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tv   Today  NBC  October 15, 2016 7:00am-8:29am CDT

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good morning. lashing out. donald trump on the attack against the women who an accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> believe me, she would not be my first choice. >> the number of alled now eight. >> false smears for personal fame. o knows? >> this as hillary clinton comes under fire again after a new round of e-mails released by wikileaks. why her campaign squashed a speech by bill clinton. and 12 million people in the pacific northwest preparing for a second round of a storm with
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tornado on friday. >> oh, my gosh! dude. look at that. >> and today it will only get worse with stronger category 2 hurricane-force winds and up to a foot of rain. dylan is tracking it all. violent encounter. a chicago police officer recovering after being beaten by a suspect allegedly high on drugs. why these police shootingsay gun. and three good samaritans after a woman accidentally backs up into a pond. >> a terrifying scene. luckily the woman in the car is expected to be okay. today, saturday, october 15th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio
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>> good morning. welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones dylan drey and stephanie ruhle. with the election just 24 days away, the state of the race today, donald trump pushing back against allegations of sexual misconduct. he had rallies in new hampshire and maine today. meanwhile, hillary clinton will appearances today, but her running mate, tim kaine will be in miami. we have a lot to get to this morning. nbc's jacob rascon is in maine with the latest. good morning, jacob. >> reporter: the candidate finds himself instead defending accusation after accusation that he kissed and groped women without their consent. the candidate and supporters
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trump is blaming all of it on a vast left wing conspiracy. >> the whole system is rigged. >> reporter: his campaign on the ropes. his teleprompters broken. >> i like my speech better without teleprompters. >> reporter: donald trump lashing out in north carolina. >> false smears for personal fame. who knows? maybe financial. >> reporter: implying his accusers are unattractive. >> she would not be my first choice. >> reporter: trump is the real victim he insists. >> the political establishment is trying to stop us because they know we are a threat to their corrupt control. >> reporter: after denying groping and kissing women without sent. >> no i have not. >> reporter: eight women came forward to say yes.
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mar-a-lago in 2003. then summer zervos. >> i pushed his chest. i said come on. get real. he repeated my words back to me. get real. as he began thrusting his genitals. >> reporter: and christian anderson said she met him in the early 1990s. >> the person on my right who unbeknown to donald trump put their hand up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear. >> reporter: nbc news is not confirm any of the allegations. mike pence said the campaign would produce evidence to vindicate the candidate. >> that is coming through in a matter of hours. >> reporter: the evidence?
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said he witnessed jessica leeds coming on to trump. other women have come forward to defend his character. >> we know he is an outstanding man. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign on defense after wikileaks released another round of embarrassing e-mails. one from clinton campaign manager robby mook asking bill clin the speech would be an unforced error before she announced her white house bid. nbc news has not authenticated the documents. minutes ago, donald trump tweeted again and saying these are made up charges which will poison the american voters' minds. donald trump is in new hampshire and maine in a state where we
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him down by nine points. back to you. >> jacob rascon. thank you. let's bring in joey reid. and jessica flores. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right. let's get to it. let's start with donald trump yesterday. going after the women who have accused him of misconduct. going after t again, this vast left wing conspiracy. a lot of folks say at times he seemed unhinged. >> ripping apart his teleprompter. there seems to be an emotional breakdown. he seems to be lashing out at the republican party for not standing behind him. he seems to want the republican party to join this bizarre defense of attacking the women. it is not a good look. i feel for his campaign team.
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>> not a good look. it has been an avalanche of bad news for donald trump. if you look at the battleground states. he is still holding his own. are there people out there who view this as white noise and don't see the negative? >> hillary clinton has not had a good week. the e-mails continue to drip, drip, drip. it is not helpful to her campaign. in the rock, paper, scissors of e-mails. he didn't do that in the debate. he won the debate, but did not expand the electorate. they are not that close and it is not enough. losing by two points still doesn't make you president. >> you mentioned hillary clinton. i want to mention the obamas. you have michelle obama delivering that emotional speech on thursday. saying she was shaken to her
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how effective is that? >> think about it. hillary clinton has the current president of the united states and vice president of the united states sort of a grab bag of all the political stars of the democratic party. donald trump has a guy of questionable morals saying he was on an airplane with him in first class. there is a contrast there in the level of support that hillary clinton has. listen, michelle obama is probably the most effective coic now. that includes barack obama. that speech was so impactful and effective because it got to what most people feel when they watch the horrid election that our children are watching this. this is impacting or girls and boys. it is impacting our image around the world. as parents, it is painful to watch our country slide into the abyss that has been revolving around the scandals.
