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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm CST

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we had a very steady pace throughout the afternoon and then of course what kept me upstairs we are getting the most work rush of voters that we usually get between four and 6 in the evening. charles: of course, neal, there about to early voting in the early hours. he said 20 to 30% registered voters turned out in the early morningrs hundreds of voters in franklin have waited close to two hours to cast their votes today. ricky mitchell is live outside the polish center with more on that. reporter: inside the polish center. we heard a lot of angry and grumbling voters just because of how long it took this morning here.
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presidential election since 1944. she says today she had to wait an hour and a half to cast her ballot. >> that would be enough to discourage most people to vote. they are not very happy about voting and then to encounter that here, it was organized not very efficiently. reporter: at 1:30 this afternoon election workers decided to split up two wards to speed up the process. from then on how and out in 15 minutes. >> i made myself stay and vote and... because i have always voted. you know, i consider that a privilege even though today people have different viewpoints. i still consider it a privilege to vote. reporter: after they opened up the second line, things have been running smoothly here. actually, as we have been talking i think the people
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kids from school are starting to come. things are going more smoothly since the second line opened up and down. reporting live today's tmj4. charles: yeah, the next big rush as people trying to get to the polls before they close. one of the big races in the state is in the eighth congressional district in the green bay area. shannon: open seat vacated by the retiring republican representative reid ribbal. pe against tom nilsson. we have reports from both campaigns courtesy of our affiliate wgba. reporter: good evening. as you can see behind me, things are pretty quiet. this event doesn't start till 7:30. mike gallagher is set to arrive at around 7 tonight.
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eighth... now, the eighth congressional covers most of northeast wisconsin here, brown, door and parts of winnebago county as well. mike gallagher, a green bay native is seeking his first official political office. has a bachelor's degree at princeton and served seven years of active duty in the marine corps. they industry on many issues during this hot topic was social security. doors open at the rock garden at 7:30 tonight. mike gallagher is said to arrive around 7. let's turn things over to eric... he is live from tom nillen's campaign in appleton. reporter: the race to establish who will become the u.s. congressman for the eighth
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appleton. tom nilsson's party watch supporters are optimistic against his challenger. he's held political office going on 12 years now. he holds the position of allegheny executive. he says he's prepared to take over the seat that congressman ribbal will be vacating here in the near future. shannon: you can keep up with all of today's devme logging on to our website. we will take a moment and get caught up on election day weather. jesse, the weather has been a mixed category bag. >> yeah, some of us had a new light showers earlier this morning. we are mainly dealing with cloud cover and wind. 55 degrees at the moment. feels cooler, especially from yesterday where we had temperature in the 60s.
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more in terms of sunshine out in sullivan, 54 degrees, blue skies there. yes, the sun sets right about now. we are going to continue to watch clear skies overnight. the winds from the northwest, different story from yesterday, still breezy. that's pulling down some of that cooler air. this cloud cover will be exiting behind that cold front. that was responsible for the rain earlier this morning also bringing in the northwesterly wind. high pressure swinging in for tomorrow. that means clear skies overnight, which will allow the temperatures to really drop down. 40 degrees at the lakefront and 30s inland. chillier what some of us are getting used to. i will te you when we will all be seeing frost in your full
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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them." vo: just one. today's tmj4 with shannon sims, charles benson and storm team 4 meteorologist jesse ritka. steve: i am steve chamraz back on the anchor desk alongside shannon sims. more news now a georgia jury began deliberating today in the hot chair death trial. shannon: he left him inside a hot car for nearly seven hours.
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horrible accident. steve: a woman was killed after being pushed after a new york subway train. this happened monday at the time square station. another woman sin custody. shannon: 19 children were sent to the hospital monday after nearly 30 got sick at a day care facility in florida. the cause is not yet known, but officials are looking at a cateredun outside the facility. steve: how the astronauts were able to cast their ballots while
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jesse: this mo rain before 7:30 and then our temperatures are cooler compared to where we have been. compared to where we are supposed to be average high around this time of year 39 degrees. 59, pretty close to 60. we are running above average even with this cold front that past through. cloudy skies in kenosha as well as in milwaukee.
