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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm CST

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tonight, working holiday. donald trump tweeting about a campaign promise, as new details and questions emerge about how often he's receiving intelligence briefings. giving thanks. the celebrations and traditions at home and work to get holiday shoppers off the computer and into their stores. fatal encounter. a teenager killed. a 62-year-old man charged with murder. what the suspect allegedly said that has the fbi looking into whether this was a hate crime. and virtual house call. the hi-tech health care trend that's spreading. telemedicine, even if your doctor isn't that far away.
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world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm kate snow in for lester on this thanksgiving night. congratulations if you successfully avoided talking politics over the turkey. but there is political news to cover tonight. from his estate in florida this morning, president-elect donald trump tweeted he was working hard this holiday. trump talking about a campaign pledge to save jobs at a plant in indiana. as t are warning against mitt romney as the choice for secretary of state. with cabinet appointments and meetings occupying much of his time, we've learned the president-elect has chosen not to receive daily u.s. intelligence briefings. we have it all covered from mar-a-lago tonightith kristen welker. >> reporter: donald trump celebrating his first tnksgiving as president-elect at his sprawling palm beach estate. eager to show he's not
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tweeting, trying to get carrier to stay in the company. the company in the midst of a move to mexico, was a constant trump target on the campaign trail. carrier confirming they're in conversations, but so far, no announcements. it all coincides with striking revelations, intelligence officials telling nbc news mr. trump has only received two intelligence briefings since the election, far fewer than the daily briefings that are expected. >> by not having daily the security of the united states. >> reporter: "the washington post" first reported the news, noting that mike pence is getting briefed almost every day. the sessions sdiped to give a summary of key security intelligence from all 16 intelligence agencies, as well as the cia's covert operations. during president obama's transition, he requested extra briefings. president george w. bush got into a daily routine after the florida recount. >> there is nothing as important as these briefings for the president of the
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then, of course, it's possible there could be ramifications. >> reporter: in response, the trump transition team stressing national security is donald trump's top priority. one senior intelligence official cautions, it's too early to draw broad conclusions with trump busy forming his administration. so who will be named next? all eyes on secretary of state. the top contenders, new york mayor rudy guiliani, a trump loyalist, and mitt romney, one of trump's biggest critics during the primary. >> donald trump is a >> reporter: but today, one of trump's top advisers seemed to pick a side, with a tweet raising loyalty in past secretaries of state, a sentiment echoed by other trump allies. >> i can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the trump vision of foreign policy. >> reporter: meanwhile, yet another sign trump may be moderating. after criticizing nato as a candidate, today the alliance's secretary-general
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clearly he supports nato. >> reporter: as for mr. trump's former rival, hillary clinton, she was spotted doing a little thanksgiving shopping yesterday. today she tweeted out, happy thanksgiving. she currently leads donald trump by more than two million votes in the popular vote. kate? >> kristen welker down in florida, thank you. happy thanksgiving. hopefully by now you've had your fill of turkey. it's truly a day of celebration from the millions visiting new york, to our troops stationed overseas. tammy leitner has us covered on all of today's festivities. >> reporter: 3.5 million packed the streets to take part in a new york city parade that's become an american tradition. security was at an all-time high this holiday. from eyes in the sky to canines on the ground. >> did you come here just for this? >> yes. >> you are kidding me. >> reporter: performers from all over. >> thank you. >> reporter:
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to catch a glimpse of their favorite balloon. 50 of them flying high over the two and a half mile parade route. some new faces, diary of a wimpy kid, and a comeback for felix the cat. >> it's been a great experience. >> reporter: for this lit girl, a chance to see her hero, olympic gold medalist, laurie hernandez. >> i cried. >> reporter: in southern california, some celebrated their first thanksgiving. volunteers delivering meals to sian >> it really means a lot that we're delivering these meals to refugees, to these immigrants here in san diego. it's just kind of like the true meaning of thanksgiving. >> reporter: charity turkey trots from maryland to california. for those hoping to burn some calories before their thanksgiving feast. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: our troops overseas, sending a message of their own. >> i'm safe and well. i wish all my family members a happy thanksgiving and a happy holidays.
