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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  August 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CDT

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in a span of just 3 hours. ann:stand up 9.27.32 - 46 7 armed robberies and right now police don't have a great description on the suspects. they say in at least 4 of the armed robberies, the guy had his face covered. he was wearing some type of mask. police say that guy may have committed 4 of these crimes. kate james / lives on east side 17.32 everytime something happens around here. it's always nerve wrecking. 9.17.36 kates james was shocked to hear 7 armed robberies happened overnight. most occured on the east side but a couple were in the riverwest area. 9.17.43 yea, it's safe. highschool is right over there campus is right that way. it's a safe area.9.17. 51milwaukee police say all 7 robberies happened between 1 and 4 in the morning. here's a look at the areas targeted:water near brady street...humboldt near pleasant street.murray and park place ....cass street near lyon street...holton and capitol drive....breman and -- 38th & wright street on the north side. 8.48. 15 i grew up always locking my doors, that's how i
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feel worried at night. i don't feel like i need peper spray or anything like that. it's real low key, i like it. 27 adrianna bodna-rich has lived near cass and lyon street for 3 years. police say one of the robberies happened right here across from this dog park . 8.49.11 if you're already living in a nice neighborhood what else do you need to do. 14 police say... take extra precautions, including: always be aware of your surroundings if you are confronted by an armed suspect, remain calm and give up your valuablestry to remember any unique characteristicsnever chase after the suspect call police as soon as you can 9.17.22 i'm smart at night like i don't walk home alone. i take an uber. it is concerning but i'm always safe or i try to be. 28 police add that's another great tip, don't walk home alone and make sure you walk in a well lit area.ann sterling today's tmj 4
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they took off with wallets and purses. two suspects could soon face charges following a burglary at greenfield pharmacy. it happened at hayat pharmacy, just after midnight. police arrested two people. as the community continues to heal following this month's unrest in sherman park... the sojourner family peace center hosted a "peace summit" for local youth today. keynote speaker eddie moore junior, a diversity expert is talking with kids about race relations... biases... confidence... and the recent unrest in sherman park. today's summit was in the planning before the violence in sherman park took place. moore says he's encouraging
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leaders... and take what they learn back to their peers. a special one hour edition of the now milwaukee airs friday night. we're focusing on the healing in sherman park. you'll hear stories from those who call sherman park home. what happened that put the community in the national spotlight ... and how we move forward. that's friday ... from 6-30 to 7-30. governor walker and the first lady tonette are sending their sympathies and prayers to the family of staff sargent matthew thompson. thompson was a green beret in the army special tuesday by an improvised explosive device in afghanistan. thompson was raised in the milwaukee area. he was a 2006 graduate of brookfield central high school. a moment of silence will be held for him tonight during the football game. the 28-year-old leaves behind a wife in washington. his parents and sister live in brookfield. afghanistan is reeling from another deadly attack. at least a dozen people are dead, including seven students at
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kabul. police said two gunmen were shot dead. decision 20-16 now...more than a million unregistered voters in wisconsin may be soon getting a postcard in the mail. it will tell them what to do so they can cast a ballot in the upcoming presidential election. the state's elections commision is working on the mailing. it's expected to reach unregistered voters in about a month. five candidates for president other than republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton have met qualifications to be on the wisconsin. they are clinton, trump, gary johnson of the libertarian party, jill stein of the green party and darrell castle of the constitution party. the other two are monica moorehead of the workers world party and rocky roque de la fuente of the american delta party. storm team 4 now....the dew points are dropping and that means less humidity... but can we expect rain tonight. meteorologist brian niznansky
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drier and more comfortable air settling in across the great lakes region after a couple humid days. this comfortable air mass will be with us for only the next couple of days. skies will be partly cloudy tonight and low temperatures will fall into the lower 60s lakeside and the upper 50s inland. tonight will windows back up. breaking news.. two nuns found
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a story new on live at 5... carole--- charlesthose murders happened in mississippi, but the impact is being felt right here in milwaukee.. tonight. the strong ties one of the sisters shared with our community.. that's coming up on live at 5... the brewerwill honor wisconsin's law enforcement tomorrow night at miller park. the opening ceremony will pay tribute to officers killed in the line of duty and recognize current will donate five dollars from each ticket to the memorial fund in support of the national law enforcement museum. every fan who goes to the game will receive a free t-shirt.pre-game festivities start at six tomorrow night. join us friday evening for our packers pregame special before green bay takes on the 49ers in san francisco. we go one on one with your favorite players and let you know who you should keep your eye on. watch it this friday from 7-30
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amazon may move its grocery business into new territory. that's just ahead.also coming up, a company working to make the childproof medicine bottle even ?more? childproof. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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4 your money this afternoon....
