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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we )re following breaking news tonight -- police just left the scene of a shooting on lead street in norfolk -- a few blocks away from norfolk street. police say the victim has non-life threatening injuries. norfolk police are also on the scene of a shooting on pollard street -- that )s near church street. police say a 16- year-old was taken to sentara norfolk general hospital with serious injuries -- but is expected to recover. police say this is unrelated to the shooting on lead street. no word yet on a suspect --this is the seventh shooting in five hampton roads cities this weekend.
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joins us live in the control room with more on this weekend )s violence -- kelly -- erica in total -- at least eight people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds this weekend. today s string of violence started in virginia beach early this morning. a rash of violent crimes this weekend in hampton roads. the first shooting today -- at the virginia beach oceanfront -- where police were called to the area of 17th and atlantic avenue for a man with a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries -- according to police. as for the man who shot him -- police say he ran from the scene -- but officers found him nearby, and arrested him. super 8 hotel staff confirmed to newschannel 3 -- the shooting happened inside the hotel. a local business owner who did not want to appear on camera -- says after 39 years of business on his street -- he s shutting down his store. the reason -- his safety. then around 2 this afternoon -- portsmouth police were called to a deep creek boulevard and columbus avenue -- for a shooting. one man was sent to
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said how badly he was hurt. they believe - the shooting may have happened down the street -- on portsmouth boulevard. 11;09 scared for your lives and the children that live next door to them a newport news neighborhood was on edge - after a party turned violent early saturday morning on hamilton drive. police say a 17- year-old was shot in the back and a bullet grazed his thigh. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. an 18- year-old woman was also shot in the thigh, but is expected to be ok. a neighbor who asked newschannel 3 to protect her identity - says the house where it happened -- has thrown wild parties in the past. 12;40 i just hope they are made to leave or cut down the number of people that are living there, for our safety and a man was shot along nickerson boulevard in hampton on saturday afternoon - behind the ace hardware store. an employee there tells newschannel 3 - his coworker was helping a customer load up his car in the back -- when he heard a teenager yelling for help.
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situation, very scary being right next to it, but things do happen around here i hope the guys safe if you have information about any of these shootings -- call the crime line at 1-888- lock-u-up. live in the control room, kelly rule, newschannel three. tonight we )re learning more about the the man killed in a shooting in the ocean view section of norfolk. newschannel threes brian hill joins us with the latest on that shooting. brian -- erica, norfolk police say robert reynold knight the third from chester was the person shot and killed. police found the 38-year-old in the driver s seat of a wrecked white minivan, with several gunshot wounds. this memorial on kingston avenue was put together by robert knights family. police say knight was shot several times saturday afternoon. he later died at the hospital. curtis / resident 26.45 everybody started coming over here, trying to get his attention --- see if hes okay
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see what was going on. 27.15 )all they heard was gunshots and apparently the car that sped pass me, that was the car that hit it. )police are now looking for that car, a small blue or grey sedan with heavy damage to its front end. the fact that police havent found the car or its driver makes some people uneasy. curtis / resident 28.39 they come back, eventually, and my wifes minivans right there and shes going to work or something, and they dont know its her in the minivan and they try to do another shooting and it happens to her. )police havent said what the motive for the shooting is, but dispatch received several calls for a car crash and gunshots fired. curtis / resident 27.34 )scary,-p&-p&-p&-p&it s trippy because ive never seen like that. kay / resident 32.08 )there were probably 20,25 people out there. then the fire, firemen came and a few of the policemen, then it was just swamped with policemen. )vanho rn says policemen have become regulars in the area. kay / resident 32.45 )things like this happen in this area, not often. but its not uncommon. they dont like to talk to the
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trouble and they might be in danger. if you have any information on this shooting, you are asked to call the norfolk crime line at 1 triple 8 lock-u- up. again police are looking for a sedan with front end damage. they have not said if the suspect s car was damaged during a wreck with knight )s car. police say anyone in the car is considered armed and dangerous. brian hill, newschannel three. former first lady nancy reagan passed away this morning at her home in los angeles. she died of congestive heart failure. this is video taken in newport news in 2001 -- as she christened the uss ronald reagan. as first lady during reagan )s eight years in the white house, nancy reagan was known as the "just say no" spokeswoman of anti-drug campaigns and as a fierce protector of her husband, both personally and politically. she will be buried next to him at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. she was 94 years old. turning to the weather --
