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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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concerned about the winter weather, pacific waters way above what they should be temperaturewise for the winter. so a normal winter jet stream would sit up here. but for us, this winter, it sits over the gulf and the i-4 corridor. what that means is what you would typically see in the spring around texas, oklahoma and kansas become severe tornadoes and severe storms for us. 67% of tornado fatality happen between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in an el nino winter. we'll talk more about this coming up. take a closer look at that tornado that took a toll on houses in cape coral on saturday night. as of right now, 200 people in the area are without power. that is down from 9,000 at the peak. you can see it tore through three and a half miles in just seven minutes. residents say it was
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>> we left the kitchen, went in the den, grabbed my 89-year-old mother, put her on the floor, laid on top of herment things started exploding and bright flashes of light and it was like being in a war zone. >> thankfully no, serious injuries or deaths were reported. all the roads in the area are open today. also, crews will be in the waters near that area just to make sure debris didn't end up where it could cause problems for boaters. so fay tornado was north your home, would you know what to do? 10 news reporter jennifer titus breaks down what your plan should be as you prepare for severe weather. >> reporter: so what would you do if a tornado was coming your way? many people don't even know what one of these are which could potentially save your life. do you know what you are supposed to do if a tornado hits? >> stay away from anything that is loose. >> reporter: dave may think he knows what to do but if you head south to cape coral,
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say now is the time to be prepared after an ef-2 tornado ripped through their property. >> it was pretty much on top of us. >> you live 10 to 12 minutes. >> under the best of circumstances, with a warning. you can't outrun a tornado. >> reporter: emergency operations director of inpell as county sally bishop says getting one of these is your first priority. >> once you have reached your shelter area. >> first you have to know how to get the warnings and you have to know what is the best shelter option for me. lowest floor, most interior space without windows. >> reporter: but if you find yourself outside away from any buildings. >> get as far below ground level as possible. >> reporter: don't way for that weather radio to go off. be prepared for an emergency. >> making sure your insurance coverage is good. making sure you've done an inventory of your home. >> scariest night of my life ever. >> reporter: when tragedy strikes, time is of on the he
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>> this kind record breaking el nino which means the worst we've ever seen for flooding, the worst for tornadoes. it is something to take seriously. >> jennifer titus, 10 news, wtsp. we've attached a tornado preparation checklist on our web site. you just need to click the as seen on tv section. some breaking news coming out of east tampa right now. a store clerk at hope's food store on the corner of 22nd street and mlk has shot someone this. all happening in the block and a half south of officer relate middle magnet school. we are told the store clerk shot a suspect after he threatened him with a knife. the clerk was not hurt. stop what you are doing for just a second. we have an important picture to show you. the pasco county sheriff's office needs your help to identify and locate this man. they say he was seen peering into the windows of several
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casey comely explains neighbors want him caught now. >> i see this guy knock on the door and start looking in the windows. >> reporter: this is the man paul fortier says he saw looking into his neighbor's window last wednesday. he says the neighborhood is home to several law enforcement officers emsaw the man peering into two different officers' homes. >> i saw him at the second hairve's home, i called 911 because it is just too suspicious. these cops are out here doing their job and they need our backing just as much as we need theirs. >> neighbors said he was soliciting for a woman's choirt organization. >> he wouldn't be dressed up into jeans and a football jersey and peering into windows. >> definitely not fear pooing windows. >> reporter: he is described as 5'6" and weighing about 230 pounds. >> we could be going from peeping toms escalating to burglaries very soon. >> reporter: nate says his dog champ will be sure to let
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lurking outside. >> i'm a veteran. this isn't the house the guy wants to come messing around with. >> i have to lock up my rv to the hitch. so nobody drives off with that. >> you shouldn't have to do that. you should be able to trust people but you can't no more. take another close look at this picture. if you have any information about this guy's identity or location, you can leave a a. nonmuse tips. head to and click seen on tv. taking a look county by county. in polk county, haynes city could become the first in the county to except churches from paying a storm water runoff fee. now the fees are paid through property taxes. the city commission is scheduled to talk about the exemption on january 21st.
