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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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raise morale in the sherman park a major effort helped families by stocking their pantries. jonah kaplan is live in sherman park with the story. feeding america visits sherman park four times a year to help the boys and girls club - this was something spontaneous and different. an effort to fill stomachs and to fill hearts. they lined early and they lined up in droves. families, young and their dinner table."i've got five grandkids out there and i'm here to support them and their families.patricia peterson is the matriarch of the family. she was particularly grateful for the healthy options - fresh produce, fresh dairy and fresh meat."yes sometimes you want to get certain things but it's challenging because of what you have in your pocket."she
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10,000 pounds of food - enough to fill shopping bags for 300 families. each family received about $100 worth of groceries. organizers we spoke with say they want these families to have healthy bodies - and healthy minds. and just steps away from where there was destruction, here there's an effort to build community. "for people to feel at peace, for people to feel nourished properly. there can't be peace without proper nutrition. we have a link online on our website to donate to feeding america. just check out this story on tmj4.comlive, jonah, tmj4. the greater milwaukee foundation estabished a fund to help residents and businesses in sherman park. the foundation gave 200-
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and others are invited to contribute to fund the program. damage from the looting and arsons is estimated in the millions of dollars. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is offering a ten- thousand- dollar reward for information that leads to arrests and convictions. three men have already been charged in connection with the violence in sherman park. the milwaukee county sheriff's department is still closing sherman park at 6 p-m. milwaukee police stopped enforcing the city-wide curfew last night. coverage of the "healing in sherman park" on our website, t-m-j four dot com. an update for you now on the breaking news we reported on "live at four." a man was killed in a farm accident in the town of newburg.the man was crushed by a skid loader. he died at the scene. the washington county sheriff's department is investigating. a local red cross worker has returned from a week in louisiana. she shared her experiences with our michele fiore. michele?
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people she met, people in the midst of misery, doing what they can just to survive. amber finley captured these images in baton rouge. flooded streets and homes, things that meant something to someone, now discarded like trash. "their beds, their clothes, their pictures." all of that is on the side of the road, gone and so it's pretty, it's pretty heart breaking." fi stayed in a baton rouge shelter all week, helping families, also staying in was pretty incredible. people had lost their homes, their clothes, their beds."when you walked in, there was a huge table that was set up with clothing for them to shuffle through so they could find clothes in their size."and this is just part of how your donations here have helped."so these are some things we give to families to help them clean things out."families with small children are also
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know often times in a fire or a flood, they don't get a chance to grab their favorite stuffed animals." finley worked alongside thousands of volunteers, including 40 from wisconsin, giving their all. there were red crossers kind of everywhere you looked." but it was a conversation she had with a small children that reminded finley why volunteers do what they do.and i felt a tug on my shirt and she had expressed that her family's home had been they needed help and that the mother was injured." finley got that mother the medical help she needed. with all that's going on, the red cross is in need of volunteers and monetary donations. you can find a link for that through our website, president obama toured some of flood damage today.the president pledged the federal government will do everything it can to help people rebuild. "federal assistance alone is
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i'm asking every american to do what you can to help get families and local businesses back on their feet. " coverage of the president's visit to louisiana continues at 5:30 on the n-b-c nightly news. packers extra now. packers fans are anxious to see aaron rodgers get back on the field. rodgers is expected to play on ?friday night.? he didn't play in the first two games of the pre-season. rod burks reports from lambeau field. ((rod burks says after sitting out the first 2 preseason games, star quarterback aaron rodgers is expected to play in his first preseason action when the packers travel to san francisco to take on the 49ers.)) ((mike mccarthy says the goal is obviously play aaron, and play our guys. we'll evaulate practice and have that meeting tomorrow.)) ((aaron rodgers says whatever mike wants me to do. we
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yet, like i told you guys last week, i'll find out shortly before you guys find out. i think i'm going to play, i'm not sure how long he wants me to play. it'll be good to get out there with the guys.)) ((rod burks says rodgers had another sharp practice.)) ((davante adams says i never knew he was going to play until he mentioned play until he was going to never knew he was going to play until he mentioned something during the last preseason game. so he mentioned something about it. we're going back to cali, good to get the show going in front of the home fans.)) ((rod burks says we don't know how long rodgers will play friday night. i'm rod burks, for today's tmj4.)) you'll see the game here on today's t-m-j four. our pre-game coverage of friday night's game begins at 7:30. kick- off is at 9. later in sports: the battle to be one of the packers back- up running backs. and next: why a local community is in
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the clouds and the humidity have been increasing today and they will continue to do so overnight as weather-maker approaches. this will bring a chance for showers and storms after 3am tonight and that chance will continue off and on throughout the day on wednesday as a cold front slowly swings across the state. jk:can you open this jar of pickles? could she do it? hillary clinton accepts a challenge
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more news now.the town of sheboygan volunteer fire department needs help.right
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are a dying breed. the volunteer department was called in to help with this deadly apartment fire in sheboygan. it broke out over the weekend killing one woman and leaving 40 people without a place to stay. 37 firefighters from the city responded.they called for 30 more firefighters to help out from 5 different departments. the volunteer department in sheboygan answered the call , but now say they are stretched thin. and that's why they are putting out a call for volunteers. volunteering requires commitment and about 8 months of classroom training. a lot of people want to see money for what they do. everyone use to do it from the heart, but now a days some people want to see reimbursement for what they do. the town of sheboygan says it is not alone says it is not alone when it comes to a shortage of people willing to help out.a lot of communites in wisconsin are fighting the same battle. the classes to become a volunteer fire fighter start september 10. decision 2016 coverage now.the latest n-b-c news, survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton with a solid lead over
