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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  November 24, 2016 4:00pm-4:20pm CST

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sitting down for their spective thanksgiving me vapeta school. rkey trot whe thmoney r ni sagathe turkey rted we startef wheit s th 79 people the first year that was eight years ago. morehan 1-thousand people... are running or walking this it woubecomes never thought reoun dolls was d doteorganizemike ruzicka says this building is just two yearold. when they builthe school we sponsored a classroom - a 4klassro so actually this year we'll end up paying off that classroom the ce has become part of the vithanks routine for local families. it's great for the school and the coy mmunitand to get everyone involved and celebrate the holiday together mike's daughter marlsays - for the ruzicka's - it's we able time together. ke to g out and stay
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part of stuff, as well as enjoy our family ti together and of course... race nats there's this added bonus: we get up in the morning, do a little exercise, and you don't el as guiltybout eating 4,000 es later in the day organizers hope some of the money raised will go towardan electronic sign for the new school in cedarburg pz tmj4 from sponsorships and runner registration fees. storm team 4 now-- not a bad day for a run-- temperatures in the 40's. meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with the weather.... happy thanksgiving everyone! and skies wi remain cloudy y headininto tonight. temperatures will fall the 40s into the 30s this
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disturbance approaching us from the west, h may may bring a few flurries to the area well after midnight and
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itooks like most of the midwest will steer clr owhe nex wibig errsrtrn parts check out w inisno"eau to oniors the right kan ofmi also ak is beatins rey carric e
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volunteers have been busy getting 'lambeau field' ready for its annual thanksgiving day dinner.the meal is organized by a christian outreach program. they expect to serve around nine hundred hot meals to people who may not have a place to celebrate the holiday. the dinner has been overwhelmed with people wanting to help... about 400 volunteers help make the day possible. "makes you feel like there's hope in this world. not everybody is bad, mad. it's neat to see families cond work togethe nt turkey yet or have some questions-- the butterball turkey talk line is open. you can call the talk line at 1-800-butteball-- now through christmas eve. the line is opened today until six p-m.
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holiday-- butterball will be there-- ready to take your call. a holiday tradition returns. candy cane lane opens tomorrow night in west allis. the drive- through display raises money for the macc fund. this year organizers are hoping to raise 100-thousand-dollars. last year they surpassed that-- raising 113-thousand-dollars. candy lane will be open through december 26th. and there's still time to buy ''a macc star'' and help cure childhood cancer. it costs 10 dollars and is available at bal-is-treri sen-dik's food stores. last week a milwaukee charter school system received high marks in the state report card. tonight, how the inner city schools are able t produce high scholars despite the challenges. 20 years ago the founders of milwaukee college prep wanted nothing more than to close the achievement gap of african american students in the inner city by providing a quality education. today that idea has grown from one school t4
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rauh shows me the banners that o reminding every child of the end goal - college.ey are they nt to go to is hh ey are school go to that college become a doctor beca nu in the lateswisconsin state report rd allols ho gnifantly exceedints - expectation. our math scores overall is oneprecent increase so we are making up the gap. the 4 among the p 25 in the state. there is more challengesbut the belief and giving the support and tools acheive is really the key83 percent of the studenbody is ecally disadvantaged, but rauh sa that is not an excuse. our belief is that our demogrhy does not determine our destinym-c-p ha some of the same challenges as mps. aa charter schoolhey use a lottery system with
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across this city but what makes milwaukee college prep different we are able to bring a great group of teachers with a belief system in the same building what is more remarkable when you look at the current data from wisconsin department of public instruction .. if m-c-p was its own district .. its students achievement would rank 12th in the state right behind whitefish our 3rd grade classrooms across the network out perform the state ... out perform the state? yeah 13.10.01rob is quick abouinspiring the next.its generation. each one of those data pointsrepres a indiviual childitreally about setting our children up for success. administtors travel across untry to visit high performing to hools
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asd ifther pand would first ke to o k-3.?l ? coming- ing today-- e rerants tharu to y lidameal. g
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if you plan to shop for the holidays while you're on the job and should be working... you won't be alone.more people an while they're working.that's according to careerbuilder's annual survey. it found more than half of workers-- 53 percent-- say they'll spend at least some time holiday shopping over the internet while on the job. that's up three percent from last year. while most americans will be giving thanks with family and friends today-- others will be giving thanks with their co- workers. more than one in four workers will be spending thanksgiving with their work
