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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. it is captivating the nation. the $800million powerball jackpot. but all that committers isn't gold. tonight, a closer look at the winners who ended up losing. >> powerball madness. good evening. >> and i'm courtney robinson. and, sure, we all dream of hitting it big this weekend. we can dream, right? but the chances of striking it rich are slimmer than ever. in october, the powerball game was restructured. your odds of winning the top prize went from one in 175 million to one in 292 million.
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strike it rich have seen their lottery winnings disappear. some call these misfortunes the lottery curse. and we take a look at some winners whose luck ran out. >> millions of us are dreaming about a powerball jackpot. >> it would make life amazing. for sure. >> life-changing, new car, new home, new environment. >> reporter: the dream, though, can easily become a nightmare. >> i wish we had never won it. >> reporter: you don't have to look any further than the bay area to find unlikey winners. they won in 1990 and lost their $13 million jackpot by 2005. >> we were good to our families. >> reporter: but you can lose more than just money. >> if i could trade it all in and get abraham back, i would. >> reporter: abraham shakespeare was murdered just a couple of years after winning a $30 million jackpot in 2006.
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victoria and jackson to kill jeffrey dampier in 2005. >> once this person wins the lottery, they become a global target. there are literally people across the world who put these people on a list to harass and try to sell bad investments, and also just flat out try to take their money. >> reporter: the attorney has represented six winners who have lost everything. a study last year showed 44% of lotto winners spend all of their money within five years. >> two wick picks, please. >> and two lucky. >> reporter: for close to a billion dollars, it is a risk i'm willing to take. with my fingers crossed, 10 news, wtsp. >> and you're going to play, and end up winning, what can you buy? >> anything. >> you could buy 50 private islands or 37 three-bedroom apartments at 432 park avenue in manhattan. they cost $21.5 million each
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$70 million. you could buy one for each continent and have four spares. or how about some kicks. you could store 4.21 million retro air jordan basketball shoes. coming back down to reality, if you hit the jackpot, your winnings will be closer to $500 million lump sum and then taxes will have to be taken out. >> and don't territory, we'll have the winning numbers for you at 10 news at 11:00. if you do win, what should you do? we have that information on our and new information tonight about the man who says he shot a philadelphia police officer in the name of islam. investigators believe edward archer traveled to saudi arabia in 2011 and then to egypt in 2012. the fbi is now looking into why he went there. archer is accused of ambushing an office here was sitting in marked cruiser. authorities say he fired more
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the officer is listed in stable condition. we are told archer pledged allegiance to the islamic state group after his arrest. the republican presidential candidate marco rubio is calling for the mexican government to hand over captured drug lord el chapo guzman. the florida senator says guzman should be transferred to the u.s. in custody because he escaped from mexico's prisons twice. guzman's last escape, six months ago, was through an elaborate tunnel system. he is wanted on a long list of u.s. charges. one year ago today, 5-year- old was thrown to her death from the sunshine skyway bridge. her father is in prison charged with her murder. her death raised questions about why no one was able to save her, how the department of children and families failed to intervene. in the hours before her death mpeople ran into phoebe and her father from relatives to law enforcement, even priests.
