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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10news wtsp starts right now. good evening, we are live in the weather center where we have a freeze warning. already 36 36 in brooksville right now. >> 37 in crystal river, thank you for getting that email e-mail to us, already 32 in citrus county. that is where we have the freezer morning, all of citrus and fernando county. what that means is we are
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a period of up to 5 hours. with the temperatures still likely to drop there could be some areas in citrus county that have a hard freeze where you might end up in the upper 20s. we aren't seeing those on the map just yet but we aren't far from it. coming up i will tell you how cold it will be when you wake up. whether you enjoy the weather your taste buds could be the winner. as we explain crops are good in flavor when the experience of the big chill. >> reporter: boiled peanuts are great on a cold night and they are a specialty in north tampa but everything is special here. the owner is checking his crop in
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>> all of these vegetables, all of that stuff, with the cold weather it removes the bitterness. >> reporter: blueberries and strawberries benefit quickly. a quick chill also enhances citrus. >> the cold will change the color of the skin but not the flavor of the fruit. >> reporter: this is right? >> you tell me. >> reporter: it is sweet. and customers know this. business at the store was brisk. >> i come here to bite things when they are in season. this is when a taste of the best. >> reporter: even though you will have to stay home the cold snap is a good thing for the local economy
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back to you. to get the latest temperatures at your fingertips just download our 10news wtsp from your app store. mexican authorities have released video of the capture of walking to guzman. take a look, he initially escaped last friday, he escaped through the sewer system but was caught in a stolen car. he is back in the same mexican prison he tumbled out of in july. >> mexico is more amenable to having him extradited to the u.s. the u.s. want him badly. >> mexico's says it trend 20s time with him in october helped to capture him. in this article sean penn said guzman told him he
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the world and expressed no regrets. a new traffic pattern heading your way. right now interstate 275 is shut down. let's take a live look. the closure begins east of the bridge and runs for 2 miles. the new road is expected to reopen by 5:30 p.m. you can check back before you hit the road in the morning with some live reports. developing out of jacksonville police confirmed they found the body of a 21-month-old. lonzie barton disappeared in july. that set off a search involving hundreds of people. the main suspect in the disappearance, ruben ebron, was supposed to have jury selection starting today in his trial for child neglect. that has been delayed and ruben ebron worked
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investigators to find the body. >> it is a very sad day that we find these remains that we believe to be lonzie barton. >> ruben ebron played guilty last week and agreed to testify. a shooting a shooting at the whole foods school store in tampa remains under investigation. police say a store clerk shot a suspect after the suspect threatened him with a knife. the suspect is at the hospital with life-threatening injuries. time for headlines around the nation. a challenging rescue on the side of the tallest building in houston. two window washers got stuck. they motor malfunction stranded them outside of the chase bank building. crews put ropes
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no one was hurt. >> in oklahoma a new program trying to keep freshmen from putting on weight. the university requires all freshmen to wear fitness trackers. students are required to hit 10,000 steps a day. some students say they don't like the idea. >> at&t is now bringing back the unlimited plan for directv subscribers. starting tomorrow users can pay $100 for unlimited data, talk and text. >> what to watch for tomorrow, the pres.
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the union address. >> we will hear the president talk about making sure every american has the chance to influence of the democracy. not just the select few. >> gun control will take center stage. you can watch it live right here on 10news wtsp tomorrow night at 9:00. as you may have heard in 19 has died. the iconic artists passed away from cancer. david bowie did not visit the bay area often but those who had a chance to see him were impressed. meeting him, that was off of the charts. >> reporter: at this record store they sell vintage vinyl memories. on this day customers had an almost singular request. >> we only have these last few left here. >> reporter: anything david bowie. there was a kind of record store
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popstar. >> his music will carry on. >> outcomes david bowie and it is like -- >> reporter: she remembers meeting david bowie backstage. it happened during a stop in tampa. she was a record store manager back then, got backstage passes to a show. in 1987 there was david bowie. >> of all the people i have met, that one really sticks out. >> reporter: she posted her own attribute to david bowie on facebook and she has not been alone. artist and musicians from every genre have posted on the facebook page. >> this one is kind of a little
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>> reporter: in tampa, eric glasser it, 10news wtsp. >> a lot of people are sharing stories about david bowie, you can join the conversation on our facebook page. horror stories, the dirty truth from the people who are supposed to be cleaning your hotel rooms. plus, recalls for your child cough syrup. make sure you stay up for the
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a recall alert for parents and a warning before you give your child cold metals in. nine over-the-counter drugs are recalling two flavors of liquid cold medicine. there is a risk for overdose because the dosage cup has incorrect markings. the badges are grape and cherry flavored and were sold in 4-ounce bottles. to head to our website to find out if you
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there is a chart showing you all of the information. a read alert tonight on a restaurant. a popular restaurant shut down by the state. we are talking about wendy's in manatee county. beau zimmer is here tonight with more on what happened in about wendy's is saying they have done to get the issues corrected. >> reporter: this started with a complaint emailed into held inspectors. the customer reported seeing a live cockroach flying across a counter while he was waiting for his food. in employee also spotted the insect killing it on the counter. the customer said the employee thankfully washed her hands before continuing to serve food but urged health inspectors to make a stop in to make sure everything was fine. the state later arriving to confirm the presence of live cockroaches in the
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wastewater backing up in the floor. now, customers we talked to say they can't tolerate cockroaches running around a a restaurant where food is prepared. >> i would leave. i would stop eating there. i would tell other people not to go. >> cockroaches are no good in a restaurant? >> no, no good. >> reporter: i reached out to wendy's and they tell me the sewage backup was caused by a form object that became lodged in the drain. that say -- they say that may have contributed to the cockroach problem as well. wendy's say they were back open the very next day. you can take a look at this wendy's location full inspection
