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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. we're on top of three big stories tonight. one in tampa, one in st. pete and one overhead. the bucs have a new coach. the rays have a new deal. and we have the latest models on tomorrow's rough weather. >> good evening. and good evening. >> our top story tonight. it looks like the bucs have found their new man, and they didn't have to go far. >> and the reports say dirk cutter will be the new head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. let's check in with our 10 sports director. >> reporter: although three
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dirk cutter was really the only guy seriously considered. he will be the 11th bucs' head coach in franchise history. they're finalizing details of the contract, although there has been no official word yet. after going through the 2014 season without an o. c., dirk cutter came on board in 2015 and immediately established a rapport with the rookie quarterback jameis winston. in fact, three rookies started the season on offense, yet they set a franchise record for total yards. >> you look for a guy that is very authentic, and honest, and can tell you the truth, not sometimes necessarily what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. >> that was jason light a week ago when announcing who he was looking for. so now only did he lead winston, but it rejuvenated doug martin's career. he was second in the league in rushing. coming up in sports, will he have some damage control to
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deal with with players? how did he get to this point and how he owns the news conference. that is all coming up in sports. weather alert. we're tracking some potential severe weather for tomorrow. right away let's get to the weather. >> reporter: good evening, friends. as we are tracking this storm system, it is winding up. this is what we're watching to move in for tomorrow. the light rain you see tonight is not the potential severe weather. it is this system over new orleans and we'll -- it will be racing across the gulf in the overnight hours. what we're going to be watching with this system as it slides to the east, is it getting stronger? that will increase our severe weather threat. marginal for the tampa bay area southward, looking for storms to start picking up in intensity around somewhere between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. but there's a lot to talk about for your friday. we're going to do this and another storm system that i'm tracking that impacts the weekend. i'll see you at 11:15.
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don't get cut off by the severe weather. you can get alerts sent straight to your phone. it also puts live radar right in the palm of your hands. a major deal in st. pete. the ray cans now look for a stadium site outside of the city. the debate divided the st. pete council and both sides of the bay street. and we explain what it means for the team and also the taxpayers. >> five to three. >> reporter: the deal is done that has been nearly a decade in the making. the st. pete city council giving the rays a chance to look at different stadium locations around the bay area. >> we're pretty excited. >> reporter: the owner says the agreement hammered out between the rays and the mayor is a home run for the team, city and fans. >> if we can try to eliminate the things that have kept people potentially away from our park, that is a big start. >> good result. we're trying to move forward. >> reporter: this deal is
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if the rays stay through their 2027 contract, they'll get half of the proceeds from the redevelopment. otherwise, the team will pay up to $24 million in penalties. >> this is just the starting point for a potential larger relocation. >> reporter: some councilmembers didn't want to play ball, saying the deal doesn't benefit the city enough. >> we allow the rays to use negotiating leverage. >> reporter: the rays won't say if they're looking a at particular site or how much taxpayers may have to bring to the plate. how do you expect the financing to play out? do you expect auto lot of the burden ton fall on taxpayer ? >> i have no explanation at this point. >> we don't know if this new ballpark is going to have a roof or not. we don't know if the wall also be retabataable. we want to look at absolutely anything and everything. >> reporter: in the next two months, the rays will lay out what they're looking for in a new stadium site and give st. pete its chance to make its pitch why the team should stay. the mayor says he'll now
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put together a campaign committee rallying to keep the rays in st. pete. tonight tampa bay says, quote, it is time we broke the stalemate, end of quote, and he looks forward to the team exploring options and staying in tampa bay. head to and read the whole deal for yourself. right now we're learning more about a tour bus that crashed on its way to a ski resort. 41 people were on board that bus when it crashed in central japan. at least 14 passengers were killed, 27 others hurt. the rescue officials say the bus careered into the opposite lane in a mountain lane in nagano and sliding down the mountainside. the parents of a children that crashed last september plan to sue the school district. hillsboro county schools confirmed it received a letter with the intent to file suit. 27 kids were on board when that driver lost control. just yesterday another driver
