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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news right now --involving the execution of "serial killer oscar ray we're on top of breaking news right now involving the oscar ray bolin. >> good evening. the victim's family was waiting to see bowlin take his last breath. final licks four hours after the execution time, bolin was put to death. kendra is live outside of the execution room.
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families. they have been through so much, tonight and over the last decade, bolin's attorney made a last second effort to stop the execution but ultimately, bowlin paid with his life. >> today, i have witnessed an event i never want to repeat. it was not a celebratory event and i do feel relieved that it has finally occurred. at this time, i wish to thank all of the people within law enforcement, even those who have retired and those in the media, whether local, state or national and any branch of government that participated in any way in bringing justice and closure to our family. by closure, i refer only to no
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wonder if or when we would have to en during another trial, another appeal. after 29 plus years, we did not expect any justice at all. unlike natalie holly who passed away, i will go to my grave knowing that i had experienced closure in my daughter's murder. i also wish to thank the witnesses who testified on our behalf, some who did so in fear for their life. i especially win to thank phillip bolin who experienced the wrath and alienation by his own family by testifying against his half brother. god bless you, phillip, for your courage and doing the right thing. our family and terry's friends are forever grateful. i hope and pray that you have
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build a decent and happy life for yourself. last but by no means least, i wish to thank all those who have shown support for our families for those many years, including those who attended the event. as oscar bolin never accepted responsibility for his heinous act. as for rosalie bolin, i feel much sympathy for her parents for the years of unimaginable pain and embarrassment she must have caused and perhaps now to terry who will have her peace.
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you were the sunshine in our lives and many of your friends, some who still regularly visit your grave. rest in peace, my darling daughter. thank you all. >> and the family has been waiting since 1986 for justice. bolin's attorney did come out of the jail and said that bolin was at peace but believes that his life should have been spared. again, the d. o. c. saying that oscar ray bolin is now dead at 10:15 p.m. >> we'll stay on top of that story and bring you any new information starting at 5:00 a.m. two suspects are behind bars, accused in an isis- related terror plot. one man was arrested in
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the houston suspect is 24-year- old omar farraj said hard harden. he became rad calizeed after moving into the u.s. the federal indictment alleges that he attempted to provide material support and resources to a known terrorist foreign organization. we are staying on top of stroarlgis out of polk county tonight. a lakeland couple faces charges of child abuse for the way that deputies say they tried to discipline their ten-year-old daughter this week. investigators say that steven sanchez used stun guns to discipline the children. the couple has 12 children between them but there is no indication that any of the other kids have been abused. the department of children and
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headlines around the nation and the world. tonya couch is booked into a texas jail. she was charged with hindering -- ethan couch is still being held in mexico city. >> the government says that united airlines failed to assist passengers and there were five instances of keeping passengers on planes for an extended period of time. united airlines says that it is now focusing on improving operations and performance. good news out of china. trading is finally up. trading was stopped earlier this week after a plunge triggered a circuit breaker. officials now believe that that breaker was making the market more volatile. foreign regulators us is
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market opened. we know that millions of people come to the bay area to enjoy our beaches. but the big guava is gaining steam. why tampa tourism is breaking records. >> reporter: there is an energy in tampa. you can feel it. you can see it. and, now, new numbers prove it. record shattering numbers. every mesh usual parameter, hotel occupancy, there were double digit jumps. >> this year, we are ahead of last year's record. >> the vice president of marketing says that domestic travel is driving the push but european traffic is exploding. >> the international numbers that we are seeing are massive.