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business today.... more money headlines now.... amazon may be planning something new for consumers with its grocery's called a "click and collect" service that would let customers buy on-line... and drive to a designated area to pick up their orders. usa today reports the service may be launch in northern california and in amazon's hometown of seattle. more than 25-thousand "safety first" strollers are recalled in the u-s and canada. that's because they have a defect that could cause a child to fall out. about 30 incidents have been reported so far. they're made by "dorel juvenile." the company is offering a free repair kit to those affected by the recall. the global messaging service "whatsapp" is makinga big change to its privacy policy. it's going to start sharing the phone numbers of its users with its parent company, facebook.that means whatsapp users could soon see g more
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but not on the messaging service itself. whatsapp is giving users a limited time to opt-out of the sharing--. a colorado company is trying tomake sure prescription medicine does not end up in the wrong marshall zelinger reports, the company is teaming with a pharmacy to test a bottle that's extra secure. --:45 (:05) milton cohen/safe rx ceo-- --"this is what we call an lpv, which is a 'locking prescription vial."-- it's technology you didn't know needed upgrading. -e cohen/safe rx ceo-- --"we've been sending the equivalent of heroin home in containers that any six-year-old can open."-- since congress required them in 1970... childproof pill bottles have been the norm. --take sot-- --4:38 (:06) milton ceo-- --"all the patient has to do is line up the combination code, and take the cap off d take their dose."-- milton cohen of greenwood village-based safe r-x wants this to be the way you store addictive pills at home. --take sot-- --3:03 (:10) milton cohen/safe rx ceo-- --"if this little lpv were used nationwide, we'd prevent five million kids, five million, from initiating
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jefferson county d-a's office made an arrest and shut down this secret facebook page of middle and high schoolers buying and selling drugs like oxycontin. --take sot-- --2:49 (:10) milton cohen/safe rx o-- --"the number one source for teen prescription drug abuse, nationally and here in colorado, is pilfering from our parents' medicine cabinets."-- that means stealing a pill here and there with mom and dad not realizing. --take sot-- --14:35 (:05)-- --"if someone pries it off with a screwdriver, one of more of these engagement pins will fail."-- safe r-x is working with wheat-ridg r-x plus pharmacies... to test this bottle... how will we know if it works? one indicator might be before and after statistics on teen overdoses and e-r ts. --8:49 (:05)-- --"we're cutting off the number one source for teen prescription drug abuse in this country."-- cohen said his pilot program will involve patients that agree to waive certain "hipaa" privacy. they're hoping to issue these containers to
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narcotics with children ages 12-to-25 at home. schedule two narcotics require patients to have a written prescription - meaning no more calling it in -- and no refills without an actual doctor visit. storm team 4 weather now.... and after a rainy morning in parts of the area... things are changing once again. meteorologist brian niznansky is in the weather center drier and more comfortable lakes region after a couple humid days. this comfortable air mass will be with us for only the next couple of days. skies will be partly cloudy tonight and low temperatures will fall into the lower 60s lakeside and the upper 50s inland. tonight will be a
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near perfect. we'll have an abundance of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s, and low humidity. the next disturbance moves in on saturday, bringing scattered showers and storms by saturday morning. this day rain, but we will keep the chance of showers in the forecast through saturday night. highs saturday will remain in the upper 70s. we climb back into the lower 80s
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humidity. we'll keep an isolated shower chance in the forecast on sunday, but i think most of the area stays dry. all next week looks warm again with temperatures running nearly 10 degrees above normal. time now for ask the expert.... august is one of the most
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births. from diapers to daycare and soccer to swimming lessons, having a baby is financially overwhelming. joining us this afternoon with five money mistakes new parents make... and how to avoid them... financial
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a voicemail. the number is 967-5253. coming up at 4:30.. protect your putter.. the golf course where police say a man is suspected of stealing golf
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storm team 4 ((nats of wind)) some of the terrifying video captured on wednesday, as tornadoes tore across that central and northern indiana and northwest ohio. at indiana alone. drier and more comfortable air settling in across the great lakes region after a couple humid days. this comfortable air mass will be with us for only the next couple of days. partly cloudy low temperatures into the lower 60s lakeside and the upper 50s inland. tonight will be a great night
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just ahead - how far a sneeze can, how a social network is being used to diagose depression.the
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"4 your health," have found that instagram photos can be analyzed to screen for depression. scientists used the photos' attributes... including brightness and color... to correctly identify to correctly identify which participants suffered from depression. photos with decreased brightness, decreased saturation and increased hue indicated depression. as kids head back to school, the spread of germs becomes a concern. if your child develops the sniffles ... remind them to sneeze into
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scientists at m-i-t say the largest droplets from a sneeze typically settle within three-to-six feet from the sneezer. but smaller ones may linger in the air for several minutes ... and travel up to ?26? feet. of course, another important reminder: have your kids wash their hands frequently. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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now at 4:30 - a beautiful day for a farmers market in washington square in walker's point-- folks pi flowers and produce while kids played nearby. it turned out to be a pretty decent day following wet weather this morning.will it be just as nice tonight???? meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with answers... drier and more comfortable air settling in across the great lakes region after a couple humid days. this comfortable air mass will be with us for


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