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>> i think hillary was having a problem with enthusiasm with voters. donald trump had a more enthusiastic base. what i think michelle obama's speech is gin up that enthusiasm. people who watched that were hillary clinton voters, but better hillary clinton voters. >> you said something earlier that piqued my the trump strategy is to gin up his base. the design and conspiracy stuff. this is the same stuff existed in that part of the web for some time. is that what we are seeing? is he trying to drive down support on the other side? >> i don't think it is a strategy. i think donald trump is lashing out. i think he is angry and he's losing. i think he has been losing for some time. the structure of the race has been clear for some time. i think donald trump is sliding
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>> we didn't get to talk about why you spend your saturday in maine. >> maine. it is not winner take all. part of the strategy is getting a little tenous. >> maine before vegas. >> thank you, guys. you can see more of joy reid this morning on msnbc. it is a pretty good show. now we have to turn to a ge out west. what could be the worst to hit the pacific northwest in over a decade. it has already spawned two tornadoes and brought 100-mile-an-hour winds. today, the storm is expected to go from bad to even worse. nbc's joe fryer is here with the latest. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, stephanie. you could say this is the calm between the storm. the pacific northwest is getting ready for another strong blast
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today. the first storm left a path of destruction. >> that's a straight-up tornado. >> reporter: the oregon coast is nowhere near the path of tornado alley. yet a water spout sailed across the pacific friday unleashing a twister on land. >> look right there. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the tornado, a rarity in the parts, tore through the beach down damaging houses and businesses. >> this is how i support my fami. out in some sense. >> reporter: neighbors are hustling to help each other clean up. >> i did not hear anything. heavy rain. >> reporter: constantly reminded more bad weather is on the way. from british columbia to north carolina, they are ready for a second blast powered for a typhoon. >> this has the possibility to be a fatal storm if you don't
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>> reporter: it could be the strongest wind storm in the region bringing massive waves and flooding. waves are raging up and down the coast. >> it is hard to walk around. >> reporter: the coast guard helped rescue 40 kids and 6 adults stranded in a camp with no power. no one was hurt. crews are rushing to repair downed power lines and 9 million hunker down bracing for the possibility of winds without the hurricane. some forecasters are already dubbing today's storm the ides of october. if you want to know how rare tornadoes are in the region. the weather service in portland issued ten tornado warnings in one day yesterday. before that, the record was just three. stephanie. >> that is a wow. joe, thanks. ten tornado warnings.
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>> the storm we will expect today is worse than yesterday. it is actually the equivalent of a category 2 hurricane. it doesn't develop the same way, but the onshore flow. it will be replaced by torrential downpours. we could see the gusty winds. yesterday, we had the tornadoes, we had wind gusts along the coast up near 100 miles an hour. seattle and eugene, oregon and crescent city. winds gusting up to 100 miles per hour. that could lead to power outages and downed trees. it is a big storm that will affect the area as early as late this morning and into the afternoon and into the overnight and we start to see the rain taper off as we go into tomorrow morning. it becomes more or less spotty showers. after the big storm moves through, we will see a cold front move in.
