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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ship ask crew safely as soon as possible. new tonight bay area police chief is pushing on more regulations on ebt cards after a local man is arrested for $1.6 million of food stamp fraud. how police say he did it and why you are ultimately the victims. >> reporter: the doors here at kings food mart won't be opening up anytime soon because the owner sits behind bars and all of the merchandise sits in police custody. >> st. pete police chief says he's been stealing from you the tax payer for about 13 years. >> i ain't got nothing to say. >> on monday that all came to a halt after police arrested him. police say he would buy food stamps from people for $0.50 on the dollar and turn around use them to buy items at sam's club.
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convenient store. >> yesterday when we arrested him he had gone to a produce mart and stocked up on fresh produce that he was delivering. >> police also found $169,000 of cash on him as well as ebt cards and their pin numbers. >> he'd get a card in the nail and a pin number. so no one is going to check you for id and you go in and put in your pin number. >> that's why the chief says it's time to put more regulations on these cards. >> if he's been doing it for 13 years, what else is going on out there. >> the state relies on you to help agencies keep track of fraud like. this the motto is it's not if we catch you it's when. they have a whole website dedicated to reporting fraud are or through the mail.
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made it easy for you to find the site you can head to and look for the story in the seen on tv section. new information tonight about the suicide bombing linked to isis. temp people were killed in a tourist spot. you are watching video that was recorded moments following that explosion. another 15 people were hurt. turkey's prime minister says isis is responsible even though no one has claimed responsibility. we do know the bomber was a 28-year old syrian man. turkey is dealing with more than two million refugees. developing tonight a bazaar sdmint south florida that could happen to anyone. take a look at this, these pictures absolutely crazy. people shopping in a party city store were hurt when row after row of shelves came crashing down kind of like dominoes. you can see the firefighters searching for
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they don't know what caused all of this but first responders glad it wasn't worse. >> it's a good thing that this wasn't during a busy holiday season like halloween or christmas where everybody is in there. this could be a tremendous life loss or injury. >> a search dog was even brought into look for anyone who he maybe trapped. and finally feels like winter here in the bay area and you're probably wondering how long the colder temperatures going to last. jim, big changes on the way. >> there are. it looks like one more cold night very similar to last night. temperatures right now 61 degrees. that's off about five degrees from where we warmed up. saw around 66 in hours. now, there are some there for tonight. they will be just to the north of our wear. i'll be looking at those around the pan handle and up around
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but that doesn't mean we won't have a cold start. i am expecting some 30 and the 40s again. you can see upstream 20s and 30s around nashville. there's the beginning of that storm system i'm tracking in the western gulf. what it means for your forecast coming up at 5:15. big news for east pasco county driversment the county approved a deal to pave the way for the long awaited state road 56 extension. it will four lanes totalling a little more than six miles. pasco county news reporter explains how it's a win for drivers and tax payers. >> the two lane is heavily traveled and it really gets a lot of delays. >> congested windy state road 54 was a major driver in the new plan to extend state road 56
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shot to 301. >> it's definitely an amazing day for pasco county. >> they pulled off a private public partnership deal that is almost unheard of. a lane extension was already funded by the state but now an extra two lanes will be bill of indictment at the same time through a $22.7 million loan. total cost around $65 million. >> there was many moving parts and many people involved. this lab perfect example going forward of how the public and the government could work together. >> here's the best part of the deal it's the landowners and the land developers that are going to fund 97 percent of that $22.7 million leaving the tax payers only on the hook for about three percent. >> the county is getting a road for approximately nothing. >> the developers that are part of the agreement mostly residential. it's going to bring tourism.