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>> we pulled the records. the records look great. she has excellent evaluations. and it goes before the incident review board. they assign what happens after that. the driver marilyn ray, won't be behind the wheel until the district completes its investigation. crime alert, and this one sounds like something right out of a horror movie. someone broke into this cemetery in tampa. the vandals took off with two coffins and skeletal remains from a third. the investigators believe the crime took place sometime between veterans' day in november and yesterday. it raises concerns about who would desecrate such a sacred place. >> one was a 15-year-old girl here and the great grandfather on behalf of the family members. my god. bring this casket back. we're told nothing like this has ever happened in this
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if you have any information, please contact tampa police. 38 guns missing in manatee county. they belong to the manatee gun and archery club and, listen to this, the board members believe the former gun manager may be involved. the club is back and the board members say they noticed the guns missing during an internal audit back in september. they include a pistol, shotgun and 36 rifles. in addition to the guns, an internal investigation revealed the former president sold guns without permission and used club money for personal purchases. the club treasure says they're doing everything they can now to find those missing guns. what is important is to make sure these guns are recovered. you're encouraged to contact the manatee county sheriff's office. >> and since then he has resigned and the deputies are investigating. if you know anything, they want to hear from you. time for headlines around the nation and the world.
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this is your 60-second scan. busted in texas, customs intercept as shipment of more than a the of marijuana disguised as carrots. agents say the 2,800 carrot packages are worth about a half million bucks on the street. the drugs were mixed in with a carrots. and washington usa winner is being investigated, and it could cost her her crown. a law enforcement source says just last month she was found alone in an apartment with her boyfriend, soccer star, who had been stabbed. apparently her story has changed several times no one has been arrested in that case. the beauty queen was also arrested for dui back in april judgement and discount grocery store chain says it is getting rid of candy in the check-out aisle. the company says it is going to put healthier fare like trail mixes and dried fruit in its place. ailedy plans to have healthier
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stores by the end of the year. the chain is not getting rid of candy allologist, they're just kind of moving it. the republican presidential candidates scared off in the first debate of 2016, and once again are we surprised mud slinging and name calling, not to mention some fireworks. and we are joined with this political battle. courtney? >> reporter: it is just now wrapping up from charleston, south carolina. the biggest change in this debate hosted by fox business, it was the smallest lineup yet of gop contenders, meaning more questions, more time to talk jobs, national security and their rivals across the aisle. >> this republican presidential debate -- >> reporter: out of the gate the candidates tried to stay on message. >> there are a number of thins the next president will have to do to clean up this mess. >> we can defeat hillary disaster. >> reporter: but the infighting quickly surfaced with ted cruz addressing whether he is a natural born citizen and being the first to try to trip up
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tied in the polls in iowa. >> i was born here. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> reporter: marco rubio who shined in past debates chimed in and took control. >> i hate to interrupt a session of court tv. this has to be about reversing all of that damage. >> reporter: while the candidates seem more relaxed on stage, some still got lost in the mix. >> i was mentioned too. >> reporter: ben carson, like his campaign of recent, was quiet. and despite a few moments for jeb bush and john kasich, they ultimately fell somewhat flat. it was chris christie who found his way to the front ducking attacks and winning applause. >> we're going to dick your rear ends out of the white house come this fall. >> reporter: speaking with our 10 news political analyst, the big take away from tonight, this debate didn't change the landscape. cruz and trump with christy and
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the bags start around $12,000. how much? >> for a handbag? >> yeah. if you have been waiting to take advantage of some online deals, this weekend may be your chance. amazon will drop the price of its plim membership from $99 to $73. it is to celebrate its winning two golden globes for its series mozart in the jungle. the company will also stream that series for free this weekend. it starts tomorrow at mid night and runs until sunday. and chick fillet is jumping in on the organic band wagon. on monday it will launch its first organic item nationwide. it is called honest kids happily ever after juice drink. the customer whose choose the drink as the kids' meal drink option will not pay any up charge. most of you out there are getting ready for bed, but you may want to put down your phone because all of that screen time before bed could be affecting your sleep.
