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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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always on. four people shot -- in three separate shootings across hampton roads today -- good evening. i m erica greenway. a man was killed in one of those shootings. it happened in the ocean view area of norfolk. now police are searching for the person or people involved. newschannel threes brian hill joins us live in the control room with more. brian, erica, right now police are looking for a small grey or blue car they believe was involved in shooting a man several times -- and now they are asking for the public s help with any new leads. as for neighbors, some say this incident has them
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a swarm of police cars lining kingston avenue in norfolk ... left neighbors shocked. apollo desintos / resident 17.33 its kind of scary because i got kids in here, that live over here. police got the call shortly after two p-m. )motor vehicle accident with injuries. 1710 kingstons road. caller says that he heard six shots and then a car crash. inaudible cars on fire. there they discovered a 38- year-old man in a minivan, shot several times. the man. was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 19.50 )its very concerning. peop le like vanessa becoming all too common. vanessa carter-west 19.23 its becoming typically and its becoming common and its unfortunate. you see a lot of flashing lights on the street way too much. lights that will likely continue flashing as police continue their search for suspects. theyre now looking for a small blue or grey sedan, with heavy damage to the front end.carter-west 22.28 it scares me that i even have to go for walks. right here on my
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police have not released the victim )s name yet nor have they-p&said what might have lead to-p&this shooting. if you have any information that can help in the investigation, call the crime line number at 1- 888-lock-u-up. live in the control room, brian hill, newschannel three. hampton police are also investigating an afternoon shooting -- that sent a young man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say it happened around 3-30 on nickerson boulevard. an employee at the nearby ace hardware store tells newschannel three his coworker called 9-1-1. according to the employee -- his coworker was helping a customer load up his car in the back when he heard yelling -- that s when he found a man lying in the woods behind the store -- bleeding. the victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. the motive and circumstances are still under investigation.
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two teens were shot during a house party early this morning. it happened on hamilton drive around 2:30 a-m. police say a 17- year-old was shot in the back and a bullet grazed his thigh. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. an 18- year-old woman was also shot in the thigh, but is expected to be ok. newschannel 3 spoke with one neighbor who asked us to protect her identity. she says the house where it happened always has a lot of people there -- and has thrown wild parties in the past. police say the suspect they are looking for is a man between 19 and 22 years old. if you have information about any of these shootings -- call the crime line at 1-888- lock-u-up. turning to weather now -- the sun was peeking through the clouds today -
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first warning meterologist dominic brown has the latest -- cool with a few showers sunday, then we re warming up....a fast-moving cold front will sweep through the area late saturday night into sunday, giving way to mostly cloudy skies and a few scattered showers. while most of our temperatures will stay above freezing through early sunday morning, there could be some sleet or snowflakes mixing in briefly with the rain, especially for our northern communities. otherwise, expect rain. most of the wet weather will clear the coast by sunday afternoon, giving way to partly sunny skies. high temperatures will be in the upper 40s and lower 50s. next
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highs will rise into the 60s on monday. then, as high pressure remains anchored over the atlantic ocean, highs will soar into the 70s from tuesday through thursday. we re expecting plenty of sunshine for most of the work week, too. however, a few showers are possible next friday into saturday. it )s being called "super saturday" -- as both democratic and republican voters go to the polls in several states. there are primaries and caucuses in louisiana, kansas, kentucky, maine and nebraska. the results have been coming in throughout the evening - and we have just learned that donald trump is projected to win kentucky. craig boswell has more on some of the other results already in. pkg nats ted cruz kicked off super saturday with big wins in kansas and maine. sot: sen. ted cruz/r-tx
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tuesday last week was a phenomenal night where we won victories all over the country and today, on super saturday, we )re doing the very same thing." but the night is expected to go better for donald trump in kentucky where there s a large turnout at caucuses there... and in louisiana- which is holding a primary. those two states both have 46 delegates at stake...the most up for grabs today for the republican candidates. cruz and trump are well ahead in the delegate race senator marco rubio is looking ahead to march 15th when his home state of florida votes. sot: sen. marco rubio/r-fl presidential candidate "we )re going to win florida. and you ll find out on march 15th how confident we are." standup: craig boswell/cbs news/washington, d.c. democrats voted in three states- louisiana, kansas and nebraska but bernie sanders and hillary clinton were both focused on michigan which holds its primary tuesday. sot: sen. bernie sanders/i-vt democratic presidential candidate "this is a brilliant audience! we are going to win here in michigan." sot: hillary clinton/d presidential candidate "i want to congratulate senator sanders for running a strong campaign. i am thrilled we are adding to our pledged delegate count. sanders picked up wins in nebraska and kansas. clinton won in louisiana. craig boswell, cbs news,
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for complete super saturday results -- go to wtkr-dot-com. we )ll continue to post updates as more results come in. the navy )s newest attack submarine was christened today in newport news. newschannel 3 s kelly rule joins us live in the studio with the details. erica -- construction on the washington began back in september 20-11. it will be the seventh virginia-class submarine delivered by newport news shipbuilding. 12;12;53 with the smash of a bottle of sparking wine across its bow -- the navy )s newest attack submarine -- washington -- is christened after more than four years of construction. ship sponsor and daughter of the secretary of the navy -- elisabeth
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12;08;27 i think it s amazing that only a year and a half ago we were laying the keel. )it is a testament to the work at newport news and electric boat that we are back here so soon to christen the newest member of the fleet. washington will be the seventh virginia-class submarine delivered by newport news shipbuilding -- with the work of more than 4,000 local ship builders. 11;56;22 thousands and thousands of extraordinary shipbuilders have constructed the uss washington adding life to that growing fleet and bringing the most advanced submarines in the world the submarine is on track to be delivered later this year.