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benefits from the the project. >> this is a four-lane highway that will open us up hopefully down to tampa and the port. >> the state road 56 extension is expected to be completed in 2019. >> if you want to check out the entire project and all of the major players just head to and click scene on tv. time now for stories making headlines across the state, nation and around the world. this is your 60 second scan. investigators still trying to figure out what caused a house explosion near cleveland. a family of four was killed. the explosion shock the entire neighborhood. the family's dog was able to escape. gentleman nasty weather up north is responsible for some huge problems on the road like what you see here this pile up crash. at least 40 vehicles were involved. the highway will reopen later tonight.
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than 4,000 jobs the next year. the company isn't saying how much of the cuts might impact staff here in the u.s.. and if you love watching netflix but you don't have your own account don worry the ceo says you adopt have to worry about using a friends. he says it's a good thing they say because they usually become customers down the line. a big request from governor rick scott today in the state of the stay address. >> with record state revenues we have the opportunity to diverse friday our economy and help our small businesses grow by cutting taxes by one billion dollars. >> all right. even sew scott may face some obstacles in getting the cuts down. many say he needs to do more to help the
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>> they've added over 200 jobs in the last 18 months. >> companies still talking about adding jobs. >> you change people's lives when you give them a job. >> it's practically the only thing had he talks about and the state of the state address was no different. >> over one million i don't know jobs have been created in the five years sense i took office. >> he used that is a twice stick before asking for a billion dollars in tax cuts aimed at small business owners. >> if we put more money in their pockets they're going to spend it on research, more equipment and hiring to create more jobs. >> critics say there needs to be balance. >> if you don't have transportation, if you don't have good medical care, if you don't have good education, then the jobs that you can hold limited. >> they also say that they hope
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to funding local projects like the $100 he vetoed last year right here in the tampa bay area. >> that are not only criticly needed through some state participation and funding but will help drive jobs and the local economy which affects the overall economy. >> the governor has already launched a million dollar ad campaign. >> let's create more manufacturing jobs. >> and will soon head out on a nine city bus tour to try to drum up support for his plan. also tonight president obama will give his 7th and final official state of the union address. it's a chance for the president to take center stage as the campaign to find the next president. the speech starts a the 9 p.m. and you can watch it right here on 10 news. and we are breaking it down for you. the three big things you want to watch for. first it's going to have a different tone from past supposed. he's going with a broader theme about the
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challenges. second, it is paul ryan's first state of the union as speaker of the house. he'll be right behind the president. some will be looking to him for queues on how they should react. and last will any be really paying attention. last year's speech was the least watched in 15 years. just ahead another step close tore a better way across the bay. >> and one piece that's missing. but first the five things you need to know before jumping into that office powerball pool. and check out our sky 10 network traffic camera this evening, yes, a major backup on i-275 the howard frankland bridge. we're told this is a chain reaction from lane shifts.
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the powerball jackpot has grown once again. it's at 1 and a half billion dollars. >> so right about now you're probably setting aside some money to get your tickets for tomorrow night's draw. or not. >> why not much can go wrong. >> one of the things that can go wrong the most often with office pools the person buying the tickets claims the winning number was bought personally. involved avoid the drama. the five steps you can take with
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number one pick a leader who will be in charge of every step of the process, number 2, create a simple contract that answers all of the big questions like lump sum, number p make a list, a public list of who is participating and who signed the contract. number 4 make copies and take pictures of the tickets before the drawing, and finally number a keep those original tickets safe. >> all right and most importantly make sure everyone is on the same page this way there's no conflict if your office pool does indeed hit. >> and listen to this powerball fever is giving canadians another reason to come to the u.s.. >> we come and drop a lot of money on a regular basis. so we give to you, it's time you give back. >> i like her thinking. >> canadians from toronto and montreal all flocking to the u.s. keep in mind you do not
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but winners from outside the u.s. can expect to pay for taxes. whether you're american or canadian the odds of winning still the same one in almost three hundred million. >> why a florida man might have the secret to being the odds. he has won 7 times. count it, 7, we are putting together his clues for increasing your chances of winning. definitely a busy couple of days in the weather center. >> got a lot coming your way. one more cold night and then a round of thunderstorms. we are seeing a lot of high clouds overhead and still made for some beautiful blue skies today. and you can see in lakeland a nice shot the there as we begin our evening.
