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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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now at 4:30 ... a life- sentence overturned. after more than ten years in prison, brendan dassey could soon be released from prison... and not everyone is happy dassey could be released as soon as today from the prison in columbia county.a federal judge gave ru monday... having previously ruled dassey's confession was coerced in the murder case of theresa halbach.the 27-year- old has not been a free man since he was 16... when he confessed to following his uncle steven avery's orders... and taking part in the rape and murder of photographer teresa halbach at avery's home in manitowoc county back in 2005. wisconsin attorney general brad schimel has filed an emergency motion... saying dassey should remain in prison
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meanwhile... ?dassey's legal team is focused on getting him home with his family by thanksgiving. his attorney steve drizin says a probation officer still needs to meet with dassey and his family... and check-out his living arrangements before he's released. the focus will be on helping dassey re-integrate back into society.upon his release, dassey is barred from obtaining firearms or controlled substances, and can have no contact with the halbach family, or his uncle steven avery. kathleen zellner... the attorney overseeing ?steven ?avery's appeal says: "it's very disappointing that the wisconsin attorney general is seeking vindication rather than justice. ... referring to brad schmiel's decision to seek that emergency motion to keep dassey behind bars. schmiel declined to comment. avery's defense attorney jerry buting sent us this statement, saying in part: "the state appears unwilling to accept that they made a serious mistake in this case... i'm optimistic that this nightmare will be over for brendan
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as well." shock and shock and disbelief from the family of brendan dassey -- after word of his release broke. we caught up with dassey's father and brother. his father, peter dassey, told us: the whole thing feels unreal.reporter: you said you are excited for him to come home?peter dassey father "yes i am, yes." brad dasseybrendan's brother well the news came by surprise my phone started blowing up and i was extremely ecstatic and it's kind like christmas right now the family says they are worried about brendan's protected .. fearing some people might target him after he gets out. for complete coverage on the brendan dassey case, as well as his uncle steven avery, head to our website t-m-j-4 dot com.and starting at 5 this morning, our pete zervakis will be outside the prison in portage with live reports every half hour. let's get a check on the weather... meteorologist jesse
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morning we'll see another mild day here in wisconsin with high temperatures in the 50s, again 5-10 degrees above average for november. we'll start with skies that are mostly cloudy but they will eventually become partly cloudy with a light wind from the northwest. tonight there will be more clearing as a weak area of high pressure brings a southwesterly wind back to help keep temperatures close to 40 degrees along the lakefront with upper 30s
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more local newsmilwaukee police actively searching for the suspect who shot two people -- killing one of them. officers found the victims -- a 30-year old man and 57-year old woman near 76th and glenbrook last night the man died at the scene despite life saving efforts by firefighters.the woman was treated, and taken to the the hospital. she is expecto a suspect in the shooting. today, the little girl killed by a suspected hit and run driver -- will be laid to rest in milwaukee.5-year-old rickyia langham was hit by an s-u-v while on her way to church.police say the driver -- lesheba crow-der lied about the vehicle being stolen.the criminal complaint says her boyfriend was driving it when he struck the girl and drove off. he's been arrested. the trump transition continues to take shape this morning.
