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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  January 8, 2016 4:30am-4:45am EST

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the wait is over for three bay area families as a convicted serial killer is executed. striking a deal. the rays and st. pete release new details about a stadium search. breaking records. new numbers show tampa is becoming a hot spot for international tourists. good morning and welcome to 10 news at 4-30. i'm jenny dean, in for allison. and i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with
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deskins. serial killer oscar ray bolin was executed late wednesday night. it was a trying night for the victims' famililes... waiting to see bolin take his final breath. but finally.. more than 4 hours after the scheduled execution time -- bolin was put to death -- at
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the victims families have been through so much over the past three decades. yesterday, bolin's attorney made a last ditch effort - appealing to the us supreme court to spare his life. the move did delay the execution... but ultimately, bolin paid with his life for the murders of the three young women. 10news reporter kendra conlon was outside the florida state prison. herman lindsey spent 15 months on death row with oscar ray bolin - until the florida supreme court overturned lindsey's robbery conviction. outside florida state prison... execution opponents gathered to pray... bolin... would get a second chance. for hours after the 53 year old was to be put to death by lethal injection... the us supreme court continued to weigh... whether to halt the execution.
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fuels frustrations for the victims family and friends... who have waited nearly 3 decades - for this judgement day. only to have sit in the same prison with bolin - wondering if they'd ever get justice... and whether the killer would finally admit what he took from them. mother kathleen reeves knows his death won't bring her daughter back - yet wanted bolin to feel the pain she's felt all these years. before the execution, authorities say bolin was calm and in good spirits... meeting with a spiritual advisor and his wife - who by law... cannot witness the execution. d-o-c says she can claim his body - or the state will bury him.
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suspects are behind bars accused in an "isis-related terror plot." one man was arrested in houston, the other in sacramento. the houston suspect is 24-year- old omar faraj saeed al hardan. sources say-- he became radicalized after moving to the u-s in 2009. the federal indictment alleges that al hardan attempted to provide material support and resources to a known foreign terrorist organization. we're staying on top of a developing story out of polk county. a lakeland couple faces charges of child abuse -- for the way deputies say they tried to discipline their 10- year-old daughter this week. investigators say steven sanchez used a stun gun to threaten the girl and her siblings into doing work around the house. a man who works with the couple says he saw yolanda ashley "bind her daughter's hands" and cover her mouth with duct tape. officials say the couple has 12 children between them -- but there's "no indication" any of the other kids had been abused. the department of children and families is looking
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st. pete's getting ready to take another swing-- at reaching a deal with the "tampa bay rays" in the ongoing stadium saga. 10 news obtained a copy of the "revised" proposed agreement "mayor rick kriseman will discuss with city council members." some differences in the new deal: the rays would not be able to get a new home in pinellas or hillsborough counties-- for at least 6 months. this gives st. pete an opportunity to sell the team on its current location. the team would pay 50-percent-- up to 100-thousand dollars for a "city- directed master plan for redevelopment of the trop site". they also can't leave st. pete before 2018. but hillsborough county commissioner ken hagan hopes the rays head to tampa. at least five of the eight council members-- are expected to vote for the measure-- possibly as early as next thursday.
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for marijuana-- might not land you in jail for much longer. "tampa police and city leaders"-- are discussing the possibility of issuing tickets instead of taking people to jail for small amounts of marijuana. city council will discuss the issue at its "february 18th meeting. " time now for headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen has been booked into a north texas jail. tonya couch is scheduled to go before a judge. she faces a charge of hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities believe she and her son, ethan, fled to mexico as prosecutors investigated whether ethan violated his probation. he's still being held in mexico city. tarmac delays and disability complaints have lead united airlines to be fined 2-point-75 million dollars. the government says the airline failed to properly assist disabled passengers. also, there were 5 instances of keeping passengers on planes for an extended time period. united airlines says it are now focusing on improving
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good news out of china -- trading is finally up. trading was stopped earlier this week after deep plunges triggered a circuit breaker halting trading. official now believe that breaker market more volatile. foreign regulators "circuit breaker" rule prior to the market open. we know millions of people come to our beaches-- but new tourism figures gaining steam. 10news reporter charles billi shows tourism is breaking records. there's an energy in tampa. you can feel it. you can see it. and now, new numbers prove it. visit tampa bay, the tourism agency of the region announcing record- shattering tourism numbers. every measurable parameter, hotel occupancy, flights, visitors and revenue jumped double digits. sot/30:53 "last year's numbers were record-breaking and this year we're
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patrick harrison is vice-president of marketing for visit tampa bay, and says domestic travel is driving the push, but european traffic is exploding. sot/33:09 "the international numbers we're seeing through luftanza and edelweis particularly are massive." bump to sot and cover/33:34 "so suddenly we have this gateway that's opened up to us, so i think the potential internationally is tremendous." visitors say they like tampa's variety: the architecture, the sports, the cruise ships, the restaurants, and of course, the history. sot/35:32 "everyday i see more people, and i'm like wow!" michelle gilbert has watched downtown change....almost overnight. sot/34:50 "there is just so many more people, more business. it's just changed. it's growing." tag/12:38 "and tourism officials say you aint seen nothing yet. at the end of the month a massive trade show hits the tampa convention center which will coincide with gasparilla. that means thousands of people from around the country and around the globe will see the pirate invasion. on top of park tower in downtown tampa, i'm charles billi, 10news wtsp."
4:39 am's a disturbing crime many of you will never forget. one year ago today, this little five year old girl who died after she was tossed from a st. petersburg bridge. ## and, fire crews in australia continue to battle an out of control wildfire that has already destroyed nearly 100 homes. ## plus, coldplay won't be the only one taking the stage for super bowl 50! still ahead, a warning...about a popular high-tech christmas gift. the new lawsuit against fitbit and what you need to know before putting it on this morning. and one dime, worth nearly 2 million dollars!
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