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especially across northwestern california. winds through the day will be on average around 50 miles per hour. right along the immediate coastline and beaches, wind gusts in excess of 100. we are looking at 10 to 15 inches of rain. especially in crescent city, california. that could lead to flash flooding as well. the combination of wind and rain. a nasty weekend in the northwest. >> thanks, dylan. wildfires burning i destroyed at least 22 homes and forced hundreds of evacuations near lake tahoe and hundreds of structures are in danger this morning. in north carolina, a slow motion disaster. rivers still rising today a week after hurricane matthew pounded the carolinas. the death toll in north carolina has risen to 24. starting at noon today, you will no longer take a galaxy note 7 aboard a flight in the
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because the phone can spontaneously burst into flames. samsung stopped making the note 7s. passengers who tried to take one on the plane could face a fine. this is not good. police all over the state of ohio are on the lookout for a man they believe to be a serial child kidnapper. willing to abduct kids from their homes. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for a information. here is nbc's kevin tibbles with more. >> reporter: a mother's plea for the return of her 6-year-old daughter. >> my life. >> reporter: snatched from her home in cleveland in may. found 17 hours later after being assaulted. >> he made her ride in the floorboard of the car. >> reporter: now the fbi says it fears a serial child abductor may be on the prowl and
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suspect. months earlier, just miles away, another ohio girl age 10 managed to escape her attacker. >> worst feeling in the world having your daughter scream at you at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: forensic evidence in each case matches and are intensifying their search for the driver of the chevy malibu. it has a different front color fender media and urge parents to take precautions. >> it is important to know who your kids are talking to and know the information. we lock our doors at night, but we put a lot of information on the computer. >> reporter: soliciting the public's help for a predator before another child is harmed. for "today" kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. dash cam shows a chicago police officer under attack, but
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officers trying to hold a man high on pcp this month and found themselves in a wrestling match on the street. the suspect slammed her to the pavement and she said she declined to shoot the man because she was worried about the scrutiny her family could face in the police shootings nationwide. outrage after a doctor who is black posted on facebook she was discriminated against while on a recent flight on help out after someone on board had a medical emergency, a flight attendant did not believe she was a real doctor. nbc's sarah dallof has more. >> reporter: a fire storm online after a houston area doctor posted an open letter to facebook accusing a flight attendant of discrimination. the doctor says on a recent flight to minneapolis, the
7:18 am
doctor on board to help a sick passenger. when dr. cross volunteered, she said she was turned away. >> she immediately applied saying oh, no, sweetie, put your hand down. we have an emergency right now. we don't have time. >> reporter: after a plea for assistance, cross rang her call button and explained she was a doctor. she said the flight attendant questioned her male, examined the sick passenger. the post prompted a full investigation on delta. they said they are troubled by accusations of discrimination and take them seriously. they added three medical professionals identified themselves. only one was able to produce documentation. that was the doctor asked to assist. meanwhile, a show of support for
7:19 am
black doctors tweeting #whatadoctorlookslike. the flight attendant apologized offering frequent flyer miles. she said that will not be enough. >> she could benefit from sensitivity training to ensure that her inate bias doesn't get in the way. >> reporter: for "today" sara dallof, nbc news. a 68-year-old woman accidentally backed her car into a pond. three bystanders jumped in to help. they could not pull her out. as the car sunk under water, the woman did reach the surface and she was treated for hypothermia and is expected to be fine. great americans right there. dylan is back with the check of the country's forecast. >> besides the storm in the
7:20 am
quiet across most of the country. we are looking at possible record-breaking heat across the plains and midwest too. we have crystal clear blue skies across the northeasnortheast. a couple of clouds in the mid-atlantic. we are going to really focus on the heavy rain and strong winds. especially in the pacific northwest.
7:21 am
and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. with halloween two weeks away, police are keeping an extra eye peeled for scary clowns popping up all over the country. it is not just a problem here in the united states. nbc's matt bradley reports the creepy clown craze has gone global. >> reporter: the clowns are coming. the creepy clown epidemic which has terrorized months has gone global. sightings in britain and europe and now australia. most turn out to be stunts. a man frightening people on a campus. that clown later apologized. acclaimed to be filming a movie. even batman got in on the act. >> why not try scaring me. >> reporter: that was a stunt by
7:22 am
so far, the injuries in sweden. where a clown stabbed a young man late thursday night. scary clowns are not new. they figure into pop culture ever since stephen king's hit. the u.s. has seen clown pranks before. so has europe. an evil clown craze in 2014 led to the arrest of a dozen armed teenagers. among real life clowns. their livelihoods are at risk. >> putting a lot of children off a real clown. >> reporter: there is no evidence of coordinated clowning, but police in britain are not laughing. >> the perception of a clown in a circus tent is not applied here at all. on the level of threat that is exhibited is not something you would see in a circus. >> reporter: police throughout the world are expecting the clown craze to increase over the
