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gas stations also have a huge fire liabilitit may just be too expensive for them to rebuild onis samcorner.. george and carole.julia, the nephew of this owner mentioned the family still wants to be part of this you know how they plan to do that? in the past they've held community events just picking up trash.they hope to do this again with all of the public invited in the next few weeks. following a calm night in sherman park -- governor scott walker says he's cautiously optimistic the peace will continue. the goveor spoke to members of the faith based community today, rikki mitchell is live in sherman park with more on the efforts of pastors in that neighborhood. we spoke with several today who say last night was a starting point -- and they expect the events of this weekend to eventually bring
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it's really aching to the soul darnell robinson has lived in sherman park for 20 years. and as a pastor for harvest covenant church -- he works mostly with youth and says he cod feel their pain last night. as they breathed out all the contention all the tension to someone who's listening authentically listing i think that helped settle things within the crowd and the community pastors and religious aders met near the bp gas station last night to pray for the neighborhood -- including city bor k church pastor pete . it's an encouragement to people who feel disenfranchised that there are people who care particularly it's an encouragement when white people show up because for 400 years even the church
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racism in america governor scott walker praised the faith-based leaders in maintaining a calm atmosphere. i think the fact that they were able to talk and show that they were praying for that family and the neighborhood and others goes a long way towards not only keeping the calm last night but restoring the peace and a sense of respect for everybody involved. i think people want do something they're not sure what to do or where to land this has given people a place to land now we just hope that this will swell that suddenly disappears in six weeks the pastors also said they realized last night that their churches need to stop operating individually and instead they want to build a network to work together in bringing peace back to sherman park. carole -- george? what's the atmosphere like there tonight? it's still calm -- we've seen people holding
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the black panthers of milwaukee are pressing the common council to take immediate action to fix the problems in the inner city. michele fiore joins us live from city hall where they had an unscheduled visit with ashanti hamilton. michele? george and carole, five men, wearg straight upstairs, and demanded to meet with the common council president. at one a woman stepped out to say he'd be available in five mines, their leader replied, make it four. the meeting be to tk about the tough issues. "our people are angry and when you're angry you lash out."he says that anger led to fires, looting and rock throwing saturday night, following the police shooting of sylville smith near 44th
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they did what they did, but we have to come together now to make sure that it doesn't happen again." to prevent future chaos, the black panthers say people in these neighborhoods need help. they say young people need jobs, better education and a different path than prison. "they want people to come in the community and say hey, you need a job, i got a job for you. you need some qty education, i got some qualy education for you." ashanti hamilt agrees, education, prison and jobs are the topics about temporary jobs, but th is a pawaintosome permanent type of work, but we have stand together in the creation of that as well." "well this is my word, that there will be a concrete plan, that the community will be involvedn thatlan." aldermen met with chief flynn today in small groups, following a less violent night. "well we're doing everything possiblepubl from safety standpoint that what happened
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counciident hamilton tells us alderman could institute changes in this present budget cycle. and he hopes to have a public forum on. as for the black they say drafting a letter to th mmon at city hall, today's tmj4.michele, did hamilton say ?when? we might see changes? the bureau oflcohol, tobacco and firears vestigating the fires set over the weekend. 8 buildings burned. the a-t-f estimates damage to be in the millions of dollars. a ten- thousand- dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest or arrests. congresswoman gwen moore represents sherman park.she says the a-t-f is pleased with the cooperation its getting in
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of cooperation they've had from the community. people who regard this as their community take ownership for what happens here. go to t-m-j four dot com for all of our coverage of the violence in sherman park. we'll bring you any new information on air as soon as we get it. the presidential campaign is back in wisconsin. who's in the state, and where they'll be... next. also coming up: which big city in the midwest was nearly hit by this tor. bedes an isolated shower or two this is a pretty decent tuesday with mostly sunny skies, temps in the low 80s and a slight lake breeze. the clouds will increase a bit tonight and bring a showers and an isolated but not everyone will see raindrops. warm for this time of the year, in the upper 60s. and as we go to break, a live look at the olympic flame in
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where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, k about humira, n'stoyou have an infection. e #1 prescic toribed gists. si 2016 coverage no clearer skinpole campaignininistrump met with milwaukee county war morial isoon. a foer new theater right now. governor scott walker ?w bee trump rally in west be.the governor did ?not? appear with umthe last time trp was in wisconsin. walker was specting storm damage in northern wisconsin trump needs to ?fus? on hillary clinton."every day that donald trump talks about something other than her and hiand the ntbeee the two, is a day he's less likely to be president. every day he talks about hillary clinton d the contrast
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ntherus??sp ryanrepublican r ron hnson at trump rally. both say they have prevusly scheduled commnts. democrac rt-tial caate kaine is also in i clinton a solid lead ov umads b p.ton ?neti 64 percent elinabou continue is hic itougespf e inc
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tonit'pretimliup, more exciting track fi moreitvidu fina continue in wome mnastics, with simone biles raisman in competn as well.aly plus women's beach volleyball with kerri walsh jennings and april ross. by the way, tomorrow former wisconsin badger eva atteo give t u-s 's
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"live at ten." the packers take on the oakland raiders in grn bay this thursday in another presson game. kickoff starts
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which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! tonight, racing to escape. a frantic turn in the worst flood disaster since superstorm sandy. now 30,000 rescued as more communities scramble to get out >> and arson arrest the person who s a wildfire that burned homes and buildings to the ground. and trump and ailes? a report that the former news chief is now helping the gop nominee, plus what we learned about trump's first classified intelligence briefing. and what hillary clinton told the feds and why they recommend against charging her. and crossing the line, a photo finish


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