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50-t0-42 among registered voters. the same poll shows clinton leading trump 87-to-9 among african american voters. trump appealed to blacks for the vote in his speech in west bend last week. he renewed the push in a speech last night in akron, ohio. "and i say it with such a deep felt feeling, what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. i'll bring jobs back. we'll bring spirit back. we'll get rid of the crime, you'll be street without getting shot. right now you walk down the street, you get shot. look at the statistics, we'll straighten it out." clinton laughed off questions the trump campaign is raising about her health and stamina. she talked about it with jimmy kimmel last night. jk:can you open this jar of pickles?hrc: (opens jar of
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sometimes like this campaign has entered into an alternative universehere's what we do about health care, lots of issues, prescription, drugs mental health, additions. i'm out here talking about all this and now i have to step into the alternative reality. you know. answer questions about am i alive? how much longer alive? how much longer will i be alive, and the like." the election is 77 days away. that familiar sound of a harley, is about to get an upgrade.. charles benson is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole. harley is releasing a brand new engine, and it's sure to get fans fired up.. tonight. the new features and how this
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that's coming up new on live at 6. rain is in the forecast. john malan will tell us who will need an umbrella, and ?when? the rain will get here. his forecast is still ahead."my youngest son. yeah. that's all. that's all i could think of. i mean, it was just, you know, what was he going to do without me?" and next: a narrow escape for this man and three others. how
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies foexporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos, we need an economy that works for everyone. shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
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to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. look at this video. we're evyone is okay. a security camera recorded a truck driving into a jewelry store. it happened on friday in
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two guys getting pushed into the counter. two other guys jumped out of the way just in time. it wasn't a robbery attempt. an elderly driver misjudged how far he had to drive to get to a parking spot. everybody's okay. and the guys who escaped injury are laughing about their "i'm on pain pills, so i'm cool." [laughter] "after i saw the video, it scared me. i thought, lucky, lucky, lucky." "my youngest son. yeah. that's all. that's all i could think of. i mean, it was just, you know, whas without me?" damage to the building is already repaired. they re- opened this morning. expect some rain overnight. john malan is here with the forecast. rain totals will range from 0.25"-0.50" with isolated
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thunderstorms. it will be warm and muggy with a high of 82 in milwaukee before the front moves through. there is a slim chance of a shower for the start of the thursday morning commute but then skies will be clearing behind the cold front and the dew points will be dropping, making a much more comfortable thursday afternoon with a high of 80 degrees. friday is going to be beautiful with mostly sunny sk it feel comfortable and temperatures just a bit cooler than average: 74 degrees in milwaukee. much of saturday will be dry but the cloud cover will increase ahead of an area of low pressure whic will g ra and storms chances back by saturday evening and off and on
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be in the upper 70s and low 80s so no real extremes in the
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lance allan has sports when we
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looking for the good and bad of training camp? davante adams putting together another solid day with a couple of nice catches. the bad is randall cobb, who had three drops after recently saying he was embarrassed by the number of catches he didn't reel in last year.for more from green bay, here's rod ((rod burks says training camp battles are fun to watch up here in green bay, and there's a really good one shaping up with brandon burks and john crockett fighting for that third string running back it's been going real good. the plays that i've had success off of. like coach says, take what you do in practice and take it to the game. and me running hard at practice and running against the main defense sort of helps me when i get in the game.))((rod burks says both running backs have had their moments in the preseason.))((john crockett says keep being consistent, that's the main thing about this. putting the fine details toward my game.))((brandon burks says like i tell crockett, this is a business. the better man will win. i'm
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work on you. and at the end of the day the best man will win.))((rod burks says both running backs will be looking to get some touches and impress their coaches with cutdown day coming next week on august 30th. in green bay, rod burks, today's tmj4.)) i know you missed this. the indy car race at pocono, scary incident on pit road as alexander rossi goes flying over the top of helio castroneves. a terrifying moment for mister dancing with the stars castroneves as rossi and charlie kimball collide. and the tire of the indy 500 winner rossi goes right next to the cockpit. in the end, will power had the speed you need, winning the abc supply 500 and now power just 20 points behind simon pagenaud
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richly deserving. badgers offensive lineman dan voltz decides to end his football career after numerous injuries
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breaking news from chopper four. it's flying over 18th and juneau. police have the intersection blocked off. several squad cars are on the can also see evidence markers on the ground. police say armed men approached that car. the driver and the gunmen shot at each other. nobdy was hurt.
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the "badger five" jackpot keeps growing. tonight's winning numbers are worth 58- thousand-dollars. and the "mega millions" jackpot is 69-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "mega millions" numbers tonight on "live at ten." coming up on "the now milwaukee" at 6:30:they're some of milwaukee's last blacksmiths, and the world is about to see thier work. how their persistence led to a reality show about the metal working clan. that's coming up on the now milwaukee. the new reality show starring henry winkler, william shatner, terry bradshaw and george foreman, "better late
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developing news font. new homegrown zika, confirmed outside of south florida, in the center of the state. aay donald trump calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the clintons as new questions arise about the clinton foundation and trump faces questions about his new controversial. and epipen cost skyrocketing 400%. and a little miracle. the little boy with a


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