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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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as you just heard, the powerball jackpot increased almost $1.6 billion and this is another look at the winning numbers right there. 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, and 10. good evening. i'm reginald round tree? and powerball fever is nationwide tonight and a lot of people spent the last three ways pooling their money.
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the most epic powerball pool. they bought 73,000 tickets. >> how do you even do that. >> cody robinson is live with them right now at ducky's in tampa where they just watched the drawing. i take it, nobody won. do we know yet? >> reporter: we don't know yet. everyone out here is not checking their ticket. i checked mine. chances are you are at home checking yours. so 77,000, that's hard to check. they'll wait until they announce where the winning ticket was bought. but people here are part of a monitor pool. >> ticket after ticket after ticket, over two guys and one mega. >> we thought we would get 30 grand in and next thing, 50. and totally out of control. jay krueger and ryan mcginnis
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290 of their friend increased their odds of winning. the chaps one of their 732,000 numbers hits the jackpot, one in four thousand. >> so much on the table at a billion and a half, no matter how many people we got in, did not really matter. 3, 4, 5, million dollar that's enough money foreveryone. >> but running a pool this big is no game. they are pooled with another group of friends. most worry. the family owns the metro market in ybor and is the key piece to . >>this hours, after hour, they brought extra paper. >> they have been working around the clock printing, scanning and dreaming of hitting it big. if they don't -- >> let's like going out to bad dinner or going on a bad sports $500.
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this, for sure. >> now, they are out here, celebrating tonight, just having a good time. listen, we should know in the next few hours if that winning ticket was toldle sold and where that winning ticket was sold. if the powerball rolls over again, the jackpot we'll be talking about tomorrow, $2 billion. live in tame parks courtney robinson, 10 news, wtsp. >> you have got to be kidding me. somebody has got to hit this. that's nuts. as you can check those tickets, and dream big about how you'll spend that money, here are some big options. >> time to get your motor running. super hero of super car fired up. it cops with a $2 million price tamght you could drive off with 750 of them.
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caesar? night. close to 3 mill a year and you could stay there for 500 years. if sport is your game, you lightning. >> i would just lose my mind. of course, you won't get to take entire jackpot home. for more on the break downs and what steps you should take if wtsp tomorrow. a man is under arrest in connection with the murder of a florida woman in italy according to the report from the italian media. 35-year-old ashley olson was strangled in her home in italy over the weekend. the suspect has not been identified. investigators spent the day combing through surveillance videos along the route she was last scene. al ton's boyfriend who --
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body has an alibi. and a bus filled with children collided with an suv. two children were checked out but they only had minor injuries. the driver of the suv was cited. a manatee county man is behind bars accused of abusing her one-year-old son so badly that it killed the little boy the the child's injuries happened while in john stuart's care. kendrick con lynn uncovered child protective services has investigated the family in the past. >> when 14 month old noelle and kelly arrived here, doctors discovered he had several bruises on his chest, bruising and swelling of his brain they say had to be caused by high sports impact. he died from those injuries the next day.
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boyfriend is charged with will baby's death. john stewart had been watching his girlfriend's son. he messaged his girlfriend on facebook that he had seizures, throwing up. there was spinal cord injuries from violently hitting him. just five months earlier, child protective services looked into a complaint that crawford didn't properly care for noellen and there were ages 2, 3, 66 allowing them outside for not attending them. he had just been arrested for driving without a license, stealing from her dad for drugs.
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were clean and well cared for. they claimed that the children were in no danger and closed the case. there was violence and substance abuse investigations, all closed, investigators saying there was no evidence. time now for headlines around the nation ant world. this is your 60 second scan. before you make breakfast, you need to hear this warning. wal-mart is recalling a popular electric griddle because of shock hazard. rival brand griddles are affected sold in stores and online last year from july through december. you can take it back to the store for a full refunneled a 19th century ship wreck has been discovered on the floor the indian ocean just off australia's west coast. the image shows a mostly intact metal ship, 1200 feet under water with a slight bend in the
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search crews found the ship looking for the malaysian airline flight. and a group is asking hotels to stop charging the pesky real estate sort fees. they add an average of 25 to $30 per bill. be sure to add all the fine prints before booking that room. that is your 60 second scan. know information on a proposed new law inspired by a dog. it's called patty's bill after a local dog which passed the committee and is unstep close i. patty was nearly euthanized after biting a child. he was allowed to live after a journal declared that the current law which requires all dogs to be put down if biting severe is unconstitutional. he says that the bill calls for exceptions if there are extenuating circumstances.
