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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to this special boy, despite a grim diagnosis is living life to the fullest. >> little boys love their toys. >> be sure to be i can't amazed. >> eric has a ton of fast ones to choose from. >> you put all your cars in there? >> yeah. >> you will find cars everywhere. but his favorite toy is the one that reminding him of his favorite show. >> when you play wheel of fortune do you normally win? >> sometimes. >> sometimes? >> people. >> there is one t. >> one k, all right. >> 300. >> teaches him spelling, teaches him math. >> a, i would like to solve the puzzle. >> nine years old and full of heart which is a little surprising since most doctors
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this long. >> basically we are sitting on borrowed time at the moment, and i can say it but it's a hard pill to swell low and we've been denied three times for a heart and double lung transplant. >> my heart is getting worse so we are taking it slow and doing everything we can. >> does wheel of fortune help you feel better. >> it's just a show. >> just a show, but it's wheel that keeps eric rolling. >> wheel of fortune. >> he spent most of his young life in the hospital. where those familiar sounds, letters and numbers gave a 9- year-old boy something to look ford to each night. >> it's changed his life. change the ours. but it's what brought him to life. >> eric told the make-a-wish
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dreams granted, he wanted to see mickey mouse, and meet pat and vanna, maybe we can make the second dream come true. >> he is such an awesome kid. >> yeah. >> awesome little guy, definitely brings tears to your eyes, you can see why. we are going to be so excited to show you the surprise. we need to dig deeper into other big stories going on tonight. new information about another disturbing case of alleged child abuse, 10 news reporter eric glass never tells you how a couple uses duck tape and taser on their daughter. >> if yolanda ashley and steven sanchez were supposed to be caring for their kids, neighbors say they were doing a rotten job. >> disgusting, any person that does something like that they should be put away or put on an island somewhere. >> cops apparently agreed, they
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of child abuse, a coworker at this warehouse telling them he had seen ashley bind the hands of her 10-year-old daughter and cover her mouth with duck tape as punishment. >> your parents are supposed to care for you. >> detectives say during an interview with the girl days earlier sanchez had zapped her on the bottom with a student gun all to get them to clean up the house. >> the child was out of control, they were trying to control her, you don't use duck tape and a taser. >> the woman at the address listed on the police report describing herself as a family friend says the couple are not bad parents, still the sheriffs office has contacted the department of children and families. >> this is our first indication through dcs. >> they should go to jail. let them be prodded. >> ashley and sanchez have 12 children between the two of them ranging in age from 1-19,
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they say that any of the other kids were abused. eric glassner. i don't long da ashley posted the $1000 bond, sanchez is being held without bond. happening right now, final preparations are under way to execute convicted serial killer oscar ray bo linearly three decades after he murdered three by area women. kendra conlin live at florida state prison, in less than and hour he is going to be put to death by lethal injection. >> that's right, courtney. you can see the prison behind me, right now bolin is in a cell waiting to be transferred to the death chamber, he has been calm. a mother of one of the victims tell me she is counting can you the minutes making sure the u.s. supreme court does not give him any sort of last minute stay, they want to see
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waiting for. he has been convicted, retried on appeals and convicted again, ten times in all for the murder of three young women, bolin abducted them mobs apart from parking lots and stabbed them to death. the 53-year-old maintains he is be this, the department of corrections saids bolin met with his wife and spiritual visor and his last meal, his death will finally give them some closure. >> i'm just sad, i'm just sad that he couldn't be hanged. i think that would be the ideal punishment, and i think that would be terrifying to him. and i think they should have a terrifying, not easy just go to sleep. >> now right now the doc is waiting for any word, any sort of stay on the execution. right now it is set for 6:00.