7:23 am
halloween. for "today" matt bradley, nbc news, london. >> are you scared of clowns to begin with? >> yes. >> my dentist office growing up was decked out in clowns. you lay back with clowns on swings and clowns on the wall. >> and the dentist with the needle. >> too much. >> so many people are afraid anyway. this takes it to another level. >> halloween is going to be a hard night. still to come, our look at the stories everyone is talking about this week. fallon learned how to milk a cow. and bringing back coach hoping to win a world series for real, not just in the movies. but first this is "today" on nbc. on
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us. senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests,
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still ahead, important information for women during breast cancer awareness month. what you need to know when you
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plus, how one actress went from millions of views on youtube to starring in her own show on netflix. i know my kids won't want to
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two milwaukee men are behind bars this morning for allegedly trying to join isis. year-old jason ludke and 30-year-old yosvany padilla conde. they say the two men were trying to go to mexico.. then to syria or iraq to join isis. the two made videos pledging their allegiance to the terror group. here's meteorologist brian
7:28 am
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i have these moments where i say to my husband, you know, what if i don't like the way my life changes? what if we are so different and we don't have this down time together? >> dylan dreyer. posting on about her fears of becoming a parent. so far it's gotten nearly 800,000 views. it is obviously a topic that resonates with a lot of new parents and a lot of folks who have been parenting for a while as well. coming up in trending. we will talk more about something every parent experiences. meanwhile, we are back on this saturday morning, october
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we have a great crowd joining us on a crisp fall morning. a bit chilly out there. in here, we are looking at headlines today. more accusers step forward alleging sexual misconduct against donald trump. trump denying those accusations at a rally on friday night. donald trump called the accusations false smears for personal fame. meantime, hillary clinton is also on the defense after new e-mails released from wikileaks. wild weather in the pacific northwest after a rare tornado touched down on the oregon coast. the storm is expected to bring high winds and lots of rain today is from the remnants of a typhoon. and the successful surgery separated conjoined twin boys here in neyork. the brothers joined at the head, underwent a 20-hour surgery on friday. mom posting on facebook said they are not completely out of
7:32 am
hopeful for their future. now to our recap of the biggest stories from the past week we have been covering. >> both candidates had a tough week on the campaign trail. investigators are trying to figure out why a pilot intentionally crashed a small plane and samsung forces more fallout over the galaxy note 7. those are some of the stories in the weekly >> a flood of women emerge accusing donald trump of sexual assault. >> i was wearing a skirt and his hands started going toward my knee. >> trump lashing out at accusers and opponent. >> another ridiculous tale. no witnesses. no nothing. >> but to trump. >> these attacks are orchestrated by the clinton campaign and allies.
7:33 am
>> it has shaken me to my core in a way i did not predict. >> he, every time he talks, proves himself unqualified for the office. >> meantime, clinton is dealing with her challenges. >> wikileaks releasing 1,700 new hacked e-mails on wednesday. one from a jennifer writing about catholics. >> and in connecticut, a scary plane crash on a busy street and the flight instructor on board says it was no accident. >> it happened right on main street in east hartford. a twin engine ungulfed in flames. >> new fallout over samsung's
7:34 am
>> galaxy 7 owners is not get rid of them fast enough. >> you expect a glitch with this and this is ridiculous. >> the world's largest smartphone maker is giving up. users say they burst into flames and the replacements have the same problem. al roker gave us a look at his knee replacement surgery at new york's hospital. >> the following morning, it is tough to get out of bed and the hard work is j my first steps on the new knee put me that much closer to recovery. a real life rabbit and tortoise race captured in thailand. just like esops fables. and blake shelton instructing jimmy fallon how to milk a cow. >> i'll get my bowl.
7:35 am
what are you doing? of course, of course, oreo, i know. >> more adventure. >> yes, sir. how is it? >> warm. >> i love how blake also said, youow,s stereotype. you are insulting us. >> did you see the overalls and hat and bandana? >> you >> i'm from kansas. kansas state fair. 4-h. >> have you ever tipped a cow? >> no, i haven't. >> that's a violent act. >> you two have milked a cow? >> yes. >> i have fed a cow. not milk a cow. >> we should probably get a check of the forecast. i think we should segue to
7:36 am
good angle. we are looking at the jet stream staying to the north for this weekend. we are looking at possible record-breaking high temperatures as we go through the day today. look at north platte, nebraska. 81 degrees. 18 degrees above average. kansas city above average. st. louis should hit 80. chicago on sunday, 72. cincinnati, 80 degrees. erie, pennsylvania, 13 above boston up to 72. that's 14 degrees above average. we are looking at highs about 20 to 25 degrees above average. all the way up to wisconsin and into michigan as well as we go into next week. it will be a warm one. more like what you expect at the end of august. this cold front will bring a couple spotty showers this afternoon in the great lakes. the big story is the high wind and heavy rain in the pacific northwest.
