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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with storm team 4
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milwaukee mayor tom barrett will announce his 2017 budget during this morning's common council meeting. the reports the mayor plans to raise taxes and fees nearly 3 percent. barrett promises increase funding for police -- and investment more in city development. barrett announced sunday that a multi-billion dollar company could be bringing thousands of new jobs to the city's north side -- if it wins a contract from the u.s. postal service. the company -- called rev group is now in the final stage of winning that contract -- competing with five other companies. selling tool as well theres a ready willing and able workforce within walking
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i think thats a powerful selling tool as well the company -- called rev group is now in the final stage of winning that contract -- competing with five other companies. decision 2016 -- with just about 40 days to go until the election... you have your first chance to vote early, today. the city has early voting locations at forest home library, midtown center, and milwaukee city hall. and as a reminder you will need a photo i-d acceptable i-d's include a driver license, state i-d card, military i-d or passport. you can find more information on the rules... log on to our website tmj4 dot com. two names you'll see on the ballot today... senator ron johnson and democratic russ feingold.feingold is looking to take back his old position by unseating johnson. they'll both be at the wisconsin counties association's annual
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milwaukee. . delegates from the state's 72 counties will be there... discussing everything from homelessness to transportation. the conference runs through tomorrow. johnson and feingold will meet again before the election. they'll face off in an hour long deate in word on where exactly the debate will happene besides somewhere in the green bay-appleton area. this will be the first time the two have debated each other since 20-10 when johnson uned despite much anticipated release of videos......the fatal encounter between keith scott and police officers in charlotte, north carolina has not brought clarity this morning. gun shotsthese videoes include a dashcam footage and a separate body cam video.the body cam video shows an officer running up to other officers who are facing scott.there is no audio for
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footage does not show the moment scott was shot, but it shows him on the ground afterwards. neither video shows him pointing a gun at officers.however, police released photographs of a gun and an ankle holster from the scene. new this morning... police still looking for a car burglar this morning. take a look at this surveillance video from the east side... ...someone trying to break into car on north summit near u-w-m.this was sent in by a vieweryou can someone jiggling the handle of the car before running off. neighbors hope to spread the word... hopefully find out who's responsible. a new program is using police data.. to fight crime."safe zones" was created to help find the most crime-prone areas.there are now fifteen trained and paid "ambassadors" in the cities garden homes and franklin heights neighborhoods. shawn moore is one of them.he shares how petty some of the arguments that end deadly can be. it can range from a cigarette
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person its importantthe ambassadors went through rigorous training this past july.. to know how to diffuse those situations.the hope is for the program to expand next year. neighbors will be working to stop violence against women... one step at a time today. zonta club of milwaukee it partnering with "end domestic abuse wisconsin" to put on "no to violence against women walk" today.the silent walk... will start in the downtown area.... and end at milwaukee's city hall. 's up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--goodbye to a golf legend.... the legacy arnold palmer left behind. and a great day for the green and gold. highlights from the tough divisional match up... and a look at future plans for the title town expansion project
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the weekend was mostly cloudy and seasonal with highs near 70, but rain showers moved in yesterday afternoon and overnight along a cold when you went to bed it was near 70 and muggy, this morning is partly cloudy with temps in the 50s and winds gusty over 20 mph. this afternoon remains partly cloudy and windy with highs in the upper 60s, and westerly winds gusting to 35 mph. tonight is partly cloudy and chilly with lows in the upper
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fewer than one-third of adults who screen positive for depression are actually depression are actually treated. but there are new developments on that front... treatment that goes beyond therapy and taking anti- depressants.maureen mcfadden has more. hillary doerries has suffered from depression since she was a teen."i can teenager and just remember having days where i felt so sad, and would cry for no reason all day long. "two years ago she was in a very dark place and ended up hospitalized.."hillary came to me almost 2 and a half years ago for worsening of depreson, and i say worsening of depression because she was also feeling suicidal."dr. jagadeesh reddy thought she would be a good
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therapy approved for use by the fda in monday through friday for six weeks hillary was hooked up to this machine for 40 minutes for a treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation or tms. practice supervisor tricia santos was with hillary for the daily treatments.(nats) "okay are you ready? em hem alright"dr. reddy explains how it works."it's the magnetic stimulation placed on depression sensors are located and it stimulates those depression centers so that you start feeling better. it's a non invasive technique, there is no pain involved, there's no anesthesia involved."and for hillary, she calls it a life saver."tms did for me what i always hoped my medication would do. i felt that a cloud was lifted from
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for depression in people 21 and over.... and it's covered by most insurance and even medicare. some sad news this morning from the green. arnold palmer, considred by many to be the most famous golfer of all-timehas died at the age of 87. reports say palmer died from complications of heart problems at a hospital in pittsburgh. palmer won 62 times on the p-g-a tour, including ?seven? majors. along the way, he became the first person to win four s designed a pair of golf courses in southeast wisconsin: geneva national in lake geneva, and the bog in saukville. p-g-a pro jerry kelly of madison sent us this statement: "arnold palmer gave us this game as professionals. i owe what i do for a living to that man. i have told him 'thank you' many times. i wish i could have the chance to say it again." a great day weekend to get outside..... hundreds of
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milwaukee county zoo before the rains came... ...raising more than 1-hundred thousand dollars for the down syndrome association of wisconsin.the money will go to improving he lives of those living with special needs. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--deadly mall shooting. what we expect to learn about the suspect the presidential candidates prepare for tonight's debate...the clock is ticking on their campaigns. up next... the wisconsin cities preparing for campaign stops this week... and who's planning to
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good morning rod
