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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 10, 2016 5:30pm-5:57pm CST

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thanks for joining us on hope to see you back here at 6. nbc nightly news is next. this saturday night, world stage. president elect trump turns to corporate tycoon as secretary of state with no government experience, but no international negotiation, including close ties to russia's vladimir putin. blast of winter. tens of millions feeling the effects of bitter cold and three feet of snow. where is it all hitting and for how long. last stand, appeals for restraint. a syrian government forces move to take control of aleppo. and tens of thousands stream out of deceased city. he makes his living by making it up. look at the business of fake news and what's driving it.
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stop by the coffee truck that draws people from far and wide and hear why the coffee is only part of it. nightly news begins now. from nbc news, world headquarters in new york, this is nbc's nightly news with jose diaz. good evening, president elect donald trump is once again turned to the world of business to fill an all important cabinet position in his adst state. nbc news leaed that trump apparently rex os tillerson, chairman and ceo of exxon mobile who has spent entire career with international oil and gas giant. the two met this morning at trump we we get more tonight from correspondent who was first to report the choice of tillerson earlier today. >> reporter: tillerson has worked at exxon bile for 41 years. mu o it spent building a
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of the oil company's operations in russia. exxon mobile won access to prized arctic oil resources in 2011 after tillerson took the ceo job. in 2013, he was awarded the order of friendship by vladimir putin. tillerson was also an outspoken opponent of u.s. sanctions against russia of ukraine which lead to cancellation of arkic oil deal with russia. close ties are already raising questions about ability to get senate today. >> i believe vladimir putin is ahug and the bully and a murderer and i believe the relationship between mr. tillerson and vladimir putin needs to be examined. >> reporter: during his time at the world's largest public energy company, tillerson acknowledged the science behind climate change, supporting a carbon tax while also expressing support for
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tillerson also served at president of the boy scotts of america. and key to changing equality for allowing gay youth to participate. 64 executive has never served in government position, but exxon mobile has operations in most of the world's countries. >> joining me live is andrea mitchell. you broke the news earlier today. how do you think it's going to play out? >> reporter: there's a lot of reaction already. environmentalist, many democrats on the foreign relations committee already raising questions and some mccain, you saw in the piece, raising questions about whether he is too close to vladimir putin and russia to be independent. this could be a tough confirmation. that will said, donald trump today raised the issue himself in an interview with fox news and said he's much more than a business executive. and if the lift gets too heavy, if there's a political fire storm hear, he has not yet been officially nominated. we know there's an intention too. that's our reporting, but he could always back off and choose someone else. >> thank you very
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of trump transition pushed back hard over reports the cia has concluded that russia actually intervened in the u.s. presidential election to help trump win. we get more on this tonight from nbc casey hunt. >> reporter: donald trump staying neutral in army navy showdown. the president elect is all be going to war with the intelligence community. nbc news has confirmed what "the washington post" reported late friday. the cia believes the ruia donald trump. releasing hacked democratic campaign e-mails. >> they're starting to piece together the sequence of events and players here and drawing specific connections from e-mails to russian intelligence services. that's where they are on the issue now. russia was not only interfering, but trying to deliver election to donald trump. >> transition team in a remarkable statement not buying the cia's analysis. these are the same people that said sue
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weapons of mass destruction. vladimir putin has praised trump and denied any role not election. brief tells news that the latest is based on interpretation from human communication. computer forensics. the "new york times" reports the russian government successfully hacked the republican national committee, but only released the democratic data. the rnc disputes that. >> there's zero evidence anything that may have been attempted had >> reporter: the obama administration ordering a review they want to release before the inauguration. some republicans are concerned too. >> there's no doubt in my mind that they hack ed into the dnc and e-mails. this is not about the democratic party. this is about america as a whole.
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that shouldn't trump patriotism. >> in the meantime democrats are asking intelligence community officials to turn over more information to congress as they make those inquiries. donald trump is going to have to figure out a relationship in the meantime with an intelligence community that's going to start serving him as their main customer starting in january. >> thank you. much more on all of this and the trump transition tomorrow morning on "meet the press." reinceri staff will be among chuck todd's guests. something affecting tens of millions of ople this weekend and beyond. a bitter blast of winter weather stretching all along the northern part of the country. some of the coldest tempatures of the season and two to three feet of snow in some areas. following it all and our report. >> reporter: residents in the midwest despately diggg their way out of
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snow. yesterday i did my driveway three times. >> reporter: in parts of ohio, landing a one-two punch. freezing temperatures and white out conditions. >> the older i get the more i hate this weather. >> a nightmare for commuters. tens of millions under a winter weather advisory. with more than 30 inches of snowfalling near cleveland and buffalo. another six inches expected off the great lakes. that storm system where in portland, an entire neighborhood was left in the dark after this tree snapped bringing down a power line. others trapped on a dark train for hours when another high voltage line ripped. first responders escorting them to safety. cities and towns across the northern plains feeling well below zero this morning. still not enough to stop these tailgaters in north dakota or shoppers in chicago.