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take a look at just what some investigations uncovered facing a law superintendent the surprising side effects that one customer experienced and see what's next for this frozen call. and in the days ahead, we could see some severe weather here. this low is starting to wind up in the western gulf. we'll talk about timing and what you need to know. the forecast at 11:16. all this week, make sure that you watch ten news for your chance to win four tampa bay lightning tickets for the february 3rd home game against the detroit red wings.
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jrchltdz here is another look at the winning powerball numbers. grab a pen and paper. that jackpot is now up to almost $1.6 billion. it's one of the first restaurant red alerts of the new year. tonight, we found a local tip en with a very disturbing condition. we want to warn you some of the video you are about to see is a little hard to watch. darrylland is located along the
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10 investigators bo zimmer is taking you inside. >> this is the restaurant should down for serious health code violations. in post cases, the restaurant was cleared to reopen but when we visited, the healed code violations were far from being fixed. >> they serve good food. >> anything from pizza to sandwiches. gyroland is popular with customers. >> i like everything there. variety, everything. >> but state records show a history of health coat violations, no paper towel, dead roaches in the ice and temperatures and gyro meat with row dent dropping nearby. that forced health inspectors to stop. owner abrahamelfish invited us
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repeat violations like no paper towels at this hand washing thing and that gyro meat still not spinning, potentially allowing it to cool to unsafe temperatures. inside the walk-in cooler, we found more problems. the raw shrimp, they are not going to want to see that right over the fresh produce down here. we spotted this raw chicken left uncovered. look what we found when we opened up this box of papaya. >> i am seeing it >> mold and things like that. >> but the most critical issue we found was thecontinued presence of rodent dropping all over the food prep area. we have a lot of rodent activity, droppings all down here on the floor. right up at the front counter. at one point, our camera even captured what sounded like squealing. we want to warn you what we found might be disturbing. a live rodent stuck to a sticky trap right next to the food storage shelf and the walk-in cooler.
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eating there today? >> no, definitely not. >> reporter: why not? >> because that's not healthy. >> reporter: turns out customers are not the only one uncomfortable. >> you know, if my kitchen is not safe, i can't make a sandwich. i feel like i'm -- >> he and the pest control company are working hard to get the issues under control. that's a promise from me. i'm going to invite you, invite her and come and check my kitchen again. >> the owner of gyroland still wants to invite 10 investigates back in the coming week. we'll report and keep you updated on how they do. bo zimmer. we have a consumer alert about a very popular him balm. a class action lawsuit has been filed against eos.
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lip balm causes skin to crack, bleed and blister. eos meanwhile stands by its product saying that the health and well-being of its customers is a top priority. this frozen car by lake erie may be the most iconic picture of the winter so far. tonight it is gone. the car which made national news was towed from its spot. the job was not easy. >> we poured calcium over the top, loaded it up on the platform. >> the car did leave behind a shelf ice so far, there does not seem to be any damage to the car. tracking storms.
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we don't have any carsicle. >> no, but it is cold. >> we have had a roller coaster ahead. we have the first tropical storm of the year. alex. this is the low over northern bahamas. it is not coming to the u.s. when we start hurricane season in june, mind you, we'll be on the storm. subtropical, all that i'm saying is that it does not have true characteristic of a tropical storm. a lot of times, that means not a close low. 60 mile-per-hour winds. so it get subtropical storm. a lot coming your way.
