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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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election polls, georgia, new hampshire, south carolina, vermont, virginia, and iowa. kentucky, along with most of the battleground states of florida. results are expected to begin rolling in at any minute. and we will bring you those numbers as they come in. here in wiz wiz, -- wisconsin voters have two more hours to vote. you can see the countdown on the lower right of your screen. charles benson has been covering the candidates. he leads our team coverage line from >> reporter: yes we're here in janesville. paul ryan's headquarters for tonight. we expect people to get in here in about another hour and we'll hear results in a couple hours. let me tell you about some of the big issues or races on the ballot today. the headliner is the race for president, months and months of campaigning, coming down to this. democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump both cast their ballot this morning in new york state. clinton held a six-point lead
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latest marquette law school poll. the other major race on everyone's ballot this election day is the race for the u.s. senate, incumbent republican ron johnson versus former democrat russ feingold, a rematch of the 2010 race. in fact, let's take a look at where these campaigns will be tonight. let's start with russ feingold. you're watching -- he will be watching results in middleton, just outside of madison. and the johnson campaign will be business has been. johnson hopes to become the first republican wisconsin -- the first republican in wisconsin to win a senate seat in a presidential year. the last time that happened was in 1980. russ feingold is looking to be one of the handful of senators to win back a seat after losing a seat. so, let's talk about right now what's happening in southeast wisconsin and in cities all
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referendums today. >> shannon: definitely. i want to first tell you about breaking news just coming into our newsroom, we have steve chamraz joining us live with details. >> the first polls begin to close on the eastern part of our country. nbc news is calling indiana and kentucky for donald trump, and vermont. we have no vote numbers coming in just yet on those three states, nbc does believe they have enough data at their decision desk to call indiana and kentucky going for donald trump. the state of vermont going for hillary clinton. we're going to have many more of these coming in from our data desk as the night goes forward. >> charles was asking about those referendums that are up on the ballot. we want to talk about the district asking for more than $28 million to construct, renovate and modernize the middle and high school. arrowhead wants nearly
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projects. and in germantown, the district is asking for $84 million for school upgrades there. busy, but calm. that's how the executive director of the city's milwaukee election commission is describing the day so far. no major polling issues have been reported. but the state's new voter i.d. requirement has been a challenge. >> we have some voters that have some pretty profound challenges around either meeting the proof of residence requirements or photo i.d. requirement at their polling places. >> the city says that they are working with those particular voters to cast a provisional ballot, which will allow their vote to count as long as they get an id and a receipt from the dmv by friday. milwaukee police officers are patrolling sites. the officers will be on the lookout for disruptions, excess testify demonstrations and anyone interfering with the
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>> as you can imagine, we have a team of reporters all over the milwaukee area at various voting sites. we have rikki mitchell out in oak creek but we want to first start with rebecca klopf, in menomonee falls. >> i'm here at holy cross church where a couple wards combined together for people to vote, and even though this should be a pretty busy voting site, most people say they're getting in and out in just a few minutes. i spoke to one lady who calls this election choosing between the lesser oo and because of that, she almost didn't cast a ballot tonight. >> i'm sure as most people know, it's not the best year to be a voting person. my husband voted opposite of me, so, you know, we thought about it, i said, we just cancel each other out. >> she was ready to stay home today for the first time ever on election day. she was having a bad day and she didn't like the candidates. >> i came home and said no, i wasn't going to vote. my husband said, go vote. >> she says she thought hard
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and out quickly. many people have said this campaign has been negative, we spoke to a woman whose outfit is bringing smiles to people at the polls. >> nicole herman says she always chooses to vote on election day. for her, it's tradition. >> just the excitement of seeing everyone here, just voting together. you have the option to do it before, but i just think it's so exciting to be around all the people and that anticipation, that feeling of what's going to happen tonight. >> t out these patriotic accessories. items she usually wears with her family. >> actually, i got this about 1. my hat, from my mom. and i always wear it memorial day, july 4th, labor day, and i thought this morning election day is the perfect time to wear the red, white and blue. >> and maybe this will become her new tradition. >> i'll be wearing this all day, into the evening. we'll have a celebration this evening. >> when i spoke to the city clerk earlier for the city of