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update making sure there are no last minute changes. she doesn't boy that he is innocent. live at the florida state prison 10 news. if you head to will you hear more from the victims family as the count down to his moment of reckoning continues. time now for stories making headlines around the state, nation and world in today's 60 second scan. the stock market plunged again today over worries about an economic slow down in china. the market saw its worth drop in 3 months, price of oil also years. france opened a terrorism investigation after a man wearing fake explosives and carrying a knife was shot by officers outside a police station. he had a paper with arabic writing and isis emblem on it, it happened exactly one year of
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hebdo office in paris. 1200 employees will be laid off part of a restructuring plan, none are in florida. and with no point winner last night, power ball jackpot is up to $700 million, and all time record with so many people buying tickets it could get even bigger, the prize has been rolling over for two months now, two million dollars winners in florida, one ticket sold at the publix on main street. that is a look at your 60 second scan. after days of closed door meeting we may finally have a new deal in the tampa bay rays stadium saga, the mayor has been meeting with councilmembers, they are discussing a new offer from the rays to look for a new stadium site outside of st. petersburg, the talks have been so secretive we may not get a look at the plans until tomorrow.
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move could mean for your wallet. even if you are not a sports fan you heard the late he, loveee smith is out. he was fired over the phone because he declined to come into the office for a meeting today. gm said the organization did not act too quickly. >> i think when you have eight wins in two years, three home wins in two years i think they have been patient enough. >> fans are reacting on social media and on the street. 10 news reporter johnathan had a few folks tackle the question of what they think about the firing. >> reporter: the love is gone. bucks sack lovey, the bucks show him the door. >> the problem is it's a revolving door here in tampa. it started with john being
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morris for three seasons much followed by greg for just two seasons much so, who is next? >> maybe they should fire the owners. >> let's say fan opinions of the bucks don't seem to be sky high. >> four coaches in six years, yeah, it's difficult to be a fan. >> he may have been 8 and 24, he did triple the number of wins from last season. >> they did improve last year to this year. >> how are you supposed to be consistent if you don't have -- have the same people running the team. >> if you are consistently bad what's the point. >> in tampa the owners seemed to love to fire the coach. so with him gone who will lead the bucks next, who you think should take over. well family thought they
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wait until you see what is left behind in the rubble and it is giving them hope for the future. that was so amazing. >> yeah, wasn't it. it was a amazing for us, too. you already met eric the wheel of fortune super fan, you won't want to miss his big surprise happening a the break. >> definitely we are sticking around for blue skies right now, friends, out there we have the low clouds, take you in and look right off to the west of the by area, rain, will it make it in?
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you met eric at the top of our newscast, he is a terminally ill boy who loves wheel of four tune, he was very excite bad that and we invited him to the station for a big birthday surprise. >> so news reporter bobbie lie is that excitement that included some happy tears. >> excited, buddy. >> the roll up the driveway seemed like it took forever. >> welcome to channel 10. >> thanks. >> ever since meeting eric, i have been waiting for today's surprise. >> that looks just like you. >> hello this is 10 news tampa. >> clearly inside the door and eric is already having fun. >> am i clear to go get him. >> do you want to come see the studio. >> sure. >> no idea who is arm the corner. >> this is cool. >> this is cool? >> good. do you know what it is going to
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we've got a surprise for you right here. ready. >> holy moly. >> hey, eric, pat and vanna. >> hi pat, hi vanna white. >> i thought your wave to vanna was much more excited than mine. you have been watching wheel of fortune for a long time, right? >> yes. >> are you a good player. >> yeah, sometimes, yes. vanna i have a question for you. >> yes. >> how do you get the letters up on the puzzle. >> it's like magic, these fingers make these letters light up, he can try. >> look, nothing happens, nothing happens. nothing. nothing. it's not funny, eric. here is what is going to happen, vanna is going to start this puzzle here, when you know the puzzle shout out the
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>> i know it. >> what is it? >> wheel of fortune. love you, bye. >> bye bye. >> bye. >> i love you, too. >> pat and vanna sent a mountain of gifts along with a memory that will never fade. >> this is everything to him i think this is something we are going to be talking about for a very very very long time. >> that was so amazing. >> yeah, wean it? -- wasn't it. >> cheese. >> down what pat and vanna also said the next time they are in florida they are going to come see eric. >> automatic the gifts that they sent for eric, there is a little vanna and a little pat. >> they had one on each cheek and kissed me and said pat and vanna love you. >> there you go. >> he is as i said to him and
