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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  September 30, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - a wet start to the weekend.. the rain expected to last through the evening. taking a live look at waukesha. and the fall like temperatures are also sticking around. but will the rain put a damper on your weekend plans. chief meteorologist john malan joins
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matthew has strengthened to a category three hurricane in the central ca-ribbean sea. making its trek throughout the ca-ribbean... this hurricane continues to intensify and may grow even stronger this weekend. yesterdamatthew became the fifth hurricane of the 20-16 atlantic hurricane season. potential impacts for the u-s next week remains unclear. a federal judge has ordered the state to investigate whether transportation officials have been denying people temporary photo identification to vote.u.s. district judge james peterson issued the order today. peterson in july ordered the state to quickly issue credentials valid for voting to anyone trying to obtain a free photo i-d but lack documents such as birth certificates. the order requires the state to investigate the allegations and report back to him by
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theifirst debate under their belts. now it's time for their running mates to square off. tim kaine and mike pence will debate next week at longwood university in farmvill, virginia. the debate will air tuesday night and you can watch it here on today's tmj4. more news nowthe tulsa police officer-- accused of killing an unarmed african american man-- went before a judge today.officer betty shelby pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree in the killing of terence crutcher. shelby confronted the 40-year-old after she came across his s-u-v abandoned in the middle of the road. she claimed crutcher was reaching inside of his vehicle when she shot him. videos of the shooting and its aftermath show crutcher walking away with his hands up. reassuring news for parents -- the zika virus is mostly mild among kids and teens when they become infected. the centers for disease control and
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confirmed or likely pediatric zika cases. even though the illnesses have been mild.... doctors say children should be protected against mosquito bites. the world health organization reports... measles no longer a threat in the americas. a disease is declared eliminated when there has been no transmission in a specific geographic region for a year or more. the achievement is a global first. the w-h-o says the battle against measles was won through two-decades of mass vaccination the viral disease. a toddler falls out of a three story window in west allis. coming up new on live at 6. thankfully, thd ise chil pected to be okay.. find out whatsaved the boy during his fall, and why neighbors say this isn't the first scary incident with the two year old. that's new on live at 6. it's a 40 year tradition in milwaukee... and helps to address the needs of a population with a 43 percent
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underway. pete zervakis explains how it works. bins like this one will be set up around our area - to fight hunger during the holidays they can be set up by schools... businesses... any group that wants to help. food items can be dropped inside. the food one family donates is going to to another another local family in need the executive director of the hunger task force says there's a major need for foods for kids... like nutritious cereal. think about kids and donate those foods you'd want for families also collects holiday foods... like frozen turkey... potatoes... or squash. the goal is to make sure families that can't afford a christmas or thanksgiving meal still get one. this is the time when families are most in need johnson controls has been the primary sponsor of the drive since 2006. it runs through the first week of january. food for families has raised at least half a million pounds of food every year it's been
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other sponsors recognized at today's kickoff announcement: were sargento... the outpost... still ahead-- halftime show. the singer who's performing during super bowl 51 and why it'll be a familiar face. and up next-- computer glitch. how your vehicle's technology could actually lock you inside
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y24qmy yvpy today's cars are so reliant on computer techology... that sometimes a glitch can cause everything to fail. and if that happens.. you can even end up locked inside you own car.consumer reporter john matarese has a caution, so you don't waste your money. todays new cars have so many great safety features. but could the anti theft feature on some luxury cars be too good? thats what one women wonders after getting locked
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trevathan's 2012 bmw 3 series was her dream car.... (nat) "i got in the car." until a nightmare malfunction locked her inside for two hours. mercena says she got in, pushed the on button, but the car woundn't start ....and the doors and windows wouldnt open. (nat) "this door handle was pulling, but it wasn't working." (sot) "i was sweating and everything, the only thing going through my mind was i am gonna die." so she called bmw roadside assistance, asking them to open it remotely. says bmw kept trying to send a signal to open up her car, but says since she was inside the locked garage, the signal apparently wouldnt go through." (sot) "they were trying to send signals to unlock it and there was no success." she ended up calling 9-1-1, which sent police. sergent greg stidd says he'd never seen anythingg like it. (sot) "we tried the door handles, we tried the door locks, we tried the trunk release. so we just decided to break the window at