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that's a potential for international is tremendous. >> visitors like the architecture, the sport, the cruise ship, restaurants and, of course, the history. >> every day, i see more and more people. i'm like, wow >> reporter: michele gilbert has watched downtown change almost overnight. >> there are so many more people, more businesses. it's just changed >> it's growing. >> reporter: and tourism officials say you ain't seen nothing yet. at the end of the month, a mastiff show will hit the tampa center . that will coincide with gasparilla and that means that many people from across the nation and across the world will see the pirate invasion. spending hundreds of millions of dollars. the new jackpot is the largest in u.s. history. if someone gets the lump sum,
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taxes the next drawing is saturday night, right here on 10 news. keep in mind that pot could grow bigger. a warning about your new high-tech christmas gift and the lawsuit against it. this time is worth ten cents. this one almost $2 million and you could have its match. and a taco for every meal? the new push ahead. and talking about rain moving at 11:00. i'll tell you what it means for your morning drive and, can,
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we have a consumer alert now about a popular christmas gift. a crass action lawsuit claims that fit bit technology is inaccurate. the monitor on the charge hr were off by 24 beats per minute. false advertising could be potentially take rust for users health, the plaintiffs say. fitbit stands behind that
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you heard about a dime a dozen but a dime is bucking that stereotype. it is being sold at the auction center for almost $2 million. let's introduce you to the rare coin and how you, too, can be sitting on a million. >> coin after coin, each sold for tens of thousands. but at the annual auction at the florida coin convention, one shone brighter than the other. this is an 1984s barbara dime. to the untrained eye, it may not be worth much, but it's going for millions. >> an extraordinarily rare coin and a coin that has been part of the folk lower, one of the more fame rust rare coins. >> a rare piece of american history because the country was in a resection only 24 barbara
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francisco in 1894. >> this particular dime is only one of eight or nine known to exist and this is the finest. >> heritage auction says there could be 13 other dimes just like this out there somewhere and they'll give you $10,000 just to see it. >> i'll look in my wallet after this interview >> reporter: check on the back of the barbara dime. look for the letter s. on the front, check for the dates 1894 and, while you're at it, check the dates on your other coins, too. >> any silver coin or silver- looking coin dated 1964 or earlier, because that's when we stopped the coins with silver content. >> and who knows, your change could be much more than face value. in tampa, courtney robinson, 10 news, wtsp. the florida coin show is going on through sunday. we have more about that and what to do if you have one of
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check it out on a texas mother gave her daughter the gift of life for a second time. >> here is how she actually gave birth to herve own grandchild. wrap your head around that. 54-year-old tracy compton offered to be the surrogate for her daughter kelly. kelly had undergone multiple infertility treatments only to suffer miscarriages. thanks to grandma, baby kelsie came into the world. >> we talked about it. i was tested and a miracle happened. >> my lovely mom offered to give me the greatest gift i could ever have in my life. >> what a miracle, right? thompson says that being pregnant with her granddaughter was not so easy but doctors say that kelsie is healthy, weighing in at 6 pounds and 11 ounces. mom, daughter and granddaughter
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tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather. >> cold in the weather is so so. >> are you going to make it better? [ laughter ]. >> so demanding. >> no, nice to move the rain in. >> a little bit. >> in fact, let me show you on the networks. roads are wet. you can see the shine but it's light rain. you can even see a couple of people still milling about. not expecting to become strong or severe but there could be some pockets where the rain will pick up a little bit. it's right on schedule. if you were with us on the early shows, we were telling you at 11:00 rain moving in. warmer here. keystone. we see it in east lake and palm harbor right now and trinity, 11:30, 11:45, might have picked up a little bit in speed here. but that's just a downpour
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as that comes across, the front will be breaking up. what you want to know is you actually got about three rounds of rain between now and saturday night. now, this first wave will be here all night long. nice, soft rain for the most part for your sleeping. makes for good sleeping weather. as the front comes across again, we'll try to refire that tomorrow. and this is looking to be a weekend chance for some rain. timing is going to be key. before you get concerned that your weekend is a washout, let me walk you through this step by step. showers will stay in the gulf tonight moving across west to east. and in future cast, you can see it is going to mean pretty much just raining all night. the timing is looking pretty nice. if this does not slow down between now and when we start the morning show and, of course, we'll track that for you tomorrow. most of the the rain will be
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things don't slow down. we could still have showers in the mix but by the 7:00 or 8:00 time, most of the showers will be to the south or east. but looking for that to regenerate and making another wave of showers around mid day friday. this is definitely coming in tonight. tomorrow, there are some disagreements in the models. for now, i want to hold with some widely scattered showers mid-day. not thinking that everybody and every county will get it. more so tonight, just about each and every county will. this stuff will be more broken up. anywhere from late morning to lunchtime throughout the dinner time hour. for the cast, which is deon's favorite -- oh, you know it's reggie's favorite. i have seen that 80s picture. [ laughter ]? we'll have better days ahead. high humidity and rain, going to be a little frizzy tomorrow, my friend. 62 to start. 76 the high temperature t again, two waves, high