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it wasn t quite warm enough for folks to ditch their jackets -- here )s meteorologist dominic brown -- feeling a lot like spring over the next several days....if you ve been waiting for a significant warm up, then get ready! we re tracking highs in the 70s this week, all courtesy of high pressure offshore. southerly breezes will boost our highs into the lower 60s on monday. we )ll see mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds will build in by late afternoon into the evening, but overall, we re expecting a dry day. the clouds may stick around into early tuesday morning. otherwise, expect mostly sunny skies with highs in the low and mid 70s. high will soar into the mid and upper 70s on wednesday and thursday. then, by next weekend, a few showers return to the forecast. highs will cool back into the
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newschannel three has a first warning traffic alert: right now the midtown tunnel is closed. it won )t reopen until five in the morning. it was shut down so that crews can install a pedestrian bridge. if you )re trying to get between norfolk and portsmouth -- you can take the downtown tunnel instead. the democrats running for president faced off in michigan tonight -- the latest debate took place in flint, michigan where residents continue to suffer through a major water crisis. weijia jiang reports. pkg vo vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in
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citys water crisis. sot-bernie sanders/d-vt presidential candidate children in flint, michigan are being poisoned. the tap water became toxic with lead after officials switched the water supply to cut costs. investigators revealed state problem...but failed to do anything about it. both governor to resign. sot- hillary clinton/d presidential candidate )people should be held accountable wherever that leads . ) bridge: weijia jiang/cbs news/flint, mi the debate came just two days before voters head to the polls for michigans democratic primary. vo the candidates sparred over an issue important to people here - the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. sot-hillary clinton/d presidential candidate i voted to save the auto industry, he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. white flash sot-sen.-p&bernie sanders/d presidential candidate )if youre talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends, destroyed this economy ) clinton-p& you know ) sanders )excuse me talking ) crowd goes ooh
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advantage and is leading in the michigan polls. but sanders hopes his weekend caucus wins in maine, kansas and nebraska will change voters minds. weijia jiang, cbs news, flint, michigan. a north carolina woman is dead and a man is injured after they were hit by a norfolk southern train -- it happened yesterday afternoon in winston salem. norfolk southern representatives say four adults and one child were walking on a railroad bridge when a train began to cross the bridge. three people were able to get off the bridge -- but karen harlow and aleyn griswold were hit. harlow died at the scene -- griswold was taken to the hospital -- where he underwent surgery. winston-salem police are still investigating. in suffolk -- a teenage boy is in the hospital after he was hit by an s-u-v today. it happened at the intersection of college drive and university boulevard. according to police -- suffolk fire and rescue treated the 15- year-old at the scene. he was then taken to sentara norfolk general hospital. his injuries are not believed to be life- threatening. police are still working to figure out exactly what happened
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a funeral was held this weekend for two of the tornado victims from waverly. hundreds gathered to pay their respects to 2-year-old ian lewis and his uncle devine stringfield. they were thrown from their home by the tornado - along with 50- year-old larry turner. lewis mother was also inside the home and was the only one who survived the storm. she spoke at the joint funeral for her son and brother and asked people to not take anything for granted. coming up on newschannel three -- more on the life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan -- plus -- a major loss for the sports world -- as peyton manning finishes his career as a
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heavy rains drenched california last night -- authorities say a woman died after a car she drove into a flooded area near sacremento. the woman and a man were in a vehicle. the two ventured into a flooded area under an underpass and their car was submerged. the water was about 6-to-8 feet deep. police say the woman was underwater for at least 15
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the driver was able to get out of the car and was pulled to safety by firefighters. he has been transported to the hospital. tensions were running high during a confederate flag rally in pennsylvania this weekend. a southern heritage group held what it calls the confederate flag day in gettysburg -- but as samantha galvez reports, some vocal opponents were there too. --reporter pkg- as follows-- 13 stars... 3 stripes... two very different meanings. mark landree, executive dir., sons of confederate veterans : "it represents the south it represents our history and our heritage." christina hansen, confederate flag opponent : "it s a symbol that s used for white supremacy." the sons of confederate veterans honoring their southern soldiers at the eternal light peace memorial. mark landree, executive dir., sons of confederate veterans : "this is a great opportunity for us to live our heritage and celebrate who we are as a people."anti- supporters of the confederate flag are passionate.
