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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> how would you like to win $900 million? the odds of someone collecting tonight's powerball jackpot is rising as the tickets fly out across the country. good evening. we're live. and first, it is a 150 weather alert. we're in for a soggy saturday evening. a lot of you have been seeing this outside your windows this afternoon. even having to drive through it. a wet and windy start to the weekend. right now we want to go right over to 10 weather meteorologist to get the very latest on this one. a soggy saturday. >> yes. we have had everything from fog this morning and then a little sunshine, but that sunshine really just helped instigate the atmosphere to make it more susceptible to storms. in fact, we're going to be tracking the storms for a little longer. there you can see on storm tracker 10, a lot of activity. most of -- the first batch of rough weather has pushed off to our east, and there you can see across polk county, strong storms now moving to the north
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so southport, in about a half hour, you're going to be seeing the strong storms, and just to the south, indian lake estates, k4r-6 h. 6:24. we have seen some lightning with these storms, gusty winds, upwards of 30 miles per hour. mull berry, it is headed towards you as well. we do have more activity just to the east of i-75 in eastern portions of hills beforeo county. this will be moving into polk county as well. and we have more activity out in the gulf, so even nor pinellas county and downtown tampa, we're not done yet. you can see the showers and the storms offshore and they will be moving through the area over the next hour to two. so we're going to see yet another round. and 6:46 and tampa right around 7:02. i'll be back with more on the radar and when do we expect to dry out and when we will see the cooler temperatures a busy
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tampa bay area. tammy? >> a rot to stay on top of. you can check the storm tracker on the go with our free app. search and down load wtsp from your device's app store. powerball fever reaches an all-time high as the jackpot smashes all records a whopping $900 million is up for grabs tonight. it is the nation's largest ever jackpot. and we are live at a convenience store for us in st. petersburg where people are snatching up the tickets like there is no tomorrow a lot of people want to know how can they get a better shot at winning. >> reporter: first of all, you can't win unless you play. a lot of folks here obviously this evening because they want that $2 dream. realistically, if you do play, one in 292 million odds. that is obviously pretty impossible. in other words, if i walk outside of those doors into the rain, i have a better chance of
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but if you do take the chance, the math wizards out there say pick your numbers since it is more likely to use all 9 numbers you are using the birthday and anniversary numbers you are. buying multiple tickets multibuys -- multiplies your odds of winning. so 10 tickets multiplies your chances of winning. it is a microscopic chance. that's why people try other things. >> my secret is, and i hope it is going to work, is i go all around town to all of the different stores. not just one area. >> what do you think that does? >> i don't know. it is just something to do. we'll see tonight. >> reporter: nobody has won the powerball since early november. that means, the math wizards once again say there is a 77% chance that somebody is going to win the powerball tonight. tonight at 11:00, i will have more about what you should do
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for now in st. petersburg, 10 news, wtsp. >> powerball is played in 44 states and anyone feeling lucky is rushing to be a part of it as you can see from john thank's story. we found long lines across the country from minneapolis to california, tickets $2 each. most waiting in line already know what they will do if they win. >> and buy myself some property a new car, a new home, new environment. >> if you win, you can take annual payments over 29 years or opt for one $558 million cash pay-out. still looking to get a ticket? we have done some research and found some of the most drawn powerball numbers of all times. it turns out the powerball machines have selected 26, 41, 22, 16, 42, 35 and 39 more than 250 times. wow. still ahead, who makes sure that the powerball drawing is safe and secure? and what happens if the jackpot
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we have those answers in 10 minutes. 10 news is your official powerball station. you can watch the historic drawing on 10 news at 11:00. and get alerted to the winning numbers on your phone as well. it is time for stories making headlines across the nation and the world. this is your 60-second strand. in germany, a string of new year's eve blamed mostly on foreigners. women rights activists and demonstrators and left wing counter protestors took to the streets amid the public pressure. one politician is pitching stricter laws. france is honoring the victims of last year's attack against the satirical newspaper and a jewish supermarket. the ceremony consistented of speeches and the lighting of 19 candles. 17 for the victims of the january attacks. one for the victims of november's attack and one for
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mexico says it is willing to expedite recapitured drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman to the united states. he was recapitured friday six months after breaking out of the country's top maximum security prison. a 10 news consumer alert, especially of those of you who like to shop online. three people are arrested accused in a craig's list car scam in sarasota county. investigators say they altered used car odometers to try to sell them at better prices. and we explain how you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud on craig's list. >> reporter: mike mota is a proud uncle who wanted to buy his nephew a used car. he turned to craig's list. >> they thought they got a really good deal. >> reporter: that is one ride he wish he never took. >> the car and they had changed everything. >> reporter: the sellers
