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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2016 2:37am-3:30am CDT

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are explaining. thanks for joining us on live at 10. >> jimmy fallon is next, good night everyone. >> good night. from nbc "today" with kathy lee gifford and ho d a live in studio a. >> hello, everybody. it is weapon, october 12th. it is yom kippur, the holy holiday in the jewish calendar. we want to wish all of our jewish family and friend a very holy day today.
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>> and that's a good one. we're sitting down with two talented ladies. the young actress from the twilight movies. isn't she gorgeous in person? >> she really is. starring in a new movie alongside actress laura derm. it's very interesting. they play small town people in their new film called certain women. and they're here to elus it. >> yeah, it unfolds slowly and gradually. and they're the band behind songs like counting stars and secrets. one republic is out, they have new music and they'll perform for us a little later. >> you'll hear me say something now you never hear me say about any modern music. i adore these guys. i think they're brilliant. >> yes, and you know that. you know to happen, right.
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together and his dad used to record this song we'll also talk about parents behaving badly from moms and other mom and the dad yelling on the soccer field we'll show you how bad behavior is affecting the kids and what you can do about. >> you don't even notice it. >> ready? this is a quote for you. i divide all into two classes, those read to remember and those who read to forget. >> who was that? >> william lions i didn't know him, but i wish i did. we have breaking news. >> breaking news. >> i've started a movement.
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no, this is big. we'll get notes. very important. madam tusoud, we revealed yesterday kathy never had a wax figure. i made a plea yesterday because i was shocked and apauld. >> shocked and horrified. >> you're not going to believe it. there's a huge out pouring on social we heard back from madam toussoud herself. >> if there is such a person. >> never say never, okay. >> which is not exactly -- make sure you lose a few pounds before you come in to get measured, right? >> no, i think we've changed something. i think it's happening, and i cannot wait until we get to see
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for my bucket list. >> but we have to do it this now. we've already made a plea and four people agree. >> you know how much i love musical theater. i've written songs. remember when we went to the holy lands and all that? >> yes. >> so we ended up writing a children's musical about it called little giant. we started yesterday. it's an all male story. i needed women's roles, girls roles. so the sheep chorus. it's very funny. hoda is going to be one of my sheep. and sal is coming over tomorrow, you remember our leading man from our show. get sal on there.
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dear fwrend over. do you know greg edalman? four-time tony nominee. i asked him to play a couple of roles in it. and boy, the people from broadway, they just bring it. i don't know what we're using, but this is him. yeah. >> no. >> dave. >> ?? get there away. king is here to stay. oh, yes. >> he plays two very different characters. he played king saul and goliath. >> are you having so much fun? >> i am. and today, he was going to play david. he's starring in neverland. and i looked at his tapes. it's fun to meet these young
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i can't wait. >> now, speaking of musical theater people and gorgeous people. >> it is hunk day. >> and hugh jackman's birthday. >> yes. >> let's look at hugh jackman. >> we love hugh. >> i like them a little scruffy. >> let's see. >> we like that. >> he looks great there. >> oh, that's brilliant. >> i don't like >> he's good to go. >> you know me with manicures. >> he's actually one of the sweetest people on the planet. we wish him a happy birthday. >> these are the battle rounds where they go toe to toe and there was a really interesting battle. it was gabe and michael and they battled it out singing amy winehouse's battery.
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it was a beautiful. let's take a look. ?? in my head, make -- ? at least i come along when my body is amazed ? have i mentioned -- ? won't you come over, stop making a fool out of ?? >> oh, my god. how can you pick? >> the first one opened his mouth and started singing, he sounds like a really young van morrison. i said i want that guy. and then the other guy started singing and i said, but that guy's awesome. >> did you pick the first? do you think she picked the first? >> michael. >> michael is the one in glasses. >> okay.
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>> oh, i would go personally with the guy that sounded like van morrison, but the second guy was every bit as good. >> so you chose the first one. who did alicia pick? >> the winner of this battle is michael. >> michael will be moving on and representing alicia keys in the knockout round. >> they saved him. >> he got saved. >> adam saved him. >> those guys are so talented. >> and then to go on the road together. how beautiful is that music. and adam said to him, we were meant to be together from the beginning. i'm your home. he said that to him. it was so beautiful. >> i really need to start watching this show.
