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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:00am-6:30am EST

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breaking this morning, a deadly explosion rocks a popular tourist spot. >> what to expect as the president debt gets ready for his state of the union address. >> good tuesday morning to you, welcome to "10 news this morning." >> let's get you over to our meteorologist, checking the temperatures for us, very cold start to the day. >> 30s at the coast. 40s just about everywhere else. one 50 on the map. grab the jachles for sure this morning, guys. you will need them, chilly this afternoon with temperatures only topping out in the low 60s.
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tampa, 45, lakeland as well, 48, sarasota. it is chilly our there. a couple of showers on the map, most of those, south of venice. the rest of us will stay dry. it will be chilly the rest of the day. severe weather possibilities for friday and weekend forecast, which includes a little rain. 6:01, let's get over to the traffic center. some hot spots out there. good morning, we have a big one in hillsboro county. good morning, anyone heading out in the tampa area there is an accident on florida avenue that has shut down all northbound lanes at bush boulevard. multiple cars involved in this one. three cars, injuries reports. police, ems on the scene, careful, avoid florida avenue, nebraska or 275 will be your best bet >> breaking news out of turkey
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live look where at least 10 people were killed. another 15 hurt after an explosion in istanbul. it happened in the historic district, a popular spot for tourists the blasts are being investigated. there are reports it was likely caused by a suicide bomber. we'll stay on top of this and bring you updates as we get them. >> >> president obama will try to come across with a positive tone tonight. >> his final state of the union address. we are learning it will be very different from any one that the president has given before. greg is joining us in the studio. big departure from this president or any president in recent memories. >> reporter: when you think about it, it is. typically, state of the union has been about one thing, laying out specific goals for the next year. not that one. it looks like president obama is recognizing he won't be able to get most of his specific
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instead, his chief of staff said he will focus on broad treatment themes. i'm hearing he will try to be positive to contrast his vision with weather he sees as a message of doom and gloom. in the audience, two dozen muslim americans, invited as guests by members of congress who hope to send a message about standing unites. one will be a doctor woe has lived in south florida for 40- years. >> the greatness of america that somebody can stand up and put a hood on his face -- on the left side and the right side and we accept them. >> reporter: president obama insighted a syrian refugee as a guest, along with, i love these guys, three american heros that stopped a terror attack on a train outside of paris this year. >> this is interesting.
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of congress, one muslim, one jewish. you can see the speech here on >> >> florida governor rick scott will give his state of the state address in a few hours. the governor will make the address at 11:00 from tallahassee. he will he light two issues, jobs and taxes. the governor's address begins the 2016 legislative session. lawmakers are expected to address such issues, tax cuts and to expand gun rights. >> >> right now, you are waking up to cold temperatures. freeze warnings in citrus and hernando counties. shelters are opening their doors to keep people warm. joggers are still hitting the trail, but they are bundling up.
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and gloves are not what we think of when we think of tampa bay. but the runners need them. some had on long pants, some short pants. the one thing they have had in common, hats and gloves to keep the body heat in. it's something you might want to think about before going out to hit the pave machine. this is a reminder to think about your pets and plants. bring them inside if you can. if not, remember dog houses have to have three sides and a door and as for your plants, make sure you cover them up. you can use quilts, but not plastic because that transfers the cold onto the plants. for those needing a warm place to say overnight. pascual county has opened shelters and they will start to take people in at 6:00 tonight. we have got to consider ourselves lucky here. take a look at that, flowing water as in it is not frozen,
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we were in another part of the country, so, again, consider ourselves lucky. we could have snow i'm sure a lot of other people would be happy to trade places with us in tampa. >> >> some of the people that would like to trade are in new york. look at all of this snow. this is what they are dealing with, right now. this is buffalo, where hundreds are without power. right now, they are under a lake-effect snow warning. west seneca at least six inches of snow fell in one hour during monday's afternoon rush hour. no major accidents were reported when cars were sliding off the road. an investigation is underway to find out what caused an explosion at this home. we understand the explosion killed four family members. this is withdraw is left of the home. neighbors said they could feel the homes shake during the explosion. they tried to help out as soon
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>> one to the left and into the kitchen. there was debris, a lot of insulation all over the ground, a lot of smoke. >> at this point, we don't know the names of the four families killed. we know crews recovered the bodies of two girls, ages eight and 12 and their parents >> we expect to learn more about this jacksonville area toddler that disappeared six mons ago. main suspects, rubin ebron. he worked with investigators to find the toddler's body in a wooded area. the community, as you can imagine is still shaken by this grim discovery. >> he has been two blocks from
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the feeling that you feel so helpless. >> his mother plead guilty to child neglect and she agreed to testify at the man's trial >> couch was able to post bond after it was lowered from a million dollar to $75,000. she has been charged with hindering apprehension of a felon. investigators say she helped her son leave the country after video surfaced of him fleeing the country. the two were found in mexican, her son is still there. violent raid to lead to the arrest of el chapo an interview with actor sean penn in october lead authorities to where he
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this cold snap may not be fun for you, right now, but it could change your mind at the dinner table tonight. >> how the cold weather is
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>> we are staying on top of breaking fews out of turkey. a live look after an explosion killed at least 10 people and hurt more than a dozen others.
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of istanbul. we are getting reports it may have been a suicide bomber. we are working on new information. as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you. mr. >> new information out of philadelphia where police say a buddhist monk tries taking matters into his own hand. watch -- he was paying for lottery tickets when a suspect robbed him. the victim struggles with him before running outside after him as he was pushed to the ground. the suspect drove off and has not been found. >> >> cold snap is great for what you eat. lower temperatures are great for fruits and vegetables, it makes blue berries, strawberries, bigger, sweeter and it takes the bite out of develops.
