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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  October 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CDT

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breaking news in cudahy right now.... where police are investigating a stabbing that's left one person seriously injured. very little information is available right police try to sort out the details. ben jordan is live in the newsroom with what we know, ben? what we know so far. ben? >> police say this all happened shortly before 6:00 inside an apartment blocks awa 26-year-old man's condition is unknown at this point. his injuries were serious enough to be flown to the hospital. the victim was brought to the high school by ambulance. he was loaded into a helicopter and taken to froi earth. the police say the stabbing happened inside this brick apartment at the corner of summers and kirkwood police say a woman is in custody for questioning. officers taped off an entire
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to this stabbing. neighbors say they're taken aback by the incident, calling this is very safe neighborhood. >> it's kind of fright eping, man. you know, you figure you're over here in a nice neighborhood. it let you know it can hit home anywhere. you know. it's a sad thing to hear. >> police say this incident is isolated and there doesn't appear to be any danger to the community at this point. the suspect and victim's names have not been released all right. thanks, ben. one person is dead tonight after a shooting near 38th and meineke. it happened before six o'clock. the victim is identified as a 24-year-old man from ken kenosha. no other information is available right now. storm team four after an overcast but mild day. rain moving into our area. we're here with the forecast, scott? >> some of that moi it your
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storm team 4 max radar. precipitation extending from iowa into southwestern wisconsin, moving into south eastern wisconsin. nothing terribly heavy yet. across the metro area, nothing to speak up except an overcast sky. your weather word is blanket, that blanket of clouds continuing with rain to follow awfully soon. outside right now, milwaukee's mitchell international. bumped up to the new high temperature of degrees, 63 in waukesha, winds continuing strong, between 10-15 miles an hour out of the warm direction, south-southwest. for early tonight, temperatures hanging in the 60s, cloudy breezy and mild. with showers and a few rumbles of thunder rolling through tonight. the primary period of time between midnight and 3:00 a.m. with heavy down pours. talk about that and your sunday forecast in a few minutes. more news now.
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decision from texas after they were arrested and charged with trying to join isis. federal agents say jason will youedski and -- planned to travel to mexico then to the middle east. according to court records, will youedkey was talking online to an fbi agent who was posing as a terrorist thim advertise z sizer. american's largest civil rights group- charged with plotting to kill muslims in kansas after next month's election. >> federal investigators say this was the target, an apartment complex housing about 120 people. mostly muslim somali refugees. with one apartment used as a mosque, in garden city. a community of 30,000 in southwestern kansas. prosecutors say three kansas men, all in their late 4r0 40s, talked for months about killing
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to attack the apartment complex with car bombs. >> thee charges are based on eight months of investigation by the fbi, that is alleged to have taken the investigators deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence. >> people from somalia and southeast asia who work at a garden city meat packing plant dominate the area's population. residents of the apartment complex said word of the arrests was frightening. >> i'm feeling unsafe hear. it's not something good. >> court be documents say the three men were part of an antigovernment, antimuslim extremist group called the crusaders. the fbi kept the men under close surveillance since february and moved in friday after they acquired weapons and began making the components for bombs. >> new tonight, for the third time this week the u.s. navy destroyer uss mason was shot at
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the missiles were fired from rebel controlled areas. veteran jeremy johnson was -- 34-year-old killed last month in a motorcycle accident in indianapolis much he's the older brother of 21-year-old quinn johnson harris who was killed in afghanistan last october. their sister devastated they lost another family member so soon and unexpectedly. >> of course i didn't think another brother, you know, another son to my parents is going to die anytime soon. or to lose his life. and to get the call -- and i got the call from my middle brother, lamar johnson harris who was at west point, and he couldn't speak on the phone. >> jeremy was riding a motorcycle that belonged to his
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an appleton police officer shot in the line of duty is speaking out. stephanie whiner and a good samaritan were shot while trying to stop a robbery suspect who later took his own life. >> at the time i had no idea my worst nightmare would become a reality. >> whiner said she has no bitter feelings toward the man who shot her. she spoke at an event focussed on encouraging and supin local police officers. >> the milwaukee police department getting an early start on halloween. police officers dressed up for their annual kids and cops in costumes event today. part of district 7 was converted into a haunted house as well. organizers say it's a chance for children to see a different side of law enforcement. coming up, more classified documents about hillary clinton released by wiki leaks. how the presidential nominee is
