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tv   10 News at 630pm  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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or tornado -- a tornado ripped threw -- a tornado ripped through cape coral. >> this pickup truck was parked in front of this will be for the tornado tossed it to the backyard. somehow, despite the the wind, all
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killed. every survivor says they were caught completely by surprise. >> i have been through everything. >> reporter: it is recovery mode now. the electric company putting up new polls and lines. i will have more from the survivors on cape coral coming up tonight at 11:00. >> that same storm system is pushing cold air our way tonight. let's get to the latest. >> let's talk quickly about the a tornado in cape coral. it did happen fast. we were tracking the storms last evening and there you can see it. they are was of the tornado that caused all of that damage, that storm system moving to pause it back what we look for is a a
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wind right next to outbound wind and that starts at the circulation. you can see it was radar detected and there was a tornado warning issued. so, that is the big story of the weekend but the other big story is tonight temperatures will be tumbling. we are looking at readings into the 40s and even the 30s for some people. i will tell you how cold it will be and when we can expect a warm up. you still have a chance to win the largest lottery jackpot in history. the powerball jackpot is $1.3 billion. it could rise even
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that you see here can't keep up. we spoke with a gas station manager in st. petersburg he said he sold more than 4500 tickets yesterday. you can buy tickets up to 95:09 on wednesday for your chance. to an inn to news10 to watch the drawing life. just because he did not hit last night it does not mean throw away your ticket. someone out there is holding a one million-dollar winning ticket that was sold in tampa. tonight, the lucky winner has still not come forward to collect their cash. you may remember after last wednesday there was another million- dollar winner. we are following a report a report of a missing child in manatee county. we are going to take a close look at the picture. police are
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police say his father got into a fight with his mother and took off with the boy. police want you to keep an eye out for a black suv with an indiana license plate. putting a stop to a deadly neighborhood crime trend. >> we have too many young men who are not working or should be in school and aren't in school. so, we need to look for ways to address their needs. we want them to have a good future. >> the mayor told the crowd at an event today that $1 million is being invested into the community for half of a dozen black men who have been shot and killed since november. a man blind his entire life is no longer able to rely on his specially trained guide to dog. as karen flowers explains the man says his dog was viciously attacked
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pack of pit bulls. >> reporter: imagine you are walking down the sidewalk with your dog and three others attack yours. that is what one man's has happened to him. he is legally blind, and this is his guide dog but, now she is unable to serve following an attack on monday. he was walking down the parkway, according to a witness, a pitbull attacks the dog. a second pitbull was grabbing onto her leg and a third hovering around. the witness jumped in to break up the attack and then the dog owners when added, shouting
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very upset by how long he says it took to have help arrive. >> my dog was crying on the ground. i did not even know if she would live. for god sake the dog has got to get medical care. it can delay there what they are doing paperwork. >> reporter: the owner of the three dogs did not return my calls. he says he does not want the dogs or their own are punished, he just wants there to be a change in the way dog attacks are investigated. in bradington, darren flowers, from can read about more details on this case at our website. is running out to sign up for if you don't want to pay a penalty you have got to
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>> it is similar and easier. we have made the website easier for people to navigate. or, figure out your potential out of pocket. >> january 15th is the last day to enroll. the final deadline for this year is january 31st. a big change coming to part of to hundred 75 in tampa. the major lane is going to be closed on monday night. traffic will be moved to a new roadway from just after the howard frankland bridge. the new stretch will be straighter and smoother and will cut down on a lot of congestion. still to come, are they thinking about promoting
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coach? that is up next in sports. plus, in search of a new home, meet the dogs coming from hard-hit flood
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major flooding along the mississippi river is forcing many out of their homes, including animals. today the humane society of tampa bay welcomed more than one dozen dogs thousand dogs are displaced
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flooded mississippi. when the dogs are checked out by veterinarian so they will all be up for adoption right here in our area. if you want to adopt one of those animals we have posted the information on our website. if you spend time outside today you have noticed it is a little cooler tonight. >> what is interesting is the warmest temperature of the day was at this morning. the temperature got cooler right to fozzie afternoon and they are still going to drop considerably over the next 12 hours. let's take a look at some current temperatures. we are checking in at 600 60 degrees look at some of hour wind gusts at bradington beach.