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off in the 60s. of course in the suburbs definitely colder than that this morning. high temperatures have climbed to 66 and we're done a few degrees from there now. so that should stand 66 around lakeland. and 61, 63 in the bay area but to our north 50s showing up, 55 in new port richey. we do have a freeze warning tonight just north of citrus county. it's the pan handle, so while it will be one more cool night tonight we are expecting again the potential for the freeze to happen outside of crystal river maybe in the suburbs but not so damaging that it causes alarm. and there you can see the beginning of the next storm system that we're tracking. this is still a couple days away.
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across the gulf we are expecting to slide up towards tampa and tallahassee but you've got a couple days before that happens. however, it is something that you do not want to forget about and not check about from time to time how this is developing given that we are start to go enter the system where some of the systems will likely have a lot more bite to them and not just be rain and showers. temperatures 53, early evening. upper 40s and early 50s and wake up temperatures very similar to what they were this morning. anywhere from 43 to 46 degrees in tampa and hillsborough county. 48, 49 degrees in southern pinellas county. 30s will be likely again and rural pockets of pasco county.
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land we'll look for temperatures around 43 to 45. the afternoon looking a little more cloudy but also temperatures very similar to today. looking to top out about 66 degrees. we'll probably see thicker and high cloud coverage although they're likely again to be the high clouds but the temperatures top out where they were today. moderate chop on the water expected and if you live by the bay or gulf beaches we'll see high tied around 5 in the evening. after tomorrow we are really going to try to pin down this system, and it is looking like a friday first half of the day kind of thing where the low comes across the gulf and right as this starts to sweep in anywhere from the morning commute to lunchtime the jet stream overhead looks like it's going to be intensifying and that's some of the things that we're going to be really tracking and looking at.
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really going to help play a part in it's just going to be rain and thunderstorms. i still think we need another day to gee a good hand handle but it's looking like a stormy event at the very least for friday. the second half of the weekend with the other cold front. here how it goes in your 7-day forecast. cool, cloudy day, warmer on thursday, 70 in the afternoon. storms looking for friday and the next cold front we are going to have showers, not thunderstorms but some showers in the mix with the cloud cover and that second front moving through on sunday. that drops your temperatures back in the 60s for highs in the morning back in the 40s next week. that's a lot coming your way in a few days. so it is a good thing from time to time to check on your forecast when you think about it.
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>> digging deeper for the murder mystery in italy. investigators ton gather clues in the death of an american woman who was last seen at a nightclub there. church members met their match. see how a high school game to go to show their support for gays and lesbians. and an important recall for parents, you'll wouldn't take a look at the cough medicine in your cabinet. first you might have noticed your neighborhood squirrels looking a little larger these days.
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here's a look at what's coming up tonight, join us for ncis. that's followed boot state of the union address at 9 and at 10:30 you won't want to miss it mike and molly and stay up for a special late show, tonight's guests include the directors of making a murder. if you go to bed early don't worry we are showing the very best moments from the late show with you on 10 news this morning at 5:20 and 6:20. if. if you're still struggling with the holiday weight is that a squirrel, is having the same problems. biologies say because the warm temperatures lasted so long into the winter, they just keep eating and eating. >> why not? >> on top of that there's more
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they are so cute. >> fascinating. you actually noticed this. >> we were up visiting family this christmas and i looked out and thought it was a cat on the fence. it was a squirrel. in addition to being just a little bit plump, maybe a lot plump, they should not see any long-term health problems if you are concerned. >> no one likes a skinny squirrel. >> other animals having similar problems, birds that fly down here for the winter spending who are time up north and eating. >> wow, to see and hear stories like this download the 10 news app. you will find it in your app store. >> just ahead a big step forward for a proposed ferry. what happened today and what's next
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