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is yet to come. >> well, i keep saying we're going be in for a whole world of hurt because we've had wonderful weather up until the beginning, middle of december. now here we are. it's going be negative ten next week and we're in trouble. >> reporter: 36 million people across the country now under advisory. eather this while residents here in e midwest brace for what experts say could be a colde wint han we've seen in years. on the severe weather to come. let's get the latest from meteorologist dylan drier. >> good evening. we are waiting for next storm system to produce significant snowfall across the northwest. some areas in the higher elevations could see more than two feet of snow. we also have winter weather advisories and storm watches moving back into the midwest. with this second round of snow moving east ward. so the snow will fill
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midwest on sunday. most of michigan will see snow, cleveland and buffalo more snow later in the day on sunday. and try 20 move to northeast on monday morning. could be slippery before it changes over to rain later in the morning on monday. ghest elevations in the northwest. that's where we're going to see most of you are snow amounts. wide spreed 3-6 inches through the great lakes with higher amounts off the great lakes. then we're looking at the siberian cold air originates from siberia pouring down into the continental united statnd especially by the time we get into thursday, that's when we're looking at the coldest air to settle in. some areas not getting out of single digits. >> thank you very much. overseas an increasingly desperate situation in the city of aleppo tonight. government forces move to take control and tens of thousands try to felt out befo they do. nbc matt bradley has the very latest.
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tightening noose around east aleppo. stranling the civilians left inside. the rest are fleeing. fighting age men, escaping can seem like it's something from the pan to the fire. sent hundreds of mens and boys disappeared when they reached government held west aleppo this week. >> what is the worry among human rights workers once aleppo falls completely. number of people who mayse to reprisals of many s. nd >> meanwhile a flurry of negotiations to end the slaughter that has once again achieved little. secretary kerry urging syria and russia to protect the innocent. >> they need to provide guarantees and allow guarantees to be put in place that make certain that people are not marching into a massacre sgll
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they captured over 90% of what was once syria's largest city. determined to reach a military victory and tip the balance in president assad's favor. at a high cost, nearly 6 years of war and 400,000 dead. it's a civil war complicated by the ongoing fight against isis in the region in which u.s. troops are increasingly involved. announced 200 special operatio troops will join the 300 soldiers already another continue accident war that donald trump stands to inrit. nbc news, london. it was a terrifying night in neighboring turkey. deadly attack in istanbul. two explosions took place outside a soccer stadium after fans went home. one was believed to be a caromb in an area where special forces police were stationed. initial reports said about 20 officers were wounded.
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killed. in south carolina, federal authorities have reased video of the chilling confession of dylann roof, the man charged with killing nine blacchuras historically year played the taped inrrogatioring what has b a highly emotional trial. >> i doonsider myself a white supremacist. >> he chuckd as he recalled the horror at the church last year. >> we all kno now for the first time a look at what prosecutors showed jurors on the third day of federal trial where he's accused of 33 counts, including hate crimes. >> what i did is so my my nis kul to at they're doing to white people every day. >> this is video of him entering the building. whenloodshed was over, he quietly walked out. gun in hand. >> i was in absolute
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>> police arrested him during a traffictop the next day and seemed sprised when he was told nine churchbers had died. >> you were under the assumption you killed four or five people, but you're numbers are doubled. it was nine. >> the fbi agents asked what he would tell the families of the victims. >> i couldn't look at them. >> the defense team is t disputinthe facts of the case. their goal is to avoid the id after confession he told the then -year-old his plan to srt a race war did not work and the people of charleston were coming together. his last words to roof, you failed. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> still ahead tonight, newest battleground on abortion and strict new rules lawmakers in one ste have approved. > alsoe'll go inside the world of fake newwith a man who earns a living by not telling the truth.
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ly use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas? for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. anticipation of a trump administration have some conservatives seeing an openg tthe landmark decision in roe versus wade. lead to strictest anti-abortion laws in the nation and spark a massive legal battle.
