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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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mammogram controversy. what the screening guidelines mean for your next exam. >> flaring tempers. this is the worst conditions, almost a hostile work environment. >> how new requirements for firefighters will impact who the on the payroll. plus, new safety technology for your ride. what some say is invading your privacy. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> a shock wave from across the atlantic ocean. italian police are investigating the death of a young american woman in
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>> now, the victim is an artist from florida in st. johns county named ashley olsen. >> i've never met anyone quite like ashley. she had her special spark and anyone that met her loved her. >> investigators are hoping an autopsy will help them pinpoint exactly when olsen died. the autopsy was dub done today but result may not be available for a couple of days. back here in florida, friends say nothing will truly explain the death. >> she was just very adventurous. she loved italy. she loved to travel. >> ashley olsen's adventurous spirit brought her to floor ex, italy almost three areas ago. that is where she was found dead on saturday, naked with scratches and bruise marks to her neck. olsen and her artist boyfriend had argued a few days before but police say he has an alibi. olsen was last seen thursday night at a club way friend
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someone was on her computer until lunchtime on friday, the same day police think she was killed. there was no sign of forced entry into her apartment and black restraints were found near her body. right now, there are no suspects. >> it has been a shock. we've got a great community here of people and everyone loved her. >> reporter: olsen was well known and well lined in her florence neighborhood often seen walking her dog scout. she hinted someone may have been watching her. on one photo shot from behind and from a distance, she wrote i have a stalker. anotheret for a has the hash tag creeper. >> i can't imagine what she went through. no one deserves to go through that so i just -- whoever did this to her, i hope they get what is coming to them. >> police have olsen's compute are and cell phone and are going through surveillance video of the area around the murder scene. hire we go again.
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whether or not a woman needs a mammogram. a national task force released its final recommendations and it is causing some concerns. the preventive services task force is continuing to recommend mammograms every other year for women ages 50 to 74. the group says that screening can be effective for women in their 40s but overdiagnosis is the concern there. >> the benefits are smaller. the harms need to be carefully viewed and the task force supports women having this information and making individualized informed choices. >> this recommendation comes after the american cancer society said in october that women should now start annual mammograms at age 45. some doctors have reservations about the message this could be sending and they do remind women that breast cancer can impact them at any age. save yours. now, a group of firefighters attack again.
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came close to being forced into a volunteer system last year. and now 10 news polk county reporter marcus grayson has learned a new proposal could dictate where they can live. >> reporter: andrew morrisy has been a firefighter for the city of avon park 14 years. where he chooses to live has never been an issue until now. >> a juno rule is you could live about to lake josephine which about is 20 manage miles away. i live inside of that circle. >> reporter: now, the city manager is considering a change that would require all firefighters to live in the city. >> which would cause awe great disservice to hem and their families. >> reporter: the cap tape supports the idea of requiring new hires to live in the city limits but he is concerned that this proposal actually gives the city manager an excuse to eliminate jobs. >> this is the worst condition, almost a hostile work environment. >> reporter: the firefighters i spoke with today say they are
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abeen asked to move within the city. they say it is very hypocritical because the city manager himself doesn't live in the city. >> the reality is i'm in the a first responder. they are. they have to arrive in a timely manner to put out fires, to respond to law enforcement calls. i don't live in the city but regardless i am committed just like they are. if i'm requiring it out of them, i'm -- am i looking to a more efficient system, i have an obligation to do that for the taxpayers. >> i don't believe it is negotiating at this point. >> marcus grayson, 10 news, wtsp. >> the city manager says this proposal is only round one. the negotiations. if the requirement goes into effect, the city manager says the firefighters would have 24 months to move inside the city. to see the complete list of
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the second officer charged in the death of freddie gray will not go on trial just yet. jury selection was supposed to begin today for the police van driver sees arrest goodson. a judge ruled that won't happen until an appeals court decided whether another officer will testify in the case. >> certainly, that very much will hurt the state because the state again needs officer porter to connect the dots that freddie gray told officer porter he needed medical assistance and officer porter in turn telling officer goodson that. >> the attorney says the ruling is unusual and unprecedented in maryland. this next story has many of you fired up and you will and why. two parents accused of shooting up heroin in their child's hospital room. baby lucy is still recovering at a cincinnati children's hospital after a successful surgery.