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happiest kid that i have ever seen. >> oh, my gosh, it was truly an emotional day. and continues actually because right after the surprise for eric, i had a chance to talk to pat and vanna about the experience and will you hear what they had to say about being able to give eric such a gift. >> can you see more pictures, more more videos, can you share his story as well, search for 10 news, thanks for this, very necessary. >> when you become a parent. >> such an awesome family. >> they are amazing. you know all the stuff we get to do we are blessed and fun, that is what it is about. >> we love you eric. >> eric is great. i love him. he is a happy happy boy. and look how many people he has made happy. >> fantastic. i know we have to dab those eyes, let's get -- and i get it. i get it and i love it. all right my friends we
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about, let's get into the details because it's several round that will come in, not just one hit of rain and gone again as we expand our view on storm tracker 10, now you can see showers starting out here, they are about 995 miles offshore -- 95 miles offshore, what is happening is array car beam goes straight out and with the curvature of the earth eventually you get separation, radar being over shooting the top of that rain in the gulf and can't see it, but the satellite up in space you can see the clouds, that is why you see a little bit of rain. but this whole pocket is rainfall. we are tracking a couple systems, this will be the first wave coming in for tonight and friday and with actually in california will be here for part of our weekend chances, leading edge of this not too like he, that is going to hit the ground, right at the surface it is really dry, taking this rain for and hour
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in up the lower levels the atmosphere and start hitting the ground. when will that happen? likely in the middle of the night tonight, we could be seeing it about 1:11 this evening. cloudy skies and dry for most of you are your evenings, showers after is 11:00, i will show you futurecast because it happens in stages, we'll see a round of showers coming in between is 1:00 p.m. and lasting through the middle of the night, nice steady rainfall, don't see any severe weather, definitely seasoned showers through 4:00 a.m. and then this piece of energy will troy to reorganize and come in, which is why i want to zoom in closer. give us another shot on friday. looking like that piece could be midday. you see from noon till 3:00, 5:00 even until 5 or 6:00, east lakeland and bartow. even one behind that in our
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numbers for you friday, two waves of showers in the mid of of the night and midday, of 29 to start, 76 in the a noon, another round of showers after 9:00 on saturday much both coverages about 60% of the area. and we do have cooler weather, look at the mornings in the 40s next week, tuesday wednesday and thursday, a couple days there where we have highs in the 60s, talk more about the weekend rain coverage we are expecting and timing in the 5:30 half-hour, downloading the 10 news app is a big friend, get it for free and that way any time there is rain outside your house, you can open it up, storm tracker 10 immediately to see where the rain is located. a warning tonight about cop impersonators, coming up all new 10 news, fake cops have hit twice and what you need to know to spot one before you become a victim. manatees are going from in tangered to threatened, what does that mean for the tourism
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for the protection of the manatee, i will sort that out for. plus imagine this having more than l 00 sex offenders living within 5 miles of your neighborhood, that is a serious problem and one city is not sitting back, they are taking action. those stories and much more coming up next. first would you take on the maaco still under construction
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here is a look at what is coming up tonight, 8:00 the big binge theory followed by life in pieces and mom at 99:00. and jane lynch at 9:30 in angel from hell.
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forward to that one, too. make sure to stay up for the late show with steven colbert, including damian lewis, watch the very best moments on the morning show the next morning 5:20 and 6:20. okay, thrill seekers you don't want to miss this one. >> no you do not. one of the most important parts of orlando's aniest, big guess and bad guess roller coasters was put into -- crews put in cracks of the highest point of may could coaster at the very top of its massive 200-foot, maaco after the maaco shark, centerpiece of the new shark themed area. >> once it's done maaco will be the tallest, fastest and longest reaching speeds up to 300 miles and hour, when you
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that. you are a kid. >> courtney instead of going to coffee let's do this. download the 10 news app will you find it in your app store. just ahead, you probably hate cleaning your house, but hey, no worries, see the cool new gadgets to make your life easier. fake cops are knocking on doors in temple terrace and a quick search online shows anyone can buy what they need to look like, a real cop, i will tell you how to know if
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trapped in a salt mine, the intense rescue to get more than a dozen minors out of an elevator,.
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