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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00am-6:30am EST

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breaking right now...we just confirmed that 10 u-s sailors have just been released after being captured by iranian forces. for the first time in 21 years football is back in los angeles. the n-f-l team we have just confirm that ten u.s. sailors have been released after being captured by iranian soldiers. powerball scam. before you put your money into a powerball pool you'll want to listen to this this morning. good morning. welcome to 10 news this morning.
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>> i time ian reitz. let's get a check of the forecast with kate wentzel. >> we have clouds and low level moisture that kept us from dipping down to near freezing from the nature coast. it is 41 crystal river. 53 st. petersburg. 46 land o'lakes. coming up i'll let you know how warm we'll get this afternoon and the next time you'll need your umbrellas. that's a look at your weather. now a look at the roads with hilary zalla. >> we have a hit-and-run accident on i-75. south of there towards tampa on 49th street there is an accident reported near 26th avenue.
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i'm not sure if there are injuries. you have police on scene. it is pulled over into the shoulder. we are staying on top of the breaking story from iran. u.s. has just confirmed all ten american sailors captured by iran have been released. >> sailors were being held after iranian base after two ships drifted into iranian waters. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is on top of the story. [ no audio ] >> we are having difficulty with her mike. there was a mechanical break down. that led them into iran waters where they were accused of
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>> the iranians said they were acting suspiciously before being captured. >> all of this happened hours before president obama gave his last state of the union address. many expected him to acknowledge what was going on. the only mention with iran was about reaching a nuclear deal with the country focusing on north american's strength. >> let me tell you something. the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth. >> tensions with iran have been heightened over the last few weeks. that's after iran set off a rocket near u.s. warships. >> we'll keep you posted on all the latest through the day at just into our news room, an arrest has been made to the connection to the deadly attack
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it happened a popular tourist area of istanbul. turkish leaders say it was that suicide bomber who was a member of isis. ten people with dead and dozen hurt after two women suicide bombers attacked a mosque southeast of nigeria. the president outlined his vision for the u.s. as his final year as commander in chief. he warned about the attitudes and the words used against islam. >> when politicians insult
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fellow citizens it is wrong. south carolina governor nicki haley delivered the governor's response. she focused on the threat on our country. >> in this age of terrorism we must not let in refugees whose intentions can not be determined. >> she hopes the next president will fix who she calls a broken government. an investigation is underway after a motorcyclist and a deputy crashed into each other in st. pete. the deputy was pulling on to 62en avenue when the motorcyclist hit his car. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. former pro wrestler hulk
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he is suing a website for $1 million for releasing a sex tape. we'll have an update at noon and online at tonight is the big night. less than 17 hours someone could be $1.5 billion richer. incredible amount of money. 10 news reporter is joining us live this morning. >> reporter: we have all done it. we have jumped into pools with our coworkers and friends where we buy into getting more of these tickets to increase our odds. the latest scam by the florida lottery is warning people about preys on people jumping into pools. this time they are online pools with strangers. this is not ligitimate. one thing they are warning
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go to where you would share these powerball tickets it has a logo for the florida lottery. it says u.s.a. powerball syndicate. the balls are weighed beforing if drawn. right now in florida alone, people are spending $556 a second on powerball tickets. if all 20 million people in the state of florida decided totive industry up what they could win
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we know $1.5 billion is a lot of money. it is more money than most would makeover the course of several lifetimes. here's the break down. if you chose annuity payments you get $50 million a year for 30 years. most jackpot winners opt for the cash payout. you pay above the 39% mark in taxes. after taxes you get $561,721,000. >> it sound like a fortune. it is a fortune. it could become misfortune. if you are not ready for the impact of suddenly becoming one of the trippest people in the world you'll need help. >> even with conservative investments you'll make in interest alone $100,000 a week. you can watch powerball numbers
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los angeles could have two next nfl season. nfl owners voted to allow the st. louis rams to move to l.a. the san diego chargers will rams in l.a. crews in california are working overnight to rescue a man stuck ten feet underground. >> we'll tell you how he got stuck. we have new video showing the on going rescue. >> reporter: streets with no
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welcome back. we are looking live at downtown st. pete. it is a cold start to the day. there is potential of severe weather on friday. kate is tracking that for you. she'll have your full forecast coming up. out to oakland, california where we have video of a massive rescue effort underway. a man has been trapped ten feet underground since yesterday. he is a 50-year-old contractor working on a sewer line. he is all right and communicating with rescuers. story as we get new information. major highway in indiana
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snow and icy conditions caused several cars to crash. luckily only three people were hurt. the crash began with a semi and a car on tuesday morning. that started a chain reaction of collisions and slideoffs. >> if there would have been some place to pull off, i would have. but you could not see. >> i got hit five different times and got bumped around good in there. >> it is that scary situation. what do you do? another semi accident caused a 30 car pileup on i-65 near the ohio border. no one was seriously hurt in that incident, either. >> it makes it complicated when you are dealing with ice and snow. >> it takes one car to lose a little control and you end up with that. want to talk to kate wentzel. we have a couple things to talk about. >> we have chilly temperatures this morning.
