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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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here and so are the winter weather hazards that come along with it --i spoke with a few people who say no matter your level of expertise when it comes to shoveling, safety should be your first priority. it may not be the easiest winter weather task, but there are some people out there who simply love it.20:23 - 20:29 "hardest thing? it's fun actually, it's enjoyable if you're prepared and ready for it. track - but despite his enjoyment of it, homeowner dan schaub says shoveling can be taxing on the body, and he understands . 19:38 - 19:47up, number one. as you get older little easier, take a break." track - and experts agree, according to the north shore health department, anyone attempting to remove snow should do it early and often, keeping up with the snow as it falls. dress appropriately, wearing warm socks, boots, and gloves... and check with a doctor if shoveling will exert more physically activity than you're used to. 11:40 - 11:43 "for me, it's not bad at all..."track - but unfortunately everyone can't say the same. that's why michael roberson says the kind of shovel you something to keep in mind. 12:20 - 12:21"a good shovel. 12:40 -12:45the snow rather than having to lift it. it's what a prefer
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pushing snow instead of lifting it is actually a technique several experts mention when it comes to snow removal safety. live in [whitefish bay] lauren winfrey, today's tmj4. alternate side parking at night remains in effect across milwaukee... that means you need to move your car to the even side of the street or risk getting a ticket and towed away.people who ignored warnings sunday... walked out to their cars today to find a ticket on their windshield. overnight parking is prohibited on major arterial streets and bus routes, even
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mostly clear conditions for drivers on the highway tonight. here's a live look.d-o-t crews were out all weekend... working around the clock on the roads and behind the scenes.ann sterling takes us inside the d-o-t's command center as it shifts into high gear. when flurries fall... workers at the department of transportation are hard at work making sure the roads are free of trouble spots. 10.11.31-35 depending on the weather, phones can be ringing off the hook.10.11.43just kind of hectic at times this is the dot's command downtown's the brain of the operations -- where dot employees monitor more than 400 traffic cameras across the state.10.11.18-22 our peak travel times are 6am to 9 am.there were 258 crashes across the state this weekend -- nearly half the amount of crashes reported after the state's last snow storm on march 2nd. 10.07.58 cars in ditches, crashes,nothing major no full closures.10.07.36 probably because it was sunday yesterday. the march 2 to 3 was a monday into tuesday so
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on the roads.they were able to stay home and let plows do there jobs.. 48 down in racine county where 7 to 8 inches of snow fell nats plows 6.39.18 plows were out early this morning, clearing roads, side streets and parking lots. 10.08.14 rush hour was smooth this morning. no major incidents. a couple of fender benders but nothing too after a warm fall, december is shaping up to be a cold and snowy month.d-o-t workers are sending out this reminder. slow down on the roadand don't crowd the plows.ann sterling today's tmj-4over 400 cameras monitor statewide.150 message sins statewide. here's proof their hard work has paid off.chighways are mostly clear statewide.take a look at this d-o-t color coded
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check conditions before your next trip. there's a link to this map at tmj-4-dot-com. the presidential recount is complete--- this afternoon the wisconsin elections commission certified the recounts conducted by all 72 wisconsin counties--- though there was a bit of a delay in certifying the absentee ballots from milwaukee county. in the end, though, there was no dramatic change in the numbers. mike haas/wisconsin elections commission 15:24:16 according to the numbers we have here, the difference for president elect trump was that he gained 874 votes. hillary clinton gained 712 votes. after the recount, jill stein gained 66 votes.stein's requests for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania were denied, so the certification of wisconsin's ballots essentially ends the national recount drama. green party candidate jill stein... who helped lead the reaccall effort says the recount was never about changing the a statement stein said "the recount in wisconsin raised a number of important election ?integrity? issues that bear
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action to ensure we have integrity and confidence in our electoral system" more local news now.two girls charged in the slender man case ?will be tried seperately. that ruling from a judge today in waukesha county.morgan geyser and anissa weier are being charged as adults for stabbing a former classmate. both pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease. a milwaukee man... charged with drowning his infant son... has agreed to a plea deal.sean flowers plead guilty today to first degree reckless next month.he's accused of drowning his 3-month-old son on the city's far northwest side back in july after an argument with the child's mother. two milwaukee women plead not guilty to charges in connection with the death of a 7- year- old boy.according to court records, mary martinez punched trevion winningham with a closed fist multiple times on november 28th. the next morning he was found unresponsive. etter hughes took trevion to the hospital.
