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joing us this i'm vince vitrano. if you're ju inin hs ok a your top stories today. man convd ofarson that killed two kids has been more t years behind bars. the judge handed down that sentence to morgan was convicted of starting a fire at his estranged wife's home at 36th and silver spring la october. that fired killed two-year-old girl year- old bo morgan maintained his nocee during today's
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had ?r?e ballots. dane d cas the most. -thousand balltun ne. county have seen 29-thousand voters. the public can weigh in on a possible expansion of the amtrak route connecting milwe to chicago. already, it makes seven round trips on we andyssaturdays. ily would up that number to 10. meetthe ington park senior center. ?g showers annay with yesterday was ?xnasty with showers and heavy rain a40g anas
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cloudy with lows near 40. ocking shocking allegations today at one of the nation's top colleges. multiple women are accusing a student at u-w madison of sexual assault. now investigators sathey've made a disturbing discovery at his
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the latest. the universityf wisconsin student is due here in court later today for a bail hearing. sos attorneys are blaming al media for a sh judgment. thismorning...the shock.. as multiple women accuse a student of sexual assault."it's been pretty devastating." so far.. alec cook faces nine charges involvinur wom but prosecutors say many mor investorre possible. apartment say th found a black book in his nightstand with names of women he'd met.. describing "in a very systematic way" what he wanted to do with them.according to the search warrant.."dist urbingly enough there were statements of 'kill' and statements of 'sexual' desires."the first woman who went to police.. said cook strangled and assaulted her for more than o hours.. at his apartment on october 12th. then as news of his arrest spread around say ?another? me man ca
12:34 pm n coverage // and felt compelled to come forward and expln what happened. and we're glad she did she's very brave to do so."cook's attorneys deny the allegation.and say their client is a 20d business major with no criminal ..histo "has seemingly been charged, tried and convicted" a "rapid- fire internet news cycle."but here in madison...outrage is mounting."we keep hearing more and more how there are multiple people that have been affected by it and mor what's happenedcook has been suspended from the university and is now banned from campus. gabe gutierrez nbc madison, wisconsin milwaukee police need your help finding a murder suspect on the run.. take aook at this picture. 19-year-old devontae turner is accused of shooting and killing darrick ball, monday near 24th and auer. turner lives in chicago, but has family and friends here in the milwaukee area. more news nowamtrak will pay
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claims related to a deadly derailment in philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. lawyers say people will have their awards in hand by june instead of going through years of legal wrangling. amtrak has previously taken responsibility for the may 2015 crash. federal law caps payouts for any one dentaccit 295 million dollars. the orlando magic honored victims and survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting. before their season opener against the miami heat. more than one hundred survivors and family members who lost loved trute included a moment of silence and a banner raised to the rafters remembering the 49 lives lost back in june. a marine veteran wants his bike back. robert kugler has been traveling the country as part of the ride 2 recovery program.he was eating lunch in fort collins, colorado on tuesday when someone stolen his special mountain bike from
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bike is not just any bike -- there are only 1in the world that were ever made. bike ia lomore than just a bicycle i could pick up at a store. this bikwas given to me by an organizati, ridden previously by a vietnam veteran, a friend of mine who had veme after he was done riding it. you kn it has a lot of c noal mthe bike is ealth, u-s-o,nite healthcare, ride 2 recovery, and kugler'st flight in his wingsu wcoas jumped off o wnt started to n out ofaialtitude. fell so fa that he took out a tree and left a ou?t a deis t- crash on trying to fly in a suit way outside his rrent
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a car came cr ashingroh the efrof oran ond p park beauty store. the incidenthappened ?wednesday sia caught the moment the emplancustomers were e store. oe inside the store at the time "i said how did trying to reverse the caback but unfortunately she said it came forward" house. home prices kept rist d n most major american cities however, analysts worry some cracks appear to be forming in the housing market again. appliance giant irlpool d paint manufacturern-?j williams... two companies that could be considered canaries in a housing coal mine..
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issued a disappointing forecast. after a long four-year wait, apple is finally rolling out new mac computers. apple is and to launch new 13-inch and mo computer. the k pro is said to have tter graphics, a flatter keyboard, a slimmer body and larger ad. e more affordable cb"air ?line" is ao hel ahead - we'lget a american studre en afalling
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king a look at the market nasda: the vastmajority of u-studentsi some modest gthad the obm rticarly amhi scho senrsthe of edational progress, released da thd of 4th and 8th aders demonstratedngstacadic performance in the scthgraders, in fe prof above ?@ many of the schools across america that house poing election day after parents
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schools have always made for popular polling places. while several states or cities, including wisconsin, have always closed schools on election day in past years, this presidential campaign has an ught up more concerns th ual. the afforadable care act is getting a lot of headlines this week, but it's not pected to g thswin presidentialelection. a new survey ?finds that health care ranks very low among voters' concerns. many of voters concerns inude reducing the cost of prescription drugs, king re health plans had otecting people from ic y went to an ouof-ork provider. thindoing ike most americ pretty great already. a new c-n-n o-r-c poll show that there's been a sharp uptick in positive views for the country-- the best reviews since january 2007. overall, 54-percent say things in the country today are going well. president obama's approval
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at... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm team forecast right after this. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. vo: keep them working... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors. he supports privatizing social security and wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy. he also has a plan for medicare...
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yesterwa times, winds gusting to 40 mph, temps in the 40s and ing t 2" of rain. this morn s moly cloudy with wind at 5- mph. today nd a nw noh wind. tonighisostly ear and to mid s thanks to ngv to mpats mostly cloudy, breezy and warm thhighs the lower to mid after and evening showers for trick
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check out this riverside, california home. the homeowner definitely goes all-in for halloween. they did the "rocky horror picture show"-themed decorations. there's a spectacular light show and a clip from the classic movie. neighbors probably aren't happy, but the homeowner doesn't seem to care.
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