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but one person, an attorney, she tried. she called both 911 around dcf concerned for the girl's safety. she says she is still haunted by the fact that no one helped. >> and i still get emotional when i start talking about it, but i have been -- i won't go across the sunshine freeway. i won't cross it. i won't go. >> d. c. s. has admitted they should have done more and they have made changes to faster response time to hotline calls. many say that is not enough and children are slipping through some lawmakers tell us the overhauled. time now for headlines world. this is the 62ened scan. do you have the latest real i.d. compliant license? if not, you'll want to update yours or you'll have two years
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airport check points. states that delayed putting anti-counter fifth technology in driver's licenses and verifying the applicants identity will be affected. florida's licenses issued since 2011 are compliant. blue bell says listeria has been found again at one of its facilities, but stresses none of its products have tested positive for the infection. the company credit as new testing system for detecting it. blue bell says it expects to find small indications from time to time, but its top priority is to eliminate potential sources of contamination. looking to find the lowest gas price ? well, right now virginia is home to the cheapest gas price in the united states. according to an analyst as gas buddies, this b.p. station in castle, virginia, sells gas for $1.29 per gallon. of course, when you pay in cash. and those prices could get lower. experts say that january is a
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good for lowering gas prices. that is your 60-second scan. >> is it the season for holiday returns. you're hitting the stores to take back the unwanted gifts, get your money back, get what you really wanted. now is also a good time to save big, not just with sales, but on returned items. you shop, spent big, and maybe saved. >> $447. >> reporter: but in the post- holiday frenzy, you could save convenient more. >> i was here returning a gift for christmas. >> a gift for my mom. she is not really into the technology stuff, so i'm just returning it. >> reporter: depending on the store, someone else's gift could be your new year's savings. >> i'm in the market now for a new ipad. i noticed they had the new ipad profor about $100 less. >> reporter: ipads, computers, c.d.s and other gear, all brand- new and at best buy on sale because they were opened and returned after christmas. >> it seems like a good deal.
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>> reporter: according to a study by the retail equation, $63 billion in holiday merchandise will be returned. that is about 10% of all holiday sales, making the return business big business. >> over here is the outdoor stuff. >> reporter: something the home remodeling warehouse knows all too well. >> and this is the best kept secret. >> reporter: they make their money off of rougherred -- returned items from home depot, lowe's and others. after christmas, they say there's not only more available, but it is often better quality, too. >> most of it is online returns for whatever reason or a damaged box, they don't want to accept it when it gets delivered to them, change their mind, they found it cheaper somewhere else. it is easier for the retailer just to kick it to the secondary market. >> reporter: if you find it hard to get cash on your return, there is good reason. listen to this. the national retail federation estimates holiday return fraud will cost retailers about $2.2 billion. to learn more about the home remodeling ware husband
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web site,, and click seen on tv ton left side. still to come, the jobs are real, but the job offer may not be. what you need to know before you post your resume online. and spend a lot of time on your feet? before you take another step, check out the latest invention to keep you comfortable. and some bad news you'll want to hear about your morning cup of joe. and the last hour we started to see some patchy fog develop as expected. and even around sarasota county, too. coming up, we'll talk about if
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if you or someone you know is looking for a job and maybe putting resumes online and you know the popular job sites, beware. >> there is a scam going on that could cost you a lot ofage vision and money. at 10 investigates, we explain you need to really do your home work if you are offered a job online. >> reporter: it started with this e-mail, a promising opportunity from a head hunter all the way in the u.k. >> it was dream job. >> reporter: just what dona was looking for. this european company, the head
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for someone with her experience. >> accounting manager, h.r., controller, office manager, anything in that realm. >> reporter: she got that e- mail after posting her resume on the web sites you or someone you know may have used before, glass door, monster, career builder. the next thing you know, the supposed head hunter sent a contract. she got the job with the promise of great pay. >> and you do it all from home. you have excellent medical benefits, excellent p.t. o. and vacation, personal, sick. >> reporter: the head hunter said her job would involve transferring money and her paycheck would be direct deposited, and for that -- >> they would need my bank routing number and my bank account number. >> reporter: suspicious, she called the company, phoenix surgical instruments is a real company in the united kingdom. the letterhead on the contract is their letterhead. >> they were not running an ad
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the person did not represent their company in any way. >> reporter: phoenix even posted a warning on its web site. >> it is pathetic that people do this to other people. and they -- it took weeks to set this up to my resume and my background on my resume. anyone that has ever posted their information publicly is fair game that is the scary part about. this. >> reporter: and 10 investigates. and helpful tips to keep in mind if your resume is out on those job sites. be wary of an e-mail from someone you don't know, convenient if there are logos on the e-mail and if you see a job on social media, verify with the recruiter or employer's social site that it is genuine. always call an employer to verify they did e-mail you. if you spend all day on your feetness you know how excruciating the pain can get, especially in your heel. we have some good news for you tonight.