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hughes to dump the child in the woods. a pair of crashes this morning involving milwaukee... a woman was booked into jail on drunk driving charges... after striking a plow head-on on i-43.the entire front of the vehicle was torn off her car. the driver was a woman from west allis.she was treated to the hospital... released and taken to jail. another wrong- way driver led to a crash in greenfield.this happened at 894 and 60th street.looking at one was seriously word on any charges in this one. it's a milwaukee tradition--- outdoor beer gardens filled with faithful brew one establishment is a breath away from creating a year- round beer garden-- and not everybody is drinking to
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new at 5... if a local bar has their way, you could drink a brew outdoors all year round in milwaukee.nomad bar on brady street city to approve their bier garten. but our casey geraldo found out not everyone is saying cheers to nomad's notion, she joins us live to explain. nomads owner just spoke with the historical preservation commission. they passed his plan to expand nomad with food and a year round bier garten unanimously... but some of his neighbors aren't that excited for what he's offering charles lanman "the nomad is
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says the nomad experience... doesn't stay right there."the issue with the nomad is noise. loud music, loud big-screen tv, and loud patrons disturb our enjoyment of our patio." lanman wrote this letter to the historical preservation commission with the city... he's one of several residents with concerns about the bar's plans... lanman "it was unbelievably loud. it was like somebody with a boombox right down there turned up full. "much of what we did, we had in mind things like noise bleed." nomad owner mike eitel says his goal is to improve brady street. eitel "we're basically taking a dark space and a blighted space and dark space and turning it into an active really cool space that people are going to want to be in." eitel's plans will take the building next to his, tear it down, rebuilding that for office and retail space, and creating a beer garden between the buildings. he says the construction will help with
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down by the new design, putting up walls and rooflines." a possibility lanman says, he's open to. lanman "i would think it'd be alright, but, we'll see." now that the historical preservation commission has approved the plan, eitel will meet with the codes department and work on getting permits... he says the hope to begin in a few months to be open june first. live in milwaukee, casey geraldo todatm milwaukee replenishing the salt supply after the big weekend snow storm. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.this is what twenty thousand tons of white gold looks like.. tonight.. where the salt comes from, where its going, and how much more we can expect to come..that's coming up new on
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assist to the upcoming macc fund auction. we'll show you the piece from jason kidd that could make you a gift-giving m-v-p.and... how a smart-phone app helped local police track
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more news now.milwaukee police investigating the murder of a 27-year-old man.he was shot this morning, near 5th and walnut... and later died at the hospitalno word yet on what led to the shooting. no arrests have been made. take a good look at these pictures.port washington police are searching for these men... in connection with the assault of a bartender at a downtown happened early saturday morning at the schooner pub.if you recognize any of these men... call port p-d at 284- 2611. a phone app helps milwaukee police solve an armed robbery. it happened saturday, near 7th and lapham.police say a man stole a woman's cell phone and jewelry.officers used the "where's my droid" app to show them the location of the phone... and the the way the where's my droid app is free to download. the today's tmj4 sports auction for macc is this friday.there will be 25 sports related items up for bid. all proceeds go to the macc fund which supports research for
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blood disordersone of the items would be great for any milwaukee bucks fan. it includes four premium lower level seats for the january 28th game against the boston celtics. it also includes parking. and, there's a cool bucks wood-grain basketball signed by coach jason kidd. again the auction is this friday from three to five p-m live on today's tmj4. join in the fight against childhood cancers. let's talk about the weather now... with storm team four chief meteorologist tuesday will not warm up despite clearing skies, temperatures only hit 13 degrees in milwaukee and with a wnw wind at 5-15mph
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single digits below zero all day long. the mercury falls to zero away from lake michigan at night and single digits are expected even along the shoreline.even colder sinks in on wednesday and the wind is going to be even stronger, making a high temp of 11 degrees feel more like -5 to -18 when you add in the west wind at 10-20mph, gusting
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breezy on thursday with the coldest day of the season so far as temperatures will be stuck in the single digits and subzero wind chills are again forecast despite blue warm front moves in on friday to boost us back to 20 degrees but that will increase the clouds and bring snow showers
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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the green bay packers played their best game of the season on sunday when the dominated the seahawkson both sides of the ballat lambeau field.quarterback aaron rodgers played great, despite straining his right calf in the win you could tell early on in the firstquarter, when aaron rodgers hit devante adams for this "66" yard touchdown, that it was gonna be a good day all- around for the packers yesterday..rodgers ended up throwing for 246 yards and three touchdownsin yesterday's win, despite injuring his calf in the first quarter.two of
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the's rodgers and nelson afterlast night's win ((aaron says)) did a good job of making the most of our redzone opportunities i think we scored on all four of those down there that was important it was a good start it got is going((jordy says)) it makes a difference that means were getting in a rythum and scoring points, we saw what happens when are defense can play with a lead so it al want to play the game and how about the packers defense in yesterday's win.. they picked off russel wilson fivetimes and they forced a fumble which gave them six tunovers for the game..damrous randall, made one of the prettiest interception's you'll seewhen he picked off wilson late in the 2nd quarter, what a playby him..he had two interceptionson the's morgan burnett and micha hyde on the defense ((morgan says)) any time you
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offense that's bigand then steal one early in the game once you get one they start coming in bunches and that's what we kinda had today((micah says)) it started early we got some momentum early espcially with the offense going out there and scoring early we knew as a defense that we would go out there and get some turnoverswe didn't expect six of them but when you get six that's a good day the la rams fired head jeff fisher today, one day after they got beat by the atlanta falcons yesterday42 to running back todd gurleysaid after that loss.."that their offense ran like a middle schooloffense". the rams are 4 and 9 this
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tonight's badger 5 jackpot is worth 37-thousand dollars. coming up on "the now milwaukee" at 6:30:winterizing your home is a great way to save on heating bills.. tonight.. we'll tell you how to prepare your house, and who you can call for help if your not the handiest person in the
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