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floor and her father had to be revived in the bathroom. their 7-month-old child was born way small windpipe and the couple even traveled from alabama to get baby lucy that surgery in cincinnati. now, the girl's extended family will be supervising her car. a state prosecutor has asked the judge to give baby lucy's father a high bond after he was also found way gun. - - with a gun. the department of transportation has tape awe major step towards requiring new safe at the technology in all new cars. vehicle to vehicle or also nope as the v to v communication allows cars on the road to talk to each other warning drivers of danger before it happens. the newly proposed rule will call for standard v2v technology to be phased in over a period of years but it still has to clear a few hurdles. it uses technology similar to wi-fi allowing cars in close operation desert fox i to share
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direction several times a second. some agree it is life saving technology but there are some privacy and security issue. >> you are going to be able to be tracked like you've never been tracked before. >> the auto industry is expected to support that new regulation. early cost estimates on v2v put it at about $100 per car but it is expected to drop with time. monkeys on the run. the sightings along the gulf coast. still ahead. >> plus, a popular hollywood actor goes one on one with mexico's most notorious drug lord. what we are learning about their meeting and el chapo's capture, next. >> good eemg. we are already getting chilly out there. already seeing 40s on the map in some communities and any freeze warning for tonightment we'll talk about how cold it will get in your neighborhood and we are looking ahead to the possibility of severe weather late this week coming up in the full forecast. >> we are looking ahead to your evening commute.
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camera tonight i been 257 at
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the story likely showing up in your facebook feesmed the saga of mexican drug lard el chapo guzman took a bizarre turn when rolling stone magazine published sean penn's lengthy interview with him. video shows the raid that led
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marines fired guns and threw stun grenades. don champion shows you the earth to bring the guzman to the u.s. >> reporter: the drug kingpin is back in the same mexican prison he tunneled out of six months ago but his days there may be numbered. mexican authorities have begun the process of sending guzman to the u.s. to face charges. while his lawyers have already filed motions to fight extradition, a u.s. law enforcement source told cbs news el chapo is expected to be in the u.s. within the next four to six weeks. guzman was captured friday after a violent shootout with mexican marines. he had been on the run since july always managing to stay one step ahead of investigators. his downfall may have been a meeting with actor sean penn in october. mexico's attorney general said
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and actors because he wanted to make a biographical film about himself. guzman and penn were photographed during a secret rendezvous in the mexican jungle. authorities say that meeting helped them find el chapo's hideout. after years of denying he was in the drug trade, guzman told penn and rolling stone magazine, i supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. those words may come back to haunt guzman if he eventually faced trial in the u.s. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> guzman's defense has three days to present arguments against extradition and 20 days to present supporting evidence. check this out. it is the year of the monkey and that seems to ring true along the gulf coast. there have been more than a dozen sightings tallahassee.
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descendants of the monkeys that lived in silver springs park in the 1930s a trap has been set up but so far, no luck yet. that is not allment you might remember this guy. he is the morchy formerly known as the mystery monkey of tampa bay. he did spend years on the run before he was caught in 2012 and now he lives at dade city's wild things and goes by the name cornelius. coming up on 10 news at 6:00, a local community is on high alert tonight after neighbors spot a man knocking on doors and then peering into windows of the homes. investigators now need your help locating and identifying this suspect. >> scary moments for people in fort myers after a tornado hit. what would you do if one hit here in the bay area? >> a blank check, a million dollars is what the mayor of st. petersburg wants to earmark
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community to try to stop gun violence. why so many people say we already have the resources to help stop it. >> and the first for pasco county. where infants can soon get specialized care. that is all coming up in just minutes tonight 10 news at 6:00. this blast of winter weather leaving us chilly but hots of snow in northern michigan. >> had some delays in detroit yesterday and check out the incredible snowfall near higgins lake. so much snow fell this weekend that crews began cheering roads already in the middle of the night. what is making matters worse is that the snow is now blowing across the roadways. some snow drifts already over a foot high. more snow is in the forecast over the coming days. really making up for a pretty mild december that they had up into the dpreaks region and now i'm starting to catch up on
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you can see several bands of this moving through the great lakes region so especially back into western new york, see something into parts of ohio yesterday and then back into lake michigan we are seeing a lot of that coming into michigan itself yesterday. for us, yeah, it is chilly out there. certainly nothing like that expected. but we're getting our dose of cold air in here and overnight tonight, that when we'll see the coolest temperatures of this year. in fact, we are expecting potentially freezing temperatures for several hours maybe up into citrus an hernando county. these are our numbers right now only dropping from here. still holding onto 60 in mulberry. we are down to 49 in newport richey. we'll cool things off. we drop quickly after sunset. right around 42 in tampa as we get knew the nature coast. we start seeing the 31s, 32s,
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a little bit warmer thanks to the moderating effect from the gulf. but farther inland, very likely more outside the populated areas, we'll see the rural spots dropping to around 31, 32 degrees tonight. as we head to the south, not going to be a problem for sarasota. we'll stay in the 40s. but farther inland, we may get some upper 30s in the map as well. it will be chilly across the board. but in terms of the freezing temperatures, that is where we're looking towards citrus an hernando counties. we do have a freeze warning that goes into effect at 2:00 a.m. set to expire at 8:00 tomorrow morning. we are getting a gorgeous sunset out of mix. so take a look. you can see the sun just dipping below the water. all of that heat radiates out into space. our wind will lighten up a little bit more during the overnight hours as well. that means there is less mixing going on in the low levels so it is efficient in cooling things down.