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bo zimmer, 10news wtsp. not only are we dealing with cold but also the cleanup from the storm. >> we got very lucky saturday, the storms weakened as they came in so we could have been in the same boat that cape coral was. we want to show you what the cleanup efforts look like. that truck was under the boat by the way. that family lost their home, their truck and your boat. if you want to follow me on twitter there is a gofundme page for that family. that house and that family, if you want to follow me there is more information if you can help out. the cleanup will keep going on for several days. i can't believe we only have three injuries. fortunate. it is all about the
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it feels like -- you might be getting nervous seeing temperatures this cold but i have something that might help put your mind at ease. let's talk about the freezer morning, in citrus county, hernando county, you are all affected. all of hernando county is included in this. you can expect freezing temperatures on an average from about 2-5 hours. when we get below 280 for several hours that is when a hard freeze or -- that is when a hard freeze warning would be issued. i would be watching parts of northern citrus and marion county for the potential we might be there for a couple
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can see it is actually warmer in nashville and st. louis than it is in brooksville right now. what we have is what we have, it is about as cold as it will get. we will still drop a couple of degrees but there should not be a drastic drop from where we are right now. as you can see 37 in crystal river right now. 44 in clearwater. in 48. but, the suburbs, it is more like we are seeing 40 in 51 on the beach in treasure island. at the bus stop we will say say 42 degrees. north of tampa freezing temperatures will be
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upper 30s in the suburbs of hillsborough county. about where we are in pinellas county, not a whole lot different at daybreak but we will drop a little more in tampa. look for upper 20s and low 30s outside of the city. in the city about 31 should be fairly common for us. 44 around sarasota. gorgeous day, at least how it looks, blue skies with lots of sunshine but still a cool, christmas day. 63 at our warmest in the afternoon in tampa. the wind will be light so we will feel like a moderate shop on the water. low tide is around 10:00 a.m.
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what we are watching after the cold my eyes are on this next. a storm system and as we get into late january these will be stronger and come across more regularly. we are looking at a strong thunderstorm for the 1st half of friday. with a few days to go the placement could change a little bit. i want you ready and keep checking back on the forecast because that is the next day we need to watch. if you are just here visiting it is all due to el nio. what that does it changes the jet stream. also, it makes it stronger, so what you would see typically in the spring in tornado alley now drops down to florida and severe weather breaks out in january, and february. a lot of these tornadoes occur in the
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of the night. sixty-first -- 67% of the tornado fell tell these are when people are in bed. all the more reason to stay aware. 1st half of friday for now crisp and cool. we will be closely tracking the storms on friday. it will take another front late saturday to bring the cool air. you will see that on sunday and monday. we have your latest forecast when you get up in the morning. we have got you covered. you may not sleep as soundly the next time you are at a hotel. hotel workers are spilling their dirty secrets. apparently everything you have been afraid of is true.
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the first one we want to share, take a look, the blankets get washed once a year. let's take a look down. let's show you another one. this one is good. sometimes i don't put on new sheets, i just remake the bed and take off the here with a lint roller. we posted more of these horrible confessions about hotel workers at our facebook page. while you are there share with us your hotel experiences. what time do you put your child to bed? it is a big debate that parents face. here are some guidelines. kids 3-6 need 13 hours of sleep a night and should go to bed between 6-8:00. 7-12 12 they need 11 hours of sleep. it is nine hours plus when you hit the teenager years. many field teenagers know when they need to
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what you are supposed to do art two different things. we did ask on facebook did children need set sleep times? an overwhelming majority of you say yes. we have got the latest on the championship game in arizona.
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here we go, championship game
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alabama and clemson matching up well. right now clemson leads, they just started the 4th quarter. watson has thrown a couple of touchdown passes. vontaze burfict has been suspended for the first three games of next season for that hit on antonio brown. it was reported that vontaze burfict will certainly appeal this. nothing today on the bucaneers coaching front. nothing new with dirk koetter, he still seems to be the front runner for jason licht, jason licht, what are you looking for? >> honest, a guy who can tell you the truth, that does not mean he tells you what you want to hear . >> hopefully we find out why the end of the week.
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colleges don't just mail it in. for he and his family the process has been exhausting. >> going to the mailbox can be overwhelming. it is not the steps, it is when she opens at the mailbox door. >> zero my goodness. last year is when it all started coming. -- zero my goodness. last year is when it all started coming. >> her son is neat quagmires, one of the most sought that football recruits in the country. recruiting mail has pulled in from every football powerhouse. even cards, ranging from happy birthday to fourth of july. >> sometimes the letters are small and some of my bills are small too
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time to go through it. >> coaches send voicemails, text messages at all hours of the day. his older brother receives them as well. >> i wake up to 100 messages on twitter. it is definitely overwhelming. >> i thought it was a joke. >> no joke, it is recruiting crunch time. the mail and messages will double this month as he waits to make his college announcement. >> that is no like, that is what they go through. it is an extremely stressful process. the schools he are looking at his florida state, and auburn, along with north carolina. he still has
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>> it is nice to be wanted.
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finally tonight heartwarming video shows a moment a man literally takes the shirt off of his back to give it to a homeless man. this happened on a subway on friday in new york city. not only did the good samaritan give his shirt up he helped him to put it on. the homeless man is wiping a tear away from his face. the video has been shared millions of times on social media. >> that is good stuff. i like that a lot.
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