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medical krint are of trinity has opened a brand-new neonatal intensive care unit. the project it is the first nicu in the county. it will serve patients from hernando, northern pinellas an hillsborough. the center offers advanced care for high risk pregnancies an babies born as early as 32 weeks. gas prices in manatee county are down and they are expected to keep falling this week. according to gas, they are averaging about $1.49 a gallon. that is cheaper than florida's average of $1.96. aaa predicts you could see a nine cent decline at the pumps this week alone. we are digging deeper to find out how a million dollars is going to be spent to stop gun violence in south st. petersburg. violence that has claimed the lives of seven boys and young men. not everyone thinks it is a wise investment. >> shootings, shootings all
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million dollar investment in his community would be right on time but in the meanwhile, more police presence might also cut down on the drugs and violence he sees right from his apartment. >> there were several children who had gotten shot sick weeks ago. the police came out for one week afterwards. we haven't seen them again. >> reporter: what this community has seen, a group of volunteers walking the streets offering young people mentoring and jobs and help so they can succeed and avoid becoming a target of violence. >> man, i think it is incredible. we have so many families that are out there that are hungry, so many families that need help, need resources. >> reporter: but some are critical of the idea like the found are and editor of sunbeam who says a lack of
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>> the problem is a lack of dedication to improving individuals, a lack of the people who are not working to work. and unwillingness. the people would are unwilling to be educated to become educated. >> reporter: it is important to note the million dollars isn't a done deal either. city leaders are now charged with finding that money somewhere in the budget. if successful, a citizen advisory task force will decide where the money will go. the group has been around for two months and they say they've been able to help young people find jobs and cleaned up parts of the community. in his first town hall in tampa bay, mark owe rubio took questions from an audience in share society a he was immediately hit way criticism that has dogged his campaign from the start. >> quite frankly, i feel like maybe you've given up doing it as a senator so how can you do
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>> not only have i not given up being a senator, i've actually done things despite the fact that four of the last five years, i've been there, democrats have run the place. >> if elected, senator rubio vowed today on fight all new taxes. a sad story out of spring hill actually couple is facing animal cruelty charges after deputies found their dog malnourished and lying in their backyard up able to even lift its head. they claimed they knew the dog was in bad health but they couldn't afford to pay for the treatments that could have saved its life. animal services told them to take it to the vet but it died on the way there. the couple was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty. deputies are still investigating. coming up, big changes are coming for the circus after the show-stopping announcement.
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for the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus.
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coming up tonight, first, back-to-back episodes of big bang theory. that is followed by scorpion at 9:00 and ncia los angeles at 10:00. then be sure to tune in to 10 news at 11:00. >> don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert. then can you watch the highlights on 10 news this morning at 5:20 and 6:20. you've probably heard
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bailey circus is ending its elephant agents for good. they had planned their last shows to phase out by 2018 but today, the company has announceed a sooner dd line. darren flowers takes a closer look at what is next for the elephants and the show. >> reporter: asian elephants have long been a flagship animal for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus but the kurt i'm is closing on their show much sooner than expected. in may, that is when the remaining 11 elephants will retire and come here to the center. >> my job is going to get even more exciting than it already is. >> reporter: she has spent much of ore life working for ringling brothers. she introduced us to the 70- year-old elephant. >> they are aout here grazing and grousing during the day. they play with the different enrich mont environments that we put in their yard and change intermittently. >> reporter: the early retirement partly temperatures from how difficult it is to schedule shows. many cities and counties
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>> you can't fight city hall and their care is paramount to all of us. >> peta has a split reaction. >> so the time to retire these otherren malunder the big top is now. >> reporter: now, the question is what is next for the show. >> we stillville with animal representation. will still be the greatest show on earth. it will be exciting to see exactly what it is. >> right now, there are no plans to open up the center to visitors but could be a possibility. in the meantime, the elephants may be able to help children. >> research involving pediatric cancer, these two will be expanded phenomenally. i'm so excited about that. right now, deputies are looking for a man suspected of robbing a starbucks employee in riverview. take a look at this photo. if he looks familiar, you could get a cash reward. it happened last thursday at the starbucks off highway 301. an employee was sitting in his car when this man approached
