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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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thanks for joining us i am ian reitz . we have new information about the tornado that did this damage saturday night. police say the tornado was at 132 miles-per-hour.
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200 people in the area still without power. that is down from 9000 earlier. >> initial damage assessment is complete. it is $6.5 million of damage. that is purely structural damage. >> is expected to take several weeks. the pools will reopen today. crews will make sure the debris does not end up in the water and cause problems for boaters. we are watching the radar on stormtracker10. >> it is looking more into friday late-night thursday we start seeing some thunderstorms getting going as well. we cannot rule out some severe weather as well. what we are seeing is a system will be developing the western golf after we head into -- golf -- gulf and it looks like friday morning we will start
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potential for strong storms even severe weather. we cannot rule out another round of isolated tornadoes. i will have more in a few minutes in your full forecast. a sarasota a couple has been arrested for child abuse and neglect. they were beating and starving their three children. kimberly hagood and anthony jones were arrested. they found the couple's for only way 24 pounds -- weighing 24 pounds. both face child abuse charges. reaction today about the death of david bowie. the british rock star died two days after releasing his latest album. we have more on his life and legacy. >> [ music ]>> reporter: david
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his first hit 1969 space oddity to his most recent album released last week, the artist of his audience -- kept his audience guessing. from the androgyny of his start as persona to his popstar in the mid-80s, he kept changing.>> he really did have at all. >> reporter: pollock trinka is a david bowie biographer. >> he redefined water popstar -- what a popstar could be. >> reporter: he was born david jones in london. he always knew he was an artist.>> i didn't know if i would be musical or if i the painting. i kept vacillating backwards and forwards and i opted for music. >> reporter: it was a decision that influenced generation of performance. >> they would be no lady gaga without david bowie.
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everything around them. >> reporter: fans left candles on his star at the holiday walk of fame. >> you can listen to music at any age and still pick up what it meant in the 70s. it is timeless.>> it is like the light has gone out of the world. >> reporter: as testament to his broad appeal fans from madonna to kanye west and the british prime minister tweeted their condolences. tina krause, cbs news, london. the el chapo is behind bars and could be headed to the u.s. in a few weeks. sean penn was doing an interview for rolling stone magazine.
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notified guzman. the trial of the second officer charged in the death of freddie gray has been put on hold. they have to decide whether or not officer william porter will testify in the case against caesar goodson. the search continues in italy for the person who killed a florida woman inside her florence, italy apartment over the weekend. police do not have any suspects. one lead may stem from the victims instagram account. >> reporter: ashley olsen originally from summer haven, florida south of saint augustine was very active on instagram. investigators noted when she was taking recent pictures, she instagram out stocker and creeper pictures -- stalker and creeper pictures. this is ashley olsen. she was a fashion designer and artist in italy.
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personality. police opened a murder investigation saturday after the florida native was found dead in her apartment by her boyfriend and landlord. >> i cannot imagine anyone who would hurt her. she is a gentle, kind, beautiful girl. it is an awful shock. >> reporter: it nearly impossible to ignore the case of amanda knox and the murder of meredith kercher . they have raised concern that olsen's case reignites those concerns of justice and even different journals and systems after american knox was twice acquitted last year. it is just after 6 pm in florence and police are investigating and working to trace back every step olsen took
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remembering a woman that have so much life. one of the reasons why she moved to italy was because she was full of so much spirit. sarah hollenbeck, 10news , wtsp. later this week donald trump will campaign in pensacola. grayson kamm explains how this could impact you. >> reporter: for months we have told you how florida would be a key to this presidential campaign. aside from some quick visits and fundraisers, that spotlight on the sunshine state hasn't really happened. but marco rubio has stuck in sarasota today. wednesday donald trump could fill a 10,000 seat arena in pensacola. it will be two months before the primary on march 15. with our state giving all of
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the one candidate who wins the election, we are considered the biggest primary prize in the country. this is likely the final stand for marco rubio and jeb bush.>> if someone else sneaks into that process and pulls down florida, it will coddled that person to -- catapult that person to the nation. >> reporter: fellow floridians, here is what to expect. analysts from the city expect digital ads spending to quadruple. also expect rallies. florida is the most expensive swing state to run campaigns in. candidates will be looking for free media appearances. also, expect in person attention. on the phone, by email, and
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it's better than ever at going after their potential supporters. grayson, -- grayson kamm, 10news, wtsp the company will retire the elephants to the conservation area. that is at 1.5 years earlier than expected. there are 11 elephants on tour with the circus. the company had to build new so it is to house many retiring elephants and are realizing animal activists has a legend -- alleged they mistreat the elephants. clemson in glendale arizona. if alabama wins, it will be the third chairmanship in five years. next to the chairmanship game will be held here in tampa brandon james stating. you are two ways away from your next chance to win the huge powerball jackpot.
