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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  November 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:24pm CST

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journey begins. while some of our roads are wet, he are drivi but waves. >> we'll go to get a first look at your travel weather with >> some areas no we're just starting to get reports. here are some snowf tals at essentiall about4.4 in three lakes. ryanlander at three all the way bk to o'claire and the twin cities. you can see the line from green bay to wausau. all day, rain showers pushing in. we have drizzle left over. the temperatures very mild. 44 in milwaukee.
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hours, not bad for thksgiving. a lot of clouds for your holiday. then i will have your shopping day friday and saturday maps are coming up in just a few march madness. >> traffic is not nearly as busy as it was for the work day. this is the view through the lens of one of our many cameras. incidentally, police are out in force tonight, the day before thanksgiving. it's a night of revel tri-.
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>> sara bush and her boyfriend live just a block away from wher a man was sho last night. around7:45, ste wa
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community, especially -- tight-knit j g oureds. >> shuste re a we for no reportingiven river west, tmj4. >> sixth child has died from monday's school-q bus crash. police say that bus was traveling too fast when it flipped on its side and wedged around a tree. counts of vehicular haged w cidehomi >> green party candidate jill stein will refile. now, some election lawyers and data perts say there's
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may have been hacked. nothing will change for jill stein during a recount, it could have a huge impact on hillary clinton. if the recount shows clinton actually won those three states, she could swing the election. >> friends have been waiting for the district attorney to decide whether an officer will be charged in the shooting death of jay anderson. >> this brick wall they got up. they have to take this brick wall down and take this out. wisconsin needs to see this video. >> tonight, they took their qutionsec thetly wauwataole rtnt. >> npeace. >>hat we're worki for ice.ookingor is what we'rerease the dash cam footage.e're also hero nerti
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making the best of this tuatio >> t never thou beeing uhundp tshower thanksgivingrab -- settingp their thanksgg inner a theghr is inntsive procedeoe cure her oneraplt, a toma cells that start in the glands andhey
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sheets to?au up wih couesalso. >> hfe be home
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>>ni rck all done for t as. headch mccarthy said ey would on injured reserved for the rest of the season. >> we knowhey'reone for the restf the reason. d hd iyt i you have to be careful with. i obviously feel bad for him. he's a good friend and a great competitor and flare for us.
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about thoseguys. i owa the irgame at tutho a gthey'rtit we've he >> ndayst teaesanon packe carsw d mted fan he game asthe
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>> a?]de.ers. prve antlerwe'll u explain this win s
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>> okay. let's face it. every hunter has a story about that favorite shot or sharing hunts with friends and family, but for many enthusiasts, oit's about a prized >> this doe fell and the hunter realized something wasn't right when she started field dressing his deer. >> this is the trophy of a lifetime. i'm going to have a full body mount done on it. i hope my wife will let me put it in the living room, although that's a long shot. >> she's going to love. that >> dnr says it's rare.
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with antler are does. >> donald trump is providing fuel for late night comedians. seth myers was in town recently. >> three years into hosting late night, myers told me he's producing a show he wants to do, not one that people will like. he hopes people will like it. >>i went to chicago to see h this time, but seth myers is no stranger to milwaukee, calling it a great comedy down. >> i did stand op at the pap that -- stand up at the pap theater. >> isn't that an incredible venue? >> incredible. >> seth's nightly venue is at 30 rockefeller center. >> do you feel more lived in? >> i feel like it's my show every night, which it took a while to get to that place.
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going to knock on the door and tell me to clear out. >> you have room now. >> i have room now. >> he's using it to rip the are the president-elect nightly. >>'s not worried about defending donald trump's voters. >> it's true. i kind of am like a stallion. >> you're hammering trump. >> well,yeah, certainly. we just write about the ns every day. someone fay creates news that's comedy friendly, i don't think there's been a case like donald trump. >> is that what you had in mind, disenfranchised voters. >> donald trump has been saying that he'll run for president as a republican, which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> could you imagine doing that for president trump?