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to symbolize white supremacy and racial oppression. only - many of them used words - we couldn )t say on tv. natsot: "you should be ashamed of yourselves. go home!" mark landree, executive dir., sons of confederate veterans : "i m glad that they are here voicing their opposition. they )re entitled to their opinion just as much as we are entitled to ours too." jennifer bloomquist, confederate flag opponent : "i )m a black woman and i see the confederate flag as a symbol of domestic terrorism." jennifer bloomquist is a professor at gettysburg college. jennifer bloomquist, confederate flag opponent : "we see the confederate flag flown every single day. and i have to tell my black students who come to gettysburg college that this is part of the cultural reality of gettysburg." mark landree, executive dir., sons of confederate veterans : "in the end it was a soldier )s flag. it was used on the battlefield, it led them into battle." christina hansen, confederate flag opponent : "i agree that many of them have perfectly good intentions. the point is not the historicity of it, but what it means now. what that flag has been used to symbolize."
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military park issued a first-amendment permit to both sides to hold their events. two years ago -- 239 people lost their lives on aboard malaysia airlines flight- 370. and ever since, relatives of those onboard have found few answers since the boeing triple seven disappeared on its way to beijing from kuala lumpur, malaysia. earlier this week -- a piece of wreckage from a boeing 777 -- likely from mh370 -- was found washed ashore on the coast of mozambique. but now -- the deadline for families to sue the airline is march 8th. the victims were remembered in a memorial in kuala lumpur. one of the most influential first ladies in u.s. history has passed away. kenneth craig has more on the life and legacy of nancy reagan. pkg she arrived in hollywood as nancy davis.. and was already a working actress when her future husband entered the scene. nat: nancy hugging rr in scene from hell cats of the
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then first lady of california. and a few years later - first lady of the white house. sound up i ronald reagan do solemnly swear two months after his inauguration president reagan survived an assassination attempt. thscare that helped shaped nancy reagan )s self -appointed role in the white house. as personal protector for the president she reviewed his schedules and consulted an astrologer for advice on security. sot: nancy interview with dan rather at 1988 convention i was so obsessed with his safety, any time he went out of the house i think my heart stopped that devotion went both ways. friends called the reagan s marriage the greatest love affair in the history of the american presidency. as they settled into washington, mrs. reagan launched an ambitious renovation of the white house. then moved on to the anti-drug project that became a part of her legacy. her "just say no" campaign swept across the country and into schools ... eventually bringing her to the united nations as the first first lady to address the general assembly. she
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political policy, but was there when her husband couldn t find the words. sound up nancy we )re doing everything we can sound up ronald reagan we re doing everything we cana few years after leaving the white house ronald reagan announced his battle with alzheimer s disease. and nancy devoted herself to nursing her husband as his mind slipped away. super: courtesy 60 minutes ll, september, 2002 "that s the worst part of this disease. there s nobody to exchange memories with." after ronald reagan s death, she put herself at odds with other republicans by pushing for federal funding for stem cell research to try to find a cure for alzheimer s. nancy sot we )ve lost so much time already and i just can t bear to lose any more. ==she traveled to washington for the unveiling of her husband s statue. and she kept a hand in politics, endorsing john mccain )s run for the white house in 2008. nancy sot this is the nominee of the party nancy reagan suffered falls and visibly slowed with age. she was escorted by former president george w. bush at the july 2011
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but her last years were lonely. she visited her husband s grave on the tenth anniversary of his death, as she did every year, even as she grew more frail. she once said the pain of his loss only got worse. kenneth craig, cbs news feeling a lot like spring over the next several days....if you ve been waiting for a significant warm up, then get ready! we re tracking highs in the 70s this week, all courtesy of high pressure offshore. southerly breezes will boost our highs into the lower 60s on monday. we )ll see mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds will build in by late afternoon into the evening, but overall, we re expecting a dry day. the clouds may stick around into early tuesday morning. otherwise, expect mostly sunny skies with highs in the low and mid 70s.
