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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> reporter: maybe what lead to the firing more than anything was the regression of the buccaneers defense. lovie smith was brought to tampa bay to build a strong defense. that was something he was unable to do. in talking to buccaneer players they are confused and frustrating by the decision to let go of lovie. he was considered to be a player's coach. that sentiment was felt following the loss to south carolina last sunday when jameis winston called out his teammates. >> here's what some of how social media is reacting.
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they were shocked when the news came down. you can see the folks we are looking at. these are players. here's where you can watch theup coming press conference. if you are a bright house customer you can watch it on channel 610. verizon customers news will be shown on 461. comcast channel 212. this is the only way we can bring you the news conference live this afternoon. if you miss it we'll have updates tonight at 5:00. within the past hour tampa
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their support to move some sex offenders out of one tampa neighborhood where hundreds of sex offenders live within walking distance of their homes. they want change in the ybor neighborhood where they are 839 sex offenders and predators in five miles. today she and neighbors made a desperate plea to city council. one idea is to enforce a hillsborough county ordinance that bans too in sex offenders living in a particular area. >> i have been pushing for across the city. there have to be other pockets in other parts of the city where these individuals can live. nebraska avenue. >> the city is looking into how break up the cluster of sex offenders.
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the sex offenders to move will their next location be in your neighborhood. lakeland couple faces child abuse charges for using duct tape and a stun gun to discipline children. they were arrested after a young girl told police the couple used a stun gun to scare her into cleaning the house. she said he was tazed on her backside. check out this mess. tampa daycare is reopened after a car slammed into the front of the building at 6:00 a.m. this is kiddie country. the owner's father and another worker were the only people inside when the car hit the building. they are both okay this afternoon. >> there was construction on the road here. the gravel was loose.
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up on the front of the building. >> only a front office was damaged. where the kids play is all right. another tough day on wall street. stocks plunge again at the opening. wall street is off to its worse three-day start to a new year since 2008. stocks are selling off around the world. many say there are growing fears that the volatility in china's stock markets is slowing down the economy. paris is on edge today after french police shot and killed a man who they say tried to attack a police station. the man was swinging a meat cleaver and had an explosive device. the device was a fake. they are treating the incident as a terrorist because the man was carrying a paper with an
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that all and folded a year after the charlie hebdo shooting. oscar boland abducted terry matthews from a post office in 1986 and he'll be put to death tonight. >> reporter: terra reeves said she'll be there watching when oscar ray dies. she said she is not sure how she'll hand it emotionally. she has been through a lot. murder convictions in her daughter's case were thrown out twice before getting to this point despite evidence that he abducted her from the post office, raped her, beat her and stabbed her to death before dumping her body along a rural road in pasco county. tonight he'll face his own death for killing matthews. her mother thinks he is still
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>> i'm sad he could not be hanged. that would be the ideal punishment. i think it would terrify him. he should be terrified. >> reporter: her daughter was a happy, outgoing woman and 30 years later it is hard to understand why he did what he did. he is set to be executed tonight at 6:00. we'll be following this story and have our latest in the newscast through the day. in land o'lakes emerald morrow 10 news. california getting hit again today by heavy rain and strong winds. check out the damage folks dealing with. this is from the el nino storms that continue to push off in the pacific. roads are flooded. mudslides a growing threat to hillside communities. between los angeles and san diego powerful winds snapped trees. on the mountains ski resorts welcomed a foot of snow. much of the west coast is expecting to get hit with severe weather over the next 24- hours. emergency crews rescued 17
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elevator that stopped working in upstate new york. can you hear cheers as they brought the folks up. these miners were trapped wednesday night 900 feet below ground. we checked and all of the miners are okay. if you have not heard by now the powerball jackpot is up to $675 million. night. there were a couple million dollar winners among us. a powerball ticket worth $1 million was purchased at publix in duneden. the other was sold in fort lauderdale. if someone matches all five numbers in the big drawing on saturday night they'll take home after taxes $413 million. a 3-year-old took a spin on u.s. 19 on his toy car this morning. the boy's father told deputies he was in the bathroom when his
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diaper and used a small chair to unlock the front door and go outside. the dad came out of the it was missing. he jumped on his bicycle to go look for him. he found a blockade of cars circling his son who was riding his power wheels vehicle on the median of u.s. 19. the cars wanted to make sure he was all right. a surprise for children at metropolitan ministries today. that's story is coming up. in health news a link between the age of menopause and depression. >> it got real. more than just a thriller. the forest opens in theaters today. we'll set down with natalie dormer who tells us how the film touches on love and family. it is that cloudy start to the afternoon. seems like the clouds don't want to go away. >> that's right.