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we dodged a bullet. it is not as cold this morning as it could have been if we didn't have as many clouds around. 42 degrees in the city of crystal river. at least the wind is calm. that's not adding insult to injury. when it is windier it feels cooler than the actual air temperatures. looking at tallahassee. very close to freezing. 35 degrees. 39 crystal river. tampa 50 degrees. miami still mild this morning 60 degrees their morning temperature. we avoided the frost advisory, freeze warning, those expired at 2:00 a.m. after we realized that we weren't going to get that cold this morning. that's good news there. the reason we are not getting as cold as we have all of this moisture streaming across the sunshine state. the subtropical flow keeping moisture in place.
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partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperature will warm up nicely. a 20-degree jump by the afternoon. 65 degrees. that's below average for this time of year. our average is 70 degrees. this evening the temperatures dropping down into the mid 50s for early evening. high temperatures today mid 60s for you. warmer in southern zones. 62 st. pete and clearwater. 63 for the folks in spring hill. quiet today. high pressure in control. cool and dry conditions. winds this morning out of the north. as we head into the afternoon the winds shift east northeast. more moderating wind flow. we'll see only peeks of sunshine. overall not a bad day for january. if you are taking the boat out today seas two to three feet. bay waters moderate chop. surf temperature 63 degrees.
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temperatures will be cooling off once again. not quite as chilly tonight with overnight low of 50 degrees by thursday morning. starting late thursday night and friday we are looking at rain, thunderstorms and the weather. watch this closely in light of the fact that last weekend we had that ef 2 tornado south across cape coral. in this el nino-type winter certainly a better likelihood of seeing severe weather. once again on sunday tracking rain. we don't expect the severe weather on sunday. friday we could see lightning and rainfall. higher amounts over an inch. hour. we'll be watching for tornados
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it will be drier for saturday. it will be cooler next work week. you can get your forecast on the road with our 10 radio partners in tampa bay. i'm on top of an accident in the gibsonton area. northbound i-75 at big bend road. there are no lanes blocked as i know right now. you can see your still in the green. watch out. you'll have police on scene. in northern hillsborough county i am on top of an accident on fletcher avenue west of i-75. i just got word this is in the westbound direction of fletcher avenue. it is pulled over.
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you'll have police as well as e.m.s. on scene. you are still in the green. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. this is i-275 at 4th street north in pinellas county. looking good on i-275 all the way from sunshine skyway bridge through st. petersburg. no significant delays now. same thing for i-4 drivers between tampa and lakeland. not seeing any significant delays. this is a live look at memorial boulevard. we are seeing a little bit of brake lights going westbound. that's normal for morning rush hour. you have a good drive time of 15 minutes from polk parkway to i-75 in tampa. pinellas county u.s. 19 second no issues right now. you are still looking at nine minutes from tampa road to gulf to bay. polk county drive times still looking good. ten minutes is your drive time on poke parkway westbound for bartow road to i-4. if you are traveling along state road 60
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will take 17 minutes from u.s. 90 to u.s. 27. sarasota county and manatee counties looking great. there was construction blocking northbound i-75 at university parkway earlier. that's been cleared. u.s. 301 and u.s. 41 looking great. if you have any problems on the roadways send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. let me know what the problem is by e-mail you may have another option when it comes to mailing stuff. >> it might be a company that you are already using. uber wants to keep your ride entertaining.
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uber is launching trip experiences hoping to make your ride more entertaining. >> with your permission you can connect to your favorite app and get recommendations about local restaurants. if you are visiting a city you are not familiar with it is a good idea. >> it is a good idea if you
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>> it makes the ride go faster. let's go back to kate wentzel. >> maybe 10 weather can work something out with uber and you can get your forecast when you get in the uber cab. temperatures are chilly. 46 carrollwood. 41 crystal river. 42 brooksville. now, by this afternoon, temperatures will be on the mild side. not too bad at all. it is january. we can't be too surprised that we have chilly weather. we were so warm all month of december that kind of comes to a shock of the system. 64 at 4:00. 62 by 5:00. 6:00 p.m. dropping down in the 50s with a light breeze. that's a check on your weather. now let's see how the road ways are shaping up with road warrior hilary zalla. >> bridges not looking too bad. we are seeing a slowdown into tampa on the howard frankland bridge. live to our sky 10 network camera traffic is picking up
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no significant delays. it is seven minutes to cross the bay. sunshine skyway bridge at i-275 and pinnelas point drive southbound on the bridge drive time is 17 minutes. have you ever checked your phone because you thought it was ringing you are not alone. >> doctors say it is an actual condition. details are coming up. you'll want to join us on facebook. we are streaming live all throughout our 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. show. we are chatting about the powerball of course, that's what we are talking about. >> what would you do if you one a billion and a half dollars? it is that fun conversation to
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