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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  October 7, 2016 12:30pm-12:54pm CDT

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here's another live look at hurricane matthew.... this is daytona beach.. hundreds of volunteers from around the country are being called on to help with hurricane matthew relief. the american red cross says wisconsin are already on their way south. more will follow after the storm passes. the american red cross says volunteers must stay a minimum of two weeks. some stay ahead of sunday night's primetime matchup -- the packers against the giants.. we had somvery special guests at our station is morning. the n-c sports "sunday night football bus" pulled into our parking lot- around 5 o'clock.kickoff for the game sunday night is
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hurricane matthew .. continues its destructive path along florida's east coast crews in the south start assessing the damages ... millions are still bracing for matthew's worst. sarah (nats: dayton, fl winds, rain) sunrise ... but no slow down in hurricane matthew's assault on the sunshine state...(s/ gov. rick scott / (r) florida :06 - :09)"let's remember the storm has already passed half r the eye ... expected to move dangerously close to shore the storm marches northward along florida's east coast ..bringing the heaviest rains at high tide... raising the risk and fears of catastrophic storm surge...(s/ gov. rick scott / (r) florida :23 - :27)"we are very
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likely to come."overnight .. hurricane matthew battered florida ..the massive storm .. inging damaging winds and drenching rain ... somewhat lessened with the eye remaininweg off shore. (nats: winds)still at times .. wind gusts were so strong .. first responders had to g themselves to safety. powerlines ripped from their poles across the region .. transformers exploding .. leaving hundreds of thousands without power.thousands rode out the storm .. in shelters ...hundreds of pets housed with their owners.... .stl hurrane matthew is forested to skthe asts of georgia and south rolina into the weekend.but meteorologists implore .. ofdo dangerous.(s/ dr. richard knabb / rect, national hurrane ) "iant to personally plead w/ you to get out right now." millions still in danger .. as hurricane matthew chns in e atlantic.sarah rosario. nbc news. daytonbeach,
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a inmate is back in stody this morning after he was mistakenly released from e waukesha county jail.dustin palubicki turned himself in to the forest county jail around 10 last night, after joying nearly 13 hours in freedom.he was released yesterday from the jail because his sentence was over... hover. he is wanted in forest county... orm xtchild eir joover t and so they should take a good look at that bec ngerous person. tion on facebooe hecl?thmatime in sheboygan. re roclown bieve connected to suious activity near 3rd ie around1-30 last night.the 20 years olbooked into jail for carrying a concealed
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"hand trucks". plastic rims -- can break when the wheels are over- inatep's sold the hand trucks i eir ores tionwide .. and on their websites from augu 2007 through april 20-10. governor scott walker will join g-e em? wauwatosa this afternoon to celebrate the 17-thousandth logi-q e-9.the premiere general imaging ultrasound system serves more than 600 million patients each year... and will be system. that's at 1:30t the e healthcare research park tonight.. a racine based homeless shelter is hosting its 4th annual sleep out event. people in racine are inviteded to spend the night outdoors -- in a carboard box.this is to raise money and awareness for the homeless in racine. officials say .. more than 100 people are homeless in that area . the event is being held at batten airport. it starts at 6:30. e milwkee public museum is revealing wisconsin's best
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it's called hidden wisconsin: unseen. includes nearly 50 rare objects and artifacts.hidden wisconsin will be on display until let's take a live look at hurricane matthew as we head
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fein:m dss feingand i approveis. thswi ann.this d this. ll thswi ann.this anseleingtt sh jobs tohina mexico? pponent backs d trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... taking a look at the market right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: the milwaukee nari home and redeling show starts today and runs through sunday. it's ing hled at the state fair park expo center in west allis.
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you can find more information on the nari home and remodeling show at our website. that's t-m-j- 4-dot-com. here's a live look outside at... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm team forecast right after this. here's a live look at the
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here's melinda myers with your garden moment
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here's your prime time lineup 6:30 it's the now
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"timeless" followed by dateline nbc at 8 then more local news on live at 10. let's take a live look at
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>> chad: sonny. hey, just wait. just wait. >> sonny: what? >> chad: give me a sec-- >> sonny: no, chad, we have nothing to talk about. >> chad: look, i know you're upset-- >> sonny: we have nothing to talk about. >> chad: look, it was business, all right? it wasn't personal. >> sonny: it wasn't personal? i asked you-- i practically begged you, as a friend, not to make thateal, but you did it anyway. how is that not personal? >> chad: what was i supposed i have a son to think of, and you would have done the same thing in my position. >> sonny: no, i wouldn't have. if i was in your position, i would have reminded myself that friendship takes precedence over greed. and i would have reminded myself that my business and my son would have been just fine... >> chad: sonny-- >> sonny: without screwing me over. >> chad: stop yelling. >> sonny: no, i am done. you wouldn't listen to me. now i'm returning the favor. >> theo: did you heard that? roman said that john's meeting those bastards in 30 minutes


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