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surrounding one of trump's top advisors criticism is pouring in on president-elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as chief strategist.(sot: rep. betty mccollum/ (d) minnesota :08-:13)"the fact the republicans have been silence on bannon's appointment is a disturbing side." bannon's "reitbart news" website is a favorite of extremists and white nationalists. team trump defends him. (sot: fmr. mayor rudy giuliani/ (r) new york city :20-:23)"this is a very balanced, very sensible, very smart ma chaffetz/ (r) utah :24-:27)"i look forward to having a discussion with the, whoever they appoint in administration ."(washington d.c. or the white house :28-:34)president obama declined to weigh in on bannon. but he is giving the president elect some advice on how to heal a divided nation. president barack obama/ no super :35-:44)"how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns, i think those are the kinds of things that can set a tone."including reports that steve mnuchin - mr. trump's campaign finance chair - is being considered as treasury secretary (sot: steven mnuchin/ fmr. goldman sachs group inc. partner :51- :53)"there is a lot of hard
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ingraham as press secretary and rudy guiliani and former u-n ambassador john bolton as secretary of state.(sot: fmr. mayor rudy giuliani/ (r) 1:02-1:09)"i won't be attorney general.{you won't be a} "so good i won't have to decide that one, thank god" {ok, you've made that clea} "i can escape that one." insiders say the trump transition is ahead of schedule. audio outcue: tracie potts, washington. reince priebus is getting praise from his old college roomate--wisconsin state assembly speaker robin vos says he is proud that priebus is priebus grew up in kenosha and ran the state g-o-p party before eventually moving up to become chair of the national republican party. 11 49 35 all the things i know about reince are what's going to happen in the donald trump administration - smart, articulate, organized passionate. i think that's why he was chosen.speaker vos thinks a trump administration will help state lawmakers push new ideas without federal red tape--. this week governor scott walker will take on his new role as chairman of the
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an opportunity for republicans to push their agendas on education, transportation and medicaid. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the city-wide celebration taking place today .. and where you can get more information.but first, day of protesters in milwaukee plan to fight back against an oil pipeline they say threatens sacred tribal land. live look at the presidential mansion in athens greece. president obama arrive there at the top of the hour to meet with greek leaders.this is the last overseas trip of his
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tonight there will be more clearing as a weak area of
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southwesterly wind back to help keep temperatures close to 40 degrees along the lakefront with upper 30s inland.wednesday will look better with mostly sunny skies and the mercury continues to
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milwaukee is one of many cities that could see protests today, as part of a national day of action, aimed at bringing attention to the "dakota ce pipeline would transport oil across four states. those in favor say it will bring millions of dollars to the local economies and create thousands of jobs. those against the pipeline say it threatens a tribal water source and their sacred land. amy thomas has been to north dakota with her kids to see first hand what's going on. especially now a daysi want my children to be sympathetic and empathetic to other people and to what other people struggle
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protests are planned in chicago, washington, d-c and london. the city of milwaukee wants you to help celebrate "world recycles day"d-p-w says it will teach residents about recycling throughout the month of november.more information can be found on its website milwaukee recycles dot up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--an oshkosh council member under fire for sitting during the pledge.what she says she will do next time. and - aaron rodgers talks contenders he thinks the packers can get
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. in a press conference filled with honest comments mixed with a little confident bravado, mike mccarthy says despite a 4-5 record with the packers, he's
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facts, i'm a highly successful nfl head coach, so with that, i've never looked at the right to this point as smooth. it's always bumpy. we knew there was going to be a lot of twists and turns to this season. did i still think we're going to win them all? hell yeah. i've never entered a contest every where i didn't feel we were going to beat the other guy and that won't change especially this week so that part of it is real and that's what we're focused on. it's important to understand e season because you have to learn from it and every week there's a different twist and turn you're not going to see coming. how you handle that is important. we didn't handle that very well yesterday. i think that's very evident. three of their were clearly wide open and for a something there. obviously there so we need to and improve on.))the badgers basketball team is at while the admirals host the uw- milwaukee tonight.for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. aaron rodgers making an appearance tonight on "packers live with larry mccarren"
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schedule .. the q-b says this is where the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders. ((aaron rodgers says this is the type, the time of year when teams start to separate themselves. and we need to be one of those teams that's moving in the right direction. i'm confident in our guys and our leadership in the opportunities that we can create for ourselves but we gotta go out and execute and put together a 60 minute performance and get this thing moving back in the right direction.))yoca on today's tmj4 we're just four days away... from the opening of gun deer season.. in wisconsin. hunters.. will see a few changes.. during this 9-day season. among those... the elimination of backtags... which hunters wore to show they had a license. as for the deer herd... bow hunters we spoke with.. who've already been hunting.. say hunters should be "this year is going to be special for gunhunters because the rut is late... usually they miss out on that.. you