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rear window and got her out safely. her bmw dealer tells me they beleive a rare battery malfunction is to blame. but this is becoming an issue with several luxury car brands. this news article shows a thief locked inside a bmw he was trying to steal.says her 3 kids got locked inside her bmw 5 series this way. and a corvette owner called 9-1-1 after he was trapped in his vette. mercena says she's never going to get in her car inside the closed garage again. (sot) "i probably would have suffocated in that car, you know? nobody would have known that i was in the car!" bmw of north america will only tell us it continues to investigate mercena's case, but promised to reimburse her for all repair costs. but her message to others: always have your cell phon call for help it....and so waste your money. i'm john matarese today's tmj4. coming up-- at the theaters. a look at some of the new movies you cawatcthis weekend. but first, here's a live look malan is washington. back with the latest on our
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products,
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in 2010, a b-p rig in the in 2010, a b-p rig in the gulf of mexico exploded, spilling millions of gallons of oil into the sea.the accident caused widespread damage to
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iswed with a movie old about thb-spill. raphael office preview. the box natroughnecks dig deep in "deepwater horizon." this is based on the 2010 explosion of a massive oil rig in the gulf of mexico. director peter berg focuses on the men and women onboard the platform...many of whom lost their lives in one of the world's largest man- made disasters. "deepwater horizon" is rad pg-13.natasa butt x-men in "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children." he's an average jake who stumbles upon a refuge for young mutants. but fighting to protect his new friends from monsters and men may unlock his own special talents. "miss peregrine" is rated pg-13.nat rachel weisz makes history repeat itself in "denial." she plays a holocaust historian sued for libel by a man who sa the nazi citi ronever happened. and since the case is in the u-k, it's up to weisz to prove that they did.
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truth is dumber than fiction in "masterminds." this comedy is based on a real life robbery in 1997. employees make off with 17 million dollars, but leave an absurdly lavish trail...and both cops and killers are looking to cash-in. "masterminds" is rated pg-13.that's the box office preview, raael seth, nbc news. coming up-- we'll tell you who's rfming during the halfti show at super bowl . plus-- the company that's ying s employees to take a vacation. and here's a look at what's comingon t-v tonight. at six-30, it's the now milwaukee. that's followed by "this is us"--- "the good place"-- and "dateline nbc" then it's more local news on
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more news now....singer lady gaga announced on twitter she will be performing at half-time during super bowl 51. the super february 5th, 2017. this is the second year in a row the super bowl has featured an appearance from lady gaga-- she sang the national anthem at super bowl 50 to rave reviews. the "rosetta" spacecraft has made a planned crash landing from it's one-way journey to the surface of a comet. the landing ends a 12-year scientific mission to the dusty, icy comet. scientists hope to collect data about the comet's structure from the spacecraft's final
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paying its employees to take a vacation.?bamboo-h-r? has a new program called "paid paid vacation." the company reimburse employees up to 2-thousand dollars for vacation costs including hotel, transportation, and meals. bamboo-h-r has about 200 employees. check out th raiow photo captured in nnlvaniaand as ie rainbowasn't cool enough.. it appeared over the country club were late golf legend arnold palmer's ashes had just been spread. a who gave us so many memorable moments.
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next. cancer won't keep this coach away from mentoring.. meet the milwaukee man, who's been a father figure for thousands of young athletes.
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right now at fivemoreelay for drivers at the zoo interchange it's almost a year long project... that will make it much more difficult for some driv gn i-94.our casey geraldo joins us live to let us know where you'll need to find an alternate route. it's the ramp behind me closing early tomorrow morning...where 41 south meets 94 east.some people i talked with say this is the most inconvenient closure of this project so far. and closed lanes. they're old hat for people who drive near the zoo interchange.well, i "the zoo right now is a mess, we're right in the core of the interchange."but this latest closure, might be the wors yet for drivers "coming to and
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going to be able to get on 94 anymore so that's going to be a big change for us."the ramp from south bound i-41 to eastbound i-94 closes early saturday morning. "we're going to close for up to 8 months per day that actually use that system ramp."whh means adding time to commutes, and figuring out alternatives."day care and appointments with work and making sure that i'm planning accordingly ""just deal with it, it's all you can do" if you need help dealing... the department of transportation has this online get around guide to help you find new done in july 6:30 on the now milwaukee... just how big an impact this makes on area may be more significant than you'd at 95th and adler, casey geraldo today's tmj4. part of the mitchell interchange was closed for several hours today when a semi spilled 48-thousand pounds of stone. the sheriff's department narrowed traffic to one lane while crews cleaned up the mess.
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had to close early today because of a power outage. rawson elementary, south milwaukee and south milwaukee high schools sent kids home early. classes resume on monday. you'll need a rain coat if you're heading out tonight to watch high school football.


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