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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  August 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm CDT

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breaking news from the freeway system right now where a car fire is causing major traffic backups right now on i-43 southbound, just before good hope road. the car fire is out but emergency personal are still on the scene and the moment. if you can avoid this area, do so. now to sherman park - calmer voices and cooler heads today in milwaukee. this after fires, looting and protests following the deadly shooting of a young black man by a black police officer. the damage in the sherman park neighborhood could be in the millions of dollars. federal agents are investigating fires at eight businesses over the weekend. the real cost to the community could be the loss of jobs and stalled economic
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one block away from the violence is a place where hundreds of kids go every day. the sherman park chapter of the boys and girls club has altered their hours because of the unrest. as ann sterling shows you, they are also talking to theirs kids about what happened. it's a place where kids can play. nats 10.01.40 meet friends nats 10.01.40 and discover what it takes to succeed. marco morrison / boys & girls club9.50.58 we're a little more attentive to what is going on outside, but it has not truly changed how we operate on a day to day right now -- the club is closing early every night. a request from the sheriff's office. but -- that's not slowing these kids down.they are still showing up.. and some are asking questions . 9.48.29 - 39 if the kids want to ask questions we're open and honest with them about what's going on in the community, but its not an intentional subject we try to bring up.this club has been in sherman park for more than 25
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morrison says when he saw the riots unfolding on tv, he was concerned.nats around 10.01.40 the facility is more than a building, it's a safe place for kids in the community... but what he saw didn't make him nervous.9.50.25 - 37 i wasn't worried about the building. i think the community has for 25 years embraced the boys and girls club being in sherman park and i think they have a respect for what the club does. stand up -- in its 25 thousands of kids have walked through the club's doors. the director of the club says that includes 23 year old sylville smith. the milwaukee man killed sautruday by a police officer. the boys and girls club is hosting a forum tonight with alderman khalif rainey, milwaukee sheriff's office, and m-p-d about the violence in the community.
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released the officer's name or the video from his body camera showing him shooting sylville smith. but people have somehow found out the officer's identity and are reportedly threatening him online. we have continuing coverge of the violence in sherman park on-air and online. just log onto t-m-j-4 dot com. more local news now...the search is on today to find the driver of a car that struck and killed a 22-year-old woman. tyann nc ...attempting to across the street at fond du lac and oak when she was hit. the vehicle took off from the scene and was found a few blocks away. a 54-year old illinois woman is dead after being hit by a car in walworth county. it happened just before midnight on highway 50 in the town of geneva. the sheriff's office tells us the woman may have stepped into the right lane of traffic just before being struck by a s-u-v. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. investigaters are tryio
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early this morning.when firefighters arrived on the scene in somers, flames were shooting through the roof of the barn. portions of the barn collapsed during the fire. luckily no animals were inside at the time. however the barn was full of farm equipment, hay and some snowmobiles. no one was hurt. former calumet county district attorney ken kratz is surprised a judge overturned brendan dassey's conviction. dassey was found guilty of helping his uncle, steven avery, murder teresa halbach dassey's confession was coerced. now we're waiting to find out if the state plans to retry dassey or if he will be released. a man is arrested hiding in some bushes in new berlin following a call to police about a possible stalker. police tell us the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle from chicago, taken in a recent carjacking... inside the vehicle was a loaded handgun, heroin and a thousand dollars
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some showers this morning and could see more tonight... meteorologist jesse ritka tells us if we'll need an umbrella this evening. our streak of 80s in august continues today with mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance for an isolated shower or storm this evening but most will see partly cloudy skies with the chance for some patchy fog to develop overnight with low temps near our dew points in the upper
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decision 20-16 now...donald trump continues to campaign today after leaving wisconsin. trump made stops in milwaukee, west bend and la crosse yesterday. trump is shaking up his campaign staff as he continues to trail hillary clinton in the polls. he hired shephan bannon... head of the conservative news website, "breitbart news" as the new campaign c-e-o. hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine has also left wisconsin. he was in madison yesterday for a private "today" show clinton acknowledged a mistake with her private email use and apologized.. a personal mea culpa he claims donald trump would be slow to make. we have more political perspective and campaign coverage on our website. just log onto t-m-j-4 dot com slash decision 2016. a rio romance, thats almost straight out of a movie. our special coverage of the games continue.. steve chamraz is in the olympic zone -- with what's coming up at 6:30.
