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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a powerful tornado touches down in southwest florida. tonight, we are hearing stories of survival. we are going to get to that story in just a moment, but first temperatures are dropping and tomorrow the bay area is in for extremely cold weather.
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brought severe weather last night is bringing cold temperatures into your monday morning. add to it that wins -- winds will stay elevated. right now sustain winds 14 miles per hour in clearwater. we are looking at a very cool start for your monday morning. bundle up the kids, 46 degrees for tampa and upper 30s for locations across the nature coast. mother nature causing all types of problems, some 10,000 people without power for some time after a tornado with winds of two 135 135 miles per hour
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>>reporter: just seeing rules ripped off and trees toppled is different than living through what caused this catastrophe. >> it is something that we all see happen on the news, but nobody ever believes it will happen to them.>>reporter: and after -- an estimated ef-2 tornado consuming parts of cape coral. hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. many compare this damage to hurricane charley, but you cannot dodge a tornado, which is why a lot of survivors say they were caught completely of god -- guard. in l -- in el nio winter powerful tornadoes are common
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>> fortunately no one was killed. >>reporter: major damage, but only minor injuries. still a terrifying twister. >> the scariest not of my life ever. >> you now have 1.3 billion reasons to join powerball fever. that is because no one matched all six numbers and saturday nights drawing. all you need is two dollars and some luck.>>reporter: do you feel lucky? the largest lottery the world has ever seen his upper grabs this wednesday. no one matched all six powerball numbers after
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officials say about 75% of all possible number combinations were use. the odds of winning the $1.3 billion prize, 292 million, 292,000,000 to 1. powerball signs like this one are stuck because they cannot register into the billions. it has never been done before. the powerball has ballooned since its starting point of $40 million. the winner can choose either annual payments over 29 years or a lump sum cash payment of $806 million with a chunk going to federal income taxes. that kind of cash is bringing out young and old veterans and beginners and powerball players dreaming of what they would do with the cash.>> i would pay off my children's houses. i would take them all on a vacation. >> i will probably change my name and move. >>reporter: people living in 41
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of columbia, the us virgin islands and puerto rico can play powerball. the next drawing is wednesday. allowed. >> what do you do if you win? what do you do to manage all that money? we have tips from legal experts posted right now at and just because you didn't hit the jackpot last night doesn't me you should throw away your ticket. someone out there is holding on to a $1 million ticket bought in tampa. tonight the lucky winner still hasn't come forward. you may remember after last wednesday's powerball drawing, we had $1 million winner as well. a homeowner shoots a man on his property during a possible burglary attempt. it happened in largo.
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male walked into the backyard, went inside a shed and got into a struggle with the homeowner. in. we are told that the man's injuries are life-threatening. a man is arrested tonight after investigators say a three-year- old girl ate some of his synthetic marijuana. christopher clark was supposed to be taking care of the girl she managed to get girls -- drug from one of his pockets. that girl is expected to survive. putting a stop to a deadly neighborhood crime trend, one costing young lives at an alarming rate. >> we have to many young men who are of age to work or should be in school and are not. so, we need to look for ways of addressing their needs and trying to help them along so that they have a future that goes down the right path.>> that is the mayor of st. petersburg.
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million is being invested into the community for half a dozen young black boys and man's in their 20s. a big changes coming to parts of interstate 275 in tampa, the final major a shift is set to take place on monday night. that means traffic is going to be moved to a new roadway. our partners at the tampa bay times report that the new stretch will be straighter, smolder, and should cut down on congestion. a brave the fines and unusual way to snack a slippery snake from a pet store. video you don't want to miss
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it is time for a look at stories around the nation and the world. there is a new photo circulating of el chopo shaking hands with actor sean penn. the men met secretly after l chappell -- eel chapo broke out of prison. a murder investigation is underway in italy after a florida woman was found dead in her apartment. authorities are saying it appeared that the victim had been strangled.