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jackpot since on this monday at $1.5 billion. it is expected to grow as more people continue to play. deplorable conditions at a school coming up next where a teacher stick out is forcing dozens of schools to take the day off. the area city -- the bay area city is changing the garbage pickup. the life-threatening systems -- symptoms many are ignoring. many of us are still in the 40s. we will talk about how warm we will get when we do see some
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the city of clearwater is one of the latest cities in the bay area to move to a once a week trash collecting system. 10news reporter explains the changes and what everyone is not happy. >> some members i really worried about how this will go over in the summertime when the trash gets smelly. another thing that bothers them is their rates are not going down. in fact, they are actually going up. we are here at the salad the station and they say the increase of one dollar will help play for a new transportation. the current one is 44 years old. they want to emphasize this has nothing to do with why they are cutting down on your garbage days. they say it really is because more people are recycling more and have less of a need for their trash to get picked up twice a week.
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residents some time to adjust. they just have to really start thinking about what they are throwing away.>> it is a horrible idea. is this the only way they can keep our money down? we will have a big smelling problem. yeah. >> reporter: clearwater joins lakeland and safety harder in sarasota for this once a week collection. to keep the smelling problem down, police officials say make sure you always keep your garbage bag airtight and your lid completely closed. also make sure you are walking out your can regularly. we did speak with some people who say they do not mind the change. they say they are recycling more and have less trash, but they do understand how this could be a problem for some people. especially those with larger families. in clearwater, emerald morrow. a new survey finds most
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would put off going to the er. three out of four adults under the age of 45 according to the ucla researcher they say young adults addressed with symptoms of a stroke such as numbness or speech difficulties. patients have increased 50%. doctors say the first three hours after a stroke are critical for treatment. in detroit nearly 50 schools are closed today because of the stick out. teachers are protesting what they describe as deplorable teaching conditions in public schools. a group called detroit strikes to win met sunday night and they discuss a possible districtwide strike. >> education is supported in our house all. it is ridiculous. >> a few of the schools have to close friday. parents are upset because their children cannot go to school. then they have to get someone to watch the children last minute.
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for the salvation army over the weekend. you can see the runners taken off saturday morning. i had the privilege of emceeing the event. it raise a lot of money for a good cause. and the weather, ashley, was really nice. >> i noticed you were out there in short sleeves. we cannot say that for most of us. i passed someone with your mouse. it was chilly to say the least. it looks like tonight will be a little bit colder but you won't have the wind to contend with. still, you will be hitting the truck with some layers to say the least. then we will also talk about a switch up heading into friday for the possibility of summer weather. let's jump right in. right now we are sunny, but we still have that north wind. so the see sunshine at clearwater beach, we are still
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only 49 in clearwater. very few of us have made it past the mid-50s. we have 57 in sarasota. but nothing going on on stormtracker10. temperatures chilly and cold. tallahassee is only 42 and we are still seeing those north winds which will continue to drive in that cool dry air. it sets the stage for temperatures to drop quickly overnight. especially since we are only topping out around 58 in tampa. in the south you will hit around 60. we still have north winds that will be lighter, but not as much mixing. tonight will actually be colder than what we saw yesterday morning and for folks in citrus county, that is a we are expecting the possibility of a light frost as temperatures drop
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pets in and sensitive plants. let's shift our attention to what is happening late in the week. until wednesday we stay chilly and sunny, but we watch the systems develop over the western golf of mexico. itself -- golf -- gulf of mexico. it's target is right over the tampa bay area friday morning and friday afternoon. we will see some storms during the overnight hours thursday. friday we are watching for the possibility of some severe weather. mostly damaging straight-line winds with a similar set up. that did produce that tornado toward cape coral. that happened to the south. we cannot rule that out as a significant threat. we will keep our eye on this one very closely. it will be moving out during the evening hours on friday and back to normal for the weekend as we started to warm things back up but also got rid of the thunderstorm chances.
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chilly start to tomorrow. citrus and hernando, watch out for the frost. we are back in the 70s and the could be some strong to severe weather. saturday and sunday we are tracking isolated showers. those temperatures are dropping feedback to normal. there is a lot going on this week. make sure you are weather over. download our 10news news at. -- app. ian? no one was hurt, but inside the's burned rooms all of the bridesmaids dresses. coming up next on 10news at noon how strangers helped save the day. we have back-to-back episodes of the big bang theory and then 10news at 11:00.
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late show, the best moments from the late show on 10news
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the lion king has thrilled audiences for years. today a special dish just for the show. it is called the line fish. check it out. >> it has a very nice light flavor. it is a very -- it has no predator. it is really decimating the juvenile fish. over the past couple of years, we have tried with our vendors to try to develop a market for the fish.>> if you're interested, the tickets are
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the hotel was a popular wedding venue. many people went out there to get ready to get married. the fire happened sunday hours before the wedding. inside the room all the wedding party's stresses were destroyed. -- dresses were destroyed. the fire broke out a few hours before hand. this is what one person described. >> i just thought about my daughter. >> was she there? set now. but she is my mom -- i am her mom. i need to get to her. >> a scary situation. nobody was hurt, but this is the twist. there was another wedding party staying there that had brightness stresses they didn't need at that point. they lent those dresses and the colors matched as well. they both went with navy blue. so in the end, it all worked
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>> okay they all fit. can you imagine? and then it is amplified the date of. while. -- wow.
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