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there is a special restuarant where one man has worked for more than 60 years. tonight.. a chance encounter that led to a real life love story. that's coming up on the olympic zone at 6:30 there's no shortage of fun in and around southeastern wisconsin...and, tonight is no different.river rhythms is happening in pere marquette park tonight.and, it's newaukee's night market in downtown milwaukee. head down to wisconsin avenue right in front of grand avenue for local retailers. there's also a beer garden, dancing and plenty of opportunities to get involved in your community. and, don't forget irish fest gets it's jig on tomorrow on milwaukee's lakefront. the four-day festival kicks off thursday night at five o'clock. there's lots to do and see... including a celtic kitchen, the jameson lounge, and a red hair and freckles contest. just ahead - the new stores opening in our, when
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brand item.and, the old saying goes, "you are what you eat." why that could be the case when talking about the cause of acne. we continue to follow breaking news from the freeway system right now where a car fire is still causing major traffic backups right now on i-43 southbound, just before good hope road. the car fire is out but emergency personal are still on the scene and there are lane closures at the
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines now.... cisco is laying 20 percent of its global workforce..about 14- thousand employees in all. thatac technology news site c-r- n...which cited sources close to the company. it would be the second big tech industry layoff announced this year. last april, intel said it would cut 12-thousands jobs, globally. three more tenants have signed-on for a new retail, restaurant and residential development, due to open in the town of brookfield next spring. the corners of brookfield is under construction at barker road and i-94. among the new
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people," a bohemian, women's apparel store. panera is challenging other companies to improve the food they serve to our kids. panera's promising to adhere to five principles contained in its "kids meal promise." those include "no artificial flavors," "no marketing gimmicks like toys, or toy- shaped food," and "it will not encourage kids to drink sugary beverages. the company is hoping to spark a dialogue for change within the industry. mcdonalds...launching a th for a limited time, happy meals in the u-s and canada will come with one of six kid- friendly fitness trackers. the so-called "step-it trackers" count steps and blink according to how quickly or slowly the person wearing it is moving. it's part mcdonald's' campaign to get kids moving. if your grocery bill keeps getting may want to switch to ?store? brand
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try...and some you may want to you don't waste your money. if you've just maxed-out the credit card with all that back to school may be looking for some ways to save money in the coming weeks. one way to save is buy buying generic products, or house brands as they are called these days. but some store brands are a lot better than others. ------------------ tired of that weekly 200 dollar grocery bill?the easiest way to cut that bill is to go generic. the website walletpop dot com has listed a half dozen products you should always with: over the counter medicine, like acetominophin. pantry staples, like flour, sugar, and salt: can you tell the difference? didn't think so. hdtv cables: many magazines and websites say a $9 digital cable works as well as a $99 one. alkaline batteries: even consumer reports says generics can work as well, often at half the price. bagged salad: lettuce is lettuce. and breakfast cereal. --------------- 2 secs separator -------------
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that stink file, the fact that some generic products just dont taste or feel right. generic ketchup? generic potato chips? if someone serves you those at a picnic, you'll probably say doesn't that stink. with, some items we're still willing to pay a lot more for the name brand. (john on cam) bottom line: give store brands another try...especailly as more and more grocery stores take thier brands more upscale. that way you dont waste your money. im john matarese for today's tmj4. storm team 4 weather now.... lets get a check on the forecast now....some overnight and early morning downpours summer day out side. here's meteorolgist jesse ritka. thursday will be mostly sunny, very warm and still humid for august with a high of 87 in milwaukee, though a weak lake breeze may help cool folks off
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michigan.friday is the warmest day out of the week and a good one to head to the beach or the pool since it will be mostly sunny with temps climbing to 90 degrees in milwaukee. a strong cold front approaches late in the day to bring and an isolated chance for a thunderstorm late in the day. the best chance for rain comes friday night and throughout the day on saturday as the cold front swings through.
