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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm CDT

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a little girl was killed on her birthday. >> she was struck after running into the street to greet her grandfather. katie crowther, how is that family holding up? >>reporter: they say they will never come to terms
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will learn to honor her. >> i'm just crying because i'm going to miss her, but i'm going to be happy and be strong for her because i always was. >> reporter: jady's mom is gathering strength from those rallying around her. she was trying to make her daughter's third birthday the best ever. >> i wanted to make things perfect for unthinkable happened. jada saw her grandfather across the street and dashed out from between two parked cars. she was hit by a passing vehicle. jada's father is overcome with guilt not being able to save her. >> i was supposed to protect her at all times, all times, no matter what. all we have to remember is the joy and love and peace you brought among all of us.
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together to pray for some peace, from the pain of missing jada. >> father, there is no reason why. we ask that everyone be careful, be mindful. god, we ask for strength. >> reporter: everyone asking for strength. according to investigators, there is nothing to indicate the driver of the car was speeding or doing anything wrong. a lost people also praying for that driver tonight. >> thank is charged with killing her son, charged with first-degree intentional homicide. she made her first court appearance this morning. the 27-year-old admitted she suffocated her son. she stopped taking anti-depressant nine months ago. the medical examiner called out to an apartment
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released. decision 2016, final preparations are underway for a seamless primary election tomorrow. don't forget you need a photo i.d. to vote. jonah kaplan reports. >> reporter: the rules from the april 5th primary are the same now for august 9th which means the acceptable forms of i.d. are the same, and the unacceptable forms of i.d. are the same. the key to all of this is having a well of poll workers. they don't count the votes, but they do ensure the votes count. >> it's a really good exhaustion. >> reporter: marla stevens worked her first election in 2012. now she is part of tomorrow's primary. 1300 poll workers are scattered among all
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>> if your motivation is to make sure that those who don't have the right to vote don't vote, or those who have the right to vote do get to vote, you need to be out there. >> reporter: drivers licenses and passports are valid. others are invalid. >> issued by the cou social service agencies just do not meet what the state identified as acceptable photo i.d. to be able to vote. >> reporter: the commission is sending out these bins full of materials to help make voting an easy process. with november looming. only perfect practice makes perfect. a poll worker is actually a paid position here in the city of milwaukee. $130 for the full day, $65 for a half day. so learn more about becoming
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on this story on our website, jonah kaplan, today's tmj4. one of the biggest high-profile races in tomorrow's primary is the race between paul ryan and paul nehlen, the house speaker versus the newcomer trying to become a household name. nehlen is a wisconsin businessman who wants to build manufacturing. speaker ryan questions from workers at a & e tools in racine. >> do you know what the companies we compete against in other countries are taxed at, like the canadian companies? they're taxed at 15 percent. these are at 44 percent. >> paul ryan is working on behalf of chinese workers. paul ryan should be the representative for shanghai. paul ryan is scared. they are scared to let my message get out.
