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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the home was targeted. if you know anything about what lead up to this shooting contact the sheriff's office. the number is on the your screen. oscar ray bowland theater feed people during the late 80s is scheduled for execution tomorrow. it is something the victim's families have been waiting to see for decades. for one mother the pain of losing her daughter has only fueled more hate for the killer. >> it helps to hate this person. >> reporter: nearly three decades after serial killer oscar ray murdered terry matthews her mother hopes to see him put to death. >> yes i will watch. i don't know how i will react. i have a sense of happiness about me now. >> reporter: 53-year-old btland
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three women. she remembers how her daughter was always smiling. >> she was an exceptionally outgoing person. >> reporter: matthews abandoned car was found at this post office along u.s. 41 in land o'lakes. reeves filled it was only a matter of minutes that could have spared her daughter. >> it was probably the timing. 15 minutes either way they would have missed each other. >> reporter: her body was later discovered off a rural road in pasco county. >> i can't understand the number of times he stabbed her. it must have been for the joy of it. >> reporter: over the years he had several trials, retrials and courtroom drama even marrying one of his defense attorneys. >> i'm sad he could not be hanged. that would be the ideal
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hillsborough county commissioners moved forward today with ethics reform. a 10 investigates reports exposed questionable behind the scenes influences. the action were prompted by our series of the controversial consultant. hillsborough will add language to the county's lobbying ordinances and tighten up the public records policies after we showed commissioners were not turning over e-mails from private accounts. expect to see governor rick scott on tv around the state. he is launching a million dollar ad campaign in hopes of persuading legislators to back his tax cut package. in sarasota parents unite to make sure their kids don't lose the last months of summer. the school district was considering moving the school year to the middle of august so before christmas. in parents fought back saying their kids would miss out on
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the end the school board voted to leave the schedule as-is. in polk county the public school's big rebrand is causing controversy. this logo obtained by the ledger was part of the $76,000 grand development service. in a letter a former polk county teacher says the none spent didn't benefit teachers and students. district says rebrand will students. this year's epiphany in splash. >> it is an annual tradition celebrating the baptism of jesus christ. 49 teen boys members of the greek orthodox church dove in the spring bayou to retrieve a cross. the lucky cross barrier is carried through the streets on the shoulder of his peers. 17-year-old anderson combs found the cross first.
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>> it is so great for god to touch in you this manner. god to him is in that cross. it was meant for him today. >> this was the second year the 17-year-old dove for the cross. for retrieving the cross it is believe he'll have a year of blessings. feeling lucky? big money jackpot. >> is there a method to winning tonight's powerball prize? >> reporter: if you are trying to cash in on powerball fever the jackpot just went up. we are busting myths and giving you the facts that could help your chances to buying a ticket. after sunshine early today it clouded up. we seen a few sprinkles we have been tracking.
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wrap your head around this one. 10,000 tickets per hour is how many powerball tickets are
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>> reporter: you can't tell but folks all over the bay area the jackpot is up to $500 million. >> if you win do you go to work? >> no. no. no. those days are over. >> reporter: if you are heading out now to buy that ticket here's a myth we can bust for you. your lucky numbers probably won't make you a winner. 70% of people who won got their tickets from a quick pick. >> this is the lucky one. this is my retirement. >> this is the first time. maybe i'll be the lucky winner. >> reporter: once you get your tickets you have a three times better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of winning powerball what else is more likely? you have a better chance of
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getting bitten by a shark and even dying from an asteroid. another myth to bust. lucky stores. it doesn't matter where you buy your ticket. your chances of winning the jackpot are still one in 292 until. that's because tickets are sold in 44 states. if you beat the odds and win the first thing you need to do is sign your ticket and take a picture with it. whoever has the ticket is the winner. you can buy tickets up to 9:59 tonight. good luck. in tampa mark rivera 10 news wtsp. our state is among the top selling powerball states. since florida joined we have had the most winners in the country. $1.5 billion in prizes not to mention ten jackpot winners. you can watch tonight's drawing on 10 news wtsp during our 11:00 newscast. you can also get the