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body days after the to got into an argument. the world's most famous party house is going up for sale, the playboy mansion. but there is a catch, hugh hefner wants to stick around. he purchased the mansion in 1971 for just over $1 million. now he is looking to sell it. video out of oregon, a deep caught on camera stilling the snake from a pet store. he sticks it in his pants. the pet store owner says she could not believe someone would do that with a 2 foot long python. so many changes in the weather just over this weekend we saw a lot of storms. and the temperature has plummeted. >> a roller coaster ride the
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i think a lot of the winter will be similar to this with fronts moving through at a rapid pace. let's take a look, this is a time lapse. you can see that we start the day with lots of clouds and most of the day with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. we did see a few peaks of sunshine. we actually started the day warmer that how we ended it. this morning was warmer than what we saw this afternoon. temperatures have begun their dissent down into the 40s with the bay area. right now, tracking temperatures of 50 degrees in crystal river and still 61 degrees and braiding 10. we don't have to look very far before we see the much colder weather. it is 48 degrees in pensacola
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its way into the tampa bay region over the next 12 hours. the cold front that brought us the severe weather yesterday is in the florida straits. we have high pressure building in across the southeast united states. across the great lakes we have make affects know going offer places like cleveland in buffalo. at least we're going to stay on the dry side of things here across tampa bay. you think it is chilly here, it could be a lot worse. in fact, monday morning temperatures dropping down into the negative readings in minneapolis. even chilly in atlanta with
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degrees. most areas will stay in the 40s, but crystal river down to 49 degrees. at to this that we are going to see winds anywhere from six anywhere from 6 to 8 anywhere from 6 to 8 miles per hour. tampa is going to feel like 43 degrees. a big difference from where we woke up this morning. the wind chill temperatures in the 40s across polk county. during your monday afternoon it will be a very pretty day with lots of sunshine for you. you were really notice drier air and lower humidity as our dewpoints drop down into the 30s. let's go ahead and show you the
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we might see a few clouds early morning, but they would quickly clear things out. northerly winds will help to usher in the cooler air, but that is it. now, not good news for voters. -- boaters. tied times, high tide early in the morning. we are always tracking those allergies for you, tracking oaks and al. -- elm. we are sticking with low temperatures in the 40s for the next three mornings, high temperature saying in the 60s all the way until friday where we see high temperatures back
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warmer for the end of the work week. you will also notice rain temperatures coming up as well. less start with monday, tuesday, wednesday, high temps in the 60s and lows in the 40s. a good chance for showers late friday. into sunday. right now saturday looks to be the warmest day. way you are on the go, you can track the temperatures on your cell phone, just download our app. coming up, i will tell you how usf tried to knock off goliath.
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if you do the math it may add up that the bugs are leaning towards promoting dirk cutter to be there next head coach. the general manager said he is
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yet to arrange an interview. keep this in mind, smith was can for his defensive deficiency . if mcdermott became the bucs head coach, light could still them away and keep cutter in his current role. >> when you are hiring a head coach you are deciding your future. it is who you are going to be married to, when her lose. i don't know if that is going to be dirk. i think the bugs have to think about the possibility they will be able to go out and get the coach they want and still have dirk doing offensive coordinating. >> wild card playoff showdown, washington scoring the first points of the game.
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score, 17 - 11 at the break. in minneapolis, feeling like the temperature was -6 a gametime. third quarter, blair walsh, his third field goal of the game,. as the driven snow. seattle will come back 10 -9.and take the lead take another look. the vikings go down 10 - 9. they will face the vikings in
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it was shaping up to be usf's best shot to knock off goliath. the bulls took a blow to their chances of being number one in the nation, when jenkins went down with an ankle injury on tuesday night, usf was often running early. sierra 43. giving the bulls and eight point lead. yukon would go on their own brian, gabby williams on the board, laser back up. second williams. she had a game-high of 24 points, but yukon had too much firepower. the bulls men's team hosting cincinnati, this one looking more like a man's intramurals game.
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tomorrow, mcmurray leading the charge back for the bulls. then more mcmurray, usf pulling this one within three and a chance to tie it. carillo from the corner, will not go. the bulls fall in conference play. the final round of the hyundai tournament of champions, everyone chasing jordan speed. he started the day second, but unkind to the product. matt joyce went back to his
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this unique fundraiser generates money that benefits the little league, but also the children's hospital. >> i have really may great connections along the way and met fantastic is that have been inspiring for me and made it all worth wild. >> what is really awesome is it is for the kids. everything they are doing out here today thanks to matt is all for children and youth baseball. >> such a fun event. i have to tell you it looks like the adults were having a better time then the kids. it is so cute to see the little
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