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to help you get some better rest. apple's news update called night shift. this will use the geo location to figure out when the sun sets in your area. when it is dark out, the phone will automatically change the display to have a warm filter. the filters keep out that blue light that is said to prevent good sleep. and we have been tracking a storm which now appears to be two systems. >> mine had like a double whammy. >> in the next 72 hours, there are two waves of storms, and either one could produce some severe weather. there is a lot to talk about. good evening. the first one we have been tracking right on schedule. it has been winding up and beginning to strengthen in the gulf. they don't have a lot of changes for you tonight, which i guess a little bit of peace of mind that we're not making many adjustments. but at the same time tomorrow is a day to really be weather aware and just go through the
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day with us as we have promised you all week long. we will be tracking this every minute tonight and in the morning with you as this winds up, i want to zoom in and show you. you can see on storm tracker 10 from earlier today around houston, this counterclockwise swirl. the weather word for it, and it means the low will strengthen and wind up as it comes across the gulf coastline. you can kind of see that little bit of a turn in it. so as the jet stream grabs this and rips it across the gulf, this low will be strengthening as it comes across the coastal bend and kicks up toward the carolinas. so that's why this is different from a typical round of showers that we might see in the winter forecast. because this low's position and that it will be winding up and getting stronger as it gets closer to us, are the reasons why we are ringing the bell a little bit louder for this system.
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marginal risk for severe weather norman. i personally feel like it is a little under played, but, again, this is a forecast that comes out of the morman, oklahoma office for the entire country. so they're looking at the entire usa. we're looking at your back yard so we have a little more microscale breakdown of the forecast. hour by hour, if you're up early and out the door, some showers and wet road also be possible. when do we really need to slow down and start paying attention where severe weather is a possibility? mid morning. right around 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. is when we would open that window, but we should be able to shut it by around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, and the rest of your friday is not stormy. no threat of severe weather. and you're good to go for your friday evening plans. future cast, i'm going to show you the big picture. we're going to zoom in and slow down. we're looking for this overnight to come down the panhandle. a few sours possible for the morning commute.
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north of tampa, the window opens up. we start seeing strong storms move through citrus, orlando, and 10:00, 11:00 and noon, bay area and hit with not just rain, but, again, thunderstorms, with a chance that some of these could be severe. by noon through -- just after the lunchtime hours, manatee, sarasota, polk, highlands, and wrapping this up by around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. again, a little slower, a little closer to home. so you can see where you live and work. for the early part of the morning, we hit the air at 4:30 a.m., we'll be tracking, but i don't expect a whole lot for you as you're brewing the coffee, checking in on how the forecast is shaping up. by the way, the whole 10 weather team will be here in the morning, just in case there are warnings, we'll go into tag team coverage so we can make sure we're tracking this for you every step of the way. mid morning through lunchtime should be the strongest wave. for most of us it should be
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some rain and petty strong thunderstorms. again, the reason we're ringing the bell so loudly is because of the set-up. there is the potential for some severe weather, which does include a chance that system of these storms could rotate and a tornado or water spout is possible. we are also looking at frequent lightning and rain totals anywhere from a quarter inch on the low end to a little over an inch on the high end. you're going to want to hit the brakes for just a second. just to be very, very clear and make it as easy to understand as possible. what we are expecting is that severe weather is possible between 8:00 and 2:00 p.m. isolated tornadoes and dime- sized hail are part of this mix. but what we are not saying, and i don't want to alarm anyone to anything we're not trying to get the message out. we're not saying tornadoes are guaranteed. we're not saying everyone will see severe weather. we just want you prepared, not scared. as i said, we will track this every step of the way for friday, and then i've got to show you sunday. if you live by the water,
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beach, we do have a small craft advisory. the wind also be ripping from 10 to 30 miles per hour as this comes through. the high tide around 5:12 and low tide around noon. we do it again on sunday. just about an hour or two later. very similar set-up. a low strengthening as it comes across around the i-4 corridor. there are some models that push this farther south, so we feel confident that sunday will be stormy. we do feel confident that there is a slight chance of severe weather, but the placement could change. the 10 news app will be your friend tomorrow, that way you can get the latest on storm tracker 10 immediately and, of course, if the warnings hit the air, so will we. check this out. pretty incredible video out of southern chile. thousands of squid have washed up on the beach. they're huge. it is causing a foul strene sp. apparently -- stench.