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already cooler on the coast. 56 in crystal river and warmer temperatures to the south. bradington is 63. so the cold front is pushing to the south, you can still see some showers across the southern part of the sunshine state. we still have some clouds in the mix so we have to get these clouds out of the way before we see the cooler air moving in from the north and that will drop temperatures. by midnight we will have temperatures at about 55. if you are headed out tonight i late jacket should suffice. monday morning we are looking at a very chilly start, 4 60, and it will be a little breezy. right now wind out of the west, we have partly cloudy skies ahead as we moved through midnight and early
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monday. by sunrise we will have mostly clear skies that will pave the way for some cooling and that is why we are expecting some temperatures in the upper 30s. 39 in crystal river. crystal you will be at 42 degrees. 48 degrees upper 40s to low 50s people in polk county. 460 in lakeland. it will be a pretty day with lots of sunshine during the temperature of it will be one of those days that if you are out of the will if you are out in the wind it is going to feel this is an early monday
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quickly cleared things out. eventually some cooler air will come in and you will notice low humidity as well. kind of bumpy out on the waters. it is going to be a moderate shop. -- it is going to be a moderate shop. if you like to cool weather you will like the next few days because the cooler temperatures will stay with us. you can see we are looking at high temperatures in the 60s and lows in the 40s. at least we aren't up north where they are going to have negative readings. friday we will start to warm things up.
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rain chances so, very dry, weather, lots of sunshine monday, tuesday and wednesday. that will change quickly as we move into thursday. not all of these days will be a complete washout, we are expecting rain on thursday. on friday afternoon more rain chances and another system comes in on saturday to give us a good chance of rain after 6:00 p.m. saturday into sunday. when you are on the go and want to track the weather all you have to do is download our app, it is free in the app store. not only will you have access to weather but you can always sign up for the breaking news alerts and traffic awards as well. -- and traffic alerts as well. the search for a head coach continues. >> a lot of people think it is the offensive coordinator who will get the job.
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joyce, he played for the tampa bay rays, while he is swinging for a great cause now and i will tell you
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like a conclusion that dirk koetter will be the head coach but let's give you some other ideas. the general manager said dirk koetter is a strong candidate and he interviewed yesterday with san francisco but he may not get hired. so, they could go on the other way. the respect was fired -- lovie smith was fired. if mcdermott becomes the head coach he could still them away and keep dirk koetter at the offense of coordinator. >> when you are hiring a head coach you are deciding your own future. i just don't know if that is going to be dirk koetter. i do think they have to think about the possibility. they have to get the coach they want and still have dirk koetter here. the wild-card playoff action from minneapolis. it is a negative 6 at game time. 3rd quarter vikings kicker blair walsh for his third field goal
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the game. pure as the driven snow. 9-0. seattle would come all the way back to take the lead. blair walsh shanks it. take another look at it. it would have given minnesota a chance at the win. seattle advances. outside of the capital packers with 17 straight point that they come back to take the lead over the redskins. we will have highlights tonight. it is shaping up to be usf shot to knock off these team. but the bulls took a serious blow to their chances when jenkins went out with an injury on tuesday night. usf missing the programs a leading a leading
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they are off and running early. they are thinking upset here. yukon goes on a run. a run. williams with a layup. yukon lead in the 2nd quarter. usf all-american williams for three, yukon with too much firepower. they currently lead in the 4th quarter. at the sun dome the men's team hosting cincinnati. this one looked more like a high school contest. cincinnati with one point in the final ten points of the game. mari with the finger role. the freshman led the way. they
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get it done. cincinnati's. matt joyce went back to his roots holding his fifth annual baseball camp not only does the money generate money for little league but it also goes towards other fundraising events. >> i have made some great connections along the way. i have met some really great kids who have been inspiring for me. >> what is awesome is it is for kids. so everything they are doing today thanks to matt joyce is all for the kids. >> i want to say hi to laura, the former patient there that was in the picture. that was so much fun. evening playing baseball in
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that? >> speaking of cool temperatures, it is going to be cold. >> a big, huge difference from what you saw this morning and what we will wake up to tomorrow morning. we will be in the upper 40s in the bay area, take a look at the coast, 39 degrees, crystal river is going to be cool. a little bit warmer for manatee and sarasota county without temperatures in the low 50s. across polk county mid-40s. this cold front is extended and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. just imagine what you could be facing if you live in other parts of the nation. low temperatures in
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it hurts to think about it. we will see a gradual warming trend by the end of the week without temperatures around 650 and a high of 75. so we will warm things up but with warmer temperatures comes in increasing chance of rain. we could see some thunderstorms as well. this is an el nio winter, which means things will be a little different this winter. we will be tracking a lot of cold fronts. we will also get some rain and storms too. hopefully not too many severe storms. >> make sure you check in with us often to stay on top of the weather. >> it is going to be chilly out there.
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thank you all for watching, we really appreciate it. we want to make sure you tune in tonight at
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