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a significant voter turnout here. she actually is projecting that nearly 90% of voters in oak creek will be voting and that includes more than 31% who cast their ballots early. reporting live in oak creek, rikki mitchell, today's tmj4. >> shannon: it's an election day tradition to show off your i voted stickers and we've taken all the pictures that you've shared with us and put them together in a photo gallery at you can find that now in the decision 2016 section. but you free with your sticker. the department of justice says that's against election rules. so they've had to go around to the businesses today and talk with them about changing their offers. >> those businesses have been very cooperative in changing what they're offering voters or anybody, for that matter. >> wisconsin state law bans offering, giving or lending anything of value for someone to vote. that means that there's no free margaritas tonight at the cantina. it was one of the business'
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who had the i voted sticker. the restaurant posted this apology. it's not all bad news. the restaurant is now moving the giveaway to tomorrow. anyone 21 and older gets a free drink, no sticker needed. today's tmj4 and nbc news is your home for election news coverage. as results roll in, we will be covering all platforms, including on air, online, at, we'll be checking in with crews across the state all night as well. including charles live in janesville. charles? >> reporter: this is going to be a big night down here for house speaker paul ryan. not so much about his particular race in his congressional district, he's expected to win that easily, but what impact will the race across the country have on him as the house speaker? will he be working with president clinton or will he be working with president trump? a lot on the line for house speaker paul recently. nbc news projecting two states so far going red.
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>> shannon: still ahead on live at 6:00, other news of the day. an arrest in the deadly hit-and-run that killed a 5-year-old girl. find out why the search isn't over yet for investigators. >> election day weather was complying with some beautiful weather in the area. look at these temperatures, still in the 50s. 53 in milwaukee. 52 in racine. if you're going out this evening, it's going to be pretty nice out there, especially for 8:00 when the polls start to cloudy skies around 58. no excuse today weather-wise. and we do have some beautiful weather still to talk about. i'll be back with that in a couple minutes. >> let's take a live look again from one of the busiest polling sites in milwaukee. this is election day downtown.
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benson, shannon sims, storm team 4 chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan, sports. >> welcome back to live at 6:00. an arrest has been made in connection with a 5-year-old milwaukee girl who was killed in a hit-and-run crash on sunday. >> shannon: rickyia was struck. police are continuing to look for the driver. >> a milwaukee man accused of driving with aus woman crossing the street on milwaukee's southwest side, arrested yesterday afternoon following a crash near 60th 60th and norwich, formal charges expected over the next few days: >> the usda he recalling nearly 1700 pounds of snacks. one customer reported being injured by foreign material in the meat. the product being recalled is one ounce packages of clement original snack sticks with a
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>> check this out. the presidential race takes a literal turn today. at the milwaukee institute of art and design. the school created these special sloughs cars, featuring hillary clinton and donald trump. and they made robots. printed out on 3-d printers. >> if you have an outstanding warrant on your record in milwaukee, you can get them lifted tomorrow for it's the second warrant withdrawal wednesday. special walk-in sessions begin at the municipal courthouse at 8:30 a.m. there's also early -- sorry, can't read that. last week, hundreds of people showed up. a local special olympian passed away today. >> steve: she died from cancer, 25 years old. >> the wisconsin special
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heavy hearts today, dealing with the loss of one of their best athletes, with a story of unbelievable bravery. >> she was so young, and so that's the tragedy there. >> special olympics track coach saddened by the loss of one of her most determined athletes, olivia. >> she was such a fighter. she wasn't going to let it get her down. >> quigley lived with autism and found her calling for track back in high schoo early success springboarded her to an ambitious goal through special olympics. >> she knew when the world games were and what she needed to do to qualify. >> five months before life as she knew it changed forever when she was diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer. she told doctors she would only begin chemotherapy under one condition, that she could compete in the games. >> she was going to go, no matter what. so i didn't know how the events were going to play out.