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concern and eye in the days ahead. the strength of this, the movement across the gulf which we expect a track like this for thursday and friday could be a setup that could mean some very rough weather for friday. leads to a short term facts. cloudy and cool. first. 44 right now on chris call river. we are seeing 57, one of the warmest spots in downtown st. pete. 5 about 2 in tampa. we overlook dali, put full night in downtown st. pete and around the bay area. we are expecting temperatures to not drop off a whole lot more than where they are right now which you may have felt in the last few minutes. looking at it one last time. you will likely feel very similar. day break around lowe 50s, common for tampa, st. pete and me throw bay area.
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fernando, as well as pasco county where we'll start between 39 and 47 degrees. nice day tomorrow. starting around 50 degrees. i am expecting for the second part of the day for the wind to turn northeasterly which will take the wind, the bite out of the air. i'm optimistic we could tack to the 70s. moderate chop at the bay. as the system wind up at the gulf. now, we dive into the details of friday. here what is we are looking at. timing, placement and intensity of this low coming across the gulf. i would use it as a decent they are thermometer of what we
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some of this could be severe as we go through the first half. looking around, being done right around lunchtime. as far as rain and storms go. now, the thing that will have my eye the most, there are some things showing up in the models that do indicate tornado and water spots will be possible. does not look like an outbreak of tornadoes we could see the possibility of a dime or maybe nickel size of a few of these storms. if we see severe weather fridaying where is it going to be? i wanted to try to separate in one graphic outline it. my eye will be from fort myers to the panhandle. that means all the 10 news area. all things could change.
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down and it could come up a little bit. of all those days over the next seven days, that's the call to be aware. looks like first half of the day on friday, we will see it. saturday is a better day. another front bringing showers, first half of the day on sunday and chilly behind that mornings back in the 40s, monday, tuesday and wednesday. but everything we just talked about, 10 news app on the phone. take a look at storm tracker 10. more dirk coetter chatter. big time college football all-star game in down.
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here we go with the latest on coaches. the head coaching job is filling up. the record has ben mcadoo taking the giants job maybe as early as tomorrow. dirk koetter is said to already assemble a coefficienting staff even though the negotiations are not finished. need i say nick saban? >> no. >> east-west shrine game here. he signed with the bucks as free agent. dave moore will be a coach this time around.
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good in a pro scheme than in college scheme. >> it goes to show that what we get in front of the right people, every nfl general manager and coaches will show up at practice and show up and have an unit to evaluate guys. check your calendars, 37 days until rays pitchers and catchers show up in port charlotte. and some guys are getting the taste big time, no, not chris are cher or chris moore. one of the better prospect, 22- year-old chuck hager was a top pick last year. he just loves being at the trop right now. >> you know, it gives me motivation. you see the all forment you love being here because you get more and more motivated to make the big leagues and you want to keep competing to get here. >> who is that guy on the left
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that, my friend is lou shweikeimer. the former owner of the sox aaa pawtucket. toi, they were introduced as the new owner the charlotte stone crab, the race team lou started as an intern with the red sox 38 years ago. this is batting practice for wade boggs when he is a rule 5 practice. >> yeah, but's red sox guy. he seems like a good guy. oh, my. >> finally, we'll be part of the mission lynn softball practice. its shotgun at -- these folks need golfer this is year.
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cause, go to or go to our page. >> the bad thing that is jimmy d is telling me that it might be chilly monday morning. >> don't tell rich. don't tell rich. [inaudible]. >> >> you cannot play when the
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an update now on the nine- year-old land o lake boy that we introduced you to last week. eric is terminal and since he can't go to school, he learned how to spell and read playing the wheel of fortune. now, we surprised him last week with a satellite meet and greet with pat and vanna themselves. ta da. you know, since the story aired, his story has been picked up all oath country, including entertainment tonight and inside decision. his mom says he is overwhelmed with support.
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little act of kindness is earring. >> i'm a movie star. [ laughter ]. >> he is a movie star. >> love it. so sweet. eric has never had a birthday party before he has been so sick. so kind folks at old miki farm be throwing theultimate birthday bash. his family needs help with medical bills. the party has raised almost $8000. if you want to donate, or if you won the powerball, you can
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vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing.
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