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keeping things clear for that morning run but you need long sleeves, possibly some layers. we'll be starting out best case in the 40s and if you live north of that pa bay, you will briefly encounter some upper 30s. so this relative pattern will go through wednesday. thursday, we start tracking an area of low pressure developing in the western gulf of mexico and slinging across the gulf moving into the bay area late thursday or early friday morning. it is early friday morning before noon that, with this system, we are talking about strong thunderstorms, potentially severe thunderstorms and we do have some what we call this on the weekend. you could is he some strong gusty wind and some hail and can't rule out the tornado waterspout. it will be moved out in time for the lightning game on
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rest of your weekend looking much more quiet. a stray shower possible on saturday and then we see another dose of cold air coming in for sunday. we'll drop the temperatures back into the 60s and it will be breezy on top of that. so lots going on. make sure you are prepared ahead of the potential severe weather event. download our 10 news app for our iphone or android. get access to storm tracker 10 as well as those alerts to keep you and your family safe. i like the color orange but i never thought i would end up here, mom. but at least i do get a chance to escape. sixty minutes from freedom if i can ever get out yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it.
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. 10 news report are upony lewis was arrested today trying to steal the tampa bay buccaneers super bowl trophy. he was thrown into a jail cell but he was given 60 minutes to escape. question stands, could he do t the newest interactive experience, the escape downtown is today's on the road. . >> are you ready to be locked up? >> i want to call mike deeson to get me out of here. >> this is hard to do with handcuffs on. >> now, i'm out of the cell with you i'm stuck in this room now. it is a letter lock. there are no numbers. hang on a second here. t is missing, a, i, e. t d
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>> he is on the right track so he is doing well. once you get people headed in the right direction, they are usually able to figure it out then. >> how about this page? >> that is excellent. >> 7, 4. i got about 30 minutes to go. i've gotten out of the jail cell. i figured out thousand get into the warden's office. now, i need to get into the computer and delete my mug shot. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. got it. i'm running out of time but at least i'm in. i got inmate information here. which one of these does not belong, this guy. one inmate clears the release. good. i need to find one more key. i got to figure this out in less than a minute. point me at the fan. 6528?
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>> i want to do this. it look like fun. >> that is a blast. >> we should point out though it actually took bobby 62 minutes to finish so really he didn't make it out on time. the new escape countdown is locationed on kennedy boulevard near west shore in tampa and open to the public on wednesday. >> there will be multiple room themes to break out of including a pirate room arab space room and this one could
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we could see severe storms like the one that hit this southwest florida city this week. are you prepared. >> a man piping into the windows of homes in one local community. what residence fear his real motives could be. >> you will be saying good-bye sooner than expected to this popular circus act. good evening. >> a massive recovery effort is under way in southwest florida after a tornado tore through the area this weekend. >> take a look. these images are from cape coral. officials estimate maximum winds were 130 miles per hour and more tornadoes could tear across florida. so let's get to jim. >> that is just three miles an hour short of actually being an ef-3. here is what we are talking about.
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