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last night. i was so exhausted. >> now we're talking about "the bachelor". >> in case you didn't remember, ben was torn between jojo and lauren. ben gave the final rose to lauren and they are now engaged. then jojo went on "the bachelorette" and she became engaged to jordan. so last night was ben and laen lauren happily ever after? ben was making plansfree and lauren to have lunch with jojo and jordan. >> if anything, i do believe it's important that we go to them and at least give it a shot. >> obviously, ben and jojo have a history and the last few words they probably spoke to each other were i love you and good-bye and that makes me uncomfortable.
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trying to distance ourself and do that, it seems like we're putting ourselves in the middle of this once again. >> i don't want to go see joo. that's my biggest fear ? i don't know if meeting up and having lunch will bring back those memories from months ago. a million things could go wrong at lunch today, and i'm thinking about every single one of those things. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> why did they go to lunch? what was the point? >> hey, do you want to go to lunch with the girl you just made out? let's go to lunch together. who would want that? >> just for old time's sake. >> oh, my god. >> all right. apparently khloe kardashian went
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we haven't heard directly from kim at all since then, but her sister did go on the ellen degenerous show yesterday and shared the ellen and of course kevin hart how everyone is doing. so take a look at that. >> she's not doing that well. i mean, it's incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and we'll get through it together. i think for us, it's for all of us. definitely just make sure our sister's okay. >> and maybe thing have changed a lot? >> yeah, i think in that aspect and make sure we're protected as well as possible. but we're family and we'll do this together and it's important to make those suggestions and pull back a little bit. >> yeah. >> you know what's interesting about that. i do know about relationship they have and have had for 35 years with members of the
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to me at one point, i love that show. i said, mom, why. and she goes, because at the end of the show, they're a family. >> that's a big deal, apparently. i would have bet of all the people in the world that my mother would have found the show horrifying in every respect. but she said she loves that the family sticks together. >> it was good to see khlo someone from the family stick up. >> i thought kevin -- i was working at the gym on the stair master. do you know who walked into the gym? kevin hart. he was flanked by two really big guys that made him look smaller. >> he runs 15 miles, works out. he was totally ripped. >> at 5:00 in the morning. >> he was there. >> i had to quit my run. i was 54 days and i had to stop.
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>> you're very busy. >> why you should always model good behavior for your kids. >> and they'll be in theaters this week, but you'll see them first here. >> next. first here. >> next. whatcha' doin? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it! just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all. positive. so i guess i can just check my credit score then? oooh "check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit." sorry about that. when it's time to potty train... it's time for training underwe! new pampers easy ups. has an all-around stretchy waistband. and pampers' protection. so you'll see drier nights. and they'll see their first underwear.
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at they are two of the most ablame claimed and accomplished actresses in hollywood. >> it's called "certain women," a young woman teaching night school who unexpectedly bonds with a student.
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hospital laundry. so selling shoes is the nicest job a girl from my family's supposed to get. >> and laura plays a lawyer whose client has become more than a thorn in her side, that's for sure. >> you know, you're going to have to get. >> all right. >> out. no, you can't say those things to me. you can't talk like that. >> never mind. i'll be >> okay. >> well, they both stopped by our studio to talk about the film which opens on friday. and we started by asking them what drew them to this project. >> we had three different women's stories somehow linked, and i don't want to give everything away. what was the thing about the script that made you all want to be a part of this? it's also michelle williams, another great actress.
2:54 am
with kelly ricart's work as a film maker and it's so rare to get to work with someone who truly creates their vision and knows how to make the film that she wants to make and protects that fiercely. so to be part of that journey was amazing to start with. >> and you hike the writer, right? >> yeah, i do. i wasn't familiar with those stories. and they are quite different. i think they definitely retain, like, the spirit, but kelly yeah, i mean, it's about three women that you wouldn't necessarily draw an immediate connection between all three necessarily, but there is a sort of, i don't know, like a spiritual through line. it's not just -- it's easy to say it's a movie about strong women, but i think it's really more about the unresolved and the sort of like receiving that can happen in order to protect yourself. i don't know.
