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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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for a ?recount? in wisconsin and other pivotal states that hillary clinton was expected to win, but ?lost.? trump won the electoral college. but clinton won the ?popular? vote. green party candidate jill stein said today she will file for recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania... but she needs contributions to ?pay? for it.those calling for a recount have no proof of fraud, hacking or manipulation. but they're raising questions about the big difference in electronic voting machines, and those that used optical scanners and paper ballots. here's the math: trump has 290 electoral votes. clinton has 232. michigan is still officially undecided, although trump is leading to get that state's 16 electoral votes. wisconsin has ten electoral votes. and pennsylvania has 20. so... if a recount results in
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pennsylvania's combined 36 electoral votes going to ?clinton?... trump's total falls to 254... well below the 270 needed.and clinton wins the electoral college with 278. the deadline to file for a recount in wisconsin is ?friday.? state election officials says there are security procedures in place to prevent any kind of tampering with election results. let's take a live look through the lenses of our department of transportation cameras. more than a million people in wisconsin are expected to drive 50 miles or more to visit family and friends this thanksgiving... and apparently a lot of those folks... already on the road. and this is a live picture from the today's t-m-j four storm chaser...heading north on green tree road.scott steele will join us in a few minutes with an update on traffic at the beginning of
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be ready for ?winter? driving if you're going to the north central part of the state. this video is from wausau. they woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning. john malan is here now with the first look at your travel forecast. this foggy, rainy, gray day is coming to a close and the rain showers will taper off this evening, exiting southeast wisconsin by midnight, leaving behind less than a tenth of an inch of rain. skies stay cloudy fog lingering, temps will be above freezing in the low to
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go to today's t-m-j four dot com for our live radar and interactive maps, and any other weather light and knowledge you need to complete you. the highways are busy the night before thanksgiving. and so are ?grocery? stores. rikki mitchell is live in brookfield with last minute grocery shoppers. like most grocery stores today -- metro market has seen a constant flow of shoppers -- from people just grabbing a few things -- to buying full on thanksgiving meals. and many might not even realize -- they're saving a little extra money this year.
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the turkey i just do vegetables hors d'oeuvres last minute shoppers filled grocery store aisles today -- on what most stores say is by far their busiest day. as soon as the doors open in the morning to when we close at night people planning for their meals tomorrow and it's busy all the way through and while many people are grabbing the thanksgiving staples -- they're also saving a few bucks. a survey released by the wisconsin farm bureau federation shows that a traditional thanksgiving dinner is at its lowest price in six ye griebenow/metro market 23:56 were very competitive and we want to bring the shoppers here so we try to get our prices as low as possible 24:01 the survey found that thanksgiving dinner costs a total of 47.91. divide that by an estimated 10 family members and you're paying less than five dollars per person. last years price for a full dinner was just above 50 bucks. but turkeys are cheaper this year too. wisconsins average price for a thanksgiving bird came down a dollar and 44 cents. as a company we will sell a million turkeys this year
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if you still need last minute items -- many stores will be open tomorrow as well -- including metro market that's open from 6 to 3. coming up tonight at 6 we'll talk about what thanksgiving items you're most likely to forget. in brookfield rm today's tmj4. president obama celebrated a an afternoon. the president "pardoned" two turkeys. their names are "tater" and "tot." the president says his two daughters couldn't be there for his final "pardon" in the white house. sasha and malia having tired of the ritual. so the prez invited two of his nephews instead. all went well, until one turkey tried to make a last minute bid for freedom. packers extra now. more bad news for the packers and we fans. lance allan is here with that.
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sliver of hope eddie lacy could return late this season. that is now gone, as the packers say he will not return from injured reserve. lacy had slimmed down, got off to a very good start averaging 5 yards per carry in the first five games.but after ankle surgery, the packers say he's not ready to return off injured reserve. since he is a free agent, it's possible that we have seen the last of lacy in a green bay uniform. george and carole? and if that's not enough--the packers announced ?another? big loss today. ?not? good news for the ?defense?... more on that later in sports. ?defense?... more on that later in sports. says it won't let up for a while.