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the suspect then escorted the victim to a mcdonald's with an atm. after getting cash, the guy took off. if you have any information, can you contact crimestoppers at 1-800-873-tips. jim, i think you will be working overtime this week. >> you know, it is a lot for winter coming your way over the next couple of days. tonight, it is all about the coal but we are also tracking a pretty big storm system due in in a couple of days. let's talk about t we see a beautiful sunset going on right now in sand key. gorgeous colors with the clear skies. this is just south of clearwater beach and absolutely beautiful. as we are clear right now, that means temperatures are going to fall very quickly and this will be the coldest night of this cold snap. cold enough that a freeze warning has been issued for citrus and inland hernando county, basically all of hernando except for cities
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what that means is you can expect temperatures at or just below 32 degrees for a period of between two to five hours. if we were going to be below 28 degrees for a few hours, a hard freeze would have been issued and that is not the case. so that kind of gives you at least a barometer as to where we think those lows will fall. and then this system will start to be a play enter our forecast. i'm looking for more energy to really fire up here in the middle of the gulf in the days ahead and that is what i'll be tracking right straight across the gulf and into our backyard here but that is a couple of days away. first, it is the cold. let's talk about that. temperatures, 53 in tampa right now. we are already 45 in pensacola and 46 in jacksonville and that is a sign of where we are headed overnight tonight. seeing a few 40s on the map around newport richey at 49 degrees. 51 for us in brooksville. 57 at lakewood ranch and around
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pete with nothing going on currently. we'll stay that way tonight. clear skies, no rain in the short term forecast. chilly night. for tampa to start around 42 degrees, you know that is much colder to the north and we will be looking at flirting with the freezing temperature around citrus actually good portion of hernando county. but don't be surprised outside of the cities and suburbs and smaller communities of pasco, even northern hillsborough county if you might not tag that 32 or 31 degrees around daybreak. 45 no us in st. pete. around 44 around bradenton and sarasota. we'll see temperatures starting around 39 in polk city. 44 for us in sebring. wind at times around 10 to 12 miles per hour but not as windy has it has been generally. it will warm to about 36 degrees in tampa.
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about mid-60s east of i-75. near the gulf beaches, around 61 to 63 degrees will be more common. next couple of days after that, should be quiet, clear and rain- free. the heads up we have for you this week, after the cold is this. it really does look to start kicking of the storms. they will be running across the i-4 corridor to over alligator alley. tomorrowing and placement still could change but this is something you won't want to just write off. you want to keep checking back on how this develops. this is something we'll be seeing in tampa? will it be down by west palm beach? we still need a good day or two to really pinpoint that location. it will be two cold fronts. first storms on friday and then colder weather on saturday. cool days for tuesday and wednesday. chance at i few late storms after sunset thursday. it look hockey first half of date on friday would be the day
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i would be prepared for that possibility this far out the way things are looking and then the cooler air moving in second half of sunday. highs only in the low 60s and mornings back in the 40s again by mop of next week. we'll be back with 10 sports. we'll be talking about that
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here we go, football fans i'm really not a huge fan of the college football playoff system, any of them. but it is funny me after three
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disagreements and griping, number one is playing number two. clemson is one, alabama is two. alabama is favored by 6 1/2. i would agree with that. >> this is going to be a totally different kind of game too because these guys average 08-some plays a game where michigan state didn't average that many. they weren't a fast ball team. the game will be long and plays are will play more plays. >> and we shall see. no decision yet on the buc's latest search for a head coach not even from tennessee. he is john robinson. he is being talked about for the general manager's job in tennessee. i hope the rest of the nf almost'slyoff games are as captivating as this weekend's wild card games. okay. maybe not kansas city. adam jones was making more noise today. on the dan patrick show, he said that the steelers antonio
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he was hit in the head here by burfict. >> i know he was faking. go back and look at the play. if you go back and slow motion the play, you tell me that he hit him in the head or hit his shoulder pad. >> youen that antonio brown was asking like he was hurt. >> i think he need a grammy award for that one. >> okay. steelers line coach face as a fine after pulling the hair of the bengals reggie nelson. you bet. it is the playoffs, folks. >> all right. for the third year in a row, the sarasota police department is collecting jeans for the teens for jeans campaign. the jeans go to homeless children and teenagers across the u.s. >> we want them to be comfortable. they want to go to school looking like everybody else. so i think it means a lot to them to have the nice jeans that people are giving to us. >> so if you have new or gently used jeans that you would like to donate, head over to the sarasota police department.
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lobby where you can place the jean an donations are being accepted and that will go all the way through monday, january 25th which is great for those kids that really need it. >> it is such a small gesture. a know a lot of ladies out there probably have big stacks of old jeans. >> i have a few i can probably take down to sarasota. >> the kind that have big bell that. that's it for 10 news at 6:00ment we'll see you right back here tonight at 11:00 don't forget, can you always take 10 news with you. just download the 10 news app. it is a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic and
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