2:55 am
you see very, very clear versions of these women that are just beneath the surface. and you're like, come on out. come on. >> and your character, it seems like you're living in your own kind of main and you're playing opposite another woman who is living in her world and it's so funny to watch you two interact and not connect at all. it's like you sit there together and you're each living in your own world. >> they're having conversations but they're entirely different conversations. they're just on totally >> and it's an interesting sublimbinal theme that we're starting to talk about, getting to see press and having to now see the finished film. >> and sometimes you learn a lot. >> yeah, like what is the movie about. it's a bit in the air with our current political climate and this concept of female first, this idea of three wom who perhaps have receded because they've lived so completely in what's considered a man's world that they self protected. >> yes.
2:56 am
of the sexism they've dealt with in very subtle and overt ways, but it's interesting to consider. >> do you like these kind of films? what is it about these kinds of movies that appeal to you? >> you know, i was very lucky to be raised by two actors who when they were first taking me to sets in the 70s and i was watching films made about women, they were they were fierce. they were messy. and there was zero judgment about it. suddenly now, it's like wow, women in movies who are complicated, this is so cting edge. >> this is just getting back to basic stuff. >> we're having to circle back. >> imagine that. >> yeah. that should be the norm, that people are complicated and have flaws and we can honor them for it. >> and there is a bleakness. there really is. she takes a lot of time with the bleakness as the directr.
2:57 am
that's all i'm going to see. >> we say feet. there are lots of feet. >> very closely. >> how many feet did i just sell for you? >> you know, bleak and a lot of feet. >> certain women. >> yeah. >> three women connect through their feet. >> a lot of people do. >> hits theaters this friday. >> get your game on. we're about to play who knew with our crowd across the street. we'll be right back. . we'l r 't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand
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oh, it's that time. we'll head tocht orange room where nutritionist joy is ready
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week. >> we have a great question, and this is a question can i get asked all the time so i'm really excite to answer it. it comes from christy in long island and she writes, i can't have huge appetite. sometimes i feel like a bottomless pit. are there any tricks to suppress my appetite? and the good news is i have two effective tricks i'll be sharing a little later on in the show. you've got to wait. so christy, stay tuned. >> i want to know. >> they're good ones. >> all right. a lot of people haveha problem. coming up a little later, we also have grammy winner ryan tedder. he's from one republican and will sing one of their biggest hits. >> and we're celebrating with jt from seinfeld, john ohurly. >> and get ready to play over there after your local news.
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we're back on this wednesday
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trivia game, who knew. and since monday is national baus's day we're going to test your knowledge of famous bosses in pop culture. hoda is across the street, ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right. and for those who don't, they get something better, one of our wonderful signed books. and here with me is john ohurly who played the elaine's boss, john >> and i of course will return to mine. kudos, elaine, on a job done. >> memorable and it still holds up. this days, john can be found here in new york starring in a one-man show called a man with standards, and you are. >> i will be there saturday and sunday night. this will be my debut. >> singing the great american
3:05 am
at the time. and i coliseum called it because i grew up in a time when men had standards. >> yes. >> and in a shadow of gentlemen. so i talk a lot about the music and the manners. they were indistinguishable. >> that's great. here is hoda with our very next question. >> okay. according to one popular theory, how did bruce springsteen get his name the boss? it's the name of one of his mitt collect the pay from gigs and distribute it to the band, or he owned a guitar shop. >> c. >> he owned a guitar shop. yay. nobody wants to money. they all want the book. >> that's right, the boss ran around a lot. they did a lot of small gigs. he would run around and collect all the money, play all the gang on the east streets. that's how he got the name the boss and he hated the name boss
3:06 am
but i'll tell you something more interesting. talk about what a good baus he was. when the band broke up, he gave each one of them a severance of $2 million. how about that. that's unheard of in the days of these rockands that disbanned and were angry. $2 million, yeah. >> how terrific is that. >> what's your janelle. >> all right, janelle, let's play. what famous tv boss character started out on a sitcom that ran for seven seasons and transitioned into a drama series that lasted 5? sam malone, murphy brown, or lou grant. >> c. >> lou grant. >> yes. $100. >> oh, i want to be hoda in my next life. >> the money is just flowing. i had to go back and think about lou grant. it was one of those series.