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on this monday.the green bay packers got a win their home openeryesterday when they beatthe lions at lambuea field. first possession of the game arron rodgers throws a strike to davante adams for a "14" yardtouchdown..7 nothing packers.same quarter this time rodgersfinds his favorite target jordy nelson, for a touchdownpackers up 14 to 3. rodgers would conect with nelson for another td later2nd quarter, .rodgers with four td passes.they would hold on to beat the lions.34 to 27.things did not got well for thethier last home gameagaint the reds. 3rd inning, would go up 3-nothing on this rbi single to right by scott scheblera throwing error by the reds in the 7th inning allowed "er- nan" perezto score a run making it a 4 to 1 game.8th inning, there's ryan bruan gets a standing ovation at the plate,because this could be his last at bat as brewer, if he's traded,he strikes ..the reds beat the brewers4 to 2. and golfing legend arnold palmer died at the age87 yesterday from complications from heart problems.the brewers open up againstthe texas rangers on the road today .and the packers are on their bye week.that's your one
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coming up later this moing. we sit down with wayne larrivee here on live at daybreak.he'll give us an inside look at the packers win... and who they have coming up next week. packers fans don't have a packers fans don't have a game to look forward to on sunday because of the bye week. but their excitement goes beyond the action on the field. plans for the 34-acre title-town development are taking shape. the district - just west of lambeau - will be lambeau - will be filled with commercial, retail and residential space. already public input been held to decide what will go in land east of the stadium, which will be the "stadium entertainment district." been well compensated. there's a lot of mixed reaction with the general public because so many of these people have been residents of this area for a long time ... some of them have been selling out and they've been well compensated. the packers will invest about 65-million dollars in titletown. dollars in titletown. total initial investments by all parties is
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the weekend was mostly cloudy and seasonal with highs near 70, but rain showers moved in yesterday afternoon and overnight along a cold front. when you went to bed it was near 70 and muggy, this morning is partly cloudy with temps in the 50s and winds gusty over 20 mph. afternoon remains partly cloudy and windy with highs in the upper 60s, and westerly winds gusting to 35 mph. tonight is partly cloudy and chilly with lows in the upper 40s and a westerly breeze to 15 mph.a storm system stalls over us on tuesday with cloudy, highs in the mid 60s,
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increase on tuesday with a slow moving storm system that will bring rain by late afternoon and evening with highs only in the lower 60s, and westlerly winds gusting near 30 mph. scattered rain showers, and gusty winds continue on wednesday with highs remaining in the lower 60s. the the area wednesday night, and thursday is beautiful with sunshine and highs in the upper 60s. friday is also sunny with highs near 70the humidity is comfortably dry
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light trafficdry roadsquiet and speeds are at or above postedincident free wisconsin is back on the map for presidential candidates. they're focusing on their battle ground states. tomorrow.... donald trump's running mate... indiana governor mike pence... will be in waukesha for a rally at weldall manufacturing. that event is set for 6-30 tuesday night. and then trump himself will be in waukesha the next day. trump's campaign announced the republican presidential hopeful will host a campaign
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held at the county expo at six o'clock. the visit will be trump's third since winning the g-o-p nomination earlier this year. hillary clinton has yet to campaign in wisconsin since losing the april primary. she'll spend this week campaigning in new york... north carolina... and new hampshire... before making it to iowa at the end of the week. her daughter chelsea will be in the badger state friday for a rally... no word yet on where it will be held. you can see trump and clinton face-off in their first, highly anticipated tonight. n-b-c's lester holt will be the moderator. coverage starts at 8 o'clock right here on today's t-m-j 4. the man police believe who opened fire in a shopping mall near seattle... killing five people will make his first appearnce in court today. 20 year old... arcan cetin... is facing five counts of first-degree murder.police say cetin brought a rifle into the mall and opened fire friday night. he was arrested saturday after spending almost
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marlin's fans are mourning their loss of fan favorite this moring. 24 year old star pitcher jose fernandez died over the weekend in a boating accident. a vigil was put up yesterday outside of the team's stadium. a famed auburn university tree burns after it's set on fire, while covered in toilet paper.police now have suspect in custody this morning. a camera appears to catch the culprit in action, torching the t-p which covered the tree on saturday.the entire tree, engulfed in flamed in minutes.students rolled the tree after auburn's win over louisiana state university, a long-time campus tradition. legendary los angeles dodgers final bow on sunday after the dodgers clinched the n-l west at home against the colorado rockies. scully received a standing ovation from players and fans after the final los
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home game.the voice of the dodgers is riding off into the sunset after spending 67-years with the organization... the longest time any broadcaster has been iwth a single team in professional sports history. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the special deal... today only... for an annual holiday tradition. late fee forgiveness.... the program the milwuakee public library is offering to
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taking a live look outside.. time to set your guilt aside and start fresh... the milwaukee public
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back library goers who have been banned from the library because of fines and fees from overdue items. if you have any overdue fees or items... stop in at your nearest public library to ask about the forgiveness program. if you would like to take your family to the milwaukee rep's classic, 'a christmas carol' at the pabst theater, today's a good day to buy tickets. starting at 7, you can get 25% off tickets the promo code, 'winter.' this year's vip walk ons include, hank the ballpark pup on december 1st, jane matenaer from newsradio 620, on thursday, december 8th, and yours truly, friday, december 9th. you can find a link to buy tickets at you can also get the discount by phone or in person starting at
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--bizarre twist: what convicted killer steven avery was able to do from behind bars. and with just over a month until the election... here in milwaukee polls are set to open early. what you need to know to cast
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now at 5:00...remembering-- a legend: golf pro arnold palmer passes away. his connection to wisconsin, and how fans wisconsin, and how fans are honoring his legacy this morning. plus... early voting begins today in milwaukee... what you need to know before casting your ballot. let's take this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... let's send it to storm team 4 meteorologist the weekend was mostly cloudy and seasonal with highs near 70, but rain showers moved in


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