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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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. good afternoon, our temperature story this afternoon, an officer ambushed
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patrol car in philadelphia. he's expected to be okay. the shooter says he did it in the name of islam. now the f.b.i. is on scene investigating. kenneth craig shows you despite being hit three times, that officer was able to fire back with the gun. >> i'm shot. >> the philadelphia police officer jessie radioed for help after a gunman opened fire. a surveillance video shows the suspect pointing a gun at point- blank range. he fired 13 rounds. >> this is absolutely one of the scariest things i've ever seen. this guy tried to execute the police officer. >> he was hit three times in the left arm but managed to return fire wounding the suspects, he was arrested several blocks away. local cbs station kyw, the suspect has confessed and he opened fire in the name of islam. he was rushed to this hospital
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a ben arm and nerve damage. >> philadelphia's mayor is calling for stricter gun laws. >> there are too many guns on our streets and the government has to do something about that. the civilians and people are in harm's way every single day. >> no word on the suspect's condition. two men arrested on suspicion of supporting terrorism are due in court in a few hours. they were arrested in sacramento and houston. investigators say at least one of the men spent time fighting in syria before returning to the united states. news of these arrests in washington, there are talks about new refugees coming to the united states. tanja couch, and she's
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was in mexico city a judge granted him temporary stay. people are heading into the weekend wondering what's next. >> we had a soggy morning and we'll have a dry afternoon. much of your saturday will be dry and it will be late afternoon. we're seeing sunshine across st. petersburg. this is a live shot. let's get to storm tracker 10 and i can show you that that rain is now exiting the region, in fact, it's pushed to the east of polk county, tracking a teeny shower to southern portions of highlands county and that will move to the east as well. it's a dry friday afternoon. and then we have more rain coming for late saturday afternoon into your sunday morning, possibly, we'll talk all about it in just a few minutes with your weekend forecast. >> does it feel like you pay too much for insurance, you want to pay attention to this story.
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a congressman from the bay area is pushing a new law, it will help make flood insurance less expensive and better to protect your home. it should be approved in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: here in this neighborhood, there's one option for flood insurance, the u.s. government, what they say, what you pay for just about everybody. dennis, the congressman he's trying to change that, he's written a bill that will make it easier for you to shop around and get flood insurance from a private company, not just the government. why is that a big deal? competition drives prices down, plus private companies are more inclined to offer incentives like improve the drainage at your house and get a discount and if a big flooding disaster hits, right now everybody using the government's national flood insurance program, taxpayers are on the hook to make sure they get paid.
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the risk too. >> it's a good way to bring consumers a choice of what they want to buy. it's a good way to limit earthquake exposure to government and a good way to bring them together. >> it would be an option for you, the congressman says he's working it through washington as fast as he can. he hopes to have more options available for your family this year. the december jobs report was released a couple of hours ago, they added 292,000 jobs this month. the unemployment rate is the same. it paints a different picture in other parts of the country, the u.s. economy is growing at a solid pace. one ex change is expected to get a lot of attention.
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he says he's having trouble sending her a set of talking points via fax. this is determined secret, but it was not identified as secret at the time it was set. in pinellas county this man right here deputies arrested him on a molestation charge of a child. it could be more vicious. >> this is a serious case. they believe this man might have spent time with other children in our area. there is a chance that other kids might have been molested as well. take a good look at this man. this is john daley, he's 42 years old and he's accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy. that boy told his mom that daily touched him in ways he shouldn't have. he also told detectives that daley offered to give him gifts and sexual favors. after investigating, they did confirm that daily had contact
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now, detectives say that daily has a similar history in louisiana, he was named in an investigation there, and never faced any charges, the texans here say, he's not going to get away with anything like that of the if you know anyone who are any child who has contact with this man, make sure you can contact authorities immediately. 10 news, wtsp. it's a story that gives you chills. one year ago, this woman was thrown off the bridges. that was by her own father, this four-year-old girl, it's a story that we've been staying on top of since the beginning. he's in a state mental facility until he's ruled competent to stand trial. her death has sparked changes in the department of children and families. an agency that protects children across the stay. make sure you join us at 5:00, we're digging deeper into the
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one year later they're making a difference. also a heart-breaking story out of philadelphia to pass along this afternoon. a mother is dead after she ran into a burning home to rescue her toddler this morning. they both died in the fire. they found her holding her child and they couldn't get out of the house. there were four adults and two children taken out of and they're in the hospital. five space heaters inside the home and they think that's what started the fire. two charmed in two separate dui's both women tried to run from police. the first in pasco county. they tried to pull over 56-year- old lisa meyers after they noticed her dozing on the road. she was going 46 miles per hour, she went over the curb
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number of charges including dui. this second arrest, county deputies say brittany was driving drunk on a closed portion of hillsboro avenue. she hit some construction cones and then a parked patrol car. after hitting the patrol car, she kept driving until she was stopped a half mile away. if you haven't gotten a power ball ticket yet, you may want to buy one tomorrow morning. the jackpot is up to $800 million. that is the largest in us lottery history. new at noon, we have learned the name of a local winner. we told you about a $1 million ticket, a $1 million purchased at the publics. lottery officials say robert gonzalez has come forward to claim his drawing.