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incumbent lena taylor is in a heated face-off. russ feingold is in a race. and ron johnson is involved. gary george is running. and john chiz hom is being challenged veronica swanagan. we are your home for election day offer coverage all day. for all things politics, go to our website. 10-year-old ryan johnson is like so many other wisconsin little boys; he wants to be a firefighter. but a grim diagnosis of terminal cancer could have easily torpedoed that dream. >> reporter: like most 10-year-olds, ryan johnson
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when he grows up, and the town decided he didn't have to wait to start his career, his dream job began today. >> [ sirens ] . >> reporter: the town has added a new member to its force. >> ryan johnson as an honorary member of fire and rescue. >> reporter: they gave him a badge and a shirt for the job, and after a full salute from the department, he hit the streets. less than a year ago, he was playing football, and sick. his parents thought maybe he had a concussion. >> he lost function in his left eye. >> reporter: he has a tumor in the brain stem. but the news from doctors was even worse. >> zero kids have survived this. >> reporter: his parents say that's why the focus is on ryan, creating memories for him. >> he lives life to the fullest each and every single day. if he wants to do something,
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do it. >> reporter: that includes being a firefighter. ryan thinks they have the best job. >> they save people's life. >> reporter: plus he likes playing with the cool >> [audio not understandable] . >> reporter: although doctors say ryan has a terminal illness, his family says he's looking forward to starting school in a few weeks. >> good he got to have a dream come true. thank you, rebecca. temperatures were comfortable throughout t day, and we've continued into the evening. >> this is when i usually say something like "don't get used to it", but, john malan, what do you say? >> i would say you're right: don't get used to it. it will take 48 hours to see dewpoints jump up to 78 degrees. even though they jumped up a little today, not too bad. going to state fair tomorrow? we'll get up to about 86
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skies. humidity jumps back to the mid-60-degree range. it's going to be a little more humid than it was today, but nothing oppressive. we're watching a chance for showers and thunderstorms. nothing going on across much of the midwest right now. we have to wait about 48 hours for the next weather system and cold front to move in out of the frontal range of the rockies. sunny skies to greet you in the morning. another nice summer-like day for tomorrow. i'll talk about the storms at >> we'll see you shortly. the family of a milwaukee man who died in the custody of the milwaukee mental health complex filed a lawsuit. the 25-year-old was admitted for behaving oddly. his neck was broken. authorities arrested a madison man accused of live streaming threats to kill a
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27-year-old renaldo glenn who appeared to be driving around saying he was going to the location where tony robinson was shot. he also said he would shoot the first officer he saw, and showed weapons in that video. >> he wanted to have conflict with whatever madison police officer he could encounter, and the inference is that he wanted to basically have a suicide-by-cop scenario. >> reporter: madison pole by a new york police officer who was watching the live stream saturday on periscope. the summer olympics: if you watched michael phelps yesterday, you probably noticed some strange, perfectly symmetrical bruises on his back. >>[ audio not understandable ]. >> reporter: the marks are the result of a medical treatment called cupping.
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the treatment doesn't hurt. let's look at the medal count. looking at the number of medals, the united states leaves with 19 -- leads with 19 medals, five gold. china has 13. japan and russia both have 10 medals. italy has a total of nine. gymnast lee and north korea's selfie together -- a rare thing. but that is gold. coming up, helping others target a skill a local has mastered. and the hall of fame game. and young at heart. she may be 80 years old, but
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an 80-year-old woman proves you're never too old to try something new. linda watkins invited her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to join her in managua to go flying through the trees zip
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together often. >> families are trying to guess what the next big birthday will bring. maybe skydiving. the hall of fame game was canceled. officials called off the game because of poor field conditions after the turf was painted. details about the refund will be on the hall of fame website, unless you purchase tickets from other outlets. >> only purchases directly throughhe will be refunded by us. the others will come from secondary. >> even though the hall of fame game was canceled, it was still a record-breaking weekend for the city of canton. a milwaukee woman competed in the summer olympics in 1980. today she uses her master archery skills to teach the sport. she came to the united
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competing in the 1980 olympics for the soviet union's archery team. >> when you're in that special olympic outfit, you feel so proud, because you represent your country. >> reporter: she became interested in archery after she walked by a range and was nearly hit by an arrow. >> and i thought what are you doing? no safety. >> reporter: the boy who almost struck her told her to pick up a bow ad she is. now she teaches. >> from the first day, we're talking about safety. when i whistle, you start. excellent! very good. >> reporter: she says archery is not a physically demanding sport, so it's good for people of all ages and abilities.
