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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CST

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helping people live healthier lives. call and see why so many medicare beneficiaries choose plans from unitedhealthcare. don't miss your opportunity. medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. ?? thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. a court hearing this afternoon for the two girls accused in the slender man stabbing case. morgan geyser and anissa weier have pleaded not guilty due to mental disease or defect in the 20-14 stabbing of another girl in waukesha. both are facing attempted homicide charges, and are being tried as adults. a trial date has not been set.
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prescribing opioids. the state department of safety and professional services just passed an emergency rule requiring 30 hours of training every two years. new guidelines call for prescribing opioids sparingly and avoiding them as a first option to treat pain. milwaukee's elections chief says wisconsin's voter i-d law caused problems at the polls in the city and likely contributed to lower voter turnout. milwaukee saw a decline of about 41-thousand voters in tuesday' compared with 2012. neil albrecht, executive director of the city's election commission, says milwaukee saw some of the largest declines in a sw wind was gusting to 30 mph yesterday, but high temps warmed into the mid 60s. milwaukee broke yet another record high temperature at 66
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overnight, and the wind shifted to the north with lows in the 40s. today will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with more clouds near the lake and an isolated sprinkle thanks to a ne wind gusting to 25 mph as highs struggle to get out of the 40s.
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carbon monoxide alarms are being recalled and they may be in your home.the recall involves kidde nighthawk talking alarms. the alarm can fail to continue to chirp when it reaches its seven year end of life-- if the batteries are replaced, leading consumers to believe it is still working. the company has received eight reports of incidents but no injuries. madison - based chocolate shoppe ice cream is expanding its recall of cookie dough is a list of newly added includes the cookie dough ice cream both regular and sticks and stones and the baked bear. the ice cream comes from an outside supplier .that company says no illnesses have been linked to its products, and none of the cookie dough has tested positive for listeria. it's not uncommon to see peanut-free classrooms in elementary school. but new research suggests awareness of food allergies may fade by the time students reach college. the american college of allergy, asthma and immunology says most universities don't have systems in place to
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allergies in dorms. teens and young adults are often vulnerable to severe allergic reactions because they are less likely to carry epinephrine with them at all times. more news now-- as crews battle some 30 wildfires in western north carolina, sources close to the investigation say they've found evidence of arson. investigators say they have found materials at the scene of the fires that makes them suspicious that an arsonist is to blame. investigators aren't attributing all of the fires to arson but say they are concerned some of them. tennessee officials have declared a state of emergency in the state... because of drought, wildfires and the threat of more wildfires. there are currently 53 active fires in the state. more than 100 firefighters from other states are flying in to help battle the flames. these extra bodies desperately needed as local departments struggle. "they are pretty much tapped out because they are fighting the fires that they can fight so there is not enough people to fight all the fires."
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firefighters already. and if the demand stays high... about 100 more will be flying in each day. forty-seven fires are burning an estimated 80- thousand acres in eight states. most of the activity is being seen in kentucky, tennessee, georgia and north carolina. a bald eagle is rescued in florida... pulled from a drain after a fight in the sky. wildlife experts say it started as a territory fight in the air---the two eagles falling to the ground, getting stuck in the drain. witnesses say they're glad the eagles "it was exciting because you know thats an amazing animal, that's our bird, thats our countries bird, we need to keep it safe."at first one bird was spotted on top of the other with it's wings spread. but after about an hour--- one eagle flew away-- pushing the other further down. once the eagle was freed-- experts examined it to make sure the animal wasn't hurt. a veterans day ceremony tonight to honorably retire
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at six at the stenz-griesell smith american legion post in brookfield. local veterans and boy scouts will help retire the hundreds of flags dropped off by customers and neighbors at southeast wisconsin bank offices. the milwaukee admirals will welcome all veterans and active military personnel with a ticket for themselves and immediate family members tomorrow night. the admirals take on the grand rapids griffins at u-w-m panther arena at 6 p-m. still ahead - we'll get a look deals-- the different events happening across milwaukee to honor our nation's veterans and active military members. as we salute our troops today did you know-- raymond weeks, a world war two veteran, came up with the idea to honor all veterans on november 11th, not just the ones who died in
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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or visit taking a look at the market
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today is veterans day and there are several events happening across milwaukee to honor our military members.. plus with the holidays here-- there are great deals available for you and relatives coming into town. joins us now to talk about joins us now to talk about all this is kristin settle from
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you can find more information on veterans day events plus holiday shopping and hotel deals in milwaukee-- at our
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here's a live look outside at... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm
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mostly sunny to partly cloudy with
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thanks to a ne wind gusting to 25 mph as highs struggle to get out of the 40s. saturday morning will drop to near 30, making it milwaukee's the season, while inland areas will be in the 20s. the afternoon will be sunny, breezy and cool with a high near 50. sunday is still sunny, but the southerly wind cranks up again and will warm us up close to 60. the sunny and mild weather continues into next week with highs in the mid 50s through thursday.
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live at 10local news dateline nbc hours of then two camera with followed by 6:30, mccarren at with larry mccarren at 6:30, caught on camera with nick cannon.then two hours of dateline nbc and more local news live at 10 a trapped deer leapt through a clothing store window in stillwater, oklahoma. a passerby saw the deer inside the american eagle store thursday night and started recording on his cell phone. you can see the deer running through the racks of clothes before taking a leap through the window display. it's not clear how the animal managed to
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>> brady: i don't understand. what do you mean it's time i knew the truth? >> kimberly: oh, well, brady, i know how hard this is on you. >> brady: but it doesn't make any sense. theresa, she's regressing, kimberly. she's getting angry. she's getting belligerent. she's getting rebellious. you should hear the things that are coming out of her mouth. >> kimberly: i can only imagine. >> brady: so i'm gonna ask you this. if you know something about your daughter, please tell me right now. >> theresa: [crying] well, i guess it's true what they say.


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