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a flip-flop that she says works wonders. it is called the feeling sole, and it really could help anyone dealing with foot pain, especially those with plantar fasciitis. there are several features that make the shoe unique. the other half provides much needed support. the bottom of the flip not is designed to rock, which reduces stress on the joints and arch. there is also a small ramp under the big toe that arows the foot to work more efficiently. >> most medical devices, you're hoping for a 50% to 60% success rate and we have had 80% to 90% success rate, which is good. >> worth a try. why not. more colors and other designs are in the works including a closed toe option. the flip-flops, this is where it might catch you, sells for $150. >> ouch! >> if you're interesting in learning more about the healing seoul, head to and
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tracking storms, alerting you, preening your family, it is time for 10 weather. and $150 flip-flop? >> if you're getting rid of the pain in your foot, why not. >> it is probably worth it. >> and i wonder if insurance doesn't help cover too. >> possibly. we had rain overnight. non-severe storms, and not on the weekend. but i'm tracking some more rain. >> oh, come on! but before you think your weekend is a wash-out, it is not. let os talk about it. the rain totals, always good to get rain in the dry season and we saw close to seven tenths of an inch. a little under half of an inch in portions of the tampa suburbs. and around a quarter of the inch over to seminole and auburndale. tonight the storm tracker is quiet for the next few hours, although we talk about the patchy fog. we're running anywhere from 63 to 66 degrees. and all of the rain that moved
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getting out of here at a pretty nice clip although it is still heavy early this morning over i- 75. a lot of that is rite on schedule. we thought it would be out of here around 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. and the back end oh the morning drive would be okay, and that definitely seems like that was the case today. short term, fairly clear in the gulf right now for the next couple of hours. it is going to be more about the fog northwesterly the morning and we'll time this out for you. and then the chance of storms. now, the storm prediction center has included just about all of the viewing area in a marginal risk that is a step down from slight risk. what does that mean? it is our severe weather threat for saturday with the storms we're looking at, with the marginal risk, it is a head's up. don't go into the weekend and forget about anything that is going on. be a little more weather aware that we are expecting not just showers, but some thunderstorms so what we got last night, these will likely be stronger. take a look at east texas, louisiana, it is a good indicate for of the kind of
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as this cold front merges up with this system. it will slide down over the gulf, plus this low will kick in right behind it. the two are coming together right on the gulf coastline and will make a very rapid beeline across the gulf. i want to show you the big picture first. we're going to slow this down from where you live. you can see that it is only a late day event for saturday. so your weekend is not auto wash out. this is very much contained to late afternoon through the dinnertime hours and gone in time for sunday as well. so, again, let's zoom in and slow it down a little bit. first thing up in the morning, patchy, dense fog. if you're out the door or up early, anywhere from around 5:00 to 8:00 a.m., we are likely expecting patchy, dense fog. of course, we will be doing updates for cbs morning tracking that. here come the storms that we're looking atment mainly after 4:00 is when i expect them. the bay area and north will likely be the hardest hit.
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hillsboro and polk county. but it is in and out fairly rapidly, although the window for storms, and we're going to be starting at 4:00 p.m., wrapping up at the latest, 10:00 p.m., that's for all of the 10 news viewing area. any one given city or county, it is likely an hour to two hours of rine and storms, and we're done by 10:00 at night. starting to pour, done by 10:00 and we're out in time for sunday. it will be pretty bless and, too. take a look at what we're expecting on top of the rain. the wind gusts, i think we're going to be close to seeing the wind gusts reaching anywhere from around 30 to 40 miles per hour. and as far as -- the initial line coming through, i would expect that we see wind gusts around 40, 45. and dime - sized hail is also possible with these storms and moderate lightning as well. all of that would be below severe limits, but not by much a good day to stay weather aware.
