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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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was in danger. her death has sparked changes at the agency statewide. >> many people say the changes don't go far enough as continue -- children continue to to slip through the cracks. "10 news" jennifer titus. reporter: attorney torres was the last to see phoebe alive. she tried calling 911 and the dcf hotline for help but nothing was done. >> i was upset that the authority let him go. >> the dcf operator found her call not to be sufficient. >> it did not rise to the level
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>> the next day a law was implemented. >> what did you think about the change? they had to do something but i just think it's bigger than that. >> state senator knows that phoebe is not the only child to here in the bay area 12 children lost their lives. >> are you shocked that a year hasn't been more changes made? not even being sufficiently reactive, let alone proactive and when i see -- when i say we i mean the lawmakers. the system is completely flawed and it needs to be flown -- thrown out and redone. what florida is doing is not enough by evidenced by all of these deaths that have occurred
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children who live in our state who only want to be loved. >> in tampa, jennifer titus, "10 news." since phoebe's death we've posted stories on serious questions over whether a clearwater high school teacher accused of murder had her rights violated during her murder arrest. carol ride is accused of shooting and killing her ex- husband. to tech it is say she pulled the trigger because of the relationship is coming to an end. she is in court right now for the death of a father and a retired sergeant with the police department. ryan claims rush raped her and she shot him in march of last year at her indian rocks apartment. detectives are being grilled on
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rights to her. >> did anyone reed you your miranda rights? absolutely not. >> ryan's claims they watched the video and found that deputies never read her miranda rights to her. after eight years the rays stadium saga is finally moving forward. st. petersburg is on the verge of giving the team permission to look in tampa. just as they answer one question, countless new questions about the next step pop up. 10 investigates and took those to the merits of st. pete and tampa today. >> the st. pete mayor allowing the race to look elsewhere is about opportunity cost and what the city could be missing out on by not redeveloping tropicana field. >> that property is fairly unique. i suspect there is going to be
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that site. >> with a few minor tweaks, and new council members they. >> st. pete to make a regional stadium search official next thursday. >> we want to make sure that counsel felt very comfortable that we were not trying to push this down their throats. that there was time for good consideration and evaluation. reporter: afterwards he spoke with his counter bay -- counterpart across the bay and he's taking a closer look at an uphill battle of funding a stadium and that will take time. >> i won't be the mayor when this is bill's. i probably will be the mayor when it is negotiated. this is a 5-year process at a minimum. >> the focus has been about location but elected officials tell me there is great concern over just how many tax dollars to raise may be looking for. 10 investigates has been
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years now and will continue to be -- lead the way. noah pransky, 10 investigator. check out all of our stories including a timeline of events on and click 10 investigates. new investigation on a triple murder in lakeland. and deputy released this video of a white van. three men with caribbean accents drove up from miami to execute the four victims. it is believed they headed back to south florida. in 18-year-old man was shot in the face but he survived. the sheriffs is one of the dead victims was involved with drug activity in miami where he had just returned from. he believed it was a hired hit from drug dealings gone wrong. all new at 6:00 another person has died crossing u.s. 19 in pascoe county.
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this crash happened near bartel road and u.s. 19 around 830 last night. just up the road about 200 yards, another walker was killed by a car last month. 10 news reporter casey cumley is showing you what is being done to change lives. >> i see people jaywalking across the street when there are crosswalks 5 minutes up the road? an investigation were 4-year- old jennifer martin was killed trying to walk across six lanes of traffic. >> there are crosswalks available and the pedestrians ignore them. they just don't use them. reporter: for the last five years this corporal has been investigating accidents. >> i just write up the facts and they indicate whether they were or were not using the crosswalk and the majority of
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reporter: 200 south -- 200 yards to the south there's a large intersection with the crosswalk in 200 yards to the north there's another large intersection with the crosswalk. >> from 2011 to 201524 people were killed walking along the crossing u.s. 19 including three by slicks through a grant to the department department of transportation the pascoe sheriff's department is hoping to bring the numbers down with education. joanne works on the highway and seas everything. >> they are too lazy to walk up to the crosswalk or they're too good to across the road where they're supposed to. >> we try to do our best to curb the fatality rate that it is an uphill battle. >> and holiday, casey cumley, "10 news" wtsp. >> there's an education program
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bicyclists to navigate roads at night. we posted a link on county by county in polk county more places to park an downtown lakeland. the city is expanding to demands of all the parking. that's what our partners at the ledger had discovered. he say businesses will likely lease partner -- parking spots to accommodate growth at the company's. in madison county three murders just as much alone. wayne washington leads the minnesota peace walkers and determined to continue marching until neighborhoods feel a renewed sense of safety. the mission is more personal than ever after the murder -- after the murder of mr. robinson. >> it gave me strength and it let me know the march is -- the march is not in vain. we're going to go to the same neighborhood where the deaths
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to do what we will do. we will continue to do what we do and let the community know that we are not going to stop. >> robinson and his girlfriend were found dead on new year's day. the peace rally and the anti- gun violence march is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. sunday upright park. in sarasota county overwhelming amounts of mold is forcing a library to shut down for good. the public library will shut down on february 1st. the mold was detected back in 2010. you will still be able -- still be able to access library materials at the venice community center. you have likely heard the powerball jackpot is at a record-breaking $800 billion. you heard me correctly. can you imagine what you would do with all of that money? if you feel lucky grab a ticket and then watch the numbers exclusively on "10 news"
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i think that as plenty of money . >> i have a special formula. >> it just kicks on my way when you win? much more to come all on "10 news." it one point in time most of us rode the bus to school but for some students it's not always an option. >> what if you're homeless and you need a ride to school? the government said the school district is supposed to help you. the problem and the bay area is up next. friday rain is gone. we were tracking that but we are not done tracking rain is prettier weekend.