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expectations, winning two golds and a silver as a sprinter. her story made headlines not just locally but around the world. >> that's the way she was. she was bound and determined to succeed. >> she let her energetic spirit shine through until the very end, after cancer spread to her brain. >> i was very glad that i had her in my life, for that short period of time. >> >> ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> she became the first athlete with special nds nominated for espn's top 25 female athletes. >> shannon: let's talk about the weather with chief meteorologist john malan. >> john: the weather today was pretty good, actually. not many excuses there as far as weather to not go out to the voting areas. 53 at 7:00 in the morning. there were a couple sprinkles but didn't amount to much. 58 at 11:00. beautiful, lots of sunshine, 2:00, 55, 54. at 5:00 with partly cloudy skies.
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normal high, 50 degrees. even though today we got up to 59 degrees. that will change to the upper 40s by the weekend. temperatures right now, 51 in port washington. 53 in milwaukee. 52 in racine. kenosha's temperature starting to drop. inland they'll drop away from the lake faster because the clouds have cleared out. you can see just a few clouds hanging on right along the lakeshore. high pressure continues to roll in and that will continue to keep skies pretty clear. the dry air sitting right by wednesday, a lot of sunshine during the day. by thursday, a lot of sunshine again during the day, but those winds go more southwest and very brisk. thursday will be a windy one around here. for tonight, 40 degrees your overnight low. 34 inland. cooler there because of the clear skies. partly cloudy closer to lake michigan. warmer near the lake. 54 degrees for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. seasonably mild temperatures.
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mostly sunny, windy, warmer. the high getting up to around 6g southwest wind. the seven-day forecast, there's the 60, 50 on veterans day, and we'll see lots of sunshine then also saturday looking good at 5. and for the rest of the weekend, we get way back up to 56 with breezy conditions on sunday. 57 monday. 55 with a shower on tuesday. so all in all, it looks like the into the weekend.
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>> packers safety morgan burnett will be the guest on packers live. he was having some fun on the show when he predicted his teammate haha clinton-dix would have two interceptions in the packers last game against the colts. >> more pleasant occurrence in
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partner's haha clinton-dix, his pair of interceptions, and i know the way you guys are, and i've told him before, i don't look at you guys as teammates but soul mates, the way you guys are, nobody was happier for him than you. >> it was fun because he came over to my house friday night and him and mj was playing a game, and mj had the panthers and hall of fame had the packers and he was controlling things. he was i say, you might grab you a few on sunday. so just the time and effort he puts into it and the stuff he does behind the scenes, i'm very happy for him. i'm looking for many more. >> that's good stuff. packers live usually runs today at 6:30 p.m. but we're changing things up. you're going to have to wait because you're going to have to wait till friday at 6:30 to watch packers live with guest morgan burnett. if you missed last night's games between the bills and seahawks on monday night football, you
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richard sherman who ran into bills kicker dan carpenter after officials blew the play dead on this field goal attempt. carpenter ended up on the ground and had to leave the game for a play. the officials blew the call because it should have been a 1r penalty which was not called him the seahawks won the game. they missed that one. that's john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass.
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>> coming up on "the now milwaukee" next on tmj4,
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we're on the lookout for issues at the polls. plus new technology tracking races all day long in real time. it's next on "the now milwaukee". >> shannon: and a look at the projected results so far, nbc news projecting donald trump winning indiana and kentucky, while hillary clinton winning in vermont. >> it's election day, it's election day. >> the now is next.
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good evening, good election evening everybody. i'm steve. welcome to the now milwaukee. we are beginning with breaking election night news.


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