3:07 am
tyler moore show. and how interesting to go from a comedy to a drama. >> and yeah and to choose that character over so many that would have been an obvious choice. but that was a perfectly cast sitcom. >> but the drama he did afterwards, remember. >> it's all in the writing and the casting. >> alexis from lake placid and salt lake city. >> she doesn't know where she's finish the lyrics to this famous work anthem ?? being self employed and working night and all day ? and i'm takin' care of business every day ? >> no, she got it. ? takin' care of business. it's all right ? and workin' overtime.
3:08 am
play. >> it's a love fest over there. bachman and turner over drfb from winnipeg, canada. and something interesting about them, there's a group that disbanded and i don't think they shared the $2 million, but they sold 30 million albums. that's the time that -- >> you're a wealth of information. >> i any cocktail party. >> one more? >> one more. denise, originally from new york and now i live in naples. >> let's play. which company has the highest paid ceo in 2015? was it apple, expedia, and/or starbucks? >> expedia. >> expedia. well done. well done. >> i can't believe that. congratulations. >> yep, that's unbelievable.
3:09 am
choice. >> i am stunned that she would know that. maybe because it's such an unusual choice. he had a salary of $95 million, based on performance, but you got to perform pretty well. >> yeah, darn well. great to see you. you're going to be at fine stein's. >> 54 below. >> i'll be doing a special 6-week run of the fantastics from thanksgiving until new year's on broadway. >> i remember the kind. >> all right. you can catch johnn standards. you should put that in your show. this weekend here in new york, and he has a new movie, swing away, which hits theaters next march. okay, catty mom clicks, screaming dads on the football field. you know who you are. what do you do when you see your parents behaving badly? we'll talk to the experts right
3:10 am
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. they say a child's good behavior is learned from their parent, but guess what, folks, so is bad behavior 72 gossiping, bragging about grades, yelling at the coach. >> guilty of all of them. >> you probably have witnessed some not so shining parenting moments. >> and let's face it. you may have done it yourself, so here are tips to hel p we have the author of why unpathetic kids succeed in our all about me world. >> it is all about me. >> narcissism has gone up 58%. let's not just blame the kids. some of it is coming from the parent. >> mostly. >> we say that when we have good kids, it's because we have good behavior. >> when you see a bully on the playground, sometimes when you meet the parent, you go, oh, that might be why.
3:14 am
camera recorders and they're playing our most inopportune moments. >> and the kids are all going to write books later. and you think you're doing something good for your kid by fighting for them, but you're really damaging them, right. >> you are. and there are certain behaviors we're very concerned about. >> bragging, number one. of course we love our children to death, but we' talking about one-sided bragging that really more a puff of the it's always about my kid is so spec because he's doing this and potty trained add two months. it makes the other person's mom start to feel inadequate. and what we're also looking about is very often, the kid begins to think about all mom's talking about is my accomplishments, not that i'm a caring human being. so yes, give them, mom, a big hug if she deserves the joy and prize. but if you're always seeing it
3:15 am
oh, good job, here's what my child is doing. if the parent continues, feel free to stand up and say, you know, feel free to stand up and say, it makes me concerned that you don't care about my family. >> we were just talking about this, the bad sports, the dad or mom who yells at the coach or the referee from the stands. >> 60% of parents are saying they're seeing other parents engaging not in just bad sportsmanship, but physical or verbal abuse of o >> first of all, if you're sitting next to somebody who is demonstrating that behavior, you're better off to move to another seat and then confront the person when they're a little more cooled down. but 163 counties are so concerned, they're now forcing parents to sign pledges of civility before you're allowed to attend your kid's game. which means if you see that kind of behavior, feel free to report it because the official will then call up the parent and say,
3:16 am
together. >> it embarrasses the kid, too. >> 75% of our kids are quitting sports at age 13. can we ask why? they're embarrassed by the pant or it's no longer fun. >> it's supposed to be about fun at that point. >> give us ten seconds on gossip. >> mean moms. don't get into it. the gossip mill becomes extremely contagious. start sticking up to other moms. she's not here toen and what you'll do is send a message to your child. what we really need to do is model good character so our kids pick it up. >> i love her because she speaks truth to power. >> she does. great to see you, doll. >> for more advice, you can go to our website. >> they've spent the last two years traveling the world, and it led them right to our stage. >> don't miss rockers one republic singing one of their greatest hits, coming up right after this.