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breaking up and mid day, widely scattered chance of showers and storms. we are still looking at mid-70s for high. not bad on the temperature sides of things. light chop on the day. not a whole lot of lightning but i would not be surprised to hear a few claps of thunder. southeast rain, turning west. high tide around 2:38. as far at rain chances then after they're gone for tomorrow, here is what i don't want you to be concerned with that the weekend will be a washout. it's going to wrap up by daybreak sunday. up until late day saturday, the entire day sunday, you don't have future cast but know that we are looking at evening showers and in the middle of the my as well for saturday. some cooler air will settle in
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off the california and arizona. highs back in the 60s monday and tuesday, mornings, turning into the 40s starting on tuesday for a couple of mornings. and wednesday and thursday as well. don't forget woo start at 4:30 and any problems we have on the road, we'll be on top of that with hillary. your road warriors will be out there. if you have not downloaded the news app yet, why have you not done so. it's free. we have storm tracker 10. you can look at it immediately before you get on the road in the morning here is the question. what do you do if you love tacos but you want to lose weight? >> a group of self-pro claimed taco scientists in austin might have the best plan. they call it a taco cleanse. a diet where you can eat nothing but taco but the catch
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more than 75 recipes for a healthier take on tacos were put in a book. >> wonderful vegetables. and beans are so good for us. you can wrap those inside of a lettuce squeeze or a corn tortilla. >> i like the corn tortilla. >> me, too. i like both. >> healthier go and do it. it's the last diet that you might ever need. the bucs are without a head coach again. we'll look at the new decision maker and also look at what happens to the current players on the roster.
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here we g the bucs should be getting good at this for how often they have done it over the past eight years. they are on the hunt for another head coach, the 72nd in the glazer era. was it true that lovie smith was fired over the phone? yes, but that's his choice. he did not want to come in for a meet can. none of the glazers were at today's news conference. jason was asked about that. sounds like he has new responsibility. >> they have empowered me to be right now the face of the football operation to run the football operation so lead the charge for the next head cope. they have confidence in me and my group, my personnel people. and so i should be the one
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>> and maybe this is why the gladessers have left the hire to jason licht. this is their last three head coaches many all swing and maces. raheem moore, greg sciano and lovie smith. seven years of a losing record. who is jason looking at? some of the more popular names. tom coughlin, mike smith. the favorite is dirk cutter. we talked to rick stroud of the tampa bay times about the timeing for the hiring. >> i have seen these things last as long as 36 day when is they hired jon gruder and as short as one day when they hired raheem morris. within a week or so, you'll probably have a new head coach. >> last question, would you be surprised if they have not reached out to dirk cutter within a week of lovie being fired.
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i was surprised by that decision. you have to understand whether cutter wants to be the head coach. you imagine he would but you want to have a feel for him and his thoughts about places like miami where mike tank en balm is, who was his former agents. it may be difficult to lose bother dirk cutter and lovie smith within one year. i think they do have an idea. >> what does this mean for the current bucs? possibly a scheme change, maybe not on offense but on the defense. that means that players cannot spend the offseason perfecting their craft. >> what happens is you change a system so what you didn't do well in the season, you spend the offseason perfecting. it's all about the system, not you as the individual player and it's hard to improve, you know, in that kinds of environment. >> finally, congratulations
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they are among the 15 finalists for the pro football hall of fame for the third straight year. >> that's man. >> the new guys will be announced super bowl weekend. we'll see, end of next months. >> yeah. >> i keep hearing that it looks good for tony. >> really? >> but we don't know for sure. >> too early to say. >> stay with us.
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finally tonight, it was the surprise of a lifetime for a terminally ill little boy. nine-year-old eric pieburn absolutely loves wheel of fortune. he is too sick to go to school owe his mom teaches words with the wheel of fortune at home games. he watches every day right here on wtsp. who came to visit? pat and vanna happened to be here, too.
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pat and vanna? >> hi, pat. >> how, vanna. >> i have a question for you. >> yes. >> how do you know the letters on the panel. >> it's like magic. these fingers can make the letters light up. he can try but -- >> look, nothing happens [ laughter ]. >> i love his laugh. he got to solve a custom made puzzle which read "wheel of fortune loves eric". >> he was such a beautiful little boy. he loved everything. >> a beautiful spirit. >> and a jedi knight. >> he had his light sabre.
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