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their commander in chief, who had this message today. >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we're still one people. part of something bigger than ourselves. >> reporter: no better reminder than millions coming together. to catch a glimpse of saint nick. back here in new york, there were 3,000 nypd officers on the parade route today. we're told there were no problems, but the show of force could become the new kate? >> tammy leitner, thank you. after a day of being thankful for what we have, what's more american than heading out to buy the stuff we don't have? black friday has already begun in many places and as jo ling kent reports, the race is on to steal those deals. >> reporter: thousands of americans rushing into stores before the thanksgiving dishes are done. >> little bit off you get, always helps a little bit. >> reporter: grabbing hot deals and deep
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>> probably you save about $300 on it. >> save that money for christmas. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: 137 million americans are expected to shop this holiday weekend. but this year, retail stores are under extra pressure to perform. black friday foot traffic was down last year, and is expected to sink again this year by 3.5%. more people going on the internet than anything into stores. consumers forecast to spend more than 50% of their holiday budget onne that's why malls are rolling out the red carpet to get you to shop. offering vip services like valet parking and a personal concierge, even champagne. >> you feel special. you are more inclined to make more luxurious decisions. so if you're feeling special when you're shopping, you're going to want to spend more. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: santa claus getting a high tech makeover too. new interactive experiences built for
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suits. and a life-size snow globe. >> what was it like in there? >> it was like fun and exciting. because like i didn't know what was coming next. >> having a great service experience, a great experiential offering is critical to being a winner versus a loser. >> reporter: retailers heaping on the perks and the discounts, hoping to avoid leftovers this holiday weekend. crowds are out here at best buy in full come in store to spend a little extra money, rather than sticking to your list when shopping online. 6 in 10 americans plan to spend on themselves this holiday season. and the average personal splurge, 140 bucks, kate? >> jo, thank you very much. talk about a dangerous double threat in nicaragua, at almost the same time a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the country's west coast today while a category two hurricane, otto,
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injuries or serious damage. back in the uk, federal authorities are revealing whether the shooting of a teenager in west virginia should be prosecuted as a hate crime. a 62 yearly man is jailed without bond faci murder charges. he's confessed to the shooting of the teen, but insists it was self-defense. ron allen has that story tonight. >> reporter: grief and sorrow after the death of james means. 15, high school freshman, who loved cars and dreamed shop. >> my son is in a safer place now, and we all love him. >> reporter: gunned tonight police say by william pulliam after the two exchange words near a local discount store. >> be advised your suspect -- >> reporter: police say pulliam confessed to shooting means because he felt threatened, and in a jail house interview with wchs, pulliam said means had a gun. >> i don't like it.
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but, you know, they're not going to kill me. >> reporter: but authorities have said the teenager was not armed. pulliam, according to the criminal complaint, expressed no remorse. stating, the way i look at it, that's another piece of trash off the street. he then had dinner and visited a friend. federal authorities looking into whether a hate crime was committed. >> if they want to charge me with a hate but they got to prove i hate black people, and i don't. >> reporter: the teen's family calling for calm. >> we're going to let the law put it in hatheirs. >> reporter: on social media, a request for a few thousand dollars to help with funeral expees, surgingas $40,000 i just a f ys. >> we don hold a grudge, so nobody else sh ld hold a grudge. we all have to forgive and let everything take its place. >> reporter:tonight, pulliam remains jailed, with a hearing to come after the holiday weekend.