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apparently kid wash ashore every year but an investigation is underway to determine why will are so many more this year. and the next head coach of the bucs, according to various reports. we have reaction. we'll also take a look at how dirk cutter got to this point, and what the coach is like in front of the cameras.
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vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing.
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vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. ee here we go, football fans. in the last few head coaching searches, the bucs would have never gone for the obvious choice. it was often a second choice. maybe since it is someone new making the call, it wound up
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being the obvious choice, dirk cut koetter. the bucs still have not confirmed but the media reports have koetter being the head coach. his close relationship with jameis winston is the key. even the blazers don't want to break up a good thing. we spoke to the radio man tonight, and he spoke about player reaction and whether light was serious about any other candidate. >> publicly? yes. privately? this was dirk's job to lose the entire time. he did nothing to lose it. they found no one else to take it that was better than him. as far as the player reaction, i think he has some damage control to do. there were clearly some players who liked the way they were handled by lovie smith, perhaps because they could get away with things that lovie smith would let them get away where he had his favorites. dirk koetter clearly had his favorites as well, but i think he held player as lot more accountable than lovie smith did. >> here is a partial dirk koetter resume.
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he has been an offensive coordinator in the nfl for the past nine years. the bucs and the falcons and jaguars before this and a head coach at the college level for six years with arizona state and boise state before that. and now, a big part of hiring a head coach is how he handles the media. it might seem unimportant to some, but actually the people who do the hiring are very serious about it. personally, i look forward to wednesdays when dirk koetter had his news conference. he was always honest, passionate and spoke his mind. listen to him talk about statistics. >> trust me, i watch a lot of tape, and i trust what my eyes tell me. so i don't need a fricking piece of paper with a bunch of numbers to tell me something my eyes can see. not to get [beep], but that whole thing about looking at a piece of paper and having that tell you how to call a football opinion. >> that's the dirk i know. okay. here is a tweet from the safety bradley mcdougle who said nice,
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then bradley had to backtrack because someone thought he was taking a shot at lovie smith. he was not. he said nothing but respect for him and the opportunity he gave him. and finally tonight, a little golf. the star, a seminole, hosted her annual celebrity golf tournament today. annika sorenstam was there. the 18-year-old who is the world's number one golfer was there today. and all of the money raise willed go to the first tee of st. petersburg, which is brittany's favorite local charity. >> did we get our invites? >> are you number one on the lpga list of golfers in the world? there were superstars out there. >> it was cool to see. >> you have to count on how many majors you won. >> none. >> between the two of us our next one will be -- oh, that will never happen. >> maybe we should move on. let's talk about hockey. watch for your chance to win four tampa bay lightning tickets to the february 3 home game.
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finally tonight, january 14 spring training a unique day for one family. why? a little girl born this morning now has special special in common with her mother and grandmother. they all share the same birthday. they were all born on january 14th. they say none of it was planned. it just happened by coincidence. and they look forward to years of shared birthday celebrations. and you can never forget the birthdays. >> even better. >> all of the problems, the guys have to get three of a kind at one time.
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