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how a woman managed to escape her suv after it plunged underwater into a pond. a live picture from the set of saturday night live. tonight's show starts in about 20 minutes now. it's hosted by actress emily
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video of massachusetts shows the dramatic rescue her sinking suv. a man swims out to help but the suv sinks below the surface. the women appears. she was hospitalized for hypothermia. police say the woman was trying to back into a parking spot when she drove over a curb, sending her suv into that pond. election day a little more than three weeks away, the presidential candidates are working to get more campaign
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million dollars last month. that would make september the best fundraising month trump has had. hillary clinton raised 154 million last month. >> house speaker paul ryan is fully confident the november election will be carried out with integrity. that's from a ryan spokesperson in response to a question about whether the speaker agreed with trump's assertion that the election may be rigged. point plan to combat drug addiction. during a rally in new hampshire where he talked about the role that prescription drugs play in the heroin epidemic. talked about cracking down on the postal loop holes. >> thee traffickers use loop holes in the mail service to mail drugs to users and dealers all over the world.
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on this abuse and give law enforcement the tools they need to accomplish this mission and rapidly. trump also called for making fda rules less restrictive and increasing sentences for serious offenders. transcripts released today by wikileaks show hillary clinton avoided direct criticism of wall street as she examined the melt down during a series of paid speeches to the transcripts reveal no new bombshells, they're likely to reinvigorate concerns that clinton is close to wall street. these are the transcripts that bernie sanders demanded she release. the clinton camp blames russia for the attack. and donald trump's attempt to have russia influence america's
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great cause. the bucks took on the bulls in preseason play tonight. with proceeds from the game benefiting the mack fund which helps fight ith childhood cancer and blood disoffereds. george was the leader of pregame and halftime activities. vince hosting the professional firefighters of wisconsin charitable foundation firefighters balance at the marcus center. all the money raised will go to the local programs that promote fire safety and burn prevention. kids. scott steel returns in a moment with our full storm team forecast. how long will we see rainy conditions and when it could get close to 80 degrees again. tonight's winning powerball numbers, 23, 49, 57, 64, 67, the powerball is 20. the power play is 2. here are your winning super
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14 minutes away from a new saturday night live. i'm scott steel in the weather center. storm team starting to show eastern wisconsin, from the southwest to the northeast with a cold front beginning to push through. neighborhood level, washington county starting to see lighter rain shower activity from jackson through hartford. westward into dodge county as well. and on down to the southwest. jefferson county into north western waukesha county, down through the town and city of jefferson. you're getting slightly heavier rainfall. more of it coming at us from the southwest out of iowa.
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direction as we go through the nighttime hours tonight. the bulk of the heaviest precipitation between midnight and 3:00 a.m. live look from west bend tower cam. no heavy precipitation there yet. west bend you will need your umbrellas if you're out late. breezy this evening into tonight. rain rolls in and readings rise. temperatures surging. today's high temperature, what we got out there right now. 68 degrees officially in milwaukee's mitchell international. a little cooler waukesha, also in west bend. 64 in fondulac. 68 degree reading, that at 10:00 tonight, 8 degrees above average. outside right now, close to where the highs were all day long. 65 in watertown, 63 in waukesha. as i mentioned, 68 in milwaukee's mitchell. primary reason we continue to have a nice south-southwest wind flow helping to boost our
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warmer. toastier temperatures from st. louis into kansas city and wichita. readings are in the low to mid 70s. that climb is coming in our direction awfully soon. in fact i can't wait to show you the 7-day. we've got one day where we could flirt with 80 degrees again. we are getting close to halloween. satellite and radar combination showing the showers extending from the central great lakes down to the southwest of us. along and ahead of the a cold front sweeping it's a boundary because providing lift but not much of a ditches in temperatures behind it. that precipitation approaching us and intensifying from the southwest. bit of a break tomorrow especially during the afternoon before more rain rolls in ahead of warmer air. across south eastern wisconsin right now. a smattering of the lighter shower activity will change toward midnight into the overnight hours. future forecast indicating heavier down pours and a few cracks of thunder as we go toward about three o'clock in