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coy mmmunitrnhe loss of a young life. ron allen, nbc news. to the middle east now and the war against isis. as u.s.-backed forces battle to retake the city of mosul, a desperate situation is emerging on the front lines for the soldiers and innocent civilians injured in the fighting. lucy cavanaugh is there for us this evening. >> reporter: it's a frantic race to save a life. arriving at the only hospital serving the front line outside of isis control. simply getting here could make the difference between life and death. but up to a million people are still trapped inside mosul. they are civilians, caught in the crossfire, unable to flee. few doctors, no hospitals, hope running low. dr. omar knows it first hand. he managed to escape mosul and is now treating patients. his family, still inside the city, trapped by isis.
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people. they are our families. they are our neighbors. they are our friends. >> reporter: tonight, u.s.-backed iraqi and kurdish forces say they've n surrounded mosul. 50,000 soldiers part of the mission, one of them this 25-year-old whose family is still stuck behindnemy lines. i'm fighting isis to free my siers, my relatives, hels me. we have to put e the most heart breaking stories here, the children. year-old ahmed was playing outside when a mortar struck. >> how are you feeling? >> sad. >> reporter: a lucky survivor in a war that grinds on. lucy cavanaugh, nbc news, iraq. still ahead tonight, your doctor on call on your computer monitor, even if she's just across town. also, an
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back now with a closer look at a big trend in the way americans see their doctors -- so-called telemedicine. more than 15 million americans received some kind of care remotely last year andhose numbers are expected to increase by nearly a thirdhis year. as the practice expands, rehema ellis reports, so do the questions about quality, cost, and how to pay for it.
5:46 pm
new mom, also trying to manage her own diabetes. so she's checking with her doctor from her dining room. >> some on insulin might still be on board by the time you have dinner. >> i needed to be seeing the doctor all the time. basically working full time it's tough. >> reporter: daria is part of a new telemedicine program at brigham and women's hospital making it possible to see her doctor without making the 20-mile trek into boston, or losing any in the waiting room. i don't have to think about parking. i'm not as frazzled. it's been very helpful in caring for my diabetes. >> reporter: doctors say the treatment is the same. >> i think this is a model in which we can reach out and provide theare for people who can't make it in. >> reporter: the model of care is booming. there are 3,500 programs in hospitals nationwide. more than 70% of all hospitalsse some form of telemedicine. 30 states and the
5:47 pm
require private insurers cover telemedicine, just like an in-office visit. but there's a growing debate over what you should pay for. skype visits with your doctor? what about e-mails or phone calls? that's what massachusetts lawmakers are trying to figure out. what concerns you the most? >> it's a broad definition of what would be covered. it's something that we really need to take a look at as a state to understand what types of services that we're talking about. >> reporter: for way to stay connected with her doctor, so she can take care of herself and her new baby. rehema ellis, nbc news, boston. we're back in a moment on this thanksgiving with one of the most popular traditions of the day. which dog was this (man) my dad and i have the same eyes. traditions of the day. which dog was this year's best in show? same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i asked his doctor about once-a-day namzaric.
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it's easy at or you can call it's medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ? ? back now with the story out of york county, pennsylvania,
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ana half centuries o. day york onc again in the spotlight for hping turn crucia swingtate of pennsylvania republican red for the first time in years. here's harry smith. >> reporter:he market in york, pennsylvania, was built more than a hundred years ago. york was once a hotd of heavy industry. but york county has long been reliably republican. this is trump country. and these folks want you to hear this. >> you know, you gotta >> no matter which side of the fence you con on, i think you should give the man a chance. >> reporter: and just in case you didn't get it -- >> they gotta give the man a chance. >> reporter: -- york is a red county with a bit of blue downtown, and it reflects the quantum shift that's happening in this state. just this appear, the pennsylvania republican party enrolled almost a quarter million new voters and saw nearly
5:52 pm
this guy gets it. >> if you can't trust your garbage man, who can you trust? >> we need to fix harrisburg. >> reporter: that's part of why he ran a write-in campaign for the state legislature in 2014, against a democrat, and a republican who was already on the ballot. he won. what did you tap into two and a half years ago, that you're still tapping into now? >> it's anger. people are fed up with government. >> reporter: wagner likes to hand out t-shirtsh >>f you could tak your hands andut them around my and start choking me and let me turn blue until i'm the color of your shirt, that's how business people in america feel. >> reporter: overregulated and under-appreciated. so this renegade republican is going to run for governor. sound familiar? >> where everybody missed this whole thing, they didn't talk to the people on the ground. >> reporter: and the folks on the ground are done with business as usual. it's why they supported trump. >> he's not the status quo.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: they may have elected a republican, but they voted for trump. harry smith, nbc news, york, pennsylvania. it's a favorite for so many people every thanksgiving, the national dog show. and today's big winner, gia the greyhound. she was the top hound in her group and rose to earn the best in show designation, beating out 1,800 canine competitors and maybe she earned some of that leftover turkey tonight. when we come back, with a unique twist. a thanksgiving gathering where the (einstein) hey! what's going on here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. it has real beef, grains, vegetables, and he loves it. well, we were coming for an interview... so he wanted to wear his tie. (einstein) it's my power tie. it gives me power.
