling into the side of an suv during his get-away two months ago. he is wanted for stealing $40 worth of meat from a walmart in columbia. caitlyn jenner campaigns to be a new kind of ambassador. and women sign up for combat. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the associated press reports that the military is starting to recruit women for combat roles.
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serve by this fall with infantry units that had been limited to men. all of the service branches say base facilities have been updated to accommodate women. the "los angeles times" is reporting the death of a 4-month-old known on the web as the bernie baby. the boy was nicknamed after pictures of him meeting bernie sanders hit social media. the baby's aunt said oliver lomas davis died late last month of sudden infant death syndrome. the tennesseean reports that jury deliberations could start today in the erin andrews nude videotape case. the jury heard testimony from jesse palmer. he described working with andrews on espn broadcasts after videos showing her changing clothes hit the internet. >> i think she felt like she was going to try to be normal and being around people who cared about her. i think that was important to her. >> andrews blames a nashville hotel for helping the stalker who videotaped her.
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buzzfeed reports that gay characters are now effectively banned from television in china. newly revealed guidelines say tv dramas may not show what the government calls actual relationships and behaviors. several shows that haven't meet the standards have banished recently from streaming sites. "the advocate" reports that caitlyn jenner would like ted cruz to be president. she says cruz has the best credentials but she admits that the candidate has the worst views on transgender issues. jenner says she would like to be a transgender ambassador to the cruz white house. when president obama's term ends, he explained why during an informal meeting in milwaukee why he won't leave washington when his term ends. >> i'm going to have to stay a couple of years in d.c. probably so sasha is graduating. >> oh, sure.
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the country. police in georgia say a craigslist deal gone wrong led to gunfire at a mall. people in the food court scattered when they heard shots outside. a mall manager says the man who was selling a computer fired warning shots at another man who fled without paying for it. a baseball fan who was nearly beaten to death five years ago outside of dodgers stadium is spreading an anti-bullying message. brian stow spoke yesterday at a high school in california. he believes he survived for a reason. >> i'm on a mission to tell my story of survival. i want to stop bullies from hurting anyone else. >> sko, a giants fan, said he was attacked by opposing fans at dodgers stadium. he suffered severe brain damage. two men convicted in the beating are in prison. on the cbs "moneywatch." a megamerger in the works.
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jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there were modest gains on wall street as oil prices continue to stabilize and energy companies posted some solid gains. the dow jumped 44 points, the s&p rose 7. the nasdaq added 4. chens- chinese-owned amc theater is buying carmike cinema, making it the largest movie operator in amc is paying 1.1 billion dollars for carmike. apple is expanding its presence on twitter with a support page called apple support and it will answer any apple-related questions and tweet out helpful info. in its first three hours it had over 35,000 followers. accouns for particular services like apple music. google is donating $1
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google also says half a dozen of its engineers have volunteered to help brazil by tracking the virus by writing algorithms and analyzing data and maps from the brazilian ministry of health. it will help from phone systems to the maps of ministry of health. six flags is adding a new twist to its roller coasters. virtual reality. riders on its new revolution roller coaster will be given virtual reality goggles and feel the twist and turn of the coaster. and watch virtual images like fighting a jet fighter or battling aliens. the virtual reality element will be offered at nine six flags roller coasters across the country. i say no thanks for me, meg. that makes me nausea just thinking about it. what about you? >> i'm with you, jill. just makes my stomach drop having one look at it. i'm with you. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, an early taste
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. one. that is going to do it. oh! >> oh, is right. the madness of march is just getting started. louisiana tech's derrick jean nails a half-court shot at the buzzer to beat marshall 97-94. the first swing of the spring for alex rodriguez leaves the ballpark. the newyork yankees slugger goes deep on the second pitch he sees against the phillies. a-rod needs just 13 homers to reach 700 in his career.
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throw tom brady for a loss. judges in manhattan seemed skeptical yesterday of the patriots quarterback and his deflategate story. they are trying to decide whether the nfl's suspension of brady should be restored. a lower court blocked it. lawyers in florida are trying to pick a jury to hear hulk hogan's sex tape case. the former wrestler is suing gawker for posting video showing hogan having sex with a friend's wife. the website said it was newsworthy. hogan is seeking $100 million. the broadway blockbuster hamilton could switch things up when the show hits the road in philadelphia. in an audition posting for the washington, the show is open to casting men or women for the parts. the back casting call asks for ethnic males or females between 20 and 39 years old. the musical creator miranda says he has no problem with women playing the founding father.
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"ghostbuster" fans are finally getting a look at the new movie this morning. >> class for operation. it's okay. she seems peaceful. >> my name is sayer gilbert, department of physics. that stuff went everywhere, by >> the 2:30 trailer for the new "ghostbusters" film has been released. it boasts an all-star cast of women and plenty of slime. the movie is out this summer. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," uber ceo travis kalanick. i'm meg oliver. this is the "cbs morning news." is caring. because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage
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inaugural she believes cup in tampa, they were scoreless with england until the 72nd minute when crystal dunn drills a goal in the top corner. usa held on to win 1-0. they were greeted by some special fans after the match, meeting with the new york city yankees who are in tampa for spring training. soccer star brandi chastain is hoping to extend her legacy far beyond the sport. she is making an important donation to science. ben tracy spoke with her. >> goal! >> reporter: when the u.s. women soccer team won the world cup in 1999, this became the defining image. a victorious 30-year-old brandi chastain ripping off her jersey after scoring the winning goal. >> i would really like to leave something beyond that. >> reporter: now 47, chastain has a new goal -- she plans to donate her brain to science. how much head trauma do you think you suffered in your career? >> i know two specific incidents
4:56 am
would, today, definitely be considered a concussion. what we used to call, you know, had my bell rung or i've seen stars and i've had to shake it off. >> reporter: chastain's brain will eventually be examined by researchers checking for cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. a degenerative brain disease believed to be caused by repeated blows to the head. boston university researchers have examined 307 brains of mostly male athletes. just seven were from women. nfl players have dominated the discussion over head injuries. chris nuenski is founder of the legacy foundation which will eventually study chastain's brain. >> with women not playing football we don't have a generation of former female athletes with a lot of exposure who are in 60s, 70s and 80s than we do with men. >> reporter: chastain now helps coach soccer for santa clara
4:57 am
advocate for not allowing youth soccer players to head the ball until they are 14. her contribution to science will outlast even the most memorable of games. ben tracy, cbs news, santa clara, california. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," charlie has a rare interview with the ceo of ride sharing app uber travis kalanick. plus, the casting controversy over an upcoming movie with singer nina simone. and we will talk with a boston marathon survivor who is planning to run this year's race. that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching.
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have a great day. the first warning storm team has been forecasting it-- snow started to come down in
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a viewer posted this snow picture on facebook --this was taken in williamsburg right around midnight good morning i )m blaine stewart. and i m jessica larche. the first warning storm team is tracking, wind, rain andsnow in some areas. let s get right to meteorologist myles henderson in the first warning storm center. some snow accumulations can be expected during this event but will likely be limited because of the rain. so areas near sussex, surry, williamsburg- james city co., gloucester. mathews, middlesex and the northern etern shore could see about 1-2"of snow. however, some of our forecast models are hinting at higher amounts of snow over portions of the middle peninsula and the northern neck, possibly up to 3". even higher snow totals are expected near petersburg and richmond. again, for most of the viewing area, this will be a rain


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