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menominee and oconto counties have been added to the dnr's list... of areas impacted by chronic wasting disease. you won't just be seeing "blaze orange" in the woods starting this weekendfor the first time -- "blaze pink" can be worn for this gun deer season... previously.. at least half of all clothing gun deer hunters wore above the waist had to be blaze
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with mostly sunny skies and the mercury continues to stay in the 50s. a warm front rolls through on thursday, bringing a br 15mph to help bump temps back into the low 60s with increasing cloud cover in the
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moves through the midwest on friday, bringing rain to milwaukee late in the day after a high of 62 degrees. this system will not just bring our first chance of accumulating rain in two weeks, it will really kick the wind up again with gusts
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exiting on saturday but colder air moves in behind the cold front responsible for it, some spots in the northwoods may even catch some snowflakes on saturday. here in southeastern wisconsin there will just be a cold rain remaining on saturday but that wil will linger through the weekend with a high of 44 in milwaukee. sunday will see more sunshine but temperatures will barely climb into the 40s but at least the wind will be lighter than menomonie police have released pictures of these two women ... who may have information about the deadly beating of a
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question the women. "hussain alnahdi" was beaten halloween weekend outside a pizza restaurant near campus. police are investigating the death as a possible hate crime, but have not named a suspect. a 20-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest . police in georgia still searching for the person who shot and killed the brother of an n-f-l player. jacksonville jaguars linebacker telvin smith left the team ... after he found out his brother was killed sunday night. believe the shooting was an isolated event and was not a random act. a veteran journalist and p-b-s newshour co-anchor is dead this morning.gwen ifill passed away monday in hospice care in washington, d-c.... suffering a battle with cancer. she was a former newspaper reporter who eventually switched over to t-v... working for both n-b-c news and p-b-s. she moderated two vice- presidential debates... and most recently moderated last
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with judy woodruff. ifill was 61 years old. an oshkosh council woman says she plans to stand for the pledge of allegiance at the city's next council carolina panske was criticized for not standing during the pledge last week following what she described as a disappointing election.while the law does not allow for disciplinary action to be taken for sitting during the pledge .. the mayor questions whether it was appropriate. "politics does not, should not play a role in a non- city council. she may have the right to do it. is this the right environment in which to do it?"panske said she was exercising her right of free speech and wasn't trying to show any disrespect to veterans. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the family tradition coming to milwaukee's west side later todayand - did you see the super moon?when you can catch
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live look at the presidential mansion in athens greece. president obama expected to arrive there any moment to meet with greek leaders.this is the last overseas trip of his presidency. check this out -- a sight you will not see for another 18 years.the super moon was observed night ... when it reached the shortest distance from earth in 68 years .it appeared about 14 percent larger in diameter .. the super moon also expected to bring stronger than usual high tides, followed by plunging low tides this morning. residents of milwaukee's near west side will have a new choice for grocery shopping starting today. the first of 6 new sendik's stores is getting set to open on miller park way. the successful chain will be run by the founder's third generation grandchildren.this
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model for future stores. we were able to do everything we wanted to do. we were able to build the departments the sizes we wanted them to be. we were able to put in all the design magaret harris will oversee the new food market with her three brothers. sendiks is just one of the places you can pick up a 20-16 today's tmj-4 macc'll also find them at buddy squirrel stores.the star costs 10 dollars.proceeds benefit the macc fund which raises money to cure up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--president obama on the last trip of his presidency. how he plans to reassure greek leaders later today.and - one of two men convicted of killing photographer teresa halbach set to be released from prison. when brendan dassey
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i'm jesse ritka.the mild weather continues on this tuesday but we are keeping an eye on a big storm system late in the week that will change our weather pattern, find out
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(becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. (vo) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient. happening now: lead pipe problems-- the plan one city has to replace aging water pipes-- and ?who will get
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plus: his case was make famous by the show "making a murder".. now brendan dassey could soon be a free man.pete zervakis is in portage with those suspect identified: our ann sterling has new information and.. just as the holiday shopping season beings.. thousands of u-p-s mechanics have voted to go on strike. and you're taking a live look outside-- let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... after some ground fog this morning we'll see another mild day here in wisconsin with


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