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because of that temperatures are cool across the area. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. we are tracking a cold front bringing rain to us later
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women who enter menopause depression in life. extrojen. depression. the thriller the forest opens up in theaters tomorrow. recently i sat down with the
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questions the film poses. >> my sister and i are identical twins. when something happens to one of us the other one can tell. it is hard to explain. but i can just feel it. needs me. >> reporter: so begins the search. >> your sister went into the it is where lost people go to commit suicide. >> reporter: to game of throwns fans she is marjorie. sarah. a woman who travels to a forbidden stretch of pine in japan to find her sister who has gone awall. >> of course it is very dangerous out there. >> spirit can not rest there. they come back. angry. >> it is really interesting to
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state for a long space of time. when you are adrenaline is kicking through you, like when the body tenses, i sometimes can climb in the sheets. we did a lot of night shoots on the sun would be coming through think window in the morning. is it wrong that i want a vodka right now? it is 9:00 a.m. >> the forest is very dangerous. do not leave the path. >> my god that's her tent. >> you cannot see after dark. >>i'm not leaving without my sister. >> i have a younger sister. if i ever felt like i was using the plot i would stare into the blackness and think how would i feel if samantha was out there trouble. >> reporter: as to any
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>> sarah has big problems. they have the opposite problems. marjorie is incarcerated in a small room. sarah is in the wilderness with nowhere to go. they have the opposite problem. >> reporter: for 10 news i'm sam hallenbeck. hello everybody. welcome back. we are looking at some clouds and fog hanging tight across the region. we'll start to see more sunshine during the afternoon. you can see that batch of showers in the gulf of mexico still about 14 hours away. our best chance of seeing rain will come after midnight tonight. good news for all of your afternoon plans. closer to home we are seeing the clouds. again, we'll be seeing more sunshine through mid afternoon into the late afternoon hours. that's going to finally heat us up.
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60 degrees st. petersburg. clearwater 60 degrees. 72. this evening temperatures will stay relatively mild with readings in the 60s. as we look at the rest of the nation you can see chilly air for just about everybody and cold air to the north across the northern tier. 2 the bismark, north dakota. 25 in lincoln, nebraska. it is 51 degrees in l.a. that's where they continue to see the rain across southern california. as we head into friday, southern california will clear out and more rain across northern california. a very progressive pattern. this storm system eventually will move into our region. we are going to see increasing rain chances late tonight here at home, as well as once again on saturday. in the meantime our high temperatures today mid 70s. if we get enough sunshine. a little above average for this time of year. this evening, there is a lot of
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that will keep temperatures relatively mild and temperatures dropping down to 64 degrees by midnight. let's check out future cast. basically a dry day. winds out of the east northeast. again, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds as we head through this afternoon. p.m. as we head into the midnight hour we'll see moisture moving in from the gulf of mexico. by 1:00 or 2:00 we could see showers across the bay area. most of us will be asleep. if you are out and about late you might encounter the rain. here's your seven-day forecast. we are looking at a 10% chance of showers today. overnight a better chance. 20% chance through friday. it is saturday, unfortunately, that we are looking at wide- spread scattered showers and a few storms possible. of saturday. keep that in mind as you make your afternoon plans that you want to get out early. rain. we clear out in time for
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at least we keep one day out of the weekend relatively dry. 20% chance of showers on monday. a 30% chance of rain on wednesday. notice these temperatures. 70s through sunday. then we are dropping down into the low 60s monday with a low temperature of 52 degrees. as we move through saturday here comes the rain. wide spread showers around the dinner hour on saturday. by sunday morning we start to see clearing conditions. and a bit cooler and breezy with a low of 52 and high of 72 degrees. one more look at your seven-day forecast. again, warm temperatures next few days. best chance of rain saturday. you can track those showers and storms right in the palm of your hand. all you have to do is download our new improved app. it is free in the app store.
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got a chance to surprise 40 first graders with tickets to the greatest show on earth.
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jackpot last night. it is now up to $700 million. this morning on studio 10 live david warner and michael brock were in studio. they talked about a new vintage clothing exhibit. it celebrates art as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. >> even though they are flawed, this is why i think it is a great event for people to go to to see these things up close. we have pictures in the paper this week and online. up close. he's done inventive and economic things like going to michaels to fix a ruffle that was gone to make something new. it is not something you would have seen originally but it is more interesting. >> you can check out the exhibit january 14th in ybor. earlier today allison and i had a chance to surprise first graders at the parker elementary school with circus tickets.
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hats we made a couple weeks ago as a contest put on by ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus. we won the contest so we got to pick a group to go to the circus. these kids heard a lot about the circus and what goes on. now they get to see it in person at amalie arena this weekend. which is really fun. >> just to see the excited look on their faces is worth all of the effort you and allison put into it. at the top of the newscast the bucs fired head coach lovie smith yesterday. the big question is who is next. there is talk of bucs defensive coordinator derek cutter and chip kelly. before we leave you we want to remind you about the bucs news conference coming up in an hour and a half.
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a couple options. bright house channel 610. verizon channel 461. comcast 212. strict guidelines from the nfl prevent us from streaming the bucs news conference on our
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