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you can see the sunset. we are getting colder behind the cold front by five to almost ten degrees. we are hanging out in the 50s. these will quickly be dropping into the 40s without the help of the sunshine and the aid of the wind from the northwest. breezy at times 10 to 15. ticeloud cover, cloud deck starting to push northeast. we have clear skies which will aid our cooler overnight temperatures. we have a cold front to the east. that's the one that brought us the rain. high pressure will give us a dry stretch. this is similar to what we had before except our temps won't be as warm for mid november. will give us a sunny streak. we don't have a cold front coming through till friday. we get up to 60 degrees before
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for tonight it will be chilly compared to what we have been waking up to. 40 your over the low in milwaukee, 34 away from the lake. tomorrow 54 degrees, not going to be as breezy as today. look at stretch though, lots of sunshine, maybe a few more clouds with the package of the cold front on friday where we go from 60 down to saturday, still looking at sunshine. wins brisk on sunday. that will bring us into the mid to upper 50s. i want to highlight on the seven-day forecast, take a look at saturday morning. right here 33 degrees. that will be the closest we will get to the freezing mark here in milwaukee. i think inland locations will wake up to temperatures in the
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steve: welcome back. even the astronauts in space taking part in this historic election, but how do they do that? a year before launch astronauts select which elections they wish to participate in. six monthsat application for an absencey ballot. shannon: some voters are going to the up state, new york to pay respect to suffraget cemeteries. steve: we will be back to wrap
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steve: the news continues new with live at 5. shannon: from the heart of milwaukee to the suburbans and beyond. we have your latest projections. live at five starts now. announcer: right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 live at five. steve: right now at five the polls close in three hours and this is a live picture from milwaukee. shannon: the lines have been long ever since the polls opened at 7 this morning. about 70% of cast ballots today. this high turnout as a result of one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in u.s. history. steve: wisconsin voters are also electing a u.s. senator. shannon: all of the house of representatives are on the ballot and also representatives elect a new congressman.
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shannon: begin with the volunteers working the election in milwaukee. reporter: their longest lines were this morning, but they are bracing for the after work crowd now. voters here at 25th and roosevelt are grated at this table before they head downstairs to cast their ballot. >> [indiscernible] reporter: it's been a busy day at new hope baptist church, 16 volunteers standing by to get >> i love doing it and meeting the people and i think it's important people get out and vote. long lines don't fluster long time volunteers. >> we work faster. >> it's encouraging to encourage young people to come out and get out and vote. reporter: joyce jackson has been a poll volunteer for 18 years, but she says the best part... >> when it's time to go home. reporter: the line is growing here at new hope missionary baptist church.
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milwaukee. as long as you are in line by then you will be able to vote. shannon: people exercising their democratic privilege. thank you very much. steve: rebecca is live with voters in waukesha. what are the lines looking like there? reporter: yeah i am in monme falls in waukesha county. take a look inside the library. it's getting crowded. it picked up since work is getting library and seeing people of all ages come in and cast their ballots. some for the first time. for all the people who say millennials don't care, gina is proving them wrong. >> i did the primaries, but this is my first presidential voting experience. it was thrilling honestly. reporter: gina thought it was such a big deal she drove down to brookfield after her final at marquette to vote with her
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opportunity and both my wife and i wanted to be with her. reporter: gina is nervous for the results of the election, but she's glad to do her part. >> she takes some pride in, you know, her voting process. it's great. reporter: now, the waukesha county clerk has told me monommy falls has some of the highest turnout rate. they are expecting 75% here. as you can see behind me quite a lot of make sure their vote counts. reporting live today's tmj4. shannon: presidential candidates cast their ballots this morning in new york. hillary clinton and donald trump have their election night parties in amendment a couple blocks away from each other. one of the tightest races in the country is the senate race in wisconsin. steve: the outcome could determine whether the democrats


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