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to eliquis is right for you. next: with family, friends... or just by themselves... a community comes together by the thousands to share in a free thanksgiving dinner.and we're live as stores swing open their doors for the much- anticipated holiday shopping season. live at 6 is next. finally tonight, something to make you feel good on this thanksgiving traditions. but this one is unique. the story of a man who truly understands what the holiday is all about. giving. and togetherness. no matter who's at the table. >> reporter: all day yesterday, scott mccauley worked at his vacuum cleaner shop. the holidays are his busy season. >> it's this mad dash. all of a sudden, company's coming. >> reporter: but that's nothing compared to today, because scott has an ambitious thanksgiving tradition. >> one, two, three.
5:57 pm
year, he cooks and serves a thanksgiving feast in a church basement for a crowd of strangers. >> it's really important to me that people are not home alone. i don't want to stay home alone. >> reporter: it started way back in 1985. scott's parents were going through a divorce and he didn't have anywhere to go for the holiday. >> i would be miserable if i was staying home alone on thanksgiving. and so i just figured it's gotta be other people in that same boat. >> reporter: he put an ad in the local paper, offerio ck others was a hit. so scoid it again the next year, and the next, and the next. >> i never thought it would last 31 years. >> reporter: the crowd has grown over time. this year, 60 strong. >> we don't have family here, so it really helps to have a family, extended family with the people we meet here. >> if we had an opportunity to take another invitation, we would probably -- we might turn it down and say, we already have plans. >> reporter: it's a
5:58 pm
to make it homey, he brings in fake fireplaces, arm chairs and rugs. >> anything and everything i can do to make it look as much like a home as possible. >> reporter: scott would love to see his tradition spread. >> i'm a vacuum fixer. if a vacuum fixer can do thanksgiving dinner for people, anybody can do it. >> reporter: over all the years, he's never had time to sit down and eat. but he's not complaining. >> if i made the people happy, that's the best part of the dinner, because that's the happy people. the more the better. >> a lot of happy people. that will do it for us on this thanksgiving thursday. hope you and your loved ones had a very happy one. we leave you tonight with some of the highlights from macy's thanksgiving d parade. i'm kate snow in for lester. from all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching. have a great night. ? claus ?comes santa
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? the excitement is >> right now on milwaukee, this is today's tmj 4 live at 6:00. >> ready or not, too fast and -- chew fast and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. many of you may be digging into the thanksgiving dinner. > moved in and are from the checkout line at toys r us. >> forget thor the ku and the football. i -- forget the turkey and the football. and black friday professional
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wal-mart and gurnee mills and the outlet stores and target, kmart, kohl's, and one more. menards. that is in there somewhere, and ese guys don't finish until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. check out this line wrapping all around. the big item is cindy says hoverboards are where it's at. they aren't the only ones waiting in line this morning. i found one couple earlier this afternoon. >> if they are not done eating, i have to leave. >> 1:00, get your food and got to go. >> that is what they said.


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