7:37 am
and i'm back. that's the forecast. >> i can't believe you haven't milked a cow. still to come, billboard revealing its woman of the year and it may surprise you. and new updates on women getting mammograms and changes about sel i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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this morning in today's take away, what you need to know about breast cancer. october is breast cancer awareness month. there is no better time to go over the guidelines, especially when they seem to always be changing. dr. natalie azar is here with more. why do the guidelines keep changing? >> it seems like they do. it is important to understand there is no disputehe not mammography should be done. all organizations say they decrease breast cancer. where they differ is when the mammogram is started and how frequently it should be done and when they should end. >> let's talk about the guidelines. are there two schools of thought if you will? >> two major groups we are always talking about. one is the united states preventive services task force. an independent body of experts
7:42 am
recommendation that mammography should start at age of 50 and go to 74. every other year. >> this says 45. >> that is the american cancer society. those are the two major competing groups, if you will. the american cancer society states the mammogram should be done every year between 45 and 54. every year or two years after. while the task force has maintained since 2009 they think outweighs mammography in your 40s. >> what would change the protocols? >> that is important to say. the recommendations have to do with women considered at average risk. what increases your risk? the two things you can't change are your age or gender. women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer. there is also if you have a
7:43 am
lesion or family history. we talk about brca 1 and brca 2. there are other factors that we understand that are involved. >> we talk about screenings. what are the common factors? >> the thing about breast cancer, it could be asymptomatic. basically, if you h your breast or under your arm that is painless, hard with irregular borders. nipple discharge or skin changes, you want to alert your health care provider. sheinelle, it is important to reiterate that while the groups may differ on when the recommendation is to start, all the groups absolutely assert and
7:44 am
mammography for screening for breast cancer. i cannot emphasize that enough. >> growing up, really quickly. my mom in her shower. she had a card in the shower with the self exam and how to do it. we always thought that is what you were supposed do. that has changed for some organizations. >> a year ago, the american cancer society came out with a statement that said there was no enough evidence for or against the performed by a doctor or nurse or self breast exam that increases detection of cancer. now that is their statement. that does not mean that you should not know your breasts. >> right. for sure. >> most of us would say who knows your body better than you? if you do a breast self exam, you will be the first one who will notice a change. while in the big picture, there may not be a reduction in the
7:45 am
mortality, i think logically, we all understand that especially doing a breast self exam and knowing your body is still absolutely important. >> it can't hurt. >> it can't hurt. >> good information this morning. dr. natalie azar. coming up, ask an anchor. the crowd has spoken and we will answer their questions. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate enough to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult. and he prescribed enbrel... to help relieve joint pain and help stop further joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis... lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common... or if you're prone to infections,
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7:49 am
>> during a live shot? >> i slipped on the floor in the fast food restaurant. that is not true. >> any hidden talent. >> you have hidden talent. >> you're an amazing dancer. >> that's not hidden. >> that's known to the world. >> you are trying to teach me the running man. you are a bad teacher, but great dancer. >> the real running man. >> the original. how did you meet your husband? he was my c worked in local news in boston. it was a marriage of convenience they call it. >> i'm sure he loves that. oh, he calls it. >> strangest job i ever had? right now. this moment. i'm living it right here. >> another one? >> do you have any secret talents? >> did i just give you that one? >> how about this? this is a good one. >> who is your dream interview? >> that is a good one. >> dead or alive?
7:50 am
>> oh, that's nice. >> alive. dream interview? i would like to sit down with donald trump. >> that can be yours. >> i like tom hanks. >> you love tom hanks. >> we're out of time. >> mine's beyonce. >> still ahead. the subject of debate in a lot of homes. who gets to control the thermostat. one mom's hilarious rules com but first this is "today" on
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he tooa ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where heights against ten aal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us.
7:57 am
terrorism a hot topic at the not wisconsin. first senate debate between republican senator ron johnson and democrat russ feingold. bay and brought up many milwaukee-related issues. the issues turned to terrorism and the instability in syria following the arrests of two milwaukee men for alleged ties to isis. here's meteorologist brian
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. lashing out. a deiant donald trump as the number of women accusing him of sexual misconduct now grows to eight. >> false smears for persona who knows? maybe for financial reasons. political purposes. >> trump going on the attack against his alleged victims. >> believe me. she would not be my first choice. >> and this morning, hillary clinton is also on defense with a new round of e-mails released from wikileaks. bracing for the worst. a powerful storm rolling through the pacific northwest this weekend bringing
8:01 am
people trying to clean up from two tornadoes from friday before the rest of the coast hits today. dylan has the forecast. and youtube sensation. a popular online personality with millions of followers is now the star of her own show on netflix. how she went from a life online to a scripted series. today, saturday, october 15th, 2016. ? ?? >> good morning. >> i was here for my 50th and now i'm back for my 70th. >> happy 60th. >> c-a-t-s. >> hi, baby. we love you.