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reporter: the battleground over abortion rights is now ohio. >> six week abortion ban will allow abortion all together. >> lives are literally on the chopping blocks. >> reporter: this week passed one of the strictest abortion bills in the the nation. under what's called the heart beat bill, could be banned after a fetal heart beat is detectived. that can happen as soon as six weeks. no exception for rape or incest. ruled states a abortions unless the fetus is viability outside the woem. generally 24 weeks. the impetus for the bill, the election of donald trump. >> you think this will survive a constitutional challenge now. >> better chance than before. >> made this. >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. >> right now there is only one court vacancy. >>he most president trump will do is
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justice with another. there l aren't five votes on the court to overrule row veus wade. >> if that were overturned, ny stat wou overturn. ohio's governor calls himself prop life. statement fromffice only promises to closely examine the bill. kasich has ten days to veto it. as well as a second bill passed this week in ohio that would ban again, witut excefor ption or incest. if he does nothing t billecomes law. >> we are back in a at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up.
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thisyear's noble prize winners, most of them accepted their prize today. president of received nobel peace prize to end the war. others were handed out in stockholm sweden, including to bob dylan for literature. singer patti smith sang a song after accepting his award. the business of fake news came under more scrutiny after false stories about what was going on at a pizza restaurant in washington, d.c. authorities say those reports prompted a man
5:52 pm
at the fake news phenomena, its impact and what's behind it. >> reporter: with fake news making real news headlines this week, secretary clinton calling it an epidemic, the pizza attack that washington. the question is why do so many people turn to phony news sources. one answer can be found in newsrooms like ours across the country. americans trusted mainstream media sources is at an all time low. >> do you trust the mainstream media. >> no. >> how can you tell when things are slanted and when they're not. >> you can't, but then i watch the mock news. >> are you getting better information from last week tonight or us at nbc news. >> last week tonight does more in depth research and sometimes actually teaching me something. >> do you trust me? yes. >> you do? because i have glass. >> distrust in media has em boldened fake news creators. this is your biggest
5:53 pm
fib agt found dead in apparent murder icide. >> policsay brown was a highly respected agt where the fbi. >> is any of that true. >> not a single thing. totally fiction. >> in the days before the election over 500,000 people shared the post. 1.6 million people saw it on his website. >> how much money did this post make you. >> likely $8,000. >> is itor take back. to add to that, google closed all the accounts running on the site. even that money is gone. >> gone. >> do you feel like the work that you did from this commuter affected the results of the election in any way. >> i do not. it's something i'm glad you're hear talking about it, but you should he been talking about it years ago. >> what's the role of the fake news. >> i like to think it helps keep the real media honest. >> that's a claim that
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so when you get there, yocan enjoyourself all the more. for less. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even aarching band. and if i can get comfole talking about this kiester, for sof can get comfortable using preparation h. preparation h. g comfortable with it. >>it's a daily ritual, stopping for a good cup of coffee. in one georgia communy, people from all over are driving
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r what might be called a world brew. >> reporter: they are the sights and sounds of mourning in america. inside this coffee truck in a small georgia town, a meing pot of the world. >> we need to get together o so i can start remembering my arkansas big. >> the workers are from syria,?z myanmar, ethiopia and congo. not just java, it's jobs on the menuor immigrants. >> i'm doing well, how about you. >> he came from syria last year. >> we are like family. it's not customers and business. >> refuge coffee, nonprofit was the idea of kitty murray. >> refugees come to the u.s. and there's so many ways they uld not feel welcome, and what we do makes them feel welcome. >> and clark ston outside of atlanta was
5:58 pm
ment community of 13,000 people. 54 national allties. >> the year long job comes with english classes at a technical college. i need specific adjectives. >> and mentoring for whev they want to do next. >> yes, i would like to be a pharmacist here. >> at the truck, diversity bringing people together. >> it's just wonderful to get to know them. get to know where they're from and hear me of their stories. you can get a cup of coffee just about much harfind. i justoveding here and supporting such a greatcause. >> how is the coffee. >> amazing. so go. >> a small town's refugeservin citif the world. nbc news, clark ston, georgia. >> andhat's nbc's nightly ws for this saturday. i'm jose diaz reporting from new york. thank you for e privilege of your time.
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>> now at 6:00, it's time, our firstajor winter storm of the is season is moving into southeast wisconsin. you can see it right now in waukesha county and much of our area now under a winter storm warning as you can see this
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meteorologist scott steele leading our s team 4 coverage. scott. ell, i has been quiet s far this season but we're gonna xt 24 hours. a big way in the lcome to the wea center. you may already being seeing some big fat flakes flying through the air across your neighborhood and we're not alone extending all the way west toward the dakotas, intense snow falling in southern minnesota, southwestern wisconsin and southeastern wisconsin l's zoom fr jefferson into walworth as we zoom in there, expanding eastward. the moderate snow extending from lake geneva and eastward toward burlingtonwestern racine and kenosha county. so we're gonna start to see that snow really beginning to pk up right now all of wisconsin, the u.p. of michigan and points off


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