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an alert from our free downloadable app. i am running out of the building if i hit the powerball. >> as soon as i get off this set i'm going to get my ticket. >> it should be a fun night. it is interesting that mark put together the better chance of becoming president. somebody has to win. tracking a few sprinkles out there. most of this is either offshore in the middle of the state. what we have are spits here and there and drizzle showing up on storm tracker 10. tonight manatee county we have a batch of light rain over the river around bradenton and memphis headed towards holmes beach. just very, very light misty rain. a few showers around frost
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lake wales and avon park and sebring drifting west. we'll see it in hardy county and oak grove between 7:08 and 7:26 over the next 40 minutes to an hour. you can see that line of showers around sebring make it before 8:00. we have a low that is winding up here over the florida straights in the bahamas. as it winds up, we will relax the surface winds in the days ahead. combination of the two should get you more sunshine tomorrow. and a little less wind on the surface. add so it the only reason we are talking across the country and we'll likely see more here in the next few minutes with cbs evening news is another rainy day on the west coast of the u.s. snow in the nevadas. the reason for that is that el nino pattern where the jet stream will be dropping and intensifying driving these storms further south in the weeks ahead. eventually that will line up over the gulf and over your
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february and could mean severe weather for us. that's the reason for watching what plays out here in the west coast. we look for it to track like so. not necessarily with this storm system but in the weeks ahead that will become the norm. in the meantime temperatures are 58 brooksville. 64 st. pete. 62 tampa. we'll see temperatures cool but not cold tonight. low 60s for early evening. upper 50s late evening with cloudy skies. a light sprinkle or shower is possible. no storms or heavy rain showers. we'll wake up to temperatures in the mid 50s. one thing we'll be watching tomorrow is the chance for patchy fog at day break. it builds in early to mid- morning. it is gone by mid-morning to lunchtime. with lighter surface winds. i'm looking for more sunshine in your backyard tomorrow. temperatures starting around 57 degrees first thing at day break. warming up anticipating more sunshine.
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should get us to 75 for a high temperature in tampa. 73 st. pete. 76 lakewood ranch to sarasota. 76 in new port richey. tomorrow light chop on the bay. north to northeast wind 10 knots. high tide early afternoon around 2:00. low tide before sunrise around 7:00 a.m. and close to 5:30 p.m. looking ahead to your friday and weekend. we'll have a 40% coverage of showers on friday between noon and 7:00. for saturday that is another wave of showers and thunderstorms. it is at the end of the day on saturday, evening, overnight and wrapping up sunday morning. a better chance of more organized showers possible late saturday night through the overnight hours while we sleep. should be wrapping up by day break on sunday. that's a look at the next 7
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a bay area military couple,
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here we go. ken griffey jr. is as close to a selection to the hall of fame as we'll see. one of the greatest players is in the hall of fame tonight in his first year of the eligibility. he received over 99% of the vote.
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three voters didn't have him. 630 home runs. 15th on all-time rbi list. mvp in 1997. won ten gold gloves. one of the best most eelectrifying players ever in his 22 seasons. i can't figure out why he is not unanimous. not alone. he is among the best hitting catchers of all time. 308 career average. 922 career on-base plus slugging. played 16 seasons with five teams. mainly dodgers and mets. he was a 62nd round draft choice. steven and ben bishop were named to nhl all-star celebration weekend in nashville today. that's coming up at the end of the month. they lost another key game last night in calgary.
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david jones was wide opened of ben bishop. he scored the only goal for the bolts. third period score that made it 2-1. that was it. empty netter made it a 3-1 final for calgary. yet another florida gator leaving school. junior safety declared for the nfl draft. gators had one of the best secondaries in collection. that's five gators leaving school early for the nfl. the mission i do is nearly complete at old mcmickey's farm. today a bay area couple got word they won a contest for a dreaming wedding. >> you have won the mission i do military dream wedding. >> yeah! >> they are speechless. old mcmickey's farm, 10 news and other sponsors surprised staff sergeant christopher and
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$30,000 in wedding services. >> this is an amazing relief and it is just helpful in so many ways. it is just great. i mean all of our stress is now just gone. it is amazing. >> this is more amazing. these two they have quite the unique back story. chris served with her brother, brian in afghanistan. and received a bronze star for valor for saving his life when thee unit hit an ied. chris and sam met and fell in love during brian's recovery. he'll be the best man at their wedding in february.
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