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winner, that person takes home $309 million after taxes. join us for the jackpot on 10 1:00 news. there's a new plan today and we'll have the story coming up. the surprising number of adults and children who are day. tampa bay known for sandy beaches but there is sand not meant for your toes coming up where you can watch this artist paint with sand. our morning showers have changed into afternoon sunshine with most areas, with the rain pushing south and east. are we done for tonight and the
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. the research released from the cdc indicates that nine out of ten adults and children are consuming too much salt each day. most of the salt is in restaurant meals. cutting back is key to reducing heart attacks and strokes. in st. pete you can see a sand artist at work. the buddhist monk, a former buddhist monk is joining us to talk about sand painting. >> you have an unusual artist at work there right now. what can people see?
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creating a six footman dale la. >> this is a -- mandala. >> it's very intricate, it's all colored sand? >> it is. it's a large circular divine, you'll have a sacred image and the symbols radiate out. it's a healing mandala, it will be about physical healing, anger, greed, jealousy and each one of those colors have a symbol with it as well. >> this is just really pain steak work but -- painstaking work but fascinating to watch. >> yes, it's incredible. when we think about sand, we think about a two dimensional level piece. when you go down and look at it eye level which we invite you to do, you'll see that there is
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earlier this week, we have the opportunity as we were teaching about it, in the center of the ma fda la and to experience very briefly what that must be like -- mandala and to experience very briefly what that must be like. he was sent to the united states by the dali llama and then. he was trying to raise buddhism. a lot of times you may view a piece of art that was created hundreds of years ago and here one is taking shape in front of your eyes and this is free for the public, it is free for the public. it's at the conservatory.
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just really -- it has been trance forming in this space. you can hear music being played as well as chanting that will be played in the background. >> it's a unique experience for folks, we hope people take advantage of this. the mandala is being created in st. pete. you can find more about this on our website and if you would like a tour of 10 news, you can call 727-571010 or e-mail community at wtsp, i'm kathryn bursch for ten community. i hope you're having a wonderful friday afternoon. we had some rain showers this morning. this is what it looks like for florida southern college. they'll see sunshine over the next few hours as we all will. the morning showers will be gone and we'll be dry this afternoon.
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maybe you want to go for a walk or jog, you can leave the umbrella at home. we'll wind in the view for you and show you we have this area of low pressure and the trough, that will be moving eastward in the next 12 to 24 hours, and we have another system that will bring us rain late saturday. but, in the meantime, temperatures you can see are a little warmer where we've seen the sunshine, bradenton 74, rain, cool air in polk city right now, we'll go ahead and show what you we expect in the next 12 hours, temperatures warming in the mid-70s this afternoon and friday evening, about 8:00, about 66 degrees and midnight still mild at 64, nothing more than a jacket necessary if you're headed about and -- out and about this season. a little warmer inland. 78 degrees, 77 lakeland and
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and the highs for st. pete and sarasota making it up to 75 degrees. partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures this evening and mainly dry overnight and that will continue into your saturday morning looking pretty good there. we do see those clouds moving out of the region this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-70s, our winds out of the southeast at 5 to 6 miles per hour through this evening, quiet conditions as we head into early saturday morning, i want to go ahead and show you down the road, we are looking at another batch of rain, this will come in on saturday night. so, keep that in mind, here comes the rain, approaching the tampa area, mainly between 5 and midnight on saturday, so, that's when we do expect the highest chance of showers, so for the remainder of today, i would like a 30% chance of showers in there and a lot of us won't see any more rain for the day. the weekend transpiring like this, we'll start the day relatively dry, early on saturday, the afternoon is
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at 6:00 in the afternoon, that moves to our south, between midnight and 2:00 a.m. and sunday looking much better with more sunshine in place, a little cooler though with a high of 71 degrees, next work week looking nice as well. mostly sunny skies, we're looking at cooler temperatures though especially by tuesday morning, 46 degrees, so keep those coats handy for the next work week. keep in mind whether or not you want to track the showers or temperatures, all you have to do is download the ten news app for your mobile phone, it's in the app support for both, the android and apple -- >> talking about hitting a home run with the community, next on ten news at noon, be with tampa bay to make sure a bay area mom and daughter have a place to call home.
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and taking in tv, we have you covered starting with undercover boss and bluebloods and news at 11. tonight on the late show with stephen colbert, we have matthew broderick and if you go to bed we have you covered. you can see the late show at
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st. petersburg's mother and daughter have it all up, the rays are sponsoring this habitat for community in this home. 19 staffers raised the roof and kicked it off. you can see the rays mascot who lent a hand to help make this dream come true. >> to be able to say this is our own home, and not going from one move to another move, from apartment to apartment, it is nice to have our own home. >> that's so cool. >> they're having fun with the future homeowner along with funding the home, these volunteers spend 200 hours with other members of the community as well. that's really cool to see the difference it makes. >> it's special, not only does she get a new home. it was built by the rays and it makes it so cool. you can believe it's spring training a little over a month
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>> it's hard to "believe," we get passed holidays and we're moving into spring. >> it's mild and it's highs in the 70s. >> it's not bad. >> we'll be back i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses...
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