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tomorrow morning, up and about could see a few lingering rain showers amidst fog and dissipating pre1i7ation and perhaps even a few breaks in the clouds. storm team forecast for the balance of the night tonight, a few cracks of thunder, showers and storms develop. cloudy, breezy, mild, temperatures holding into the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow looks like it will be i don't he ever all a cloudy day. breaks for sun in the afternoon. early morning showers and fog with temperatures a bit warmer, approag storm team 7-day forecast. a big bump near 80 degrees if we break enough sunshine on monday. breezy as well. but dry and then plenty of sunshine tuesday into wednesday as our temperatures remain 71 on tuesday. drop into the mid 60s on wednesday and continue falling into the 50s as we head into thursday and friday. look for about 54 degrees by the end of the work week. katie, looks like a nice warm start in a cooler more seasonal
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packers dynamic due owe, how to
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wisconsin badgers playing second ranked buckeyes tonight. the game is still going on right now. we can't show the -- the badgers are beating the buckeyes 23-20 in the fourth quarter. bam jers
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touchdown for the -- nc state the chance to knock off no. 3 clemson today. tied at 17. two seconds left. nc state would miss the field goal. that kicker is feeling it. we go into overtime. tied up at 17. clemson quarterback, throws this 10-yard touchdown pass. clemson holds on to win 24-17. the packers will be without running back james stark for tomorrow's game against the cowboys, he's been ruled out because of a knee injury and quarterback quinn roll lins is question bell for sunday's game with a groin injury. taking on the cowboys tomorrow. >> they're mriing playing well. matters how you play at the end of the season. so we -- we know -- we know how
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we got to take care at home and they're coming in here in first place with, you know, their offense playing well, running the ball well. defense is playing well. we're going to have to play well. >> a good defense, they're playing well but they don't do anything crazy. they're doing it extremely well. years ago and -- their d coordinator is in chicago. they're going to make you go the long way, make you go multiple plays. 10, it's hard to do that. something we got to focus in and continue to grind out possession and touchdown. >> to the nba with the bulls beat the bucks in the bradley center tonight. 107-87. parker had 21 points. the loss for milwaukee. baseball with the indians hosting the blue jays in american lead championship series in cleveland. carlos santana, ahold of this pitch and sends it out for a
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1-0. in the third francisco linder with an rbi single, indians take game 2, 2-1. they lead the series 2-0. johnson wagner on 14, looking for birdie, nothing but the bottom of the cup. one-shot lead. they didn't finish the third round today because of rain. let's head to the track and speed for running of the lottery 300. in kansas city. check this out folks. coming up. a water bottle track. and ryan reid's car runs right into it. within 36 laps to go in the race. a little crash involved in a few cars. wallace junior, one of the cars involved. coming up on the final lap, kyle bush who would take the checkered flag and win the race. he led for 150 of the 200 laps today. not done. stick around. stick around. hot shot i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme stick around. hot shot
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seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us. senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests,
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nebraska wide receiver brandon really had a catch that would make freeman pretty proud. check it out. >> like to welcome all of you who were watching that clemson north carolina state game. what a finish that was. this pass tipped away and caught. caught it on the bounce on his back. brandon riley. had two marsileno bell tipped it. >> off of his head >> awesome catch. >> using your head. [laughing] >> how many do you have? like how long did it take you to come up with that one? [laughing] >> just -- takes me a little longer to come up with the forecast. here's one of the things we look at when we do that. storm team 4 max radar. precipitation streaming at us.
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northeast, pushing into south eastern wisconsin, heavier down pours around jefferson county and rock county. around the clock, plan things weather-wise. the heaviest rain will be between midnight and 3:00 a.m. and maybe breaks in the clouds as we go through sunday. keep our fingers crossed. >> definitely. thank you for join being us tonight. saturday night live is coming up next. we'll see you back here tomorrow. captioning provided by caption solutions, llc ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello and welcome to the second and worst ever presidential debate.


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