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between a quarter and three quarters of rain with higher amounts possible in thunderstorms. temperatures will be cooler as well with the rain and the clouds, highs
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news "4 your health" now: frozen scallops are to blame for a hepatitis-a oubreak that sickened nearly 170 people in hawaii. the scallops...which were from the philippines... were served raw at a popular sushi chain. eleven restaurants have been shut down and ordered to throw away all their food. for decades, doctors have told patients that what you eat does ?not? cause acne..but as doctor frank mcgeorge explains, that's just not the case. dr. linda stein gold is a dermatologist. she literally helped write the book if you will on acne. (sot: dr. linda stein ford "i was fortunate enough to actually be involved in the writing of the guidelines"those would be the new american academy of dermatology's guidelines on managing acne. doctor stein-
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were misled by some earlier research on foods and acnebut more current research has put a new light on this ages old problem(sot: dr. linda stein ford dermatologist)"this is such a hot topic, 'cause every patient that comes in, they want to know is something that im eating contributing to my acne. today we say it might be true"here is one of the most convincing associations(sot: dr. linda stein gold, henry ford dermatologist)"they're the sugary foods, the white bread, the donuts and the muffins"these foods have what is known as a high glycemic gold, henry ford dermatologist) "the sugar in the blood goes up quickly and that triggers a cascade of events that increases hormones and increases sebum and all this together actually causes acne to flair up"what about dairy products?(sot: dr. linda stein gold, henry dermatologist)"we do see some association between milk products and acne" but...(sot: dr. linda stein ford dermatologist)"it appears that skim milk is actually has a higher association of the development of acne than whole fat milk"and the eternal
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dermatologist)"they found a slight association with bingeing on chocolate and a subsequent acne breakout" greasy foods are often blamed for acne -- but here is a surprise when you look at the science, oily foods do not cause oily skin(sot: dr. linda stein gold, henry ford dermatologist)"there hasn't been an exact association between the greasy foods and acne" doctor stein-gold's best advice for eating with acne in mind? eat a low-glycemic diet. that's things like whole grains, brown foods, healthy fruits and vegetables. just ahead - an amazing light show in the sky. we'll tell you where it was a welcome sight.coming up at's down with the old and up with the new on the marquette campus: why this demolition project is leaving
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storm team 4 now....lightning lit up the nigh sky over new york city tuesday night. the storms also brought some much-needed rain to the area. some parts of the big apple are in a moderate to severe drought. sunday is the best day out of the weekend after a stray morning shower the clouds will be clearing and the dew points will be dropping throughout the day. temps will only be in the low 70s and with the drier air it will feel quite crisp after the week we've had. we start next week in the 70s with gradually increasing
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next in our olympic update-- the celebritity who surprised gymnast simone biles after
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it's day 12 of the olympic games... and here's a look at the events tonight.track and field women's finals in the long jump and the 100 meter's 200 meter semifinals and decathlon. women's beach volleyball and women's diving. an olympian with wisconsin ties makes the podium today. former u-w track and field athlete evan jager raced in the three-thousand meter steeplechase final.jager won the silver medal. it's the
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congratualtions to him. simone biles is the first african american to win four gymnastics golds at a single olympics, along with tying for most golds in the games. but maybe her biggest reward.... a kiss from one of her biggest fans.she tweeted out this picture with hollywood star zac efron... saying "just call me misses efron already" biles announced she has a crush on the actor. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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we continue to follow breaking news from the freeway system right now where that has since been put out is still causing some lingering traffic issues. you can see cars on i-43 slowdown as they approach good hope.... and eventually come to a stop. at one point, traffic was backed up for three miles. you may still want to avoid the area if you can. storm team 4 now... - it's a beautiful day at bradford beach on the shores of lake michigan in milwaukee. sun, sand and surf - can't ask for


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