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77 for a high temperature. again, dry for sunday, although we'll hold on to cloud cover. it will be cooler. 61 for a high and a secondary push of cooler air coming in on sunday and monday. it will actually be the coolest part of this for early next week. highs in the 60s for about four days. mornings in the 40s for about three or four days as well. ton weekend, on the go, it is good to have that 10 news app that way if you do hear thunder in the distance, you can immediately open that app and get a look at storm tracker 106789 we'll be protecting you. you can also sign up for weather alerts on that app involvement should we see any watches or warnings, you'll know about it immediately on your phone. bad news if you're a coffee drinker. the usda is confirming reports that we're on the verge of a worldwide coffee shortage. >> oh, no, no, no. >> yeah, i might lose my mind. >> i won't be at work tomorrow. >> basically because we're drinking more and the farmers can't keep up with the demand. a worldwide shortage in three
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another game for the lightning that they really should win. the last two teams left in the playoffs arrive in arizona for the championship game. you'll get a look at the first two interview force the bucs' job and a local golf ser one of the young nest the field for a
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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finally, friday.
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between periods on tv tonight and honestly, the lightning players really don't seem to have any answers on how to fix. this they're trailing edmonton which don't have gresh ski or mess yea anymore. they're trailing the oilers 2- 1. cam talbot is in goal. in the first, the puck in his own zone. the oilers get it, the back hander no, the rebound, yes, and the shultz goal makes it 1- 0. it was 2-0 when the lightning finally score a couple of minutes ago. and watch in important ton right side. he will tip it in right there. and it is 2-1 now. the oilers lead with under eight minutes to go in the third period. well, the last two teams left in the college football playoffs arrived in arizona today. and brooks was among 16 selected for the college football hall of fame. he was a two-time all american at florida state and his 1993 at fsu won the national championship.
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there is nick saban and 'bama. they arrived at sky harbor airport this afternoon. and dabo swinney was the first to touchdown. that was actually earlier in the day. the interviews and practice maybe tomorrow. here is the first interview for the bucs. goodwin is the offensive coordinator for the arizona cardinals. they both worked there, and the cardinals had the number one offense this season. and sean mcdermott will interview this weekend. she the defensive coordinator of the carolina panthers. he has been there for five years. the panthers ranked sixth in defense this season. and for the 90th consecutive year, some of the best amateurs in the country are playing golf this weekend. it is the new year's invitational. and he has won this tournament and there is a local high school play here can play with these guys. >> and some of the top college kids around the nation coming
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high school kidsment and it is across the whole board that your skills is up there and see how you fare against them which is always cool. >> reporter: grayson port ser not where they are, but if he win this is weekend in the new year's inational, who knows. grayson is 18, a senior at shore crest. she the reigning player of the year, and he'll be part of a college crowd next year at florida state. around the age of 8, the left- hander found out that he preferred an individual sport like golf over a team sport. >> golf is a sport where you can't really blame it on anything else but yourself, and i kind of like that about the game. i like it all being on your shoulders, which i just like playing on my own terms and at my own risk. >> okay. so far, grayson shot 75, 7 -- 73 and 75 for the first two rounds. the leader is six under. >> it is the weekend. you never know what happens.
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>> go ahead! >> feel free! >> your handicap has to with a little lower. >> by the way, the lightning just tied it up. >> yeah! >> more after the break. tonight's lottery numbers are brought to you by -- we stop arthritis pain,
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because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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you have to see this here. these imannals are stunning and they're trending worldwide a traffic camera captured a rare owl flying over, and they typically travel when they are going for food, so they are rarely seen out of the artic. >> beautiful. >> it is especially meaningful for canadians because the snowy owl is the official symbol of quebec. >> they hunt like crazy, too. >> they don't miss. >> i'm glad he didn't take the traffic camera with him. >> and that probably looked like dinner to him. >> and thank you for joining us. good luck on lotto. >> and join us tomorrow night
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walmart set out on a mission to find you the best oranges. to do that, we first had to find the best orange growers. we logged the miles, put in the hours, tasted a lot of fruit, and shook a lot of hands. but we did it for a reason. so that here you'll find the best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100 percent freshness guarantee. try them for yourself today at
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