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2010 toyota corolla to just over 30,000 miles, and the car had previously been totaled. >> and repaired here and the condition, you can't even mention, and this person was selling it to me. >> reporter: those dealers were arrested back in november, but this week state authorities arrested three in sarasota for the same crime. they're acruised of rolling back odometers by hundreds of thousands of miles to make them appear more valuable. someone changing an odometer can be a hard problem to catch. so now that you know what the problem is, the question is what do k. you do to avoid being a victim? the state recommends you look at service records, check the physical condition of the carpet, brake pedals and seats, and also look for scratches on the oh democrat tear and have a reputable mechanic check it out. >> be wary if it is too good to be true. >> tell the seller that you're
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instead get a name where you can fill out a money order or cash year's check to that person. >> reporter: and darren flowers, 10 news, wtsp. we have more tips on what to look out for when purchasing items on craig's list. go to our web site, and just click seen on tv. a massive show of appreciation for local law enforcement today. mcdonald's restaurants like this one in tampa and many others across 13 of our surrounding counties are giving them a free extra value meal. the goal in to thank them for everything they do in our community since today is national law enforcement appreciation day. the chances are you have used the microplastics. they're in space and body warns, but the beads are littering the ocean. what the local scientists are doing toity to get a take on this mess. plus, making sure fortunate's powerball drawing is fair and accurate. we've got the security secrets. kate? right now we're tracking
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polk county and for those of you in pa kneel has and hillsboro -- pinellas, more on the gulf is headed our way. i'll let you know when we eat get a break, coming up. -- we'll get a break, coming
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microbeads. they're inside cosmetics and american care products, but some environmental groups say the tiny plastics are making their way into our waterways and into the food chain. the government just banned the part calls, and now the college and the tampa bayest ware program are teaching communitying about plastic pollution. they say microbeads are part of a bigger problem. >> this is all avoidable. we live in a throw away culture, and we pick up a plastic bottle, a plastic spoon, a plastic straw, and we don't need to use that. and i think that is part of the point that we're driving home today. >> the groups here held a class today where they examed fish
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want to play for almost $1 billion? you have less than four hours to buy a ticket. the drawing will air exclusively on 10 news tonight. you other not the only ones watching, so make sure everything is shared, the numbers are drawn in the presence of multistate lottery officials and an independent auditor, plus, a security official. the lottery bosses tell us the drawing machine is tested on a regular basis with x-ray technology and also evaluated for any non-random behavior. by the way, if no one wins in tonight's drawing, the early estimates are putting went's powerball jackpot at, get this, $1.3 billion. hey, there. >> i lome forgot. we need to talk about weather. this is a big deal tonight. >> yes. we are tracking these thunderstorms, and some of them
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hail, gusty winds and really we have been right on the verge of some potential severe weather. we haven't seen any warnings yet, but our chief meteorologist is here with tracking these storms because it has been a little time since we have seen strong storms. we don't typically get them this time of year, but, again, it is an el nino winter and that means anything is possible. let's track out some storms for you. take you to eastern hillsboro tulsa. mull bury, about 6:20. as we take a look to eagle lake, 64 or 6:44 and tonight, you're all moving off to the east and northeast. let's zoom down, and also some heavy rain across bradenton and just north of elwood park. so approximately 6:26. be prepared for heavy rain, maybe some thunderstorms at 6:42. and we do have additional rainfall out in the gulf.
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that right now across polk county, portion of lake wails, you're seeing lightning as we speak, so you will want to stay indoors because even if you're not hearing the thunder right now, it ask out at 6:49. it has been the storms, if you were up early this morning, we did wake up to low clouds and also fog. we did see sunshine throughout the afternoon which is nice, but that helped to destablize the atmosphere making it more ripe for showers and stormsment you can see the rain drops on the camera lens. in fact, more is coming. some areas have picked up more than an inch of rain today. temperaturewise, we are staying petty steady in the upper 60s and low 70s. 69 degrees for the folks in tampa. 68 st. petersburg. cooler in citrus county. 66 degrees. as far as wind speeds are concerned, sustained wind and for davis island.
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notice the wins really picking up behind the cold front that will push through the area. midday on sunday. so for the remainder of your evening, scattered showers. some strong storms possible through midnight and overnight just a few stray showers. sunday morning, mostly cloudy, breezy with a few isolateed showers possible, but not a big deal. you won't notice that our rain chance also be decreasing over the next 12 hours. there you go. so right now a good chance of seeing that rain, but keeping anytime the forecast through the next 12 to 24 hours. we will see decreasing chances after midnight. storm tracker 10, our future cast model showing the rain pushing from west to east, so that clears the polk county area. and not until later on tonight, and many have showers to deal with, but as far as the storm activity, pretty much wrapped up by midnight. sunday, leaving a few isolated shower miss . the forecast early morning. mostly cloudy skies.
