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4." it's just one of many rural communities struggling with this potentially life-and- death issue: 3 days after this deadly apartment fire in sheboygan, investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire started. the flames were so intense, firefighters with the city of sheboygan called in back up crews. chief michael romas / city of sheboygan fire department 9.28.13- 27 we had 37 members of our dept there but we needed more help. we asked our neighboring communities to come in. 30 of those 5 different departments involved. firefighters from the town of sheboygan answered that call. all the firefighters here are volunteers. chief roger benzschawel / town of sheboygan volunteer fire dept. 46.22- 28when i started on the fire department we were doing 40 to 50 calls a year. now we are doing 100 calls a year and counting. more calls means the urgent need for more firefighters. 27.52-54. it's kind of a perfect storm right now and we need to do something. that's why firefighters in sheboygan are putting out a call for
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commitment and about 8 months of classroom training. tim ellis town of sheboygan volunteer fire department 8.48.45-54it is dedication and it goes beyond the classroom time. the calls in the middle of the night, during birthday parties, the most inconvenient times and we respond.8.47.23- 32 a lot of people want to see money for what they do. everyone use to do it from the heart, but now a days some people want to see reimbursement for what they do. stand up 9.06-13if you are interested in joining the town of sheboygan fire department and you're afraid of heights, firefighters here say don't let that stop work around just about any issue. the chief is going to recruit 18 volunteers in the next couple of months. in sheboygan as ttmj4. the classes to become a volunteer fire fighter start september 10th. storm team 4 now....and this nice stretch of weather continues... as we approach the end of august. but changes are on the way. meteorologist
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weather.... the clouds and the humidity have been increasing today and they will continue to do so overnight as our next weather-maker approaches. this will bring a chance for showers and storms after 3am tonight and that chance will continue off and on throughout the day on wednesday as a cold front slowly swings across the
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president obama is in flood-ravaged louisiana at this hour... as sarah rosario reports, the president is touring the damage and promising help. natural sound after days of deadly flood waters in louisiana, leaving thousands with nothing, and forcing them out of their homes, recovery efforts are underway. (nats) sound no i.d. oo television radio? television, dvd president obama came to see it himself. touring hardest hit areas. greeting residents anxiously waiting to see him.sound president barack obama - zachary, la " people's lives have been up-ended by this flood.on vacation during the height of the flood, some say his visit is too late??but-- the federal money he's providing may be the "only" financial help residents get to rebuild?? help, more than 106-thousand people have already registered for.natural sound gov. john bel edwards :get her some help. i'm trying
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get to many homes per day. sound no i.d. fema representative i can only do 10 a day, when you are thinking there are about 80,000 homes affected, that is a lot of man hours sound president barack obama - zachary, la"we are going to continue to support and help you until we get folks back in homes and lies are rebuilt." it's the worst natural disaster in the u-s since superstorm sandy in 2012 but according the american red cross donations are barely tricking in. - louisiana's governor says they're going to need more money to pay. sound governor john bel edwards - (d) louisianawe are going to need a lot more help. "this community cannot recover with only the assistance that comes from fema" until then from fema"that comes from fema" until then the community is coming together to rebuild, hoping to get help they need sooner than later. and while we talk about the need the red cross says its received $7.8 million dollars in donations for flood victims?? and while that's a lot it's "not enough" to cover an estimated $30 million dollars in costs. in baton rouge, sarah rosario
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the storm and its flooding have damaged an estimated 60- thousand homes and forced thousands to seek temporary housing. at least 40 state highways remained closed. decision 2016 ... a federal appeals court says early voting in wisconsin can july.. a district judge struck down a host of state election laws.. including early voting limits. the judge granted a request to stay the photo i-d law.. but refused to put a hold on other parts of the ruling. idea to make college more affordable for students. the republican from oshkosh is floating the idea of getting rid of some instructors... and replacing them with educational videos. johnson says tenured professors are to blame for what he calls the, quote, "higher education cartel." johnson's democratic challenger, russ feingold, is launching a new ad ?attacking? johnson over the issue of college loan debt. feingold has tried to make college
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the campaign. the latest marquette law school poll shows feingold ahead among likely voters. wisconsin could face a shortfall of about 4-thousand doctors by the year 20-35. that's the conclusion of a study by the wisconsin council on medical education and workforce.the report expects physician demand to increase by 25 percent in 20 years, which is much faster than wisconsin's projected population increase of 12 percent. the report says an aging population is the problem. a wisconsin red cross worker returns from the flooding in louisiana. george mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... carole, charles... that local woman spent a week in baton rouge, where the torents have claimed countless homes. tonight. she shares a look at the devastation she witnessed, through her own pictures. her dramatic observations coming up on live at 5... just ahead, a push for paid parental leave is presented to