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upper 70s on wednesday and thursday. then, by next weekend, a few showers return to the forecast.
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coming up on newschannel three -- how hard is it to have a meal -- without looking at your phone? one restaurant chain is
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it )s official -- peyton manning-p&is retiring from the n-f-l -- -pand he )s going out a champion. the denver broncos ) twitter account congratulated manning for his -- quote -- "magnificent 18- year nfl career." -- end quote. officials say manning notified the team -- but no official news conference has been announced. the five-time m- v-p is one of only two quarterbacks to beat every team in the nfl. brett favre is the other. manning is retiring with several n-f-l records under his belt, including most career touchdown passes. he )s the only quarterback to win super bowls with two teams. newschannel three is taking action for your health.
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peanuts and peanut butter may hold the key to preventing obesity. the university of houston study followed middle school children who swapped out peanuts for unhealthy snacks. after 12 weeks, the children who ate the nuts had a lower body mass index than those who did not. and they continued to lower their b-m-i for 12 weeks beyond the study. how much would it be worth to you -- to leave your cell phone alone during an entire meal? well -- chick-fil-a is hoping to encourage some quality family time -- by bribing customers with food. all you have to do is get rid of you cell phone. erica nochlin has the story -- take pkg 10 year old daniel estrada sat down at dinner-time .. and immediately got out his cell phone. just look around - many of us are guilty of it... 20.56 i m guilty, social media every once in awhile 14.28 everybody s on a phone 23.39 it can get out of hand where i m just like scrolling and scrolling and scrolling 22.15 it )s constant. they just want to tune out. yes - we see it everywhere -- young kids - teenagers --even adults - with their faces buried in their cell phones. but that )s what fast
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to change - with a new challenge for families. at least 100 locations nationwide - including this one in long beach - are serving up a "cell phone coop" with every meal. waitress nat (17.37 just to bring family )s closer together stand up/erica: here )s how it works: family members place their phones on silent, put them in the cell phone coop, enjoy a distraction free dinner - and if you complete it - get free ice cream! john howard, franchise owner of chick-fil-a in long beach 26.00 this is a great incentive to put the phones down, put the technology down and get to know each other a little more 18.12 there we go mom places cell phone in coop john continued - covered w/ video ( 27.05 something so simple can be so impactful so, did it work? 7 year old ellie rinker says - yes. ellie rinker, customer 7 years old ( 15.46 we could all talk as a family, maybe play something with each other ok but what about the teenagers? monica ford, customer teenager 23.47 we got to like laugh more, we got to talk to each other more her mom : (22.50 found out all about her day and the party she went to earlier today sounds like this family may even take the challenge home monica: (24.06 put our phones in the middle of the table and just talk. daniel, his mom and their friends - liked it, too daniel: 19.49 i think it )s pretty good
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if you think you can go a meal without your phone -- call your local chick-fil-a to see if they )re participating. get ready for an adventure to the unexpected. find more than you seek. discover something new each visit to busch gardens. with world-class coasters and life-long connections... it's a different thrill every time. get a pass membership, now only $11 a month. busch gardens.
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the countdown is on! we re hours away from a scheduled rocket launch at nasa )s wallops flight facility on the eastern shore. this is video from a launch that took place there just last week.
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launch a rocket carrying three new technologies into suborbital space. the launch window is between seven and ten a-m. backup launch days are tuesday through saturday. your next local newscast is at
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the night they roasted donald trump. >> it's pronounced huge, not huge. >> could he really take a joke? and lady gaga and the former bachelor contestant coming forward today to say she was sexually abused. >> if they can be strong, then i can be strong. legendary pin up cheryl tiegs. her attack on the sports illustrated plus size cover girl.
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>> changing their appearance to play iconic singer nina simone. the skin darkened, the fake nose, then the woman who will do anything to look like kim kardashian. even surgery. >> i want all this. to go here. stronger routes. how donald trump laughed off celebrity insults. i'm diane mcinerney, this is inside edition weekend. the front runner is being called dom because attacks don't seem to stick. that came in handy when he was roasted by top comedians. >> this is not donald trump celebrating his big super tuesday victory. it's his grand entrance to the night he was roasted back in 2011. if you think the insults are flying hot and heavy on the campaign trail now. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> reporter: listen to what


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