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start to see clearing with a little more sunshine, but the high temperatures staying about a degree below average. 69 degrees. and it will be windy with winds out of the west-northwest around 13 miles per hour. so here is the stray showers early sunday morning. you can see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and we are going to see the winds petty strong out of the west- northwest, which is going to make things rough for the boaters. so small craft should exercise caution. the bays, moderate to choppy with a temperature of 66 degrees. and low tide at 8:4 and here is your seven-day forecast. breezy for sunday. a few early morning isolated showers. monday looking really pretty for you. those dew points are going to drop in the 30s. we're going to see a low temperature at 48 degrees. so chilly monday morning. sparkling sunshine. a 10% chance of a few showers on tuesday with highs stay flag the mid 60s. wednesday morning, chilly.
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disturbance moves through. we have a 50% chance of showers. mainly the showers and storms expected. some of the shower also keep in the mix until friday, late afternoon until about 6:00 p.m. saturday looking better a little warmer. and a temperature of 74 degrees. keep in mind when you're on the go to track those showers and storms. maybe tonight you still want to head out. and the app store, it is free for your apple and android phone and you'll have access to live storm tracker 10, plus you can sign up for breaking news and traffic alerts. tammy? >> thank you so much. jo and a lot of nfl teams are looking for head coaches. miami finally snagged one. >> that's right. their ninth head coach in 1 years, so there is a team with less continuity than our tampa bay buccaneers, and speaking of the bucs, they continued their interviewing process today. i'll tell you who they brought in and why this could be just a parade of friends interviewing right now that is ahead in 10 sports.
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. welcome to 10 sports. the buccaneers ship, it has rub aground. and the fans have endured six losing somebodies out of the past seven and they haven't
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they were not present when they announced the firing of lovie smith, and a new head coach? maybe it is a good thing they look on from afar. >> this is their management style. they have entrusted this now to run their franchise from a football operations that is kind of what they co. they hire somebody, let them do their job. and he has the com of the roster, and so for better or worse, a lot of us would have liked it, but it is not unusual for them to do it this way. >> yesterday the cardinals' offensive coordinator and today they're interviewing sean mcdermott for the head coaching job. the buccaneers g.m. was for the first two candidates in his previous stops so far the two appear to be quota fillers until he sits down to interview bucs' offensive coordinator. and one of the nfl's top coaching candidates off the board st. dolphins named the bears' offensive coordinator adam geats as their new head coach making him the ninth front man since 2004.
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the youngest head coach in the league. in the afc wild card playoff openers, the chiefs lead the texans a the half 13- 0. niles daiftsdz led off the game with a 106-yard return for a score. four of houston's six offensive drives have ended with a turn over. and there are three interceptions. and let's talk hoops. the gators' head coach calls the loss to tennessee terrible. he called his team terrible, but not terrible? is who florida found themselves up against today. the best college player in the country of lsu in the dome. picking it up in the second half. smith for three. and they tied a team high with 14. and justin leon. he also had 14-a career high for him. the gators up four. under two to play. lsu from deep. off the rim. and simmons event ally corralling the board. putting it up and in for the and one.
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florida with under 56. and the transfer, and the nail in the coffin. 68-52, the gators rebound from a tough tennessee lossment they're now 10-5 on the year. and let's take you to corral gablesment fsu is trying to snap the rival and 12th-ranked miami's winning streak. the hurricanes off and luning -- running early. who doesn't love a big man going coast to coast? i know sammy does! the rim rocker, oh, yeah! 10-2, kanes. and -- 'canes, and back come the 'noles in transition. a fran as the tick freshman. this one is also at the half. the 'canes trying to stay perfect in the acc. let's go to the ice. the bolts got to the halfway point of the season with a rally for the win last night in edmonton. as they enter the second half this season, now would be a god time for the lightning to rally into a playoff spot. one point out when they take
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and to golf nhawaii. the third round of the hyundai tournament of champions. the fedex cup champion jordan spieth picking up where he left off last season. he had to par four four for birdie. and he is extending his lead. 19 under. and the fsu alum, what a run hi was on. the fifth straight birdie. he is currently in second at three -- three strokes behind, 16 under. beautiful weather out there in hawaii. and you can't be upset here. >> and we're tracking strong storms and more rain moving on shore, so we still have a few more hours before we're done with this system, but improvingen conditions -- improving conditions by sunday. >> thank you for joining us. that is going to do it for 10 news at 6:00. remember, you can get tonight's powerball numbers an watch this record breaking drawing. a lot of people will have their fingers crossed on this one.
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the nfl playoffs. you can always take 10 news with you. down blood the 10 news app. breaking news, weather as well and traffic. and the powerball, you won't miss a thing.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi
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i just laid an egg. does anybody
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