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>> some areas of citrus county are under a freeze warning. >> >> most of hernand os, u.s. 90 eastward. it looks like temperatures will be freezing. pretty close, tonight, same deal. freeze watches until tomorrow. >> it's cold no matter where you are. >> it is, this is a good kind of cold. even with the freeze warnings we have in effect right now, we are not talking major damage to crops with this cold snap, which is a really good thing, you can see we have the warnings for all of citrus county and mainly east of u.s. 19 in hernan doe county. temperatures have been down to 34 degrees. as low as it has been that's where we a are, right now, 36 in crystal river. some spots will be down to freezing. we are 41. newport ritchie, 45 in tampa,
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48 in sarasota. lakewood, throughout this morning to let the dog out, 47 degrees there. safety harbor a little warmer by the water, our warm spot, 52 degrees in saint pete first thing this morning. all right, florida southern college. great visibility out there. there are some high clouds streaming in. a couple of showers, most of this is not to the ground, but we are going to watch the arcadia area for a couple of light sprinkles, some of this will make it through. that will move into highland county, but that's about it. if you are traveling southbound and you get south of venice. that's where we will be looking at some of the shower activity pushing through a little over. i tracked it and it's already falling apart. most of this will be towards for mares and north port. even those should be out of
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we'll be watching the gulf of mexico. won't really effect us today let's talk about your tuesday forecast. it's a chilly one, 40s, now, upper 30s to our north and we'll go up to 50, 51 degrees by 9:30, 10:00. it will be cold this morning and then this afternoon. i think we only make the lower 60s for daytime highs. 62 at 2:00 p.m. winds, north, northwest at five miles per hour. we'll try to warm. high clouds around, perhaps 6 for a high temperature. that's going to be pushing it. i think most of us will be below that. another chilly day out there, today. we'll go with 64 for the high, sun is up account 5723. down at 5:54. another chilly night out there, some high clouds, not a lot, allowing temperatures to drop off. but back into the 30s for hernanto and citrus county. as a result, we have a freeze watch for all of hernando and all of citrus for tomorrow
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we'll have to take the precautions like we did this morning. you can see we'll have this system developing in the gulf of mexico. this is thursday night and friday morning. where this tracks will make allot of the difference. right now, storm predickion center, i'm thinking friday morning is the time to watch. we could have some strong thunderstorms this time friday morning. we'll be tracking it for you very, very closely. you can get all of that information right there on your "10 news" app. you are screen the show and watch the radar on the app as well. we'll gradually warm up the next couple of days. upper 60s near 70 friday, but friday morning, will be the day we could see some of the strong thunderstorms, perhaps even isolated tornado something to watch. saturday looks good. friday, i have a 40% chance of rain in especially tampa southward.
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sunday into monday. don't forget, you can catch the forecast on the radio -- warrior, hillary. >> i'm getting in new information about the big accident in hillsboro county. at least three cars were involved in this, injuries reported, here as well. northbound lanes of florida avenue are closed at bush boulevard there is a southbound lane that has blocked from the emergency vehicle of being on the scene, your best bet, take 275 northbound and nebraska avenue north there. running parallel to the east of florida avenue. that's your best detour there. >> >> let's go to our sky 1 network. 275. as you are coming across the
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to the highway. it will look a little different. construction went on this morning. a lane shift. a new alignment for you. it will look different, some lanes are thinner. if you are heading that way, be careful. people are not used to this. a heavier delay, getting on from dell mabrey highway. you will see some difference in terms of merging onto the highway. >> >> 275, u.s. 19, no problem. there is an accident in already go that i'm on top of, 18th avenue, a karan into a tree. injuries reported. if you are heading this way, police and ems on the scene. be careful there, just allow a little extra time. i4 drivers in poke county. no issues for you. your drive time still 15 minutes on over to 75 in tampa. sarasota, manatee counties looking good this morning as
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i75, taking 12 minutes from university parkway to 275, u.s. 301, not seeing any delays, your drive time. 23 minutes. >> >> if you have any problems on the roadways, send me an e mail. about 6:20 on this tuesday morning. scary mow mens on a flight from los angeles to miami. >> what lead to a man being arrested as soon as he walked off the plane. >> >> good news for anybody with a sweet tooth. a discovery that may allow you to indulge in the sugary steps. >> >> we are on your i pad, cell phone, laptop. >> >> and if you didn't stay up for the late show with steven cole birth. check out this moment you
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6:24 the time on this tuesday morning, a chilly start to the day. if you are you heading anywhere this morning, you will definitely want the jacket.
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>> bobby as your forecast. >> canadian resource, findings. >> >> let's head over to bobby. if you are out and about, are you looking at rain. >> a couple of showers, believe it or not. i'll track these up to sebring area. lake placid, you have the best chance for any light rain. not all of it is making it to the ground. it will be a on the chilly side with some showers, most areas dry this morning. 46 at the bus stop. bundle the kids up. 62 this afternoon. if you are running. you can see the temperatures are again in the 40s, but this afternoon. have the sunglasses ready to go. temperatures falling out of the 60s into the 50s.
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>> good morning, bobby, good morning sunshine sky way drivers. no issues, northbound or southbound, speeds staying at 65-miles per hour. let's go live to our camera, howard franklin bridge, no heavy delays, yet. looking great so far. same thing for the causeway. traffic definitely picking up. a live 5:00 at memorial highway no problems, no delays on incidents reported. >> >> local school district proposing to help with the issue of overcrowding. >> everybody is dealing with cold weather this morning. ian, wright. like us us on facebook, we'll
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