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. tonight at 8:00 you have undercover boss at 9:00 why 50 at 10:00 bluebloods and then join us for "10 news" at 11:00. many children face the reality of no right to school. marcus gratian shows it's often because -- marcus grayson shows us it's awesome -- it's often because the money runs out. being a homeless student must be harder than anything. >> dede is with the school project. her office provides a ride to school to polk county homeless students. >> we have students that have been to move from one school zone to another and it can take
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to put a bus route together. >> say i was a homeless student here and my parents moved me. the school district is obligated to bring me back to this school. >> you have to look at how long they've been in the school, the connections, we've had seniors that had they switched schools they would've lost credit. they only have enough money for one driver. >> it's about $10,000 a year to cover that cost. we are looking to raise $10,000 a year. one individual stepped up to help but it's not enough. so for now the new van will
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the district says the van helps parents get to school when they need to be there. if you would like to help head over to and click on the story and the as seen on tv section. it's time for 10 weather. >> we have a little bit of rain in the forecast for the weekend but not the entire week. >> not a washout. >> correct. it is very honed into one part of the weekend. we want to spend some time to talk about it. this morning's rain was nice to have it. nice to have showers overnight to. no severe weather and you can see rain moved out around midmorning. for this evening no rain to worry about. however, if you're going to be gone for the house for a while, look for patchy fog to move in around 10:00 p.m.
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i think it will get thicker an more widespread as we get closer to daybreak. it's the first thing you want to watch for. all that rain has moved off to the east. we are not expecting anything for this -- for the short term forecast and as we expand our view we were talking about what's coming from the west. all the way up to the panhandle and the screen area, of course local offices have issued a warning and severe weather threats. this roundup is coming tomorrow. it looks to be stronger with the potential to have a little more punch and maybe some severe storms. it is a combination of these two systems. this winding up and merging. we have the systems coming together before we see it.
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and how it comes through. you can see this round coming in late afternoon tomorrow. most of saturday is dry before the system moves in. your sunday is looking to be dry. but let's put on the brakes and walk you through it. early in the morning if you're going to be up patchy fog is expected. from then until 4:00, i don't think we will see storms or any problems. after around 4:00 that's when you want to start becoming more weather aware as this front will have more to work with. unlike last night showers, being thunderstorms. we want to pay more attention. we can see the stronger model outlook here between 4:00 in 5:00 and 6:00. it looks like it's coming across at a pretty good clip. we are probably done with rain at the latest 10:00. the window 4:00 p.m.
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any one given location is going to be about and hour or two with storms at the most. you can see as it picks up here showers. wind gust's unlikely going to be noticing the how. how you can see 37 miles per hour in our tampa assessment. here is how we expect this to break down. it's below limits. i think it will get our attention. dime size hail is possible. when we get to that measure and hire, severe thunderstorm warning could be issued rainfall a quarter of an inch to an inch and a quarter an hour by hour you can see the fog with temperatures and the 60s for the 1st half of your day. the 2nd half of the day and the mid-70s before storms are in the mix. this is late saturday. gone by sunday.
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of sunday is dry behind the front is actually a 1-2 punch. we will see a nice cooling as well. 71 for high on sunday. 60s are back in your forecast. the cooler weather will return. stick around and we are back in week. download -- download the "10
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here we go, puck sands. nothing definite set up with. cutter -- about the fans but harold goodwin is the coordinator -- coordinator for the cardinals and they are the number one offense. the buccaneer fans -- buccaneer fans and shawn mcdermitt will interview this weekend. the panthers have a great defense and they rank sixth in the season. both the teams have playoff buys and that's why there coaches can interview. the buccaneers martin all pro. he had a superb bounce back season. over 1400 yards rushing adrian peterson as the other running back and it's a contract year so let's hope it pays off. more honors for derek brooks.
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football hall of fame today by the national football foundation. two-time consensus all-american at florida state. acc player of the year and 94, national chance with fsu. my question is what took them so long? the 1st half of the season ends tonight for the lightning. it's another must win game. they're at edmonton to play the oilers and they are the worst team and the west. ryan callahan should be playing. >> this stacks up as one of the better fields i've played in. >> and that is grayson porter of shaw crest high and one of the few at the invitational. historic tonight at 11:00. get your beads ready and the crew is getting ready to invade tampa. today "10 news" got a sneak peek at all the cool new
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t-shirts, hats, kazoos and much more. is that a cousy? yes. a cousy for the beer. >> all made by a local company. cranking out creations for years. >> we want everyone in january an february to do with the sheriff says. work like a captain but play like a pirate. as we go into 2016 we would like that to be here new year's resolution. >> i want to party with him. you can buy the merchandise along the parade route. >> january 30th is just around
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