8:02 am
welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. a fantastic crowd on the plaza. thank you for waking up with us and a special thank you to the woman who spent her 50th and came back. >> 20 years later. >> your brother is having a birthday? >> happy birthday, mike. you're a butthead. >> happy aanniversary. we he let's begin with the latest on the race for the white house. the election now just 24 days away and donald trump remains defiant as more women come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. nbc's jacob rascon is in maine. good morning. >> reporter: the campaign denies the allegations and says they have evidence to refute the claims, but so far produced a british man refuting the story
8:03 am
of another accuser. since the trump denial that he kissed or groped women without consent. eight women have come forward separately to different publications and news outlets talking about accusations that span a number of years and locations from a hotel room to an airplane to one of his clubs to a nightclub as well. and trump is calling all of these people horrible, horrible liars and horrible people and implies se attractive. just this morning, he is still on defense tweeting out. 100% fabricated made up by the media and clinton campaign may poison the minds of the american voter. then this election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unsubstantiated charges and outright lies in order to elect crooked hillary
8:04 am
released by wikileaks. her inner circle discussing how they have a cozy relationship with wall street. clinton is off the campaign trail and trump is in new hampshire and maine. both states where he is behind. back to you. >> jacob, thank you. three men face life in prison for a suspected bomb plot against muslims in kansas. the fbi announced friday the arrests of members of the crusaders, an the men had been under investigation since february. the feds say the men were allegedly planning to blow up a mosque and housing complex where somali-americans live. and sources say the target is president vladimir putin and other kremlin leaders. the strike would be in retaliation for alleged russian interference with the u.s. election. the cia is presenting options to
8:05 am
include how much money is moved outside of the country. and agreement to slow climate change. nearly 200 countries signed on for the hscs in air conditioners. they will be phased in over the next decade with a significant reduction by the end of the century. a would-be robber in custody after someone turned tables on her. this is detroit. showing a hotel clerk being held up. the clerk not having it. grabs the gun and threatens the suspect. goes after the suspect. the two get into a wrestling match. the gun actually goes off at one point. fortunately the woman was involved in at least one other robbery. >> i mean that is extraordinary. >> we should know -- >> never doing that. >> not doing that.
8:06 am
wrestling match going on, but dylan is out there with the fantastic crowd and another check on the latest forecast. a huge storm they're facing in the northwest. no wrestling! >> no wrestling, but a lot of excitement here on the plaza. everyone's happy, and i'm learning a lot out here. because the baby's due december 17th. you said the 16th is your birthday. you're the 15th. anybody the 14th over here? 18th over here? whoa! everybody's born in december in this corner. i'm hanging out the pacific northwest. we had yesterday 100 mile-per-hour wind gusts. we also saw several inches of rain. several roads closed in the pacific northwest especially in oregon where an ef-2 tornado was seen, ten tornado warnings issued yesterday, very, very unusual for the pacific northwest. downed trees, downed power lines because of very gusty winds and that was the weaker of two
8:07 am
seeing gusty winds. because of that high-wind warnings, adviadvisories, could guss 80 to 100 miles an hour. portland, wind gusts to be seen up to 60 miles an hour and could lead to more power outages and could see rounds of heavy rain. 10 to 15 and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> thanks, dylan.
8:08 am
this one is for me. thermostat wars take place in my house. one mom's revenge to make sure no one else in her house changes the tept without her permission. >> a good one. >> i need that. and then -- just what the cubs needed. playing in the national league championship series. that's coming up. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue.