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it's a great way for recr recreation. >> reporter: she encourages more people to take her classes. check out the nickel-arec department for more information. comfortable temperatures, sunny skies started out our workweek. we were at kern park. you can see a f any rain in the near future, john? >> well, there is some rain forecasted, but these are thunderstorms, some folks might get a lot, some might get very little. we need a lot. we're already up to about an inch about he low normal. since june 1st, the three summer months, we're over three inches below normal. yes, we do need rain around here. if you look at the drought
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southeastern wisconsin isr there is an area considered abnormally dry, and it has been so. nothing to see. way out to the west across areas of south dakota into nebraska, that's where rain is starting to form. showers and thunderstorms there. but it might take 48 hours for it to get here. high temperatures today, in the low 80s just about everywhere, 88 in st. louis, those warmer temperatures slowly slide to the east. again, it will take to about thursday before we see the hot weather around here. 72 in milwaukee, 72 racine, 67 in watertown, and also out in whitewater. those dewpoints, not too bad. 62 in fond du lac. a little bit more humid near to the lake. milwaukee, 64. 65 in racine. we'll see dewpoints jump up
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upper 60s by late on wednesday. here's our future forecast model. clear to partly cloudy skies. try to put in isolated showers. i don't believe that will happen. for tomorrow, chance for an isolated shower. don't think that's going to happen also. clear out for wednesday night into thursday. and watch the rain and showers and thunderstorms start to develop in the hot, humid air in that boundary across north central wisconsin. we'll be watching close for the thunderstorms, late wednesday, thursday, and friday. light winds, 65 degrees. not too bad. tomorrow we jump to the mid-80s, partly cloudy skies. little bit more humid. 86 in milwaukee. and if you're going out toward state fair. wednesday, a lot of sunshine once again, warm and humid, 88. we should see temperatures near 90 on thursday with thunderstorms developing very late in the afternoon
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into friday, especially early and midday. we're dropping back to 85. check out the weekend. 80 on saturday with partly cloudy skies. 77 with less humid air into sunday. and then we look very comfortable right on into the first part of next week. so we're starting to warm up with more humidity. we could get that rain we need thursday night and into friday. >> keep our fingers crossed. >> definitely. the brewers kept
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brewers versus the braves. brewers never led but came back to tie the game twice tonight. maldonado, two-run shot. kris carter. would it be a walkoff? oh, so close! gordon beckham, sac fly. braves win 4-3 in 12. switching to the canceled packers , football hall of fame indicating the only refund fans will get will be for the tickets themselves. it's a shame, too, because packers fans took over canton and made it lambeau south. >> talking to people here in canton, they said they'd never seen anything like it. now, pittsburgh travels well, but they're a couple of hours away. for people to have come as far as they did is a real tribute to the type of fans
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get that shot out of my house at madison square garden in new york city. marquette and henry getting the shot from behind. pretty nice shot there, henry.
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welcome back. stellar swimming by the u.s. and a little pool play as well. swimming not known for trash talk and mind games. michael phelps staring down chad as he tried to psych
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didn't work. phelps advanced to the butterfly finger wagging. and king wins the 100 breast stroke saying she did it clean. how about that. u.s. men's gymnastics, two devastating falls in the floor routine. the u.s. finishes fifth in the finals. usa versus venezuela, marquette, jimmy butler finally spark the u.s. cuban with a 3. he had 10 for venezuela, but they are no match, 113-69. matthew del vadorfa looking terrific, missing only one miss from the field.
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wisconsin's kelter used to play hockey for the badgers. today she helped the wim win. right now the u.s. can 19 medals overall. they lead switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones.
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here are tonight's winning numbers: and, yes, there is a doubler. and for tomorrow, yes, there will be more humidity and slightly warmer temperatures, but still a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, 65, getting up to the mid-80s in the afternoon. not the oppressive humidity, but by wednesday night into thursday, starting to feel the heat again. >> it' the game. >> absolutely. a lot of drama, and i like
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>> ryan seacrest here in rio de janeiro. if you didn't catch the action today, these are the three stories you need to know. rio, day which won the first gold of the game. always a big moment. it was magnified when silva who grew up in the city became an olympic champion in one of brazil's favorite sports. judo. >> emotion pouring out for one of rio de janeiro's. >> at the olympic aquatic stadium, the united states had a huge night. >> murphy stretching to the wall!


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