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how that goes. as we're talking about people having a good position about themselves or their positions, i have not seen him at any point have a good position about himself. myers says he hopes he's wrong about the kind of president trump will be and the president-elect's sense of hue nor. >> do you think that if people are laughing, they may not push back? i don't agree with what you said, but that's not funny? >> i think we're interesting an interesting time, as far as the division that this election caused. it would be a real same if what you mentioned did not turn out to be the truth. i feel like we're a lot better as a country if we can laugh at those sides. >> as for who will play trump on saturday night live, the former
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alec baldwin to portray trump. >> it's a damp thanksgiving eve in our neck of the woods. >> john? >> most of the area has been wet. even though it's been showering off and on all day, we didn't get a 10th of an inch. let's get to your 7-day forecast. for here in the milwaukee area, 41 degrees and clouds for tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, and those friday, there's a small chance of a little very light snow or snow-rain mix. shouldn't accumulate much. the weekend is looking great here. 44 on saturday. 48 on sunday. if you're travelling around the state tomorrow, not bad. everything is out of the picture. a couple of snow showers around michigan. upper 30s to lower 40s. friday, again, we might have a
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light snow toward the morning hours on friday. everybody else is looking pretty good travel wise. not much to talk about and nothing to talk about on saturday and actually into sunday. there will be rain pushing in from the west on sunday. all in all, pretty travel conditions. temperatures still at 44 degrees in milwaukee. west bend and fond du lac also at 42 we see showers. as we pull up, we look at the clouds all the way back through minnesota. that's why we have mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for tomorrow. so one low pressure system moves out, leaving clouds for thanksgiving day. overnight, thanksgiving night, more clouds. notice just a couple little snow
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cloudy skies for the remainder. this is actually behind. 41 for tomorrow's mostly cloudy skies and thanksgiving day. light westerly winds on shopping day on friday. maybe a light mix at times, but, again, not amounting to much. 42 degrees. the week is looking great. partly cloudy on saturday. saturday night, rain pushes in. a 50 degrees with rain likely. we stay above normal temperatures.
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>> packers experience a loss on each side, offense and defense. lacy and shields ruled out for the year. the team remains confident at lambeau field. >> reporter: sure the packers have lost four in a row, five of their last six, but what confidence. >> i feel like we can run the table. i really do. i think the offense is starting to click a little bit more. we have to put together a game where we're more assistant from the first snap to the last. i think we've been getting close to that. it just takes one. if we get one under our belt, things may start going well for us, and we can run the table.
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another opportunity. you have to make the most of it. >> here's the catch. the eagles are unbeaten on their home field. they have only allowed three touchdowns at home this year. that's today's tmj4.
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ympic gold medallist back home for the holiday. erihampembers heroots by goiacko d hobbs they believed in me from the bennin 's?, aowed me to be successful. >> to me, you seem like glen. are you superstar glen now? has that been affixed to your name? >> i think if i go to sporting events, i'm more recognizable.
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generation. >> she's a b inspition for me. i really likerunning. when i saw hern the olympics, i went out that daynd started running. that day i signed up for a 5k. she's an inspiration.he comes from where i live. so it's like, really cool. she's just amazing. 's crazy how i actually got to meet my id. >> i love hearing those stories. check out t hit the ground when she realized who was taking her donation. ryan braun, he is future is in question. >> obviously as far as not knowing 100% where we'll be playing, it complicates things. my priority in life is them, making sure they're comfortable.
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business and the profession. if something happened, we would figure it out when we got there. >> the badgers and the championship game, not a lot of offense. nigel hayes flushes. the admirables early thanksgiving treat, beating grand rapids.
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>> get your tickets out, america, your winning powerball numbers are 7, 42, 47, 61 -- the power play is 2. >> the showers will pretty much be over, but we'll have drizzle then, for thanksgiving day, you're traveling around the area, nice travel conditions. mostly cloudy skies. they play a lot of that turkey bowl. perfect weather for that. >> i've had calls for people who have been played games for years around theareas. so they will like that forecast. it's actually pretty nice. >> stretch out before the game. we don't want any injuries. >> good advice. thanks for joing us.
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and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger. welcome to delicious! [ eend applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the ing jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- leslie mann,


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