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8:12 am
my favorite, do you pay the gas bill? i do like it. >> we can relate. >> number three. do you pay the bill? the next is too cute to ignore. this is a rescue bear cub. goes by the name of bo check out boo bear. he is taking the internet by storm because the video is narrated by the owner. boo meets his house mate, a deer for the first time. >> where is >> boo musters up courage. then boo gets a little scared. he stands up. he backs up. ultimately he finds comfort back there by the banister. the deer, for his part, could care less. >> that's cute. >> and finally, dylan is trending because of her
8:13 am
about becoming a parent. >> i'm 35 and i've always just lived my life. now i feel like there's going to be a moment where i live my life for someone else. and someone else is going to be that thing that sort of controls my life. and it really does scare me. i have moments where i could just get choked up talking about it. iav husband, what if i don't like the way my life changes? what if things are so different and we don't have this down time together? >> it has a happy ending. >> my husband did tell me. he said just remember this baby is a piece of both of us. everything we love about each other. that's what we will love in the child. i didn't know i felt that way until i started talking. that is what i do for
8:14 am
>> that's how i'm feeling. it was honest. >> the way you live and love. it will totally change. >> that's what everybody says. thank you for that. take it away. >> take us to the pop start. >> you remember him. he's the fictional coach from "rookie of the year." daniel stern is reprizing his now the cubs are becoming one of the best teams in baseball this year, coach brickma is back fired up and lending his expertise to his favorite baseball team. >> looks like the cubbies are coming back. i hope i can be there in the dugout showing you some of my tips. if not, i'll send you some hot tips. like this one. it's all a dance up there,
8:15 am
just slow and steady. win -- whoa. >> if that doesn't help them out, i don't know what will. by the way, the cubs play the dodgers tonight. and file this one under the fan of "mean girls." if not, i'll explain. lindsay lohan posted this with co- stars. it is the is buzzing about. it reads miss you all. sequel? see if it works. >> i could see it. >> you can see it. would you see it? >> you almost have to because it is the water cooler conversation. >> i would not have to. coming up next. the star of the newest netflix series and how she made the leap from youtube to a scripted show. i'm looking forward to this. but first this is "today" on
8:16 am
8:18 am
and we're back on a saturday morning with a woman quickly becoming a household name. if you have not heard of her yet, you probably soon will. >> her name is miranda sings. she has more than 6 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion collective views. now miranda i stars to get their own scripted show. >> hey, guys. it's me, miranda. i'm a singer, actress. >> miranda sings. ? defying gravity ?? >> haters back off is the show about miranda sings.
8:19 am
talent. >> don't be intimidated by me. >> and her journey from youtube to international sensation. in life, miranda sings is colleen ballinger. >> i was looking up the numbers. you tell me if it has changed. over 6 million subscribers, nearing 2 billion views and now netfli. >> iug sit in your bedroom and up load it. i started doing it as a joke. never thought anything would happen. >> well, she was wrong. based off her popularity, she has written a best selling self help book and touring around the world and touring with jimmy fallon and jimmy kimmel. >> maybe you should tell your
8:20 am
netflix. >> bam. you're famous. >> sounds easy to me. >> was is exciting or scary? >> it is everything. it is definitely very scary. i have no idea what to expect. my dreams are coming true. >> it is part of a life lived online and shared almost completely with her fans. the good and the bad. >> joshua and i are getting a divorce. >> just last month, she announced on youtube a for many, this might seem like over sharing, but for she and her fans, it is part of the journey. >> i love sharing my life with them. it feels like a family. >> why this woman who cannot line her lips to save her life and is a snot. why do they love her? >> i think it is miranda's confidence. it is inspiring how a girl who
8:21 am
loves herself. >> miranda, your video has gone viral. >> i'm looking at your character on the screen and i'm looking at you. i wonder how much of this is real. does she live in you? is she part of you? can you just become miranda? >> i'm miranda right now. i just am her. hello? >> all right. interview was so much fun. when she broke into character, it was hard to keep it together. we tried it over and over. i'm a giver. we put it on check it out. she is really funny. by the way, her new show, "haters back off" is available on netflix. she is funny. >> it's out already? >> netflix does it. all episodes are there. >> binge watch.
8:22 am
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two milwaukee men are behind bars this morning for
8:28 am
year-old michael ludke and 30-year-old yosvany padilla conde. they say the two men were trying to go to mexico.. then to syria or iraq to join isis. the two made videos pledging their allegiance to group. here's meteorologist brian
8:30 am
. announcer: when you see this symbol you know you're watching television that's educational and informational the more you know on nbc. lauren: hii'm lauren thompson, and "heart of a champion" starts right now. today, learn how nascar driver aric almirola carries the legacy of richard petty with him aric: it's about love, and it's about family, and without growing up in an atmosphere like i grew up in, i wouldn't be here driving the 43 car for richard petty. lauren: then, the amazing story of how jason day's friendship and bond with his caddy has propelled him to the top spot of his sport. jason: he's just one of the best for me. i guess if you hang around someone long enough that makes you work harder, then it will rub off.


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