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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i feel stupid. you look amazing. drink. [indistinct chatter] i'm going home. no. come on. it's just an off night. at any moment, mr. right is going to walk through that... oh, my... is he cute? better. [indistinct whispering have a drink. vanessa holden, age 25. last friday night, she was clubbing with her sister.
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picked her up. they left the club at 1 a.m, went back to her place. he forced her on her hands and knees. and then he cut her open just below the stomach. whoa. yeah. pretty rough. reid: the gutting causes the intestines to spill out. you can survive for a few hours, actually even days. jordan: postmortem indicates that he sliter throat at 5 a.m. so he disemboweled her but didn't kill her for 4 hours. he could be a sexual sadist. jordan: yeah, i thought , too, but i found two priors from a year ago-- prostitutes, actually, in motel rooms. morgan: ok. so keep running with it. why do you think this is the same unsub? in vanessa holden's apartment, the following were discovered-- bleach, ammonia, trash bags-- all in a triangular ptern. one year ago, motel rooms-- bleachammonia, trash bags-- also in a triangular pattern. he's cleaning up. might be trying to hide his tracks. could be a sign of remorse. rossi: apologizing for the murder
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jordan: but there's one other commonality between both sets of murders. bleach and ammonia were found under the victim's fingernails. [woman moaning] he's making them clean up their own murder.
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tt:w`tif`n9*mj6 `p _j
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prentiss: author harlan ellison wrote, "the minute people fall in love, they become liars." so if the unsub changed the victimology, does that make him organized or disorganized? morgan: well, the prostitutes point one way, the club goes another. the triangular arrangement of the cleaning supplies is interesting. obsessive-compulsive? might have bn institutionalized. rossi: we're missing the forest for the trees here. this guy started with prostitutes-- a high-risk victimology. took a year off, came back, killed a socialite.
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exactly. so how does our unsub go from loser of the year to don juan? actually, as byron interpreted him, don juan was an ironic reversal of sex roles. and when-- th--that's about it. ahem. hotch: something must have happened between the last prostitute and vanessa holden mang him change his victimology. could the unsub have known vanessa? it's unlikely. sexual sadists attack anonymously. reid: they have to sever a personal connection and e their victims as objects to perpetrate this level of torture. we have to build two profiles, then-- one for the unsub who killed prostitutes, one for the unsub who goes to clubs. we've never donethat before. prentiss is right. the victimology is so different, we'll treat them as separate unsubs and see what overlaps. reid, work up a geographic profile, focus on location of the murders. prentiss and rossi, concentrate on the prostitutes. jordan, morgan, and i will go deal with vanessa holden. detective harding? hi. agent jordan todd. thank you for coming.
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morgan: how you doing? hi. how are you? hey, is there a dna match between the unsub and the prostitutes? we could run through vicap just in case. um, there's no dna at all. no prints, no fibers. just like vanessa, everything gets cleaned up. pretty effective forensic countermeasure. hotch: what about witnesses? somebody must have seen something. oh, yeah. lots of people. so you have a sketch. it's a little vague. that's because of this guy's other countermeasure. take a look. so this guy right here, that's our killer. it looks like a fedora. so he's drawing attention to his face while simultaneously obscuring it. it's called peacocking-- the adornment of some sort of flashy affect to sort of try to distract witnesses. so none of your witness statements agree? "he had a mole," "he didn't have a mole." "he had a gap between his teeth," "no, his teeth were perfect." jordan: detective, we're gonna have to have a sit-down with ashley holden. she got the best look at the unsub.
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but unfortunately, the family has decided to stop cooperating. why is that? they won't say. yestday the mother would move heaven and earth to help find her daughter's killer. today, no, thanks. [cell phone dialing] i'll take care of this. garcia... is there any leverage you can give me that will help with the holden family? sugar, if they broke the law, that'd be one thing, but they haven't done anything wrong. what about public record? anything that might explain why the family shut down? i've got scads of blog ptings on them. the holdens were movers and shakers in the city. and the nasty stuff follows the money. like what? the ldens got what they had "coming to them." "why did ashley get her sister killed?" yikes. "how much to gut the slutty one?" could you forward those to me? good afternoon. i'm sorry you came all the way out here. it's a waste of time. ashley knows absolutely nothing. and we want to get this behind us as soon as possible. mrs. holden,
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that's right. you can't. but, um... i lost my older sister in a car crash. and it was really hard on our family because she was the responsible one. she was the one that my mother always counted on to watch or us. and when she died, my mother wouldn't let the police in. if she didn't let them in, then my sister wasn't really dead. this man is a monster, and we can catch him. but we need your daughter's help. if you accuse her of anything... ma'am-- i will be onthe phone so fast... ma'am, ma'am, we won't.