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the holidays are ?here?. millions of people are on the road for thanksgiving. scott steele is live with us. how is
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on the joshann is in the newsroom wh ory a st anks george and caroletwo
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breaking news now... steven avery's lawyer tweeted today that a judge just entered an order for scientific testing to proceed. steven avery says it will be a happy thanksgiving after all. the move makes way for avery's appeal... he is currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of killing theresa halbach in 2005. a perfect story for this thanksgiving eve--most kids look forward to getting presents on their birthday--but one milwaukee girl used her special help give to the less fortunate--what she did is positively milwaukee. "she loved winter snow and ice" !it may seem like a typical scene--stephanie huff reading to her seven year old daughter stella--"in the middle of the night one night, miss clavell turned on her light" the french immersion school student loves playing with legos---but thats not all stella enjoys "i like american girl dolls, going on
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"shes outgoing, when we go to the grocerty store shell introduce herself to strangers and talk to people, she's interested in other people genuinelly"))yes--this adorable child thinks more about others than herself--she recently made this request of her mom--"people that dont have any money and they dont have any food i asked if they coulod come to our house and my mom could make something for them, then she explained what a food bank was" and thats why this week the huffs donated 160 pounds of food to the hunger task force--it came from stella's birthday party at adventure rock this weekend--instead of gifts, her friends were asked to bring non perishable items to the force -stella has deep compassion for the hungry and the homeless"i feel sad, i want them to have a home but they cant because they dont
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she's a really sweet and caring person she has a lot empathy towards others"but stella deflects praise saying "i give all the credit to my friends"for her classmates who shared their food with the poor--stella has this heartwarming message--" thank you for all the food you gave me i really really hope you have a good thanksgiving" "she's a great le smile your a proud mom, i am a proud mom..she's a good girl" stella was so concerned about the needy that she was adamant about the food being donated before thanksgiving. it's a big weekend for holiday
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tell us what kind of weather to expect on the long, slow drive to weird uncle larry's farm near fish creek. thanksgiving day will look a bit gloomy with mostly cloudy skies but we'll stay dry and temperatures will be close to seasonal in the low 40s. a quick little system ro and into friday morning to bring the chance for a light wintry mix for the early black friday shoppers. any precipitation will not accumulate to much, being more of a nuisance mix.the weekend is looking better with the
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saturday with seasonal highs in the low 40s. the clouds and temps will be increasing on sunday with highs climbing into the upper 40s. there is a chance for some rain to move in sunday night but most of the shower activity should rain is expected off and on throughout the day but the temperature will at least hit 50 degrees. lance allan
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it's never a good thing when the nfc offensive player of the week, comes from your opponent.the packers performance in washington is awarding winning...for opposing quarterback kirk cousins. and now it's on to philadelphia. sam shields will not return. t-j lang will be a long shot to play, and elise menaker has the other bad injury news from green bay. ((elise menaker says head coach mike mccarthy announced at his weekly news conference that eddie lacy and sam shields will be placed on
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so it doesn't look like the packers run game will be getting back to full force, any time soon.))((mike mccarthy says well we'll never be like the first couple of weeks. stating the obvious, eddie lacy is not part of it. eddie brings a different style. when you don't have one of those guys you consider a primary playmaker, you want them to touch the ball 15 times a game, that's a lot of touches. because if you can get the ball to your people through run and pass 50 plus, you're day on that's what you really gotta look for in how you distribute those other opportunities. you take that one primary player out of the equation, obviously those opportunities have to go to someone else. or two or three other people so what they do with those opportunities is really the key.))((elise menaker says and take the last four games. aaron rodgers has either led the team in rushing or been close to doing so. like last week against the redskins, he led the team with 3 carries for 33 yards. at
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thans elise. ryan braun in town for the annual brewers hunger task force thanksgiving food drive. but it's the reaction of one fan, that's priceless. check out this woman whose jaw hit the ground when she realized ryan braun was taking her the other shocking thing might involve braun's future with all the trade rumors. ((ryan braun says it complicates things for sure. i think it does for anybody who has kids and everybody has things going on outside of the baseball field. but obviously as far as not 100 percent where we'll be playing, it definitely complicates things because you know, my top priority in life is them and making sure that they're obviously things come up. it's a part of the business. it's a part of the profession. and if something were to happen, then we'd figure it out when we got there.)) wisconsin faces north carolina tonight for the champions of the maui invitational. and the admirals host grand rapids at the uw-
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tonight's "powerball" jackpot is 359-million-dollars. we'll have the winning numbers tonight on "live at ten." tight end jared cook is the guest at 6:30 on "the mike mccarthy show." you'll see "the now milwaukee" live on facebook and on t-m-j four dot
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tonight, the getaway, tens of millions take to the road and the air -- the most in years. inside the new command center as the tsa tries to avoid a repeat of scenes like this. the wrong route? late details federal officials now say the driver in the school bus crash that killed five children should not haveen on that road. building a team -- president-elect trump names two women to top jobs, plus an exclusive inside the massish secret service plan to protect the new first family. high alert -- lester's look inside the nypd's bomb squad on guard after a


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