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the james river this month before being delivered to the navy at the end of the year. in the studio, kelly rule, newschannel three. coming up on newschannel three -- a student is arrested -- after police say he found and stole nude pictures from his teacher. plus -- why an america lawyer has taken it upon himself to find the missing malaysia
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a south carolina student has been arrested after police say he went through his teachers cell phone -- found a nude picture of her -- and posted it online. tony cedrone has more -- it started with a few private pictures on a teacher s cell phone... leigh anne arthur says they were supposed to be a romantic gesture for her husband. but she says a student took pictures of her nude photographs ... when she left her cell phone on her desk.... while she was in a hallway greeting students. now... union police chief sam white says that student is under arrest and
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including computer crimes for accessing arthur )s phone without her permission.... and aggravated voyeurism for distributing the photos to whoever wanted them. : "he didn )t offer any type of resistance and he didn t seem to be surprised that we came." arthur reached out to 7 news... saying... "i hope the arrest will set an example.... i m relieved they are holding him accountable and responsible for his actions.... when you )re 16 years old... just being sorry for something of this severity just isn t enough." authorities say the student kept the private pictures in a secret app like the one you see here... disguised as a calculator.... but when investigators finally accessed the app.... they found more than arthur )s photos. white "there he had it stored the photos of the teacher, he also had some other photos stored there from other people." authorities say these new pictures were sexual in nature. white "we ve looked at the law and discussed this with the solicitor )s office, and because of his
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other people in there, it doesn t meet the criteria because he )s not over 18." since the incident -- arthur has resigned from her teaching position. an online petition calling for her to be reinstated now has more than 11-thousand signatures. a u-s lawyer from seattle is spearheading a self-funded hunt for the missing malaysia airlines plane m-h-370 the search has taken him around the world. blaine gibson arrived in kuala lumpur today to attend the m-h-370 two- year anniversary commemoration. the plane disappeared on march 8th, 2014, and is believed to have crashed somewhere in a remote stretch of the southern indian ocean about 36-hundred miles east of
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authorities have long predicted that any debris from the plane that isn )t on the ocean floor would eventually be carried by currents to the east coast of africa. earlier this week -- a piece of wreckage from a boeing 777 -- likely from mh370 -- was found washed ashore on the coast of mozambique. the newly discovered debris was sent to malaysia for further examination. a source says there is no record of any other boeing 7- 7-7 missing besides flight m-h-370. the malaysia airlines flight disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on board. two men are in police custody in northern ireland after an unusual theft. the men - one 66 and one 19 - are accused of breaking into a fire station, stealing a fire truck -- and then taking it on a joyride with lights and sirens
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this is the damage they left behind after crashing into several cars and buildings. you ve probably heard of a snowmobile, but a ski car? probably not. a canadian mechanic added skis to his 2006 mercedes smart car and created this invention. the diesel fueled ski car allows a driver to jet across the snow on skis at up to 44 miles per hour. the invention was a local secret until someone snapped viral. anderson says the snow-car cost him about seven-thousand dollars and it took him about a month to build it. he says it only takes about an hour to put the wheels back on. unfortunately, you probably won t see anderson )s invention for sale --
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coming up on newschannel three -- months after a town was poisoned by its own water -- a
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according to our c-b-s affiliate w- u-s-a -- the southampton sheriff s office needs your help locating a missing 79-year- old woman from virginia. mildred harris suffers from a cognitive she was last seen today on