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did you know that about jordan? no, and neither did she. according to her file, she's an only child. vanessa's boyfriend just broke up with her, so i took her out to, you know... to have a good time. there's nothing wrong with that. were you approached by anyone? guys. can you descbe any of them for us? ordinary. look, vanessa wasn't even in the mood. so if she wasn't in the mood, if she left with this guy, then there must have been something about him, something unique. moan: we saw a picture of him on surveillance, and we know that he was dressed like a rocker. so he was pretty flashy, right? what was the first thing you noticed about him? [scoffs] his attitude. what about it? cocky? confident? or did he play it more the broody type? he was like-- he was hitting on us, but he was, like, making a joke out of it at the same time.
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i will give you 3 more guesses. [dance music playing] you know, even his eyes, they were different colors. so this guy wanted to be noticed. yeah. that's why you go to a club, right? and then he had the games. like, he would bet us drinks that we couldn't get his number. or this other one. there. ok. let me make sure you didn't screw itp. hmm, ok. wow. the camera really does add 10 pounds. what?! [laughter] [laughing] you're so... she didn't even want to go out that night. i had to drag her to the club. the last thing she said to me before i left her alone with that guy was, "i had the best time tonight." "the best time."
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where did you get that? some of it was on-line, and some of it was just an educated guess based on birth order. a guess. and in the process, you lied. that mother was shut down. i needed to salvage some rapport. i don't know how you did things in counter-terrorism, but we don't make it a habit to lie to get the job done. i got you in the door, didn'i? not only do you represent the fbi, you represent this team-- to the press, the police, and to the families who are struggling with some of the hardest times of their lives. if you get caught in a lie, the trust we depend on to help solve these crimes disappears. do i make self clear? it won't happen again. no, it won't. when we get back, i want you to prepare a press release about the unsub. do not release it. [cell phone rings] from now on, everything goes through me. [ring] yeah, dave?
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on a normal scale of 1 to 10, i'd say a 6, but on hotch's scale, an 11. the unsukilled the prostitutes in separate pay-by-the-hour motels in fulton county, right there in one of the poorer neighborhoods in the area. now, vansa holden's apartment was in the peachtree district, where there's a lot of big money. based on the geography, he isn't just changing his victimology, he's changed his whole tax bracket. morgan: the high profile of vanessa holden bears that out. by killing her, he was climbing the social ladder. rossi: if that's the case, this unsub had a long way to climb. both prostitutes advertised here. look at their ctures. subservient positioning, asking to be dominated. promising to come to yo that cuts out the social interaction of meeting on a street corner. that's a long way from a self-assured unsub who hits the clubs. hotch: except he took a year off between the murders. maybe he took that time to change himself. that's impossible. why? well, i mean, you' talking about a total transformation here. i mean how you talk, i mean how you dress, how yothink about yourself.
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rossi: he already started killing. there must have been a secondary trigger that motivated him to change who he was. so if you're gonna transform yourself, how would you do it? prentiss: a steady diet of self-help books. start hitting the gym? reid: you have to learn how to read people. i mean, what is a pickp? it's basically just a profile. decoding cues of interest and recoding similar ones. if you're too obvious, you turn off your target. if you're oblivious, yo target moves on to a better profiler. that doesn't sound like something he could do on his own. prentiss: no. he'd have to go somewhere to learn it. yeah. a self-help class maybe? uh, wait a minute. come on. an unsub who kills prostitutes. is he really thinking about signing up for a tony robbins seminar? he would if he found a class in the same place he found the prostitutes. [music playing]
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the victim's name is becky williams. was she disemboweled? no. and what's even weirder is the cleaning supplies were set out, but there was no traces of them on her body. why would the unsub alter his signature and push her out ofan 8-story window? escalating to sadism maybe? rossi: gutting and cleaning are what he has to do to find release. he woun't change that. well, why not? he's changed everything else about himself. did anyone seehe unsub? nourveillance cameras at the club. becky's friends say she was talking to a guy with sunglasses. so why did he pull out the cleaning supplies and then not use them? on all the other scenes, the bottles were arranged in a precise order. here they're just part of the mess. maybe she fought back. and when becky went over t railing, his routine had been compromised because he knew the police would respond. or she could have jumped. her nervous system was pumping adrenaline. her fight or flight response kicks in. he struck two fridays in a row, and if his routine's been interrupted, it might compel him to strike again. it's saturday. the cls will be packed tonight.