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and why congress is getting involved in the skyrocketing cost of a epipens. feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... the price of lifesaving
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lawmakers are demanding more information on why.epipens are used to ward off potentially fatal allergic reactions, and the price has surged in recent years. a two-dose package cost less than 60-dollars nine years ago. the cost is now closer to 400-dollars. expect more focus on technoogy when you visit target stores in the future. the store's aim is to enhance the customer experience in stores. target will devote more resources to it order pickups for items purchased online--it ensure stores are well stocked. a report out today finds the gap between what a man and woman earns widens for the 12 years after childbirth. and eventually, reaches the point where a woman is paid 33 percent less per hour than a man those numbers from the institute for financial students... which is looking into the gender pay gap. while much of that gap can be traced
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miss out wage growth after returning to work. two moms whose infant sons died at day care delivered petitions to both presidential candidates ayanna harry reports, they're want national parental leave laws a priority--so no other parents
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wisconsin does have the family and medical leave act in place, medical leave act in place, but that only provides employees ?unpaid? time off. only 13-percent of wisconsin businesses provide any kind of family insurance. act" would provide workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave for personal or family illness or to care for a new child. most workers would receive 66-percent of their wages, and those with low incomes could receive up to 95-percent. k-f-c gave away three-thousand bottles of "extra crispy" sunscreen on monday that it says ?smells? like chicken, but has s-p-f 30 sun-
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it was a marketing gimmick to promote k-f-c's extra crispy chicken... and it had the curious flocking to k-f-c's website for the promotion. k- f-c says consumers snatched all the bottle up is just a few hours. storm team 4 weather now.... and another winner outside today.lets get a live look from our downtown cam right no jesse ritka joins us now... rain totals will range from 0.25"-0.50" with isolated higher amounts possible in thunderstorms. it will be warm and muggy with a high of 82 in milwaukee before the front moves through. there is a slim chance of a shower for the
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commute but then skies will be clearing behind the cold front and the dew points will be dropping, making a much more comfortable thursday afternoon with a high 8 friday is going to be beautiful with mostly sunny skies, low dew points to make it feel comfortable and temperatures just a bit cooler than average: 74 degrees in milwaukee. much of saturday will be dry but the cloud cover will increase ahead of
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will bring rain and storms chances back by saturday evening and off and on throughout sunday. highs will be in the upper 70s and low 80s so no real extremes in the
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time now for ask the expert.... if you have kids... you've surely gotten this question: can we get a pet? well, if you've finally given in... and are getting ready to bring a new cat or kitten into your home... there are a few important things you need to know. joining us live this afternoon... angela speed from the
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot
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voicemail. the number is breaking news now... from washington county. live pictures from chopper 4 from the town of trenton... just east of west bend. that's where emergency crews have been called to a farm accident. the scene is on county highway y between knollwood road and st. augustine. we're told this accident involved a "skid loader." been called. ((ad lib pics)) more information...the afternoon on tmj-4. coming up at 4:30.. renting troubles due to bad credit.
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you can do that will better your chances of finding a
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"storm team 4": get your calendars out. in almost exactly one year away, weather permitting, you'll have the opportunity to experience america's first total eclipse
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dede august 21st. you'll have to travel to see it though. the closest states where the eclipse will be visible: missouri and southern illinois. friday is going to be beautiful with mostly sunny skies, low dew points to make it feel temperatures just a bit cooler than average: 74 degrees in milwaukee. much of saturday will be dry but the cloud cover will increase ahead of an area of low pressure which will bring rain and storms chances back by saturday evening and off and on throughout sunday. highs will be in the upper 70s and low 80s so no real extremes in the
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her home state has been ravaged by flooding.coming up... the pop superstar who's
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britney spears is helping out her home state of louisiana. she teamed up with american red cross and a crowd funding website to raffle off the outfit she'll wear at the upcoming m-t-v video music awards. the money raised will go to those affected by flood victims. thanks for joining us today at
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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