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they are the grammy nominated band with some of your favorite songs, like this one the 2007 smash, "apologize". >> now one republic is out with a brand >> today, they're singing one of their biggest hits. here is one republic singing "counting stars". ?? ? lately, i've been loving sleep, dreaming about the thing that we could be ? ? and baby, i've been loving, playing hard, no more counting,
3:22 am
? yeah, we'll be counting stars ? ? having a swinging -- in my heart across the line and my faith -- ? world is so -- ? >> ? i feel something so right, doing the wrong thing ? ? yeah, i feel something so wrong, doing the right thing ? . ? good life, good life, good life, everything that kills me
3:23 am
? i've been flying through my sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be ? ? baby, i've been -- no more counting -- we'll be counting stars ? ? baby, i've been -- sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be ? ? baby, i've been -- there's no more counting we'll be counting stars ? ? oh, yeah. ? ? i feel your love and i feel it burn. opens up for better or worse. make that money, watch it burn ? ? oh, but i'm not that -- i don't think the one -- ?
3:24 am
doing the right thing, yeah ? >> ? good life, good life, good life ? ? everything that kills me makes me feel alive ? >> ? lately, i've been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be ? ? baby, i've been -- pretty hard. and no more counting dollars. we'll be counting stars ? ? baby, dreaming about the things that we could be ? ? baby, i've been praying hard and no more counting dollars. we'll be, we'll be counting -- ? ? watch it burn, take it to the lessons i've learned ? ? watch it burn, the lessons i've learned. take that money, watch it burn.
3:25 am
learned ?? >> yeah, i love those guys. one republic's new album oh, my my is out now. >> we have a question. do you have a big appetite and feel like you're never, ever getting full? what happens? christy is joining us and she's ready to help. first, you have to win again. this is today -- "today" on nbc.
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now it is time for the answer to our diet sos question of the week. all right, christy from long
3:29 am
were any tricks to suppressing hungr. christy, i have two amazing effective tricks. the first trick is you're going to drink 16 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to eating. so you're going to drink this before lunch and dinner. if you can do it before breakfast, home run. and the reason is water helps to promote feelings of fullness. so if you gugal, it will help take the you're likely to eat less at the main meal. and the second is to eat before you eat. it sounds crazy, but it works. you'll have one to two cups of one of these four vegetables, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes or celery. that's because they're pack charged with water and fiber. they'll make you full and take the edge off. it tames your hunger and works. drink water. eat veggies. it works. plus, a performance you
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great what. >> barry gibbs. >> and if you're in new york new york city, come to the plaza for an ambush make over. >> female announcer: the following is a paid program for murad, celebrating 25 years of health and skincare breakthroughs. >> male announcer: find out how you can have firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin and finally look as young as you feel in this paid program for dr. howard murad's age-defying secret, resurgence, starring joan lunden, robin givens, julie benz, and the star of the hit show "scandal," darby stanchfield. >> hi. i'm darby stanchfield. and i'd like you to try something. take a look in the mirror and ask yourself -- does the face looking back at you reflect how you feel inside? okay, ladies, that's the real scandal -- when you look older than you feel. >> when i look in the mirror, i look tired. >> i woke up the other day, i looked in the mirror, and i swear it was my mom looking at me. >> i look angry with my forehead


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