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more than 33-hundred workers and 28 percent said they'll be working today. that's an increase over the 20 percent who said they'd be working last year. if you plan to eat out today-- there are several restaurant chains that are open. bob evans is opened with a special menu. cracker barrel also serving up a thanksgiving- inspired meal. golden corral rolling out a thanksgiving day buffet at participating locations. boston market serving up a traditional thanksgiving dinner and denny's is open as well. thanksgiving seems to go hand in hand with overeating.but it doesn't have to take a toll on your belt line!haley hernandez spoke with a dietitian about tips to keep our holiday meal lean. the thanksgiving version of "eat this, not that"says your body starts to prime for digestion the minute you smell food - making you hungry!if you're not careful, you could consume way too much even before you get to the main meal!dietitian, ronda elsenbrook, says instead of chips, crackers or other crunchy calorie traps - use
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kind of cut up vegetables and then you can still add a complimentary dip if you want or hummus."with countless carbs...elsenbrook suggests using cauliflower- which can be used as an easy swap for mashed potatoes or casseroles. "finely chopped you can mimic rice or you can blend it up more smoothly and make fake potatoes instead of half cup of mashed potatoes at 15 g carbs, your cauliflower, a whole cup would only be about 5 g"sla squash wa place of pasta"theexture is going to be a little bit lighter, it's not as dense, but its got good, mild flavor so anything you add to it is going to compliment."if everyone around you is eating, it will be hard to stay in it harder to stop eating.if you overdo it on thanksgiving, don't keep repeating the mistake in the days to come, elsenbrook says to use portabello mushrooms instead of buns for sandwiches"they make a nice compliment and add some extra vegetables and extra nutrients"even better,
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other tips include-- use fat free chicken brh to baste the turkey and make gravy.and reduce oil and butter wherever you can. storm team 4 weather now..the rain has moved out just in time for thanksgiving. lets get a check on the forecast now meteorologist brian niznansky. happy thanksgiving everyone! we've had lots of clouds today and skies will remain cloudy heading in tonight. temperatures will fall from the 40s into the 30s this evening. there is a weak disturbance approaching us from the west, which may may bring a few flurries to the
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stts with a slight chance of rain or snow showers in the morning with no accumulation expeed. skiestay cloudy friday but brighter and warmer times are ahead this weekend. both saturday and sunday look great for the end of november. saturday's forecast calls for mounny skies and highs in the middle 40s. sunday we climb to around 50! the next significant storm system moves in for monday, but just like last time, we stay on the warm side of the or only see rain showers here in se wisconsin on monday and
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a florida couple is turning a fun hobby into a business and it's taking off.. krystel knowles reports on how they're
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after the last drop of wine ... some of those barrels await thr new future..."from there he started to create homedecor..."a year ago, stephanie marr gave joshua sands an un-usual birthday gift..."stephabnie ordered two barrels, broke them down and got creative""when you know someone as creative as josh, we know we can make creative art"and art is what he made... family started first with serving trays, and the lazy susans"from there, barrels from barnett vineyards california, travel across the country ending up a week later in their garage..."friends and family bought them as gift for people who have actually been to barnette vignard"jinju products revenue went from 200 a month to almost 3000...
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and bars""its turning into more than a hobby"they spend at least two hours a day, working on ta t"a lot of ne drinkers, right there is a huge market" currently they sell their products through their facebook page. but they hope to expand and open a storefront in the near future. still ahead-- donation-- how much monethe tennessee titans are donating to help victims of the deadly sccrhool bus h. coming up at 4:30-- scam warning-- what you should look out for if you're
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naughty or n .. b sthise r learn at eem ing owtegyuhow yo epwhat adyostmentn make. ygo from good tgreat to wow ve the gtly at a mber s amsl righonw uln d.
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storm team 4 now-- tokyo saw snow fall in november for the
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area saw more than seven inch of owmperatures dropping to around 33-degrees. residents bundled up, as avere nd thistime of yearrange from happy thksgivi everyone! n inju we've had lotsclouds today d skies will remain clou heading into tonit. temperatures will fall into the evening. there is a weak disturbance approaching us from thewest, which may may bring a few flurries to the area well after midnight and
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coming up-- security breach-- the number of sailors who may have had their information hacked. and-- black friday deals- the stores that are closed thanksgiving day and the retailers offering incentives tt
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25thmorefucrea vecitation. police arrested oti mckane in connection with the shooting. the u-s navy is warning more than 130-thousand sailors about a hack exposing their names and social security numbers.the navy says
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accessed the information after a breach involving a worker's laptop. those affected will be notified in the next few weeks. so far, there's been no evidence to suggest misuse of the information that was compromised. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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now at 4:30 - if you just can't break out of the tradition of shopping at the old brick and mortar stores... we, shopping deals are aplenty.. starting today. but, there is some pushback on shopping when it comes to thanksgiving day itself. dozens of major stores... saying a big 'no thanks' to opening on turkey day. and nbc's jo ling kent reports, it all comes down to the bottom


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