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the unsub might ve taken. we need to generat a suspect pool as soon as possible. ok. can detective harding get a copy of the sketch to garcia? did you find anything outside? no. but i think there might be a new pattern emerging. garcia, you ready? sending it now. please be aware that 30 minutes with photoshop does not allow for much artistic flourish. both times the unsub has gone to a club, he's had some costume, but now there's a theme-- a fedora and colored contacts, sunglasses, each time obscuring-- are you ready, garcia? this area. now, yes, maybe he's trying to draw attention to him, but maybe he's trying to draw attention away from here. something he knows is identifiable-- a birthmark or a scar maybe. hotch: we need to get these out. jordan, release these to the press. which is why we're encouraging women to be on the lookout for this man. he has been seen at club omega, suffragette city. and we believe he may be attending similar nightclubs
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he may have a scar or a birthmark on his left eye. based on witness descriptions and captured images, the suspect is white, mid- to late 20s, and i repeat, he may have a scar or a birthmark... hotch. what did you find out? of the 20 self-described pickup artist classes in the area, there's only one guy who encourages his students to dress like, uh, space cowboys. are you ready to meet viper? men are put on this earth to hunt women. and even though women deny it, they want to be hunted. they need it. it's part of our biological imperative as animals. and the competition the opposite sex puts you through-- ,itall rssure themselv that they haverought home the bestossible mate
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they want someone who's gonna make their eyeballs roll back in their head. my job is to help you slash past every defense, every excuse, every, "why don't you meet my friend" trick that they'reonna throw at you. you may not have rped abs or afford table service, but if you're smarternd... more interesting, then you will be a better predator, because this is the jungle, my friends. and your prey wants to be caught. will you listen to that language? he's training serial killers. great. we're dealing with a rampant narcissist and misogynist who's turned himself into a snake oil salesman. that's one more thing he has in common with our unsub. so you think this-- what did you call him-- unsub took my class? hotch: he copied your "the camera adds 10 pounds" routine verbatim.
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if you could just give us your attendance lists, it might help us find him. no. no? my clients expect a certain amount of confidentiality. i won't compromise that. we can come back with a warrant. be my guest. but keep in mind, the money i make doesn't just pay for my fabulous lifestyle, it also keeps so very expensive lawyers on retainer. what club did you go to last night? morgan: it's a legitimate question. you seem to know a lot about our investigation. two things to learn about me-- first i outwit alpha males like you for fun and sometimes profit. how often do you have to rely on your badge to score, baldy? second, last night, i was at club aqua, and i have a stack of tax-deductible drink receipts to back up my story. now, you might not want to believe that my style works.
12:26 pm
but meet me on my turf... oh, the things i could make you do. [scoffs] hotch: if you, um, have any questions, give us a call. please tell me we are not giving up on that guy. we're just getting started. h--he actually said that? to prentiss? yes, he did. so what can you tell me about him? i can tell you the viper's real name is paul thomas. and before he rechristened himself, he had a major mullet going on. garcia, we need the names of all of his students. i'm gonna need a couple hours for a work-around. i also need you to send reid everything you can about what this guy teaches. i think the unsub's using one of his routines. we need to start building a linguistic profile.
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why are you asking me? i abhor the whole chicks digerks thing. well, fortunately, garcia, you' one of the exceptions. well, ha ha, be still my bespeckled heart. so are you, sir. thanks. hoh,his is melissa foster. she recognized the sketch. i'm ssa hotchner. thank you for coming in. you sure you've seen this man? yeah. i gave him the scar. did you meet him in a club? no. i was a prostitute. melissa: this happened about a year ago. and i was in bad shape. heroin? but you got clean. my girl, cheryl, told me if i put an ad in the paper, it'd be safer than walking the streets. so... one day you got a call, right, to meet u at a motel? yeah. when you walked in, you knew you were in trouble. he couldn't meet your eye.
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he paced. i spent the first half-hour trying to get him to relax, because if he can relax, then i can relax. but he just wanted to rant. what did he say? he said i was the help. they don't even see you. you're nothing. e help. melissa, voice-over: i had cuomers like this all the time. they wk out one of two ways. either they want to tie you up, and you just say no or they want to be ti up, in which case you do it and, uh, you steal their wallet. he didn't want to tie you up, did he? no. no! you know what i remember about the whole thing, like crystal clear? it wasn't the pain that sent him running. it was the mess. there's no record of your attack-- police, hospital. nothing.
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i wasn't ready to kick it yet. i was this close to dying for two weeks. and when i got back on my feet, i realized... you just didn't want to live like that anymore. if he hadn't attacked me, i would have o.d.-ed. he saved my life. prentiss: our unsub is a confident alpha male. he is white. he's between the ages of 25 and 30. he's in excellentphysical shape to overpower women and also to feed his self-image. rossi: he has an obsession with cleaning. he probably works in some service industry, wiping up after others, convinced everyone looks down at him. his change in himself and his victimology reflects that. th is the kind of guy who wants to stand out in a crowd. he's taken a class in how to pick up women. so he'll repeat a series of well-rehearsed lines and mind games.
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taking this class has given him the ability to read verbal cues and body language. reid: one classic routine the viper promotes is called the push-pull. he'll insert himself between two women and immediately after complimenting one, he'll deliver a subtle insult, then pay attention to the other. those are really nice earrings. i like those. thanks. my grandmother wears a lot of fake jewelry also. it looks nice. ignoring the one woman puts her in direct competition with her friend and causes the other to pursue you more aggressively. i was just demonstrating. so i'm sorry. well, we've mapped the hot spots he hits. and he frequents the same clubs that the viper does, so we need eyes and ears in every single one. circulate the sketch as widely as possible. we'll need everyone aware that there's a killer out there. thank you very much. reid: i think i might just stay home and man the tip li tonight. clubs aren't really my thing. not a chance, kid. i need a wingman. come on, now. rossi: actually, there is another angle we need to pursue. we still don't know what made the unsub change his victimology, what made him stop killing prostitutes and move into the clubs.


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