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ll with brown eyes and brown ir. lice said she could be erating a gray 2009 gmc pickup truck. president obama has spoken about it. congress has held hearings. michigan governor rick snyder has held news conferences. but five months later -- the water in some flint homes -- is still toxic. the (one -p&thing that could be done to fix the problems -- is only now just beginning. sara ganim reports -- --reporter pkg- as follows-- fortina harris, flint, mi resident "he broke out into a rash, all along his face."fortina harris takes care of his two young grandsons during the day... in his home which still has dangerously high levels of lead. nats sara ganim, reporter : "do you know about pop pop s water?" kids : "yeah. dirty." sara ganim, reporter : "it )s dirty. yeah. do you drink the water?"anything over 15 parts per billion is considered dangerous... harris ) water tested at 600 parts per billion
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month later. sara ganim, reporter : "so, here )s your lead test results. this is from january 10th. what did you think when you saw that number?" fortina harris, flint, mi resident "it freaked me out. that )s high!" sara ganim, reporter : "that )s very high." fortina harris, flint resident : "that )s too high."and that )s not even the worst case. more than 600 homes in flint still have high levels of lead, according to the county health department. rosemary vernon s water was tested february 6... at more than 10- thousand parts per billion. sara ganim, reporter : "what did you think when you saw that?" rosemary vernon, flint resident : "i had just gotten it two hours before they came. oh, my god, i was just stunned. i couldn )t believe that."as a result, almost every drop of water these residents use comes from a bottle. karen weaver is the mayor of flint. sara ganim, reporter : "people are bathing with bottled water,
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water, they re using bottled water with everything." mayor karen weaver, flint, mi : "for everything." sara ganim, reporter : "and this has been going on for months." mayor karen weaver, flint, mi "right, it will be two years in april." sara ganim, reporter : "how long will this continue?" mayor karen weaver, flint, mi "well, hopefully not much longer. we )re ready to go ahead and get started with removing some of those lead lines."here s the problem - when the state switched the city s water supply to the flint river, they improperly treated water corroded the pipes.. which leached lead and heavy metal. the water supply has been switched back, but the lead pipes are still damaged -- and lead-tainted water is still coming out of their taps. documents show the state didn )t properly treat-p&the water, and then lied about-it for months, telling the public it was safe to drink when it was not. mayor karen weaver, flint, mi "even if things tested okay under that, there s that psychological association that we can t get around. and, in order for us to build trust back in the government, and trust back in the water, we ve got to have new pipes."but five months later they are just now breaking
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sara ganim, reporter : "you asked for $55 million to start. for the pipes. who s going to pay for that?" mayor karen weaver, flint, mi "i )m hoping to get some money from the state."the state of michigan, which caused the problem by failing to properly treat the flint river water, has pledged $58 million to flint, but none of that for the replacement of lead service lines. the governor asked the legislature for $25 million for pipes, but even if it s approved, that wouldn t be available til october. why the delay? the state says it wants to study the issue first. mayor karen weaver, flint, mi : "we don t have time to continue-p&to study because every single day, we )re testing the water and we re getting results back."mayor weaver she )s taking the little money she does have and turning to a neighboring city for help. lansing has been steadily replacing its pipes for the past 10 years and is considered a model. the challenge in flint, because city records are
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which homes actually have lead service lines. mayor karen weaver, flint, mi : "so far, i think 8,000 have been identified."meanw hile, the people of flint say their tired of waiting. sara ganim, reporter : "people at the state level say they care about the city, they )re working on fixing it. do you trust them? do you believe them when they say they care." rosemary vernon, flint, mi resident : "as soon as i see them digging out in my front yard and laying pipe, and i go out there and watch and see what they do, then i ll believe them."sara ganim, cnn, flint, michigan. on top of all this, flint residents are still being charged for water, and paying some of the highest water billing rates in the u-s. the state now says it will reimburse them. and yesterday -- crews in flint dug up the first lead pipe. it )s all part of mayor karen weaver )s "fast start" initiative to begin removal of the city )s lead